There is a list of things Im not allowed to discuss at the dinner table!

I am extraordinarily passionate about the Black Death, which is not something most people are into. – – Mira Grant

After WWII America went on a great buying and building spree.  The pent up demand for new cars, new clothes, new radios and the new fangled television sets blew up all sorts of economic plans.  All that also had everybody wanting to get out of the parents house or apartment and get their own.  Most of the world was damaged and relied on the U.S. to supply the basics of life.  There were babies to be born and schools to be built.  The economic growth was fantastic.

As the rest of the world recovered they too joined in the economic wonderment of the post war life.  Most not all though.  The Soviet Union went on its own path.  As did Communist China.  But Japan and Korea set a pace that was great.

What will we see after enough people are vaccinated?  What number will be “enough people”? Will there be war to “capture” vaccine for a country?

I need a couple of new refrigerators, but I will wait for President Biden to sort through the rubble of what SFB caused to international trade before committing.  I just bought a new truck and new computer (a lot of separate parts to build one).  The prices are good right now because of the lack of competition for those. I might sell my house as I do have a retirement home I am rebuilding and can move into it. But, I probably will wait to do that.

We can be assured that any recovery will take years to happen as it will take years to achieve a large enough immunity to make it safe to get out and about. I have seen several happy talk (bs talk) about how fast the U.S. will reover once there is a vaccine. It will take years to vaccinate enough people. Back when the polio vaccine was brought to the public we had pancake breakfasts where the vaccine was given out. We cannot do that with this as we have to take care that infected people do not spread the virus. It will take time.


Thank You for Your Service

First, for those of you who follow Twitter so the rest of us do not have to, thank you so much for your service. You have gone above and beyond and have saved us who do not follow Twitter hours of aggravation.

So now, gird your loins & buckle up, things are gonna get ugly. After the Republicans on the Board delayed the results in the largest county in Michigan, the Wayne county election board has reversed its position and certified the Wayne County results, which put Biden over the top in Michigan. Now the results go to the State to certify Michigan’s results. The angry toddler’s tweet storm has got to be starting now.

Again, thank you for your service.


Criminal Endangerment

DR. RAMIN OSKOUI (GUEST): ‘Well, you know, the whole idea of lockdowns obviously was to suppress viral spread, but it’s come at a huge social and economic cost, and what we have to understand from that Icon School of Medicine study that you showed, beautifully done, and with very thorough testing is that social distancing doesn’t work, quarantining doesn’t work, masks don’t work. 

This is really settled science, and those in the media, and those in the public, who want to cling to those illusions, they’re fooling themselves. And they’re hurting society.”


President Biden!