The Fallacy Of ‘Strict Constructionists’

As a strict constructionist of the Constitution’s literal text Amy Barrett should be asked how the Supreme Court has any power to review or reject any legislation such as Obamacare, because the words of the Constitution did not give the Court such power.

That power was seized by the Court in its early days, the first and most significant example of “creating law” strict constructionists claim to oppose.

Clearly, judicial review makes sense and has overall been good for our system of government but strict constructionists who accept it are hypocrites. Their flimsy house-of-cards political agenda, disguised as so-called philosophy, collapses on this question alone.


Sunday Serendipity

Todays selection is a serendipitous combination of Wikipedia and Youtube’s algo. I have never seen the double bass as a solo instrument and had never heard of Giovanni Bottesini

The soloist is Edgar Meyer, He is skilled at a number of musical genres from world music, classical to bluegrass. He was part of tiny desk concert I posted several months ago with Yo Yo Ma and 2 other bluegrass musicians.

Edgar Meyer joins conductor Cornelia Laemmli Orth and the Cayuga Chamber Orchestra

Enjoy, Jack


Pelosi To Invoke 25th Amendment