Close Encounters

UFO’s They are back. Only they are now called UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena), What next the return of Big Foot?

From a WaPo article.

The shift — from kooky conspiracy theory to object of congressional inquiry — has accelerated in recent years, fueled by the revival of a Pentagon unit to investigate the sightings.

And in the next six weeks, a report is due that is required to make public everything the government knows about UFOs.

The report, which will be released sometime in June, was mandated by an obscure provision in last year’s $2.3 trillion appropriations bill and requires the director of national intelligence to work with the secretary of defense on a “detailed analysis of unidentified aerial phenomena data and intelligence” gathered by the Office of Naval Intelligence, the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force and the FBI.

And on 60 Minutes last Sunday

Sunday Serendipity

As I was putting together the Cinco De Mayo music list this week, I ran across a lot of good music. I think that right now we are in the Golden Age of musical performance, in the variety of musical styles, quality of arrangement and number of skilled musicians. It is truly a great time for a music lover to be alive and with the internet I get to hear it all.

So while todays selection wasn’t where I was headed when I started this post, it is where I ended up. A great group of musicians showing off their craft.

Sweet Georgia Brown – Wynton Marsalis Quintet Featuring Mark O’Connor and Frank Vignola

Enjoy, Jack

Thoughts on Fried Baloney

Well, not really.

Fried baloney is very popular around here. Brewster the dog loves scrambled eggs with fried baloney. Kiki the parrot loves baloney in any form. The only person in this house who doesn’t eat baloney is Lady Sofie. She politely tells me “Cats don’t do baloney but we do like cat treats”

Now I’ve ate a lot of baloney in my life and always assumed cheap baloney would be about the worst food you could give somebody.

But I was wrong.

I had never tried to eat food that do gooders think is “good enough for poor people”

The Police department in partnership with a do gooder group have been operating a drive through food pantry in our neighborhood every Thursday. I happened to be working on some vacant lots over that way. So I pulled in and talked to them.

Last fall before I went into the hospital I had been working with the Buddhist Temple passing out fresh fruit and veggies. The boxes of fruit and veggies were large and more than one elderly person could eat before they spoiled. So I would let everybody pick and choose, then I gave what was left to a large extended family that would use the rest.

When I pulled in I was thinking about doing it again. They thought it was a good idea and gave me 4 boxes to pass out. These boxes were different in that they had dairy and meat products in them as well as fresh fruit and veggies. The meat products were cheap hotdogs, and 2 packages labeled taco meat.

The label on the taco meat said meat and soy fillers. So I thought ok. Taco Bell.

I wish.

I had a package left over so I opened it to see what it was like and maybe tacos for supper. I put some in a bowl and nuked it in the microwave. I took it out and the “meat” was swimming in grease. After straining out the grease I had 1/3 cup of “meat” and 1/4 cup of grease. A look at the label and the product was half fat with more grams of fat than protein. Of the 160 calories in a serving 110 of them were from fat. From what I could tell the manufacturer ground up beef tallow trimmings added a bit of soy to boost the protein and sold it as meat.

But it was good enough for poor people. If there is one constant in this neighborhood it is that statement.

Thank you for letting me rant.