Soulful, Sunday Blues

For the music lover we are living in a remarkable time. The amount of music we have access to is over whelming. From around the world, not just from big money, music city, places but from every small group in small towns around the world with a phone and internet access. Also going back through the 140 years of commercial recordings. An it is all right here on which ever devise I want to use to stream the music on.

With all of this music to choose from it is a little irritating that You tube can only seem to toss up the same stuff and you have to play tricks with it to get it out of it’s favorite rut. It is why I’ve been enjoying the “discovery” mode on my Pandora “stations”. Thanks to it my “The Band” station offered todays selection by Big Mama Thornton

I’ve put together a play list that has Thornton, Nina Simone, and Sarah Vaughn. I may add more to it later.

Kick back with a good cup of coffee this morning and relax, after all it is Sunday

Enjoy, Jack