Sunday Jazz

Todays selection is Autumn Leaves,

Performed by

Cannonball Adderley – Alto Sax, Miles Davis -Trumpet, Hank Jones – Piano, Sam Jones – Bass, Art Blakey – Drums

From the Cannonball Adderley, album: “Somethin’ Else”, 1958, Blue Note

Enjoy, Jack

From wiki

Somethin’ Else is a jazz album by saxophonist Julian “Cannonball” Adderley, released on Blue Note Records in 1958. Also on the session is trumpeter Miles Davis in one of his handful of recording dates for Blue Note. Adderley was a member of Davis’ group at the time this album was recorded. The Penguin Guide to Jazz selected this album as part of its suggested “Core Collection.”

Sunday Jazz

Mary Lou Williams, why do we never hear about the women? A Jazz great that worked along side, playing , composing and arranging music for men whose names roll off of our tongues. Names like Benny Goodman , Duke Ellington, Charley Parker . Maybe she was known to those who are jazz enthusiast but to the ordinary person………?

Any way good for a quiet Sunday morning, enjoy


NPR has done series of articles in the last few weeks, just google – Mary Lou Williams, NPR and they will pop up. at least they did for me.

Her wiki page

Sunday Serendipity

While last week I found the story of Joseph Boulogne Chavalier de Saint Georges’ life interesting, about 15 min listening to the piece I found my mind wandering as the music seemed a bit dull and repetitious. I suspect he may have been the Pat Boone/Donnie Osmond/KennyG of his era. Nothing wrong with that and we all need background music. But he ain’t no Mozart
So today we get to listen to Mozart
On todays selection I love the intricacies between the music and the instruments that continued to keep my attention. It was as if they were having a deep conversation among themselves.


BTW, I’m not a trained critic, once 40 some years ago I took a music appreciation class, paid little attention, took my C and went home. So the current observations should always be considered in that light.