Sunday Serendipity

Italian Symphony No. 4 A major Op. 90, By Felex Mendelssohn

This symphony was one of several inspired by a tour of Europe that was a gift from his parents. Mendelssohn was in his early 20’s at the time.

From the Wiki article linked above:

Below is a snippet of a letter he wrote to his father:

“This is Italy! And now has begun what I have always thought … to be the supreme joy in life. And I am loving it. Today was so rich that now, in the evening, I must collect myself a little, and so I am writing to you to thank you, dear parents, for having given me all this happiness.”

In February he wrote from Rome to his sister Fanny,

“The Italian symphony is making great progress. It will be the jolliest piece I have ever done, especially the last movement. I have not found anything for the slow movement yet, and I think that I will save that for Naples.”

He was 23 when he debuted this symphony in London.

Enjoy Jack