Bloomberg TV Watch: Florida?

Florida’s presidential primary is not until March 17, long after the early states and Super Tuesday likely settle the Democratic race, but watching Bloomberg ads here in Orlando I am astounded by his spending on local TV. Sometimes as many as four in a single half-hour news cast. And all different ads, well made and hitting the correct targets: personal bios, policy stands, his record as mayor and pointed claims about his superiority as a businessman.

I realize he’s worth something like $68 billion and this is like dropping a few dimes for him, but why is he doing this? Does he think the race will still be competitive and he’ll be viable by late March?

Is he so confident of winning the nomination he’s shoring up for Florida’s crucial role in the general election?

Or it could be he’s gunning for polls to soon show him besting the Democratic field to beat Trump in Florida, and boost his nomination bid before the state’s primary.