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  1. even Faux news notes it

    Bill Maher says democracy will ‘lose’ in midterms: Electing ‘election deniers’ will lead to ‘authoritarianism’ | Fox News

    “Real Time” host Bill Maher offered a rather grim monologue about what he sees happening after Tuesday’s midterm elections. 
    “Well, we had a good run,” Maher began his “New Rules” closer. “I know that’s not really a rule but since everything in America is about to change in a very fundamental way, what the f—. Rules are about to go out the window. Tuesday’s Election Day and I know I should probably tell you to vote and what honest to God is really the most important election ever. So, okay, yes, you should vote. And it should be for the one party that still stands for democracy preservation. It’s also a waste of breath because anyone who believes that is already voting and anyone who needs to learn that isn’t watching and no one in America can be persuaded of anything anymore anyway.”
    Maher went on by offering a “little farewell” to “things that really did make America great that now we’re going to lose forever” like the peaceful transfer of power, the Bill of Rights and the rule of law.
    “Make no mistake, it will be an entirely different way of life for many, because our elections will just be for show like in China and Russia and all the other places Trump says are ‘very strong,’” Maher said.
    “So yeah, I urge you to vote but I’ve always been a realist. I’m afraid democracy is like the McRib; it’s here now, it’ll be around for a little bit longer, so enjoy it while you can,” he added.

  2. Maggie Haberman and Fareed Zakaria join Bill Maher to discuss Fox News’ embrace of Russia and its impact on the GOP’s support of Ukraine.

  3. Ruth Ben-Ghiat: 

    Far-right operative Musk seeks to wreck premiere US political comms platform just before election that could transform US from defender of global democracy to client of autocrats–the same autocrats Musk partners with.

  4. I remember pre-2000 on an old AOL chat room 3 or 4 days of admittedly adolescent mirth after some repressed soul commented that masturbation was “worshipping the devil”.

  5. Early Willie. Back when country meant Country. Notice they wouldnt give Ol Willie any background singers or violins–
    He was on his own.

  6. All the people like us are we, and everyone else is They.
    — Rudyard Kipling

    Book of the Month:  
    THE LIGHT THAT FAILED, by Rudyard Kipling

    A great yarn about battles, art, prostitutes, reportage, lost love, and eyesight. His very forst novel.

  7. I think too may people give up because they believe goopers and their ilks lies.
    Turns out Fetterman was never behind and the debate had no impact.
    This is true of almost everything you hear from conservative media and idiots like Qanon members
    Instead of fighting the Iies  people spend all their time giving publicity to the lies.

    The people who say both sets of politicians are the same are the worst

  8. Observe that rethuglican election-conspiracy-theorists never dispute the same results that won them their seats
    Also, as tense as it is, i’d rather the pre-election polling be close and motivating for Dems, instead of inspiring complacency
    i hope you slept well after getting the last word, Pogo, i know how important it is to you 🤗 

  9. Not for nothing, Western Europe having full reserves of LNG before winter when a year before they were dependent on Russia for %40 of their supply is a HUGE FUCKING WIN against a guy (Putin) that literally shoots air-to-surface missiles at apartment buildings full of innocent children and bombs nuclear energy facilities.  
    Stockpiling is yet another behavior that creates inflationary pressures, however, and despite that, i’m happy to pay more at the pump to help undermine the war-effort of a truly evil authoritarian
    Slava Ukraine

  10. Obama addresses voter anxiety while campaigning for John Fetterman, “But I’m here to tell you Pittsburgh, the tuning out is not an option. Moping is not an option..the only way to save democracy is if we together fight for it. And it starts with electing people who know you.”

  11. Obama says Fetterman’s stroke did not change ‘his values, his heart, his fight’ | The Hill

    “John’s stroke did not change who he is, it didn’t change what he cares about, it didn’t change his values, his heart, his fight,” Obama said. “It doesn’t change who he will represent when he gets to the United States Senate. He’ll represent you.”
    Obama said the choice facing Pennsylvanians in the Senate race should be simple, because they don’t want a leader “who is just looking out for himself,” but one who will “work hard for you.” He said Fetterman knows “what it’s like to get knocked down and then get back up.” 
    “When you get knocked down, you know he’s going to be there to help you get back up,” he said, referring to Fetterman.
    Obama said Oz’s actions say something about his character. 
    “If somebody is willing to peddle snake oil to make a buck, then he’s probably willing to sell snake oil to get elected,” he said. “You deserve better than somebody who’s just trying to make a quick buck.”

  12. from fox via msn at same rally:

    As Fetterman took the podium, he greeted the crowd and expressed his enthusiasm for rallying with a “sedition-free” president. 
    The lieutenant governor sought to contrast his appearance with Obama to Republican opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz’s appearance with former President Donald Trump.
    “Today, Dr. Oz is going to be standing with Donald Trump on the stage, and I’m going to be proud to be standing with a president that is 100% sedition-free.”

  13. Audio by Steven Beschloss you might enjoy

    Dispatches of alarm and hope, on politics and society, democracy and justice. Because silence is not an option. We may read and write alone, but we drive change together.


    No I’m Not


  14. A benefit of insomnia, Bink, to say nothing of an occupational trait. Nice dodge, tho. Exxon profiteering and European LNG supplies are not the same discussion. 

  15. One of Abbotts PAC ads uses, “Betto’s Radical Environmental Agenda would crumble our energy industry.” 
    67% of Texas’ cotton crop was abandoned this year.  

  16. Rural America – 
    The US Farm Report  this morning landed on interest rates , and  land sales . Some farm land is selling for $26,000 an acre. 
    Mean while in AZ. the Suadi farms guzzle ground water  to grow alfalfa for their race horses. 
    AOC did not invent this problem , big money is driving this tractor. 

    Exxon profiteering and European LNG supplies are not the same discussion. 

    It’s a commodities market

  18. For the first time, more of the deaths of elephants in Africa are caused by drought rather than poaching.

    Due to habitat loss, global warming is slaughtering the animals because they can’t get away from it.


  19. Elon  needs the Chinese , bigly.  A quarter of Tesla sales are in China , pulse  battery elements.
    Does anyone here think that they don’t have him by the short and curlies? 
    The guy paid twice  what Twitter was worth .
    Watch this closely . 
    “Free Speech” is not a sucide pact. 
    And a “Town Hall” run by the richest man on Earth , ain’t a 
    very democratic idea. 

  20. Musk bought twitter because personal correspondences of his were being leaked as the result of a lawsuit brought against him by twitter’s former board, not for any benevolent purpose

    Literally committed to the deal the day after those correspondences were made public (some of them, more would have been released had the lawsuit continued)

  21. lol it’s so hard to do a topic-specific news search on Musk right now, there are a billion articles about him
    Guess who that drives nuts??  😜

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