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  1. click here for snl cold open

    President Biden (James Austin Johnson) makes some last-minute changes ahead of the midterms and introduces his new team (Kenan Thompson, Cecily Strong, Ego Nwodim, Chloe Fineman, Marcello Hernández, Molly Kearney).

    but first here’s weekend update

    Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like Oprah Winfrey endorsing John Fetterman over Dr. Oz.


  2. on the daylight vs standard thingy

    the hill:

    Time is running out for the House to pass legislation that would make daylight saving time permanent in the U.S., after the Senate shocked the nation earlier this year and unanimously approved the measure. 
    The bill, titled the Sunshine Protection Act, skated under the radar for months following Senate passage, but it is back in the spotlight this weekend as Americans prepare to “fall back” and change their clocks to standard time until March, taking an hour of daylight away from winter mornings.
     Lawmakers have just 17 legislative days — the period known as the lame-duck session — remaining to pass the bill and send it to President Biden’s desk before the current Congress comes to a close, and both chambers are forced to reset the clock and reconsider the controversial change. 
    But the likelihood of lawmakers pushing the bill over the finish line in the final stretch is dimming. 
    “I wouldn’t expect it to happen this time,” Rep. Kewisi Mfume (D-Md.), who is in the process of becoming a co-sponsor of the bill, told The Hill. “My gut sense tells me that there are going to be a number of other things that happen, depending on which party dominates the election.” 
    Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of ditching the ritual of changing the clocks. A Monmouth University poll conducted in March found that 61 percent of respondents want to do away with the practice, while 31 percent are in favor of maintaining the status quo. 
    But there are disagreements about deciding what the law of the land should be: daylight saving time or standard time. That, in part, is holding the House back from advancing the Sunshine Protection Act. 
    “I have received calls from constituents who prefer permanent standard time because they have safety concerns for children who have to wait too long in the dark during winter for the school bus, and I have heard from constituents and businesses who prefer permanent daylight saving time because they prefer longer daylight hours,” Rep. Jan Schakowsky(D-Ill.), who chairs the Energy and Commerce subcommittee that held a hearing on daylight saving time in February, told The Hill in a statement. 
    A congressional aide working on the issue told The Hill that there are “so many different interests” clocking in their opinions, making it more difficult to reach a consensus. 
    “Half the country is going to be upset no matter which way we go on this issue,” the aide said. “And so we’re really trying to reach a consensus, but I can tell you those talks are still ongoing as we speak right now.” 

    my vote is for permanent standard time

  3. by the way, you’ve still got a chance at being a billionaire


    The Powerball jackpot has risen to an estimated $1.9 billion for Monday’s drawing after no ticket won the world-record pot on Saturday, Powerball said.

    Monday’s drawing has a cash option of $929.1 million, the lottery said.


  4. For all who have pets which did not read the news that we are now on Standard Time and are up “early”, cheers with another cup of coffee.
    Looks like Powerball reached the point to which blowing a twenty on tickets is worth the loss.  A few years ago some great mind, math or economics or probability, worked through the logic to find the proper amount to waste a twenty on betting.  They concluded that once the payout is around two billion dollars it is go time.  Figuring the reduction of the prize for cash payout, taxes (both on instant cash or twenty year payout (different tax issues)), little other reductions, two billion was the breakpoint.  So this afternoon I will/might buy a ticket.

  5. years ago when DST was implemented I heard one of the dumbest arguments about it from a “rural” commenter, that it would confuse the chickens and milk cows.  I didn’t realize they could read clocks.

  6. I’m advocating for Daylight Wastings Time. 

    I didn’t get an extra hour sleep, I woke up an hour early.

  7. The Washing Post Opinion page has a “Beat the Pundit” contest for predicting the midterms.  I can’t put a link because it takes you to my final page, but it should be easy to find for those looking to participate.  

    Here is a link.  Down at the bottom of the page under weekend reads.

    Opinions (washingtonpost.com)


  8. Craig

    Waiting in line for final passage on some scale.  The State of Washington passed a law to dump it, but we are waiting for something as well.  

    It’s true that the U.S. Senate on March 15, by unanimous consent, passed the Sunshine Protection Act of 2021. There was much buzz over the bill at the time, given that it would make daylight-saving time permanent starting on Nov. 5, 2023 — that is, if the House and the president approved it. As you can now probably guess, that hasn’t happened. The bill was sent to the House, but nothing has been done with it since March.


    Read more at: https://www.thenewstribune.com/news/politics-government/article265547561.html#storylink=cpy


  9. BB

    If you take the cash (usually the best option), after taxes a single winner would take home roughly $600 million.  When it is this big, that is likely to have at least a couple of winning tickets.



  10. It’s been 246 years since the Declaration of Independence.  We have been electing Senators since 1788 with only a few disputed elections all of which were amicably resolved other than that dust up following Lincoln.

    Now all of a sudden, all elections are going to be challenged by a host of crackpots. Enough already.  

  11. There wouldn’t be problems if the media didn’t misrepresent the status of the elections.

    It looks to me that SNL reached a new low with the not funny Pelosi send up

  12. from 1942-45 it was called “war time” and was year round

    U.S. Presidential Inauguration: January 20, 2017

    Daylight Saving in US (timeanddate.com)

    “War Time” and “Peace Time”

    In 1942, at the height of World War II, President Franklin D. Roosevelt reintroduced the measure, instituting year-round Daylight Saving Time in the US. Referred to as “War Time,” DST was in force continuously from February 9, 1942 to September 30, 1945.

    During this time, the US time zones were called “Eastern War Time,” “Mountain War Time,” “Central War Time,” and “Pacific War Time.” After the surrender of Japan in mid-August 1945, the time zones were relabeled “Peace Time.”

  13. There are no unbiased polls that support the Republican view

    “Tuesday’s midterms will cap the first post-pandemic, post-Roe, post-Jan. 6 national election in a country shaken by political violence and misinformation” .from the NY Times  It’s nice they recognize the problems too bad they are contributors to the problem especially the misinformation part.

  14. Although the greedy old pervert propaganda machines are taking over the easy media types, I have been expanding my education, or rather learning what I missed in grades seven through my life.  English, as taught in junior high school and high school, was something I failed to be attentive in.  I learned enough to survive college and masters classes. but I later learned I needed to relearn what all the parts of the language were.  YouTube to the rescue.  I found watching the videos aimed at non-English speaking people wonderful.  I have learned quite a bit of English and still mess it up.

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