Sunday Serendipity

Amazon prime video is streaming 2001 a Space Odyssey. It was first released fifty-five years ago. It is remarkable how well it has held up. The dates are a little off but other than that… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I last saw it on the big screen just before it’s 30th anniversary release, back in 1998. The big screen with a good sound system is the best way but it wasn’t bad on the small screen last night.

I love the scenes of the space liner, set to the Blue Danube waltz. They still work.

So today we get a truly great performance of Johann Strauss II’s “The Beautiful Blue Danube” by André Rieu & his Johann Strauss Orchestra.

Enjoy, Jack


Don’t Forget: Trump Banned Abortion

There is a misguided narrative underway after Donald Trump’s interview on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” — that he is trying to moderate his abortion views for the general election.

Wrong! Sure, he criticized 6-week bans and drew the ire of hardliners. But he still made it clear he would sign a national abortion ban if it reached his desk as president.

In the general election, if he is the nominee, let’s make sure voters are often reminded Donald Trump is the reason some 20 states have banned abortion.

He said it himself last night on his TruthSocial account while attempting damage control with disgruntled pro-lifers:

Donald J. Trump


I was able to do something that nobody thought was possible, end Roe v. Wade. For 52 years, people talked, spent vast amounts of money, but couldn’t get the job done. I got the job done! Thanks to the three great Supreme Court Justices I appointed, this issue has been returned to the States, where all Legal Scholars, on both sides, felt it should be. Now the Pro Life Community has TREMENDOUS NEGOTIATING POWER…