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  1. they sure blew through here most of the night wild and woolly enough to worry what to expect when the sun comes up.

    Tornado conditions possible in parts of Mississippi and Alabama as storm heads east, potentially bringing high winds and hail – CNN

    (CNN)The forceful storm that flattened buildings in a northwest Arkansas city Wednesday is taking aim Thursday at parts of Mississippi and Alabama, where some areas are being warned of the potential for dangerous tornadoes.
    Several tornadoes — some of which may be intense — and damaging winds up to 70 mph are expected in parts of southern Alabama, western Georgia and the Florida Panhandle, forecasters warned. The National Weather Service issued a tornado watch for those areas through 8 a.m. ET.

    As the storm continues to move east later Thursday, cities including Washington, DC, and Philadelphia could see strong winds, hail and isolated tornadoes. About 33 million people along the East Coast are at a sight risk (level 2 of 5) of facing those conditions, according to the SPC.
    The storm’s threat is expected to be less severe Thursday, forecasters said.
    severe thunderstorm watch is in effect for northern Georgia and portions eastern Tennessee during the early morning hours until 5 a.m. ET. Damaging winds are expected to gust up to 65 mph and a tornado or two is possible, the Storm Prediction Center said.
    Later Thursday, the storm is expected to head toward the East Coast, possibly bringing strong wind, hail and isolated tornadoes to cities including Baltimore and Washington, DC, Raleigh, North Carolina, Norfolk, Virginia, and Philadelphia.

  2. I love that there Sting song. We tend to forget that there’s Russia that is not the Russian military or Vlad when those pieces of the Russian puzzle are attacking Russia’s neighbors.

  3. Patd, we’ve got that storm here blowing through this morning and early afternoon. It was warm and breezy, ok, windy, last night and the rain and thunderstorms are supposed to be hitting shortly. 

  4. https://www.cnn.com/2022/03/30/business/russia-sanctions-oil/index.html

    “…there are signs that Russian energy is drawing interest from potential buyers, at least in the shadows.”

    “Dark activity among Russian-affiliated crude oil tankers is up by 600% compared with before the war began, predictive intelligence company Windward, told CNN.
    “We’re seeing a spike in Russian tankers turning off transmissions deliberately to circumvent sanctions…”

    “Buyers don’t want to be outed as the ones scooping up Russian oil during the deadly war in Ukraine.”

    “Russian crude is trading roughly $30 cheaper than Brent crude, the world benchmark.”

  5. Those russian tankers going “dark” is not taking them off the water though.  Enough satellites are up there which can “see” in the dark to keep track of them.  They are big and easy to spot.  That thirty dollar discount may be tempting to some, others might wait until the stuff is down to thirty dollars flat before touching it.

  6. pogo, glad you liked that sting reprisal and hope the winds have worn themselves out before they hit you guys.


    BTW, can’t imagine if you clicked on that stevie wonder version of “blowin” you weren’t moved to singing along by the end of it. kind of crept up on one.  he sang it like a preacher successfully calling in the sinners or at least  a lotta “amens, brother” by the end.

  7. Yeah, Stevie’s version is pretty remarkable – your preacher comment is spot on.  
    We missed most of the first wave of the storm – the front passed through just about dawn and we’ve actually go light winds and other than a passing shower a couple hours ago, no rain.  HOWEVER, it looks like we’ll be in for a line of t-bumpers in another couple hours or so that don’t look too bad.  We may just luck out on this one.  Even bad weather doesn’t want to come to east bumfuck.

  8. It looks like the GRU/FSB/KGB finally decided to look at me again.  They are doing a lot of hard work attacking my personal internet things. Sigh.  Nice to know I still have a bit of draw at my age. 

  9. Looks like the storms are going to miss us.  It’s sunny and breezy now, upper 70s.

    Then again, just got a 5 minute long gully washer and it’s sunny again. I love spring.

  10. It seems that Clarence Thomas has finally, at long last, become somewhat…..relevant.

    And his wife is who done it. Could it be that she induced ol Clarence to take a bite outa that old legendary apple? And inquiring minds want to know—who was the snake? If ya gonna have an apple ya gotta have a snake.

  11. Ukraine’s state nuclear firm says Russian troops “received significant doses of radiation” at Chernobyl” with no protective gear and panicked at the first sign of illness…As a result, almost a riot broke out among the military. They’re now retreating to Belarus.

  12. yeah, i read somewhere yesterday that the workers at Chernobyl were aghast at the russian troops’ behavior and that they didn’t even know what a nuke plant was let alone about the history of this particular one or how to act around it.

  13. https://www.npr.org/2022/03/31/1089660395/ukraine-is-inventing-a-new-way-to-fight-on-the-digital-battlefield

    “…Ukraine has also been successful in waging war on the digital battlefield. A key figure in the country’s efforts is its 31-year-old Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov…”

    “They’ve recruited thousands of citizen volunteers in efforts to undermine Russian disinformation campaigns. They’ve shored up international support and gotten tech companies to block services in Russia. And their social media campaign of videos with President Zelenskyy has united and lifted the morale of Ukrainians.”

    “…Fedorov’s words, an IT army, a tech army. And he’s very proud of it. And it is – I have seen it. It’s 300,000 people on the messaging app Telegram.. “

    “It would be really difficult to picture this whole war without Telegram because, you know, unlike Twitter, unlike Facebook, there isn’t any moderation.”

    “…it allows you to upload large files, large video files, which obviously has been very useful in this particular context. People are using it to document war crimes, to show what’s going on in the neighborhoods. It allows you to forward things very quickly. But again, the biggest reason that it’s become so popular and so effective has been because it’s not moderated.”

    “…the Russian government needs Telegram because they’ve restricted Facebook, they’ve restricted, you know, Instagram, they’ve restricted Twitter, they’ve restricted – they’ve kind of restricted their own way of getting their message out and of getting Russian state media’s message out. So if they were to block Telegram, Ukraine’s narrative is the only one that exists.”

    “…some of the systems that the digital ministry has put in place, which are pretty innovative, like having a telegram bot which usually is used for, for example, PR or for customer service requests, having set up a whole telegram channel, what we call a bot, where someone can report Russian troop movements or strikes on certain targets and then, you know, having that fed back into the military, that’s – you know, they’re using tools like this in a way that they’ve never been used before.”

    AND, it sounds like Ukraine is digitally ahead of the US, too.

    “…the Ukrainian government has done under Zelenskyy, I read, is, you know, it’s just digitized a lot more government services, as you said. You know, you can easily pay parking tickets or schedule a COVID test and something.”

    “…they’re able to see Russian troop movements, even. They’re able to get a notification that alerts them when there’s – you know, when the air raid sirens are going off. They’re able to see maps of bomb shelters. They’re able to see where they might be able to find medical supplies or Wi-Fi.”

    “…thanks to their efforts in the previous three years under Zelenskyy’s administration, most – many Ukrainians in major cities had all these apps already on their phones and also, like you mentioned, because of the pandemic.”

    “…they’re able to access their passports or other documents through their phone. They’re able to apply for relocation funds. And so all of this, you know, is obviously a whole different front of this war in the digital realm because they’re able to just directly communicate with Ukrainians.”

  14. Going from reality of war against a country which was peacefully living life to the weird.  Ms Jenner has a new gig on faux snooze.  I do not think anyone knows exactly why, but she does.  Of interest is this:

    It’s unclear whether Fox News intended for Jenner’s hiring to coincide with the Transgender Day of Visibility, observed March 31. Jenner came out as trans in a 2015 interview on “20/20,” and appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair as her authentic self later that year. 

    Oh yeah, the aholes at faux snooze knows what day it is.  What did not get seen was President Biden taking the Bully Pulpit to announce Transgender Day of Visibility thereby taking the wind out of murdocks hate mongering.
    PS.  I do not make light of other trans people, we are a minority of everybody.  However, Ms Jenner should have stuck to her Hollywood tea party friends instead of going to an entertainment channel. 

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