A Serendipitous Christmas

I was reading a substack newsletter and todays selection was in the comments section.

It was Christmas music from Ukraine. The Orthodox Church traditionally celebrates Christmas on January 7. However, the Ukraine Orthodox Church has given their churches the ability to chose either the traditional date or December 25. Because of the interference of the Russian Orthodox church many Ukrainians are choosing to celebrate with their western neighbors.

Politics aside, this is some great music.

For more about the songs in this play list, including English translations

Enjoy, Jack

My favorite carol to sing is Silent Night, we did it so often in high school chorus that if I don’t catch myself, I automatically start doing the bass line. Here are The Temptations doing the definitive Silent Night. At least for this year

Here is my Christmas youtube list, I just keep adding to it.

Holiday, Jazz

The great thing about Christmas is the variety of music that has been recorded for the season. Every artist at one time or another does a Christmas album. Then there is the religious music by the best composers of the last 600 years performed by the best musicians and vocalists of the last 100 years. So, while it is easy to find something this time of year, it is difficult to chose.

For today I’ve put together a playlist ranging from Christmas bebop to cool jazz.

Enjoy, Jack