Is Biden’s Age Showing?

I love Uncle Joe but I fear these plummeting poll approvals have a lot to do with his age showing, undermining faith he’s in control. I cringe when he speaks, fearing every cough, stutter, and slurred pronunciation. He’s just beyond being an inspirational figure. Couldn’t be more sad saying this, but it’s real.

Meanwhile a rare snowy owl showed up at Union Station in DC!


Fight The Anti-Vaxers, Joe

It’s time for Biden to directly go after anti-vaxers from FOX to SCOTUS for killing Americans. He’s unfairly getting blamed in polls for COVID spread among unvaccinated they caused. Kick ass and take names!

Meanwhile, we could be sliding to a civil war. Secession movements in some red states shouldn’t be ignored.

Also: Queen Elizabeth II strips her son Prince Andrew of all his military titles and royal patronages as he prepares to face a civil case over claims of sexual assault, saying he must defend himself as a private citizen.