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  1. jack, thank you. those drums will haunt me all day long.

    speaking of drums, guv desant-itizer is indeed beating the drums of racism which was hinted at in sturge’s comment (the authenticity of which you *questioned*) last thread. here’s some evidence of the road the guv seems to be taking:
    from NYmag intelligencer:

    Ron DeSantis Is Imposing Political Control on Schools A step by step blueprint to turn the state into a political weapon.
    he threat of right-wing authoritarianism in the United States has lodged itself in the public mind in the model of January 6: A candidate for office refuses to accept defeat and then gins up phony legal complaints escalating into violence. But the more durable and successful model is the pattern used by strongmen like Viktor Orban, which does not require a violent assault on the state but instead employs a combination of legal methods: stacking legislative districts, using state power to bully corporations into support for the ruling party, marginalizing independent media and exploiting state-controlled pseudo-journalistic alternatives, and seizing control of the education system.
    Ron DeSantis has used all these tools at various times. Over the last week, the last piece — his determination to control the ideological tenor of schools — has been on bright display. Orban identified schools and universities as a source of dissent, and set out to seize ideological control by placing his allies in control. DeSantis is doing the exact same thing.

    and from palm beach post via yahoo:

    DeSantis’ new assault on public education: Breaking New College of Florida

    *i couldn’t find the quote either after a cursory search of desantis sayings.* however the guv’s actions seem to corroborate the words.

  2. he might not stand for freedom to one’s own history but he’s stalwart on freedom on one’s right to gas

  3. huffpo:

    Serial liar and freshman House Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) has been captured on video apparently even lying about his name.

    The 2019 clip shows Santos in an audience addressing a panel at a New York City event encouraging members of the LGBTQ community to quit the Democratic Party.
    “My name is Anthony Devolder,” he introduces himself in the video posted on Twitter. “I’m a New York City resident. I’ve recently founded a group called United for Trump, so if you guys want to follow, that would be awesome,” he adds.
    In another clip, a Queens Republican introducing Santos during his first 2020 campaign wonders aloud to the audience why Santos has changed his name from Anthony Devolder. When Santos steps up to the podium, he introduces himself to the audience as “George Anthony Devolder Santos — commonly known as Anthony.”

    CNN has also discovered social media posts from 2020 in which Santos goes by the name George Devolder.
    Fatima Devolder was Santos’ mother’s name. He also named a company he started in 2021 the Devolder Organization. Funding for the mysterious company — which had no website and was dissolved not long after it was started — is murky. But Santos claimed it rocketed his salary to $750,000 (with up to $10 million in dividends) after he reported earning a $55,000 salary the previous year.
    He’s under investigation by prosecutors in Long Island, where Republican leaders have called on him to resign.
    Yet House Republicans don’t know what to do with him.

    Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) said on CNN Saturday that Santos will have to go through the House ethics process over his fantasy resume. But he said Santos should not be “subjected to shunning.”

  4. It is starting to look like ICE may be visiting the Capitol to talk to someone using the name Santos.  Timelines being laid down and somethings are even more fishy than they were a week ago.  No matter that he was elected as a fraud and liar (gqp favorite traits), he may not be a U.S. citizen and the repubs have no way to make him one.  Our Constitution, the one that a former president called just a paper, states that to be a representative one needs to be a citizen and a citizen for seven years.  Questions, questions and more questions.

  5. from newsweek story on the tweet storm over the devolder-mort-ification

    The Lincoln Project, a group of anti-Trump conservatives, tweeted: “George Anthony Devolder Santos has turned Congress into a true crime podcast. What should the title be?”

    Suggestions offered by other Twitter users included: “Mr. Myth Goes To Washington,” “MAGA Noir,” and “Not The Only Liar In The Building.”

  6. Pat
    I actually found the quote. It took some doing as google had flagged it and all I was getting were sites to educate me on school desegregation and Jim Crow.  Which was weird because I expected google to either identify the phrase in quotation marks or say it couldn’t, automatically remove the quotations and give me it’s best guess on different parts of the quote.
    As you know with google there is more than one way to skin the cat. So I screened for time of publication to the last week, which removed all of the educational sites. I then got a short lecture from the google bot, about not believing everything you read on the internet. 
    After scrolling down, Google gave me the link to a twitter account but not to the offending tweet. So scrolling through his twitter feed I found the offending tweet and also a follow up tweet where he said” relax folks it was just parody”

    Sorry, I didn’t save any of the links, you will just have to take my word for it, or not ;-0

    The search was my first known experience with the new post Trump Nannyism of the modern internet. It was frustrating and irritating. 

  7. BTW
    our little discussion just proved the adage, the solution to offending speech isn’t less free speech, which is what google was doing, but more free speech, which we do here.

  8. https://www.newsweek.com/ben-sasse-republican-senate-replacement-pete-ricketts-has-fraught-history-donald-trump-1773403

    “…Ben Sasse, a fierce critic of Donald Trump, officially resigned from Congress on Sunday…”

    “Sasse has long bashed both Trump and his supporters. He was the first GOP senator in 2021 to publicly say he’d mull action to boot Trump from the White House. He also joined six other Republican senators in voting to convict the former president for inciting the Capitol riot.”

    “On Thursday, former Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts was announced as the replacement for Sasse, who is leaving politics to serve as president of the University of Florida.”

    “While running for president in 2016, Trump targeted the family of Ricketts, whose billionaire parents were reportedly big backers of an anti-Trump super PAC.”

    Ricketts. Ya’ ever hear of TD Ameritrade? ~Gee, I wonder how Ricketts will vote in Congress~
    The enemy of my enemy isn’t necessarily my friend.

  9. Jack,  Great selection!

    Her line about Negro women having a different color.  Langston Hughs wrote a great poem on the subject.


    Harlem Sweeties

    Have you dug the spill
    Of Sugar Hill?
    Cast your gims
    On this sepia thrill:
    Brown sugar lassie,
    Caramel treat,
    Honey-gold baby
    Sweet enough to eat.
    Peach-skinned girlie,
    Coffee and cream,
    Chocolate darling
    Out of a dream.
    Walnut tinted
    Or cocoa brown,
    Pride of the town.
    Rich cream-colored
    To plum-tinted black,
    Feminine sweetness
    In Harlem’s no lack.
    Glow of the quince
    To blush of the rose.
    Persimmon bronze
    To cinnamon toes.
    Blackberry cordial,
    Virginia Dare wine—
    All those sweet colors
    Flavor Harlem of mine!
    Walnut or cocoa,
    Let me repeat:
    Caramel, brown sugar,
    A chocolate treat.
    Molasses taffy,
    Coffee and cream,
    Licorice, clove, cinnamon
    To a honey-brown dream.
    Ginger, wine-gold,
    Persimmon, blackberry,
    All through the spectrum
    Harlem girls vary—
    So if you want to know beauty’s
    Rainbow-sweet thrill,
    Stroll down luscious,
    Delicious, fine Sugar Hill.
  10. I am watching in amusement Kevin trying to get words out of his mouth that don’t sound as stupid as whatever that that creaky shit going on in his head sounds.  Sorry Kev, it ain’t working.
    Nina Simone – Jack, you struck gold on today’s selection.  She is wonderful.

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