An Unfunny Joke

Worst tell of all, when Trump lied about generals saying Beruit explosion was an “attack” no one believed him, not even the Pentagon. He’s an irrelevant joke at home and abroad.


Mail In Walk Back

Trump finally gets it. Trashing mail ballots suppresses his own vote. (Florida GOP freaking out at reports 140,000 more Democrats requested mail ballots in just the last two weeks, reversing decades of Republican mail-in dominance).


Time Warped

Lost track of time? Days of the week same-o same-o?
If it’s fires in CA and hurricanes in FL, it must be August. If political ads and robo calls are 24/7, it must be an election year. Grasping at hints in this unbrave new world.

We seem to be lost in a COVID19 worm hole, a viral groundhog day movie where everyone is masked.

Along the way, here’s one north star to help keep track timewise. The link ticks off the days and hours and minutes left until you know who leaves the White House (or gets unceremoniously dragged out the door).

In the meantime, enjoy