Let’s Play What If

Instead of giving a rousing and historically significant speech yesterday greeted by a standing ovation of NATO attendees what if President Biden said this:

“A waitress came over, beautiful waitress, and I never like talking about physical. She’s beautiful inside. Because you never talk about a person’s look. Ever. You never mention it. The other day I got very angry. Some man called Chris Christie fat. And I said, ‘sir!’ And then he said he was a pig. I said, ‘sir! Chris Christie is not a fat pig. Please remember that.'”

“Mothers will never again be forced to watch their children overdosing and hosp–lee. And we will never allow mothers to watch their child hopelessly dying in their arms, screaming, ‘What can I do? What can I do? Help me God, what can I do?’ We are a nation whose once revered airports are a dirty, crowded mess.”

“We will take over the horribly run capital of our country in Washington DC … right now if you leave Florida — ‘oh, let’s go darling, let’s look at the Jefferson Memorial’ … and you end up getting shot, mugged, raped. We’re gonna take over our capital and we’re gonna run it tough and smart.”

— Donald Trump yesterday at Florida rally

Trump also said…
—He told NATO allies he wouldn’t defend them against Russia
—Praised Hannibal Lecter, a fictional cannibal
—Promised to appoint a Project 2025 leader to his administration
—Promised to round up immigrants into mass detention camps
—Said he didn’t know what NATO was when he was president
—Praised the Supreme Court for giving him criminal immunity
—Promised to pardon January 6 insurrectionists
—Praised a self-described white nationalist
—Played QAnon music

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  1. where’s the beef bacon?

    Trump airs list of false grievances at Florida rally: ‘We don’t eat bacon any more’ | US elections 2024 | The Guardian

    The former president and presumptive Republican nominee was speaking to a crowd of several hundred supporters at his golf club in Doral, a western suburb of Miami, keeping them waiting in 90F heat for a freewheeling monologue that began more than an hour later than scheduled.
    His remarks on Tuesday were notable for adding the vice-president’s name to numerous attacks on Biden policies, and sprinkling in mentions of both Rubio and Byron Donalds, a Republican Florida congressman also believed to be on Trump’s shortlist for vice-president.
    Otherwise, it was a standard Trump stump speech, full of evidence-free claims that his 2020 election defeat was fraudulent; baseless accusations that overseas nations were sending to the US “most of their prisoners”; and a laughable assertion that a gathering of supporters numbering in the hundreds was really a crowd of 45,000.
    It also touched on the surreal. Biden, he insisted, had raised the price of bacon four-fold.
    “We don’t eat bacon any more,” Trump said.
    Perhaps worn down by the energy-sapping humidity, the crowd appeared mostly subdued, including yawns in the bleachers behind him as Trump drew to a close with slow music playing, and others tapping disinterestedly on their phones.

  2. and where’s the coverage?

    Congressman shames media for ignoring Trump’s name in newly released Epstein documents (msn.com)

    House Democrats met Tuesday to discuss President Joe Biden’s candidacy, but one lawmaker wanted to know why the press has spent a second week on that story instead of looking at recently released Florida court documents in the Jeffrey Epstein case.
    “We hear a lot from our constituents on different issues,” Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) said at the news conference Tuesday. “But something I’ve heard that doesn’t seem to be being covered are the Epstein files.”
    He explained that Trump is all over the documents with photos of him as well as rape allegations from children. The details have trended on the social media site X under the tag #TrumpPedoFiles.
    In a surprise move, Circuit Judge Luis Delgado ordered the documents be released last week, shortly before the Fourth of July holiday.
    “The testimony taken by the Grand Jury concerns activity ranging from grossly unacceptable to rape — all of the conduct at issue is sexually deviant, disgusting, and criminal,” the judge wrote.
    Palm Beach County Clerk of Courts Joseph Abruzzo worked for the past three years trying to get the records released to the public, The Washington Post reported.
    “The public, and the victims specifically, want to know how he was able to get a slap on the wrist and go on for decades, continuing these heinous acts to hundreds, or more, underage girls or women,” he said.
    Trump called Epstein many times between 2004 and 2006, the Post cited from the documents.
    “Former Miami U.S. attorney Alexander Acosta, who later became Donald Trump’s labor secretary, approved a secret agreement in which Epstein pleaded guilty to lesser state charges rather than face federal prosecution,” the report also said.
    Acosta, who also served as a clerk for Samuel Alito, was forced out of the Trump administration when the deal he gave Epstein was revealed.
    Insider’s Jacob Shamsian explained that Trump is the likely individual referred to as “Doe 174.”….
    District Judge Hon. Loretta A. Preska weighed the privacy rights of the 200 Does, deciding that 174 had already been reported widely.
    “It’s easy to see where Trump fits into them,” Insider said. “They are all transcripts of depositions from Ransome, Giuffre, and Epstein’s Palm Beach housekeeper Juan Alessi, all of whom were asked about Epstein’s relationships with celebrities and other powerful people.”
    Epstein took his own life while in prison in 2019.
    Congressman shames media for ignoring Trump’s name in newly released Epstein docs youtu.be

    Attribution: Epstein Bombshells by Dave Whamond, Canada, PoliticalCartoons.com

  3. Republicans released a party platform that pledges full allegiance to Donald Trump, JD Vance’s facial hair may sink his VP chances, and a report detailed the Biden team’s efforts to conceal signs of the president’s age-related decline.

  4. smoldering embers out there that could catch fire if media ever stop chewing on joe

    What the Jeffrey Epstein Documents Reveal About Donald Trump (nymag.com)

    Speculation about which famous and powerful figures would be tarnished by the Jeffrey Epstein scandal heated up at the end of last year when a judge ordered that court documents from a years-old case related to the disgraced financier be made public. And while Epstein’s black book contained a staggering number of A-listers and high-society pals, perhaps the biggest question surrounding the court documents’ unsealing was what they would reveal about Donald Trump.
    The hype escalated on the afternoon of January 3, 2024, when Mark Epstein said that three years before his brother died in jail while awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges, he told him he knew secrets that could blow up the presidential election between Trump and Hillary Clinton.
    “Here’s a direct quote: ‘If I said what I know about both candidates, they’d have to cancel the election.’ That’s what Jeffrey told me in 2016,” Mark Epstein told the New York Post.
    Wild stuff! But Mark Epstein said he didn’t know what information his brother was referring to. And while Trump and Bill Clinton (who have both denied any Epstein-related wrongdoing) were mentioned in the court documents released in early 2024, there was no smoking gun.
    Yet questions about Trump’s ties to Epstein persist as the convicted sex offender is now a conspiracy-theory fixture and still more Epstein files could be unsealed.
    During an August 2023 interview, Tucker Carlson asked Trump if he believed Epstein had killed himself in jail. “I don’t know,” said Trump, who seemed more interested in bashing his former attorney general Bill Barr. After more prodding from Carlson, Trump said that he thought it was “possible” Epstein had been killed but that “I think he probably committed suicide.”
    “Life with beautiful homes, beautiful everything, and all of a sudden he’s incarcerated and not doing well,” Trump said. “A lot of people think he was killed. He knew a lot on a lot of people.” Carlson confirmed that he was among those who believe Epstein “was killed,” and Trump replied that “a case could be made either way.”

  5. though this was probably meant in different vein, it fits with the media’s (whether right or left) current avoidance of covering drumpft’s disgusting deeds.

    Attribution: Leftist Media by Dick Wright, PoliticalCartoons.com

  6. Nancy Pelosi just now on Morning Joe, full of praise for Biden’s presidency, but on whether he should quit the race:

    “We’re all encouraging him to make a decision. Time is running short. … He’s beloved, he’s respected, and people want him to make that decision.” QUESTION: Do you want him to run? “I want him to do whatever he decides to do, and that’s the way it is. Whatever he decides to go with.”

    Puzzling. He’s decided. But she acts like it’s still an open question. She’s keeping the door open, the one he tried to close. Not an endorsement for him to stay in, never did say what she thinks he should decide.

  7. Excellent round-up here of Trump’s latest rally circus by online pundit Art Candee

    Oh boy. Trump’s Doral rally tonight was a doozy. Let’s recap it:

    He started off by bragging about his golf course instead of apologizing for being an hour late and leaving people waiting all day under a heat advisory.

    He said he didn’t know what NATO was.

    He bragged that “being indicted is a lot of fun.”

    He claimed “tens of thousands” of people showed up to this sad little rally. He later said “45,000 people” when it barely looked like 2k people were there.

    He froze like a deer in headlights for 10 straight seconds.

    He praised Laura Loomer and repeatedly called her “amazing.”

    He’s mad that Kamala Harris laughs and called her “L-a-f-f-i-n’ Kamala,” proving what we already knew that bro can’t spell.

    He said he wants a “no holds barred” debate without moderators this week. Essentially the two of them screaming at each other. Super dumb idea. Especially when Biden is hosting the NATO summit.

    He also challenged President Biden to a golf tournament this week when President Biden is busy meeting with NATO leaders and doing his job.

    He said Biden “doesn’t know what a synagogue is.”

    He thinks you have to stop electric cars every hour.

    He complained about the heat only 16 minutes in, when those people waited all day and he still showed up an hour late.

    He said someone told him that he looks “great in a bathing suit.” Barf.

    He called the fictional Hannibal Lecter “a lovely man” and compared him to immigrants.

    He said migrants are “preying on everybody.”

    He forgot how to say “feared” and said “field.”

    He said he’d be the “greatest president that God has ever created.”

    He claimed Hunter Biden is running the country.

    He babbled about facelifts.

    He said he was going to bring Tom Homan back into his administration, a guy who helped author Project 2025 which he claims to know nothing about.

    He claimed Biden has more homes than him.

    He said we’ll become “energy independent” when we already are right now.

    He complained some more about the hot weather.

    He asked why “sweaty” golf caddies “never touched me, never hugged me, never kissed me.”

    He made fun of Chris Christie’s weight while claiming he was standing up for him. Mighty rich.

    He said the U.S. is turning into “communist Cuba or socialist Venezuela.”

    He struggled to pronounce some of his sycophants’ names.

    He called Don Jr. “a great talent” and that he has a “great wife” even though he’s not married to Kimberly Guilfoyle.

    He said how much he loves his family showing up when his wife Melania and favorite daughter Ivanka didn’t even bother going.

    He said “October 7th would not have happened” if he was President.

    He said Israel “had no money.”

    He said “we have nuclear submarines and five warships in Cuba,” essentially calling himself a Russian.

    He said Biden has abandoned Cuba when he was the one who nixed Obama’s plan to reopen trade and travel to Cuba.

    He said people get “shot, mugged, raped” when visiting the Washington Monument in DC.

    He said he will protect the second amendment and “innocent life” in the same breath.

    He told people to “vote whenever you want.”

    He played a song performed by J6 insurrectionists and people who beat up police officers.

    He read his teleprompter cue to speak quickly out loud.

    He said that getting rid of energy efficiency in appliances will “keep our enemies at bay.”

    He called the United States of America “a third-world country” and said we’re “a joke.”

    He said President Biden “isn’t legally allowed to stand trial.”

    He’s claiming that the stock market is high because of MAGA winning the election in November, and that it will crash like during the Great Depression if he loses.

    He said it’s “easier to get fentanyl than groceries.”

    He forgot how to say the word “economy.”

    He said he’d rather take money from small dollar donors instead of the wealthy.

    He said they’re “going to take over our Capitol.”

    He lied like he breathes.

    And we all know the media won’t cover HALF of this absolute train wreck.

    9:37 PM · Jul 9, 2024

  8. remember this book warning of Drumpft’s dementia:


    The Dangerous Case of Donald Trumpis a 2017 book edited byBandy X. Lee, a forensic psychiatrist, containing essays from 27psychiatrists,psychologists, and othermental health professionalsdescribing the “clear and present danger” thatUS PresidentDonald Trump‘s mental health poses to the “nation and individual well being”.A second edition updated and expanded the book with additional essays. Lee maintains that the book remains strictly a public service, and all royalties were donated to the public good to remove any conflict of interest.
    Authors argue that the President’s mental health was affecting the mental health of the people of the United States and that he places the country at grave risk of involving it in a war, and of undermining democracy itself due to his dangerous pathology.
    Consequently, the authors claim, Trump’s presidency represents an emergency which not only allows, but requires psychiatrists in the United States to raise alarms. While it has been repeatedly claimed that they have broken the American Psychiatric Association’s Goldwater rule– which states that it is unethical for psychiatrists to give professional opinions about public figures without examining them in person –the authors maintain that pointing out danger and calling for an evaluation is different from diagnosis. They have criticized the American Psychiatric Association for changing professional norms and standards, stating that it is dangerous to turn reasonable ethical guidelines into a gag rule under political pressure.
    In September 2022, The Divider: Trump in the White House, 2017-2021by journalistsPeter BakerandSusan GlasserofThe New York TimesandThe New Yorkerrespectively, reported thatJohn F. Kellyhad secretly purchased the book when he was Trump’schief of stafffrom July 2017 to January 2019. According to the authors, who interviewed Kelly for the book, he considered the book helpful in dealing with Trump, whom he considered to be insecure, egotistical, and apathological liar.

    that book was referred to in Donald Trump Dementia Evidence ‘Overwhelming,’ Says Top Psychiatrist – Newsweek back in march:

    There is “overwhelming” evidence that Donald Trumpis suffering from dementia, a leading psychiatrist has claimed, amid speculation about the state of the former president’s mental health.
    Dr. Lance Dodes, a supervising analyst emeritus of the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute and retired Harvard Medical School professor, was among those recently quoted by Duty To Warn, which describes itself as an association of mental health professionals concerned about Trump.
    “Unlike normal aging, which is characterized by forgetting names or words, Trump repeatedly shows something very different: confusion about reality,” he wrote in a statement published on Friday, which referenced Trump’s confusing Barack Obama with Joe Biden.
    “If he were to become president he would have to be immediately removed from office via the 25th Amendment as dangerously unable to fulfill the responsibilities of office,” Dodes, who is also a distinguished fellow of the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry, added, citing the 1967 mechanismthat allows for a president to be removed due to unfitness.

    why is joe the only one being pummeled on the subject?   

  9. He read his teleprompter cue to speak quickly out loud.

    So, these insane ramblings are… written on the teleprompter??
    …and is this “Hannibal Lecter” reference he keeps making some sort of code i don’t understand?

  10. yeah so i think it’s trump that’s rope-a-doping and these speeches are full of dog-whistles only the zealots can hear if they’re even paying attention
    underestimate him at your peril 

  11. cons currently building-out systems to challenge the election results if and when they lose, be advised
    Send lawyers, Chinese food, and money

  12. The main stand-out feature of his personality is Sadism so he feels a basic kinship with Hannibal Lecter.    The one thing which would give him the most absolute pleasure would be if he could kill people, like Putin does. He really wants to kill people. You just know he’s got a list somewhere…..probably tucked into that volume of Schiclegruber .Speeches.

    There is that helicopter crash……but of course it wouldn’t please him unless he could let everyone know he’d done it. He’s such a pig.

  13. Stump and rope-a-DOPE, probably a lot of that.  But also you can look at him and know that he took some form of “speed” for that debate.     Drug test for September.

  14. And not just kill people; but only kill them after having humiliated them.  He’s nothing if he can’t humiliate.  Everything he does is an attempt to humiliate someone.

  15. What if Maga Americans weren’t consuming a daily diet of rotten fox meat, worms, and various other detritus that has destroyed their ability to recognize, let alone digest, normal healthy food. 

  16. point is, i think Dems are snookering themselves with that “Dementia J. Trump” tack
    i don’t think he has dementia, i think he’s just an asshole
    vote blue down ballot ✌️ 🇺🇸 

    Remember that mobster that conveniently developed “dementia” right after he was indicted, he wandered around Queens in a bathrobe for show, Gigante, i think?

    Mobsters gonna mobster

  17. he so lusts for brutal power, the page is spotted with his drooling

    “Think of President Xi. Central casting, brilliant guy. You know, when I say he’s brilliant, everyone says, ‘Oh that’s terrible,’” said Trump …. “Well, he runs 1.4 billion people with an iron fist.”.

    Donald Trump just can’t stop praising Vladimir Putin | CNN Politics:

    ” Yes, Putin was smart. And I actually thought he was going to be negotiating. I said, ‘That’s a hell of a way to negotiate, put 200,000 soldiers on the border.’”
    “They say, ‘Trump said Putin’s smart.’ I mean, he’s taking over a country for two dollars’ worth of sanctions,” Trump told a crowd at a fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago, according to a recording of the event. “I’d say that’s pretty smart. He’s taking over a country – really a vast, vast location, a great piece of land with a lot of people, and just walking right in.”
    We saw time and again during his presidency that Trump is attracted to the strength and unapologetic nature of authoritarian rulers like Putin. (Here are 15 times Trump praised authoritarian leaders.) From crackdowns against the press to demands of total fealty from everyone serving in his government, Trump seemed at times like he was trying to model his four years in office on the way that authoritarian rulers from Russia to Turkey to China behaved.
    Never forget that during a photo-op with Putin on the sidelines of the G20 meeting in Japan in 2019, Trump said this of the media: “Get rid of them. Fake news is a great term, isn’t it? You don’t have this problem in Russia but we do.” To which Putin said: “We also have. It’s the same.”
    Trump’s praise of Putin then is a feature, not a glitch. He says it – and keeps saying it – because he is genuinely admiring of the supposed might the Russian president is showing in invading Ukraine. It’s that simple.

  18. On explaining his bizarre Hannibal Lecter obsession, as a longtime watcher of his rally speeches the best i can do is to note that he always brings it up as he’s telling his ritual lie that Mexico is emptying out its insane asylums to our border. And of course in the course of his perverse logic that means Joe Biden is sending cannibals to the suburbs to eat our children.

  19. I think it would do the Biden team well to focus on the Sadism as one of their attack lines.   Most regular people have had to deal with Sadists, at work in school in church, in car pools, etc. I’ve been listening to the psychologists podcast, and one thing keeps coming up is the Sadism so I’ve been looking at clips new and old and the Sadism shows up in all of them.

  20. best i can do is to note  -Mr. C

    Ah, i get it, now.

    …looks like you’re becoming fluent in ‘trump’
    A) i’m sorry
    B) we need that skill, seriously

    you might be the Alan Turing of our day

  21. Sen. Blumenthal just now on CNN: “I am deeply concerned about Joe Biden winning in November” 

    Biden is clearly not listening to subtle Masonic tongues. These folks either have to be more direct or shut up.

  22. This sort of applies to the thread of today; I like to think that I am not one to “…preach to the choir,” so I’ll not.
     A old lawyer adage is “…if the facts are against you, argue the law.  If the law is against you, argue the facts.  If the law and facts are against you, just argue.”  So I see a lot of “just argue” and no compromise or relenting.
    I bring this up because I like to watch all news media (left and right) and the quote sort of applies; just argue.  As I read through the threads here I can see that most are dyed in the wool with their opinions and a bit of that may apply to me.
    I ask how can a person with a tad bit of common sense take in both news media sides and make decisions based on what each news media has to report.  The reporting is black and white and I ask if each is seeing something different in the very same thing?

    Back to the facts:  In the upcoming election, consider what you believe to be the “facts.”  
    I just re-read this for the third time and still don’t understand my very own thinking.  There’s something about the “facts,” and that is, how I view them from the past almost 8 years of the state of this country and wondering what sort of disaster, real or imagined, we are facing.

  23. I may not understand what the supremely stupid just did but
    Couldn’t Biden have Trump arrested for Treason .  Really lock him up

  24. George Clooney: I Love Joe Biden. But We Need a New Nominee. https://www.nytimes.com/2024/07/10/opinion/joe-biden-democratic-nominee.html?smid=nytcore-android-share


    “Its devastating to say it, but the Joe Biden I was with three weeks ago at the fund-raiser was not the Joe “big F-ing deal” Biden of 2010. He wasn’t even the Joe Biden of 2020. He was the same man we all witnessed at the debate. Was he tired? Yes. A cold? Maybe. But our party leaders need to stop telling us that 51 million people didn’t see what we just saw”

  25. Been thinking about this, looked up the full quote. Alexandra Pelosi on her mother, “She can cut your head off and you won’t even know you’re bleeding.”

  26. Well, Orange Adolf has given VP Harris one of his childish nicknames.   He’s scared.  

    And, no matter what happens next week, she’s on the ticket.

  27. Another rich donor speaks, and it is “I don’t want Joe”, nothing else, just destroy the Democratic Party.  No follow up with anything.

  28. Michael Douglas Tells ‘The View’ He’s “Deeply, Deeply Concerned” About Biden, Says George Clooney Has “Valid Point”

    Looks like, whether or not it matters he’s lost Hollywood.

  29. Hi Craig:  I may be in doubt, but think I recall a few facts.  I have little care in what politicians say, it’s what they do that is concerning me; ‘da facts.
    The “fact” thing that is bothering me was the state of our country (border, inflation, crime, gas pipeline, self sufficiency, etc.) on the day before Biden took office and today.  To me, the facts are self-evident.
    As the case agent in federal criminal cases, I have sat through many many trials and never saw a jury ignore the facts/evidence.  On a couple of occasions I went to the US Attorney to get an indictment/charge dismissed when I learned my facts were not as they first appeared and we should not proceed with a trial.  So I know a thing or two about the difference between facts, and “what appeared to be.”
    And now, for the past 3+ years I have been sitting through a trial, and I doubt I am being misled by the facts/evidence.
    Could be I have been deceived.
    John Burney, a sort of famous politician and defense lawyer here in Wilmington, once gave me a little plaque following a long trial.  It read “I was wrong once, but think I was mistaken.”  His client was convicted on all counts.  And, Mr. Burney and I always remained friends and even when fishing together.
    I doubt I’m mistaken.

    PS: All this from a former long time dyed in the wool Democrat; the facts changed me.

  30. Some facts about America on the day Trump left office: — 2.9 million net loss of jobs — 6.3% unemployment — Highest trade deficit since 2008 — 3 million more Americans without health insurance — Federal debt up from $14.4 trillion to $21.6 trillion — Home prices up 27.5% — Apprehensions at the Southwest border up 4.7% — Coal production down 26.5% — Coal-mining jobs down 16.7% — Highest murder rate since 1997

    Factcheck.org — https://www.factcheck.org/2021/10/trumps-final-numbers/

  31. https://www.nyhistory.org/blogs/horses-tail-new-york-historical-got-legendary-piece-king-george-iii-statue

    “On the evening of July 9, 1776, downtown New York City was in a rebellious mood. The Declaration of Independence had been read aloud that day in lower Manhattan for the first time, announcing to the city that the Revolution against British rule had begun. That night, 40 colonial soldiers and sailors under the command of Capt. Oliver Brown crept into a dark alley near the park at Bowling Green. Their mission? To pull down a statue of King George III.”
    And, we are NOT going back despite what the illegitimate SCOTUS members (they lied under oath to Congress to get the job) pushed through.   

  32. Ivy – Exactly.  Harris is on the ticket, no matter what, and she’s got his giant, tighty whiteys in a bunch.   

  33. Instead of yesterday’s hateful and discombobulated rants of the orange, toddler tyrant leading the news, we have…George Clooney coming out against Biden.
    ~Way to go, George~ Thanks for redirecting the news-cycle back to a debate that happened two weeks ago tomorrow. Dumbass!

    Instead of moving forward and focusing on Biden’s speech at yesterday’s NATO meeting, Dems are mired in mess of their own making.

    For the love of it all Dems, stop helping the fascists!

  34. for the past 3+ years I have been sitting through a trial, and I doubt I am being misled by the facts/evidence

    Republican trolls are promulgating online the deception that Biden is responsible for a net increase in gas prices during his administration – well, they did peak during the height of the embargo against Russia, but they are back down to where they were 3-4 years, ago.  You have gas pumps in your town i’ll bet, go look for yourself 
    If you’re getting your “facts” from media with no independent investigation beyond that, then no wonder you’re confused
    Do liberals spin stuff?  Of course.  If you’re just looking for permission to harbor racist or misogynist attitudes, you’re not going to get it from liberals.

    If you’re a Christian and support the state imposing those beliefs or lifestyle on me or anyone else, then you were never a liberal

    …and sorry to paint with a broad brush, but you speak so cryptically, it’s the only brush available

    Rekindle your weary heart- Vote Blue 🇺🇸

  35. https://www.newsweek.com/project-2025-reported-irs-1923145

    Project 2025 Reported to IRS Over ‘Violations’

    “Did you know that tax-exempt organizations under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) are prohibited from participating in politics, including but not limited to endorsing or supporting a specific political candidate or writing and publishing a political manifesto during a presidential campaign?” Morgon Branning said in a video that has amassed more than 800,000 views since it was posted on Tuesday.
    “The IRS website states that 501(c)(3) organizations “may not publish or distribute printed statements or make oral statements on behalf of, or in opposition to, a candidate for public office. Consequently, a written or oral endorsement of a candidate is strictly forbidden.”

    “The Heritage Foundation has been widely revealed as the architects of Project 2025, Presidential Transition Project, and has shown very outspoken support for presidential candidate Donald J. Trump,” Branning wrote in the complaint.
    “The complaint referenced recent comments made by Kevin Roberts, the president of The Heritage Foundation. Roberts said Republicans were “in the process of taking this country back” on Steve Bannon‘s War Room podcast last week. He also said the country is the midst “of the second American Revolution, which will remain bloodless if the left allows it to be.”

    “Branning’s complaint said: “THIS IS POLITICAL and in violation of the rules of the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3), which prohibits tax-exempt organizations from engaging in political activity as a whole, both directly and indirectly, whether they are showing support or opposition. The Heritage Foundation holds a tax-exempt status per 501(c)(3) and therefore has engaged in numerous violations of such code. Action MUST be taken, and these standards upheld.”

    The Sith respond:

    “We are a coalition of more than 110 conservative groups advocating policy and personnel recommendations for the next conservative president,” a Project 2025 spokesperson previously said in a statement to Newsweek. “But it is ultimately up to that president, who we believe will be President Trump, to decide which recommendations to implement.”

    Then we can NEVER have another “conservative” aka fascist president, again.
    We have to make sure all local races go to Dems, because it all starts with the roots.


    Biden/Harris 2024

  36. Clooney and Douglas —they are “Hollywood” like .Mark Warner and Bernie Sanders are “The Democrats”.

  37. Stephen King is smart and plays bass, like Hulk Hogan…..he’ll figure it out.  

    No, Huckabee don’t play bass. He HAS a bass. But is he “playing” it? That depends on what the meaning of the word “is “ is.

  38. The Dems who are doing this publicly and during a NATO meeting…sigh…they are only helping the fascists because, guess what, that’s all that is being reported now. Not NATO, not Orange Adolf’s crazy musings yesterday, it’s just who is calling on Biden to step down.

    I have almost zero confidence that everyone would get behind Harris, and absolutely zero confidence that Dems would get behind a single VP candidate.

  39. That Clooney statement is getting heavy play on good old CNN along with backup from someone who also attended the fundraiser.  

  40. dam is breached

    Not rhetorical:  How do they force him out if he is unwilling to drop, and do they REALLY want to start from scratch with a new candidate and no financing?

  41. Clooney is such a middling actor, how’d he get so influential
    i’d listen to Benedict Cumberbatch MAYBE

    (having a hard time thinking of a good male American actor- all the good ones are British and Aussie)

    tell me i’m wrong

  42. You can check Alec out all you want, along with his wife and many children; reality TV/PR stunt. 

  43. Clooney is saying a “new” candidate.  What about Harris?  Huh, George? There will be chaos.

  44. I don’t know what will ultimately happen with Joe, but I predict that he will probably continue his campaign,will be nominated at the convention and will then go on with a weakened campaign, losing to Dumbass Trump in November. That’s what I see happening right now and dumbass would like to thank the Democratic Party for its bludgeoning its own candidate. I’ll vote for whoever the Dem candidate is, but Joe or not, this has lessened the chance we’ll have a Dem in the White House next January. 
    As Bink says, vote blue.

  45. Monday, July 15th, it all might align the way some Dems want…but it’ll be a shameful mistake.  

    Biden/Harris 2024

    Vote blue no matter who!

  46. Bink: How do they force him out if he is unwilling to drop, and do they REALLY want to start from scratch with a new candidate and no financing?

    It does seem like they’re in ‘cross that bridge when we get to it’ mode

  47. puzzlement:

    how is it that 9 dem naysayers can garner all the media attention and overshadow the whole black caucus and the whole hispanic caucus and the dem govs who support Joe?


    i smell a lot of disrespect.

  48. patd,
    there do exist journalists who perform their work with a public-service motivation
    they don’t work for corporate media
    clicks, eyeballs, engagement

  49. I actually thought the WH had this tamped down until Pelosi re-opened the door first thing this morning, provoking the media frenzy all over again. Not sure where she’s headed with this, but she didn’t do anything all day to undo what she started.

  50. What do you get the guy that has a ‘67 ‘Vette, a beach house, and the most powerful job in the world 🤔 

    …don’t think there’s anything, sorry

    lacking both carrot and stick

  51. Nancy is always playing several steps ahead, but who knows what she’s thinking.   She got understandably testy with the journalist asking her questions in the hallway.  

    patD – Harris is being disrespected, big time.

  52. the only 2 possible replacements for Harris at the top of the ticket that could win on short notice are Michelle and Oprah
    As much as i like Newsome, the party of inclusion cannot edge out a woman of color for a white guy, with reproductive rights on the ballot to boot!

    stick with Joe or win or lose with Harris are the choices

    AND if they get Joe to drop, he is duty-bound to campaign FOR HARRIS if he believes everything he has said about the importance of this election. Tall order

    AND for all that to work HE MUST give her the power of incumbency and he don’t seem in a resigned mood

  53. https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/politics/elections/2024/07/09/project-2025-think-tank-heritage-foundation-signs-on-as-an-rnc-sponsor/74337029007/

    “As former President Donald Trump distances himself from a conservative group’s blueprint for a future Republican governing agenda, he will have at least one unavoidable connection to it: the Republican National Convention.”

    “The Heritage Foundation, the D.C.-based think tank that produced Project 2025 — a series of policy plans to overhaul the federal government — is among the sponsors of the convention in Milwaukee next week.”

  54. A big question is what happens to the Biden-Harris campaign’s $240 million cash on hand if she isn’t the replacement. Donations were made in her name too, so transfer to her not as legally problematic as trying to hand off to someone donors weren’t explicitly supporting when they gave the money.

  55. you’re the first person i’ve seen call that a “question”, the consensus i’ve gleaned that trying to use that money for anyone other than Harris is too legally-perilous to even try

    pressuring delegates and moving money around is getting kinda trumpy 👀

  56. That’s why we’re keeping our wallets closed until they straighten out this mess. 

  57. Bink, there’s always a way, especially with a toothless FEC overseeing things. They might try to transfer money to the DNC or a Super PAC to be spent on whatever party ticket emerges, arguing that’s what the donations were intended for. But then they’d probably be dealing with refund demands from donors. Not pretty.

  58. https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/heritage-foundation-gay-furry-hackers-texts-1235057421/
    “Self-described “gay furry hackers” breached the Heritage Foundation in a cyberattack on July 2, and on Tuesday released two gigabytes of the conservative think tank’s internal data.”
    “The hacktivist collective, SiegedSec, has been engaged in a campaign called “OpTransRights,” in which it targets government websites with the aim of disrupting efforts to enact or enforce anti-trans and anti-abortion laws. Heritage Foundation was selected due to its Project 2025plans, seen as a blueprint for Donald Trump to reshape the U.S. with sweeping far-right reforms should he win…”
    Response from a Heritage MAGAt:
    “We are in the process of identifying and outing [sic] members of your group,” he wrote. “Reputations and lives will be destroyed. Closeted Furries will be presented to the world for the degenerate perverts they are.” “God created nature, and nature’s laws are vicious. It is why you have to put on a perverted animal costume to satisfy your sexual deviances,” Howell wrote. 
    “But it remains to be seen whether these hackers — who last year managed to breach NATO systemsas well as a major U.S. nuclear lab that they demanded begin research on “creating IRL catgirls” — will truly disappear into the shadows.”

  59. Twitter:
    And just like that Lawrence O’Donnell’s
    A block just demolished all the Pundits today. He showed exactly what Nancy Pelosi said not just snippet,

  60. yo if you a dem op and you get put in charge of moving that money, you better win, cuz the Nazis will be looking for sacrifices if they win

  61. 2h


    NEW: Clarence Thomas took secret unreported trips to Russia aboard a yacht and to one of Putin’s palaces — in 2003. That feels important somehow. Maybe — hear me out here — just maybe, we should launch a full and thorough investigation into Thomas and his Kremlin connection.

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