The Presidential Vision

By Xrepublican, a Trail Mix Contibutor

vision-just-aheadThis is the great lesson of Iraq Fiascos I & II: Presidents are not beholden to anyone but their own interests. If the president’s vision is to make a killing in the oil futures market he will disrupt oil shipments from Kuwait, Iran, and Iraq. If the president’s vision is to raise a healthy, well-adjusted, and well-educated generation of children, then that president will work to make it so.

This is the way I see things unfolding in the next 53 months :

When she enters the White House, Ms Clinton will already have made her mark in history. Her legacy, like Washington’s, Lincoln’s, Kennedy’s, and Obama’s, will have been made indelibly. On this sunny pinnacle Ms Clinton will see only one thing left to do, one thing even better to achieve – her vision of the America that might be, if only it is given a presidential boost. When she is sworn in, in January, Ms Clinton’s old Big Biz pals are going discover a Clinton who ruthlessly pursues a more just, safe, and equitable America, the America of fondest dreams, even if it means bending or busting Corporate America to her will.

I have faith in the woman and our future.


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  1. Love the optimism, xrepublican. Reminds us how important to elect Senators & Congressmen/women who remember that they are Public Servants who represent us. 


  2. You have to spend money to make money – wisely & more importantly, compassionately. Invest in education, infrastructure, science. These are not “Tax & Spend Liberal” issues. These are national security issues. Commonsense 101: Be smarter than the bad guys. We keep the torch lit for Democracy.

  3. When the private sector fails to create jobs and instead sits on 2 trillion dollars of cash rather than invest in new products, expansion of their business the responsibility to create jobs for support those who don’t have the jobs that industry and private business with creative falls upon the government. It’s really that simple.  I certainly hope that you’re correct XR, and that under Clinton the government will pick up its responsibilities, giving business that option too serve its function in the economy rather than ignore it.

  4. Nice to see blueINdallas visiting. Purple in Tampa, you’re up next 😉

    How lucky we are to have this forum for everyone. In other countries we’d be censored or outright banned.


  5. so which new news story will spur more outraged media and congressional hearings?

    raw story Manafort has been doing international consulting since the 1980s, particularly for dictators, including Viktor F. Yanukovych who was removed after an uprising in Ukraine before fleeing to Russia two years ago.


    Bloomberg: Clinton staffer abedin overlapping sos job with that of The Clinton Foundation is a nonprofit which says on its website that it has focused “on tackling a number of the world’s greatest challenges: Global health, climate change, economic development, health and wellness, and improving opportunity for girls and women.”

    yep, not the one about the unregistered employee of foreign country trying to rig our election but they’ll crucify she who aligns herself with an entity that does good works.

  6. Who on the trail will be the first to say — I told you so!?

    D-300…I saw the holy green chiles…harvest was impacted by monsoon the past few days as was the viewing of the perseid m-showers here in Las Cruces.   Hatch had a cop killing a couple of days ago.     I have been at that exit so many times and there is always cop at the convenience store right off of that exit on I-25.  Lots of convicts traveling on I-25 south to the border.  Pity Mexico.


  7. the other shoe to drop?  Carter Page…from the Washington Free Beacon (yes, it is conservative paper, but a good report).  Look for page’s footprint in trump’s policy speech today on isis.   I heard Melania mistakenly bought a dress from a slovenian designer for the Gazprom.

  8. Blond Wino – so you’re telling me the United States is

    sending their murderers and rapists to Mexico?  I wonder if the Trumpster knows this ;o)

    Too bad about the chili harvest.

  9. To go with the above, Mark Halperin had what I assume was an unintentional attack on honesty on Morning Joe: “There’s a deep well of anti-Clinton sentiment in the press.” to which everyone who have followed her career for decades and actually likes facts & ideas instead of the noise that drives ratings immediately responded with WELL DUH!!!

    • Critter watch: frogs take up residence in our bird house (birds never liked it anyway)
  10. They’re noisy at night but do luv them because they do keep our skeeter population under control

  11. BW

    And today the twitterati are all agog at Wendi Deng Murdoch shopping with Ivanka Trump in Croatia and Russia.  You really can’t make this stuff up.

    Life styles of the rich and famous being oblivious.

  12. Shop ’til drop commies, slumming in the slave nations.

    One can no longer tell the pigs from the farmers.

  13. Poobah, I assume when the frogs moved in the birds moved out.  Hope the baby birds got out before the frogs tried eggs.

  14. Yes, I have high hopes that Ms Clinton, like Presidents Arthur, T. Roosevelt, F. Roosevelt, and L. Johnson, will shaft the guys who ‘invested’ in her and do the right thing.

    Of course, she’ll need help from the House and Senate. Her election numbers will on average run so far ahead of the rest of the party, that she will be able to convincingly claim a mandate. And, unlike President Obama who set up a Lincolnesque debate society in the West Wing, because he was so unsure of the way forward, Ms Clinton has paid close attention to the biggest issues and players for a quarter of a century. She knows the way forward, and doesn’t have to ask advice of the timmy geithners or larry summerses of the world.

  15. Not much new polling since last week (except the 25 point margin of Hillary over NY in the Siena poll – and I say if you can’t win your home state, you probably won’t win the election – but tRump’s chances of prevailing now range from 9.4% t 21.7% at fivethirtyeight.  It’s August and I guess the pollsters are beaten down by the heat and humidity like the rest of us.

    But, hey, the Olympics has been great watching and preseason football has begun.

  16. We have tree frogs on our 2d floor balcony. Periodically one or another of them will sneak inside. I presume that they burgle us because they are out of toilet paper, and hope to raid our supply. Every time Sweetie or I pick one up to begin the eviction process, we end up with poop on our hands.

    Green Tree Frogs and Spring Peepers are both criminous tribes. As thugs set out to slay mosquitoes, frogs are less effective than bats are. However, frogs have lovely singing voices, whereas bats are hard to hear.

  17. XR

    One camping location I used to visit had an added bit of entertainment.  There was lit path from cabins to gathering area.  At night the various flying things that liked the lights would flutter all up and down the path while the humans walking below got dived bombed by the bats looking forward to dinner out.  Lots of eeks and squeaks were heard made only by the two legged species.

    Between them and the peepers down below hoping for leftovers, it got downright noisy.

  18. Ms Hummingbird is coming to the windows today. I think she wants me to bring out the sugar water. As if all those flowers I planted aren’t enough. Some people !

  19. Xrep…  LOVE this post!

    Pogo…  yeah…  thank god that football is finally here.

    Jack…  I’m the only person left posting on this blog that used to post over on Carol’s.  I haven’t heard from her in a long time.  I do know she lives in Lake Charles, Louisiana and her back yard is a river.  Hope this helps….   and yes, I hope she’s ok too.

    Well….  the fair kinda sucked this year.  It is an outdoor show and it was hotter than hades.  Attendance was way down and those that came weren’t much in the mood for buying.  Glad I don’t depend on it to pay a mortgage or eat…   I do feel sorry for those that do.

  20. Frog pals came out for another “shoot” — this one better resolution. They seem to be enjoying the attention.

  21. Mike Pence to Trump  “I’m 110% behind you.  I’m releasing my tax returns just in case.”

  22. Just out of curiosity, its that frog poop on the landing stick?  Looks green.  Who knew green frogs crap green?

  23. About Presidential VISON.  How about holding true to the exact same vision for almost 50 years and now trying to put it into practice.  Well I actually remember the publicity storm caused in the 1969.  I respected her then.  Nothing has changed.



  24. Flatus

    Sea posted today on Facebook.  Judging by the picture of a lawn chair on the beach, I think her plans include taking it easy. 🙂


  25. craig, your new pal the flying frog bears amazing resemblance to sir andrew Lloyd webber.  guess you can refer to him as your lordship, or ladyship as the case may be.

    or calaveras if he’s a good jumper?

    or how about

  26. I hope the media is fact checking the Troll’s speech – cuz if his lips are moving he is lying

    Trump political role model Nixon and McArthur both left office in disgrace

    Troll taking on honor killings but still willing to arrest women for getting an abortion – rights for women overseas but not here

    Like many Troll was for the Iraq war before he was against no matter what lies he is now telling….and yet he went on a rant about oil ( he believes there is such a thing as clean coal)

    I think he is on drugs to keep him on message

    Now there is going to be a “vetting test” for visitors
    I think Troll supports more parts of sharia law then anyone else

    Troll surrogates trying to pretend Troll just didn’t say things about Clinton’s health that have no basis in fact. This campaign is rotting from the head. Wrong about the political role model not Nixon but Senator Joe McCarthy

    Lt Gen Mark Hertling took the troll speech apart


    joe, was just being lovable joe.  I didn’t see the hug the same way as did

    mediaite  Vice President Joe Biden and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton shared a tarmac hug Monday that got a little awkward when Biden just kinda refused to let go.

    Biden deplaned before a Pennsylvania joint rally and hugged Clinton. But while Clinton broke off the hug after an appropriate amount of time, Biden held onto her. In a move easily recognizable to wrestlers and friend-zoners everywhere, Clinton starting tapping Biden on the arm as he continued the embrace.

    All told, the hug lasted about fifteen seconds and three attempted tap-outs.

    Biden is of course notorious for him somewhat awkward physical interactions with women. Biden faced criticism in 2015 when he was spotted rubbing the shoulders and whispering in the ear of an obviously uncomfortable Stephanie Carter while her husband Ashton Carter was sworn in as Secretary of Defense.

  28. boston globe

    SCRANTON, Pa. (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden assailed Donald Trump’s ability to lead America at home and abroad on Monday, branding him as indifferent to the needs of Americans in his first campaign appearance with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

    Biden, who decided not to make a third presidential bid last year, said in his native city of Scranton that Trump was ‘‘totally, thoroughly unqualified’’ to be president, calling him a dangerous voice on national security and foreign policy.
    On the economy, he said, Trump’s reveling in his TV reality show tag-line, ‘‘You’re fired,’’ showed his true colors.
    ‘‘He’s trying to tell us he cares about the middle class? Give me a break. It’s such a bunch of malarkey,’’ Biden told a crowd of about 3,000 at Riverfront Sports, adding: ‘‘He doesn’t have a clue.’’


    Offering himself as a powerful character witness for Clinton, Biden portrayed the former secretary of state as the most qualified person to lead the country, singling out her foreign policy experience and passion for improving people’s lives. He cited his long history with Clinton, saying he’s known her for three decades, since before she was first lady in the 1990s.


    ‘‘Hillary has forgotten more about American foreign policy then Trump and his entire team will ever understand,’’ he said.


    Seeking a common bond, both Democrats pointed back to their family ties in northeastern Pennsylvania. Biden, a frequent visitor, recalled the street he grew up on and credited the city with helping to mold his values. Clinton noted her grandfather worked at a Scranton lace mill factory and that her father was raised here and later attended Penn State University. The family spent summers at a family cabin in nearby Lake Winola, she said.

    Biden and Clinton had been planned to campaign together here before last month’s Democratic National Convention but their rally was postponed because of the deadly police shooting in Dallas. The vice president is expected to campaign for Clinton in several battleground states where he remains popular, including Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio and Florida.

  29. XR- fabulous post!

    Flatus & Jamie- thanks, am ok, this is of course our absolute busiest of the year, so am slowly doing what i can do.  I didn’t make that post on fb- i just commented- a friend posted a photo of a beach chair on the beach- see said it reminded her of me- i agreed my beach chair is empty & i’m here working.  i didn’t take the crazy drugs they gave me but am taking ibuprofen and having a drink at night- a painkiller to be exact- delish!

    Craig- those frogs are too cute!!!!!!

  30. All the way down at the end at a shade over one hour of this recording of the Hillary & Joe speeches, Hillary gets two hugs, a cheek kiss, ear whisper and joke line.  Joe is always Joe and that is a good thing.

  31. OK Craig Crawford, this one’s for you.  Meet Jada the rescue dog – now a chewing, destructive member of our family.  My wife slapped me a minute ago for calling her Jaba the Hut – so I guess that routine is played out.

  32. So, Hillary is now taking the lead with college educated males.  The right just snorts and groans, talking about the liberal university institutions.

    Guess what?  The reason she is leading with college educated people is because when you go to college you tend to be, wait for it; SMARTER!  Maybe that should be in a fortune cookie instead of lucky lottery numbers.  Geezus!

  33. on  pbs newshour tonight

    JUDY WOODRUFF: What would you say to the next leader of this country, the next president about what most needs to be done to make this country…


    STEVEN BRILL: Well, the first thing that needs not to be done is to declare war on Muslims or Islam, because that’s exactly what those terrorists want.

    They want this to be the apocalyptic, end-of-all-worlds war between them and us. And President Bush didn’t take the bait, and President Obama has resisted taking that bait.

    Donald Trump campaigns on that. And it almost makes you think — in fact, it makes me think that ISIS would love to have someone like Trump be president, because they would get the fulfillment of their dream, which is to have the great confrontation with Western civilization.

    The second thing is to keep educating the country. While doing everything we can to prevent terrorism, keep educating the country to the reality that there are going to be some attacks, and that doesn’t mean it’s the apocalypse. It doesn’t mean we’re weak.

    Saying there are going to be attacks doesn’t mean you’re throwing in the towel, but it means we have to be realistic.

  34. pbs newshour

    The New York Times reported that handwritten ledgers found in the Ukraine show $12.7 million in undisclosed payments to Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, from the pro-Russia party founded by the country’s former president Viktor Yanukovych. Investigators are probing whether the money was part of an illegal off-the-book system that may have also made payments to election officials, according to the Times in a story published Sunday night.

    “Given the pro-Putin policy stances adopted by Donald Trump and the recent Russian government hacking and disclosure of Democratic Party records,” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said in statement, “Donald Trump has a responsibility to disclose campaign chair Paul Manafort’s and all other campaign employees’ and advisers’ ties to Russian or pro-Kremlin entities, including whether any of Trump’s employees or advisers are currently representing and or being paid by them.”

    Manafort, who has had several international clients including Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos, denied any wrongdoing.

  35. Jace, there ARE Republican intellectuals.  I’ve met a bunch.  Surgeons, Orthopedists, Family Docs, Obstetricians, Surgeons,  teachers with multiple masters and even doctorates!  In my final university semester in 2014, I had a professor, PhD type, extremely well educated, published and honored: one of the most brilliant individuals I’ve ever met (I would take any class with her at any time).  She was a delight to talk to and discuss the pedagogy of Socrates and Aristotle.  Took her kids to “trunk or treat” on Oct 30th, very church oriented, and quite Republican.

    I’ve decided to not try to understand, but rather co-exist.

  36. dvitale300

    I think that there are conservative intellectuals. People who can and do make a reasonable case for traditional conservative principals.

    I separate them from republicans. The folks who once trumpeted themselves as the party of ideas has become the party of shop worn, knee jerk reactionaries hell bent on restoring a society and a time that were never as golden as they would have you believe.. No intellectuals there.

  37. Well, here in the South, a whole bunch of them are at the Republican Party rally and meeting tonight.  Teachers, administrators, principals, school board presidents, school district superintendents (so I’ve been ‘told’).  All smart people with ‘Dr’s in front of their names.  They call themselves Republicans – and proud of it.  I’m not arguing mental state – just that which is  ;o)

  38. As Trump’s Chances Dwindle, In Come the Conservative Fantasy Peddlers


    Along the same lines.

    Today, it is Republicans whose assertions about the nature of world consistently meet with rejection by reality. Supply-side economics is a proven failure. Climate change is real. Abstinence education doesn’t work. Giving money to the underprivileged doesn’t make them lazy, but rather strengthens the entire community. Tax cuts don’t spur growth, especially when given to the wealthy. Letting gay people get married doesn’t bring down God’s wrath on the nation. Wall Street doesn’t function well when it’s allowed to regulate itself. Letting the private insurance market dictate healthcare costs leads to worse outcomes. And so on.

    Faced with these dilemmas, conservatives choose not to adjust to reality, but rather to ever more loudly assert the rightness of their ideological position. Liberals, on the other hand, have largely been chastened by the historical failures in implementation of state Marxism to apply a “use what works” mantra in picking whatever methods can be scientifically proven to lead to fairer outcomes.

  39. “When she is sworn in, in January, Ms Clinton’s old Big Biz pals are going discover a Clinton who ruthlessly pursues a more just, safe, and equitable America, the America of fondest dreams, even if it means bending or busting Corporate America to her will.”

    xr, well said.  belatedly, let me congratulate you on a fine thread.  let’s hope it becomes true.

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