False Equivalency

Stunning hypocrisy by FOX et al even by their pitiful standards, all the screaming about Biden docs while giving Trump a pass.

I’m fine with them going nuts on Biden but at least acknowledge Trump shouldn’t have taken 300 classified docs, including 25 top secret, and for 18 months refused to return them all.

Where’s the Biden raid, they holler. Sure, if they can prove probable cause there are more Biden docs they can get a judge to issue a search warrant. They had probable cause Trump lawyers lied there were no more documents, and they were right.

Plus, a judge ordered search based on probable cause evidence is not a “raid”. So sick of loose use of that word.

And please spare me this declassification canard. Despite several courts asking for it not a single Trump lawyer has ever dared to try proving or even asserting he declassified anything.

Biden’s Doc Prob

Obstruction is the crime in Trump’s case, not Biden’s. Had Trump done what Biden’s team did he wouldn’t have a problem. Biden’s lawyers turned over the classified docs the morning after found. Trump lied, concealed and refused for more than a year, defying a subpoena, which prompted a search warrant based on probable cause and it found hundreds of documents his lying lawyers said he didn’t have. Totally different cases.

Lawyers Found Classified Documents at Biden’s Former Office – The New York Times

Let’s Go Uncle Joe. Run Again!

Chip manufacturing, massive infrastructure investment, 500 million Covid vaccinations, small business and individual pandemic relief, historic gun safety law, biggest climate change investment ever, college debt relief, decriminalizing marijuana, Medicare can finally negotiate drug prices, capping insulin co-pays, raising minimum corporation tax to 15%, federal budget deficit cut in half, more jobs than under any administration ever, gas prices down, empowering vets to sue for getting poisoned, protecting gay marriage, first black woman Supreme Court Justice, and first woman Vice President, most diverse judicial nominees in history, first female Treasury Secretary, first openly gay Cabinet member, first Native American Cabinet member, first woman Secret Service Director, getting out of Afghanistan, defending Taiwan, arming Australia against China, near unprecedented midterm voting successes for his party, dramatically strengthening and expanding NATO, bringing Putin to his knees and saving Ukraine.

Not bad for a president his hate-filled critics call “cognitively challenged”.