Trump Says Blacks Identify With His Indictments

Trump at the Black Conservative Federation Gala last night in South Carolina:

“I got indicted and lot of people said that’s why the Black people like me”
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He was just getting started.

Trump: “Unlike racist Joe Biden, I spent my entire life working with Black Americans to build buildings”

(He forgot to mention the part about the DOJ suing him for refusing to let blacks rent apartments in his buildings.)

No idea what to make of this — same event.

Trump: “These lights are so bright in my eyes I can’t see people… I can only see the Black ones. I can’t see any white ones. That’s how far I’ve come. That’s a long way isn’t it?” — Video

Or this.

Trump at the Black Conservative Federation Gala: “You know Cary Grant? He was this very handsome guy… Sidney Poitier, I thought he was very handsome right?” — Video

“I’m being indicted for the Black population” — Video

The Good Guys Are Winning

Putting Proud Boys In Prison Works!

“The ongoing prosecution efforts, intense public scrutiny, and reported infighting has repeatedly fueled speculation that the Proud Boys could be circling the drain.” — Vice News

SALON – “The Proud Boys are collapsing: Surprise! Legal consequences do hurt authoritarian movements. Despite fears that accountability will make MAGA more powerful, a new report shows it weakens the far-right”

Trump Damns The Torpedoes

With unhinged holiday threats condemning his foes “to hell” the former president taunts courts, provokes violence and shows he will stop at nothing to retake power.

The greatest danger is to normalize and accept Trump’s sociopathic behavior.

Trump’s hardly festive Christmas day message on his own social media site began with “Merry Christmas to all, including Crooked Joe Biden’s ONLY HOPE, Deranged Jack Smith” but ended with “MAY THEY ROT IN HELL. AGAIN, MERRY CHRISTMAS!” (Dec 25, 2023, 2:38 PM)

The next day he opened with “Biden’s Flunky, Deranged Jack Smith, should go to HELL” (Dec 26, 2023, 2:46 PM). Here is taking full advantage of an appellate court’s recent ruling that he is allowed to attack Smith despite the lower court’s gag order attempting to control his dangerous language threatening court personnel and witnesses.

His troops rallied to the charge. Steve Bannon: “Ditto Mr President—for ALL Those Trying to Destroy Our Beloved Country — ‘May They Rot in Hell’”

And in a bizarre echo of his recently stated aims for total power Trump posted a word cloud depicting the words “revenge” and “dictatorship”…

We Interrupt Your Holiday…

for a message from the looney bin

Good thing he doesn’t design Christmas cards…’May you rot in hell’

Donald J. Trump
Dec 25, 2023, 2:38pm

Merry Christmas to all, including Crooked Joe Biden’s ONLY HOPE, Deranged Jack Smith, the out of control Lunatic who just hired outside attorneys, fresh from theSWAMP (unprecedented!), to help him with his poorly executed WITCH HUNT against “TRUMP” and “MAGA.” Included also are World Leaders, both good and bad, but none of which are as evil and “sick” as the THUGS we have inside our Country who, with their Open Borders, INFLATION, Afghanistan Surrender, Green New Scam, High Taxes, No Energy Independence, Woke Military, Russia/Ukraine, Israel/Iran, All Electric Car Lunacy, and so much more, are looking to destroy our once great USA. MAY THEY ROT IN HELL. AGAIN, MERRY CHRISTMAS!