Sunday Serendipity

I let the youtube algo wander this afternoon. I got it started with Dvorak’s New World Symphony and let it wander from there. A couple of hours it came up with todays selection. On the week before 4th of July weekend does it get any more American than a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical. The interesting shift, what was popular culture when I was a kid, is now highbrow BBC Proms.

You might want to read through the wiki article about them to realize just how much they were a part of boomer life.

The twentieth century was a changing world, 50 years before we might have read about the music, bought the sheet music and maybe listened to a neighbor sing it. But we, as boomer children, were privileged to see the movie versions in our home on tv. Also many of their songs became standards that were performed by equally talented singers on the many variety shows we watched

Enjoy, Jack