da Swamp

by XRepublican, a Trail Mix Contributor

It’s obvious that the trumpoviches believe that the Civil Service Act created the swamp. He intends to replace it with a spoils system.

The rest of us think that the swamp was the sea of lobbyists that cover DC to an average depth of approximately 5′ 10″. This and the pool of retired generals now comprise all the candidates to fill federal offices.

This Administration is at war with President Chester Allen Arthur, a man on the make who became clean once again.

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Free Murder

By Xrepublican, a Trail Mix Contributor

Successful criminal defense all depends on how the authorities construct strictly the cases that would inevitably follow passage of the Florida Prosecution-Free Murder Bill. We also know that Strict Construction and Legislative Intent are living ideologies that mutate over time to fit the needs of each new day, and each new and innovative channeling of the minds of legislators and Founding Fathers. Heraclitus would advise you that you never think the exact same thought twice, for thoughts are always coming upon you, and they and circumstances flow and swirl. For example, you’ll never be able to understand why you took up smoking, a lethal exercise that over decades cost you a fortune and ruined your taste buds, arteries, esophagus, heart, and lungs. So it is with Original Intent.

Now, the immediate question is, can a white male successfully defend himself in court on the ‘Stand Your Ground’ plea if he only pistol-whips his victim to death, or must he actually kill by shooting a bullet into his opponent? Can a white man carry a bazooka, or drive a tank down the street, by the Right of Open Carry ? Must enforcement authorities determine that landmines placed under the front lawn are to be construed as legally concealed weapons, to which the owner is entitled? Finally, does a white male defendant at the end of a 1st degree murder case have the right to shoot the judge, because he fears that judge will apply the death penalty?

Well beyond the immediate, someday the armaments companies may decide that they are neglecting a potentially lucrative market – the non-white population. Then, armalite, colt, smith and wesson, sig sauer, glock, and other companies might send waves of heart-wrenching amicus briefs to criminal courts, whose judges are up for re-election, in support of non-white defendants who used firearms to wound or kill people. Judges of that future day might be swayed by newer and more innovative strict constructions of the original legislative intentions. Therefore, it is conceivable, albeit barely, that someday even the blackest of black men might have the right to murder with impunity, using charged weapons such as firearms, landmines, grenades, bombs, etc.

Now, regarding sarin . . . .
Yours in Jonathan Swift,

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Situational Politics

By XRepublican, a Trail Mix Contributor

In 1980 I ran into a fellow, I’ll call him Bob. I’d worked with him a dozen years earlier. In the old days he couldn’t support Rockefeller because Rocky was divorced. I asked Bob who he was supporting this time around, and he answered, “Reagan’s my choice.” I reminded him why he wouldn’t support Rocky in ’68, and he nodded gravely. It was a matter of morality, the 1980 version, Bob assured me.

“Then how can you support Reagan,” I asked, “he’s been divorced.” Bob’s jaw dropped. After a bit he said, “Well, you haven’t changed. Still causing trouble.”

The moral of the story is that morality is only a barrier for the political popularity of ‘liberals.’

‘Conservatives’ are immune from the stain of immoral conduct.

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The End of the Bannon-er Republicans ?

By XRepublican, a Trail Mix Contributor

With the sudden eclipse of Steven Bannon what shall become of the racists and religious bigots, the altschul recht (old school right) movement, which seems to have lost it’s entre to the White House? Will they blame this reversal on International Jewry, Jared, and George Soros – the “new Rothschild” bogeyman? Will they rather bemoan the insidious power of a woman (powerful women – shudder!) to influence Trump’s weak brain? Or will they simply blame Bannon as the obnoxious and arrogant idiot that the rest of us see and abhor?

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The Presidential Vision

By Xrepublican, a Trail Mix Contibutor

vision-just-aheadThis is the great lesson of Iraq Fiascos I & II: Presidents are not beholden to anyone but their own interests. If the president’s vision is to make a killing in the oil futures market he will disrupt oil shipments from Kuwait, Iran, and Iraq. If the president’s vision is to raise a healthy, well-adjusted, and well-educated generation of children, then that president will work to make it so.

This is the way I see things unfolding in the next 53 months :

When she enters the White House, Ms Clinton will already have made her mark in history. Her legacy, like Washington’s, Lincoln’s, Kennedy’s, and Obama’s, will have been made indelibly. On this sunny pinnacle Ms Clinton will see only one thing left to do, one thing even better to achieve – her vision of the America that might be, if only it is given a presidential boost. When she is sworn in, in January, Ms Clinton’s old Big Biz pals are going discover a Clinton who ruthlessly pursues a more just, safe, and equitable America, the America of fondest dreams, even if it means bending or busting Corporate America to her will.

I have faith in the woman and our future.