Trump Loses Again

Trump loses executive privilege case. Federal judge Tanya Chutkan has ruled that the US House Select Committee should have access to records from his presidency about Jan. 6. All eyes now on Garland.

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“Presidents are not kings and Plaintiff is not president.” – – Judge Chutkan

Trump team says they will appeal but National Archives set to send records Friday, so not much time. My hunch is courts so fed up with Trump’s abuse of their time and patience they won’t stop it. But I suppose if they were dealing with a regular plaintiff instead of America’s Mussolini they’d grant an emergency stay.

Laurence Tribe on MSNBC says this “powerful” rejection of Trump’s privilege claim means AG Garland “in all facts and purposes will be obstructing Congress” if he doesn’t prosecute Bannon’s bogus privilege claim.

House Republicans Save Biden Infrastructure Plan

It took House Republicans to overcome Democrats voting last night against sending infrastructure bill to the President for signature – – or it would not have passed.

Thanks to Marjorie Taylor Greene providing phone numbers of who she called “Communist” House Republicans voting for infrastructure, we should call and thank them. Give them a pleasant break between death threats.

Where Are The White Women?

15 point swing among white women to GOP scariest of all for Democrats in Virginia results:

50% Biden, 49% Trump 

57% Youngkin, 43% McAuliffe 

Among non-college white women it was a 39pt shift? Child tax credit, paid family leave and free community college all good ideas for appealing to them.

These white women numbers guarantee losing Congress if not dealt with. After all, they were crucial to Dems winning WH and Congress in the first place. 

DNC and Senate/House campaign committees should jointly fund a Manhattan Project to deep dive this white women problem, put Claire McCaskill and David Plouffe in charge.