Sunday Jazz

Thelonious Monk Quartet

Thelonious Monk, piano, Charlie Rouse tenor sax, Larry Gales, bass and Ben Riley, drums

Enjoy, Jack


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  1. Thank you, Jack, just the right choice for a cloudy, maybe rain maybe not morning.

  2. Oh yeah. Terrific choice Jack. Particularly like the double bass solo followed by the drums. Ya don’t hear good rhythm section solos often enough. 
    patd, we’ve got that storm threatening but looks like it’s gonna go north and just brush by with lotsa wind and not much precip. 

  3. pogo, unusually warm here this early in June in the morning.  must be some heck of a storm comin’ but all bark and no bite to it for us’ns so far.

    BTW, which of those big meso firms would you recommend?  which ones to definitely avoid any contact with …  am trying to avoid more hassle than worth it.

  4. Nice way to start the day, Jack.  Loving the variations on the theme.  Thank you always for your Sunday gifts.



  5. Patd,  here’s a link.
    Motley Rice is the only firm In this list I had direct experience with. They knew their shit. There are a lot of good ones out there that don’t make the lists. If they claim to specialize in asbestos they probably know the game well enough to do a credible job. I’d contact one of the big ones and one that’s convenient to you, ask them the same questions and go with the one you feel most comfortable with. The lack of records you have sounds like your biggest issue. See how they say they can deal with that. Should give you a good indication of whether they can help you.

  6. Oh my Jack, you’ve done it again. Brought back memories of our passed friend Sean (Lardass Liberal). A true jazz aficionado, he introduced me to Monk long ago. Thanks for the memories.

  7. Motley-Rice……I put a cabinet into their bldg once upon a time.   They had Security which would put an Air Force base to shame.  

  8. A letter Charles Schultz wrote to a young boy in response to his question of “What makes a good citizen?”

  9. In this typical word salad it sounds like he barely knows Barron other than “he’s tall”..

    DR. PHIL: “Has there been blowback on Barron because he’s younger and more vulnerable?”

    TRUMP: “Not an easy. And he’s a great kid. He’s a good student, you know. Got accepted to different colleges. Got some of those colleges. All of a sudden they’re riding all over the place. You know, you’re saying, but he’s a good boy, is a tall boy, tall. He’s very tall and he’s a great kid. Just a good looking kid. And you know, he’s going to be going to college, but he doesn’t say it. And I think he doesn’t say because he doesn’t want to hurt me. And he thinks it’s a possibly a hurtful conversation, but it has to affect my family.”

    What does “he doesn’t want to hurt me” mean? Even his son’s college choice is about him.

  10. Perfect. Biden just ended his D-Day trip at the American cemetery in France that Trump refused to visit for fear the wind would mess up his hair and calling the dead soldiers “losers”

  11. This is where Biden went today.

    The Atlantic’s four sources said: “When President Donald Trump canceled a visit to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery, near Paris, in 2018, he blamed rain for the last-minute decision, saying that “the helicopter couldn’t fly” and that the Secret Service wouldn’t drive him there. Neither claim was true. Trump rejected the idea of the visit because he feared his hair would become disheveled in the rain, and because he did not believe it important to honor American war dead, according to four people with firsthand knowledge of the discussion that day. In a conversation with senior staff members on the morning of the scheduled visit, Trump said, “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.” In a separate conversation on the same trip, Trump referred to the more than 1,800 marines who lost their lives at Belleau Wood as “suckers” for getting killed.

    free link..

  12. Craig, Trump’s word salad has been bothering me, so this morning I checked to see if anyone had measured his vocabulary level.  Several articles have covered it.  The highest rate him at the 4th grade and the lowest of at least the past 15 presidents.  Most of presidents use public speech at 8th grade though many privately have much higher.  

    I’m not sure what it says about our current educational system that his most ardent followers lack the ability to realize that the man is so deficient.

  13. He loves the uneducated; they speak the same language.
    Adolf’s hair has a mind of its own.

  14. Trump at Vegas rally just now: “We’re going to knock off the Biden crime family”

    Trump on Biden border closing: “It’s bullshit what he signed”. Crowd chants “Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit”

    Trump complains about staff worrying about crowd in the heat. “I tell them, what about me? I’m sweating my ass off up here”

  15. Marjorie Taylor Greene at Trump Vegas rally today:

    “The Democrats and the fake news media want to constantly talk about how President Trump is a convicted felon. Well, you want to know something? The man that I worship is also a convicted felon, and he was murdered on a Roman cross.”

  16. Huh? Trump: “100% of Biden’s new jobs are going to illegal aliens. Can you believe it? All the new jobs — 100% — are going to illegals”

  17. his most ardent followers lack the ability to realize that the man is so deficient.

    …half of them are in on the joke and just like “pissing of the libs”, which is a depressing raison d’être, eh?

  18. Pumpkin is unravelling in the 110 degree heat.

    Trump, confused: “Especially Hispanicans”

    Trump says journalists “are so bad” because “they will correct me” when he lies about jobs numbers

    Trump complaining about teleprompter installer: “I don’t pay contractors who do a shitty job. And this is a shitty job. I don’t pay for shitty work”

  19. Trump again complains about the heat: “I’m sweating my ass off. But Secret Service doesn’t think about me. They only think about you”

  20. He’s lost it. Blaming shark “biting a woman’s leg off” on electric boats. Connection unclear. Crowd looks clueless but cheers when he shifts to attacking transgender people.

  21. …will be amusing if global warming does in the presumptive GOP nominee 😆 

  22. Biden campaign: “Convicted felon Trump, who will promise anything to anyone right now to stay out of prison, tells the Las Vegas rally crowd that he will make all income from tips tax free.”

  23. The courtroom is too cold.  The rally is too hot. Fools-Goldilocks seems to be going through man-o-pause. 

  24. Trump again promises pardons to rioters: “There’s never been people treated more horrifically than J6 hostages.”

    On Jack Smith: “He’s a deranged dumb guy. He’s a dumb son of a bitch”

  25. “I don’t care about you. I just want your vote.”
    Orange Adolf just gave Dems a gift.  The truth. 


    “French President Emmanuel Macron has dissolved his country’s parliament and called snap elections after an EU exit poll showed a historic surge for the French far-right.”

    “Exit polls have showed gains for far-right parties in Germany and Austria, with voting still ongoing in several of the EU’s 27 member states.”

    Non!!! Nein!!! Nuh-uh!!!

    “Jordan Bardella, the leader of France’s National Rally (RN) party, called on President Emmanuel Macron to dissolve the French parliament after a strong showing for the far-right in European elections.”

    “This unprecedented defeat for the current government marks the end of a cycle, and Day 1 of the post-Macron era,” Bardella said Sunday night.

    “The president cannot remain deaf to the message sent out tonight by the French people,” Bardella remarked, calling on Macron to “take note” of the results and dissolve France’s lower house, the National Assembly.”

    I guess I’m extra shocked because the anniversary of D-Day was just a few days ago.

  27. So, why did this moron have a rally during the hottest part of the day in a desert?
    …and they want him to be President 😆 

  28. like the song goes: “mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun”, and that ************ ain’t no Englishman

  29. Vance and Huckabee Sanders obviously on ozempic*

    *speculating not speculating 

    “i lost 50 lbs in 30 days by re-examining my relationship with food and walking more” says everyone on ozempic

    Pardon me, that is all 😶

  30. Melania Trump was a pretty worthless first lady   Be Best?????????????  WTF.

  31. Listening to the evening MSM news report about the nutsy rally was very different from the reports here on the trail.  Why in the eff is ABC coddling tRUMPsky? 

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