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  1. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell speaks to Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe about the mounting pressure that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is facing after text messages his wife sent in the lead-up to the January 6th Capitol riot were made public. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

  2. meanwhile, there’s still another steal attempt* going on

    the guardian:

    Volodymyr Zelenskiy has dismissed Russia’s pledge to drastically cut back its military activity in northern Ukraine, saying “Ukrainians are not naive people” and vowing to continue defensive military efforts.
    Zelenskiy said in a video address early on Wednesday: “Ukrainians have already learned during these 34 days of invasion and over the past eight years of the war in Donbas that only a concrete result can be trusted.”
    Russia’s deputy defence minister, Alexander Fomin, said after talks in Istanbul on Tuesday that Moscow wanted to “increase mutual trust, create the right conditions for future negotiations and reach the final aim of signing a peace deal with Ukraine”, and that the Kremlin would “radically reduce military activity in the direction of Kyiv and Chernihiv”.
    Ukraine’s president said that while there had been “positive” signals from the latest talks, “they do not drown out the explosions of Russian shells”. “The enemy is still in our territory,” he said. “The shelling of our cities continues. Mariupol is blocked. Missile and airstrikes do not stop. This is the reality. These are the facts.”


    * a bear in dove’s clothing

  3. back to the balless in his court

    the hill:

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) on Tuesday called on Justice Clarence Thomas to resign or face impeachment for what she depicted as a pattern of ethical breaches.
    “Clarence Thomas should resign,” she wrote on Twitter. “If not, his failure to disclose income from right-wing organizations, recuse himself from matters involving his wife, and his vote to block the Jan 6th commission from key information must be investigated and could serve as grounds for impeachment.” 


    Ginni Thomas texts leave GOP lawmakers scrambling  | TheHill

    Many Republican members of Congress are familiar with Thomas, but they did not elaborate on whether she sent them the same kinds of messages about overturning the election that she did to Meadows in the period between the 2020 election and Jan. 6 insurrection. 
    Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.), who was chair of the House Freedom Caucus at the time, told reporters that he could not remember if he had text messaged or emailed with Thomas, saying that their relationship was not very close. 
    “I may have talked to her one time, not anything specific,” said Gohmert. The Washington Post reported that Thomas forwarded material to Meadows that she said she got from Gohmert’s chief of staff.
    In Clarence Thomas’s three decades on the bench, he has never stepped aside from a case due to a real or perceived conflict of interest resulting from his wife’s political activities.
    He declined to recuse himself from numerous pro-Trump legal challenges that contested the 2020 results. And earlier this year, he cast the lone dissenting vote from a Supreme Court ruling that cleared the way for the Jan. 6 panel to obtain Trump White House records.


  4. We know the former president spoke to Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan as the January 6th insurrection unfolded, but his missing phone records leave a lot of open questions. Elsewhere in Washington, Republican congressman Madison Cawthorne’s allegations of cocaine use and orgies among lawmakers have drawn rebukes from members of his party.

  5. Someone was in the other end of communications with tRUMPsky.  We know the usual suspects.  Can those 7+ hours be uncovered? 

  6. BB, where is DOJ?  currently prosecuting over 700 insurrectionists (plus their other work) and according to ag working their way up to the top perps.  SOP little fish flipping on bigger fish who will flip on the whale.

  7. IMO garland is trying his best to nail down the perfect case so as not to lose when it hits SCOTUS.  remember there are 4 there (with a wavering 5th and 6th) who will likely nitpick it apart and find a way to dismiss it. 

    no sell no jail for you know who

  8. I try not to second guess Garland – he’s struck me as careful and keeping things close to the vest to avoid media frenzy, overreaction of partisans on both sides of the aisle, and as pat says, to increase his chances of prevailing should a conviction wind its way to the supreme court.  
    Well. it looks like spring has returned to east bumfuck.  After cold and snowy weekend (which amounted to not so much snow but a number of auto accidents – and a couple of them just funny with no harm to people and not so much damage to the vehicles, the birds are singing, temps will be in the 70s and the daffodils that took a hit over the weekend are trying to mount a recovery.
    And finally, Madison Cawthorn talking about Republican sex gatherings and “key bumps” has put images in my head that really, REALLY make me feel like it’s necessary to take my brain out and try and wash out of it images of him, Clarence and Ginni, MTG, Bozobert and Matt Gaetz in a naked pile doing toots off their house keys.

  9. And I just saw that Susan Collins is publicly backing Ketanji for SCOTUS.  Can you say  “it’s a lock now”?  I knew you could. Pardon my French, but fuck Lindsey and fuck Mitch.  Oh, shit, more Repug sex images to wash out of my brain.

  10. Timely post in light of last nights latest Frontline –

    Plot to Overturn the Election

    Frontline: Season 40, Episode 9



    FRONTLINE and ProPublica examine how lies about election fraud in 2020 have made their way to the center of American politics and how a handful of people have had an outsized impact on the current crisis of democratic legitimacy in the United States.
    Hitler is smiling somewhere in Hell.

  11. Perhaps one difference maker has been the way Ukraine goes about attacking Russian forces, according to Ryan.
    “Ukrainians are being very, very savvy about how they attack the Russian army,” Ryan said. “The vehicles they’ve destroyed and the people that they’ve killed. You see the number of colonels killed, it has been significant. They’re really creating chaos and confusion inside the Russian army, which means the numbers are even more important than they seem because of the specific targets the Ukrainians have been selecting.”


  12. CBob…
    Chris Rock is doing his schtick in Boston for the next several nights.  I read in one of the Boston papers that the tickets have gone through the roof in price.
    My feelings on this is that comedy is best when there are no sacred cows… after all… there’s always someone who will be offended by anything.  My favorite Monty Python movie is “The Life of Brian”….  but I well remember the uproar that Christians had over it.

    oh yeah… and OJ saying anything about it is fucking hilarious!

  13. .You see the number of colonels killed, it has been significant.
    First time I heard of this rank being hit hard.  We’ve seen reports about generals being lost.
    Then I remembered a Holly Williams (CBS)  report a few days ago.  The Kraines were showing her an ammo bunker. And low and behold, there was  in a  finely wrought wooden case  ,  a Barret 50 cal. sniper rifle.  With a handbook in English.
    Ukraine ain’t  like the wars we’ve all been seeing for  2 decades. 
    It’s got trees and bushes, 
    You can sneak up pretty close with that rifle , and still be a long ways off.  The colonel’s head explodes and then  the guys around him hear the report of the rifle. 
    This is the round in it’s machine version we armed the B-17 with 
    Each gun had a 27 foot belt of ammo .
    “The whole 9 yards.”

  14. renee, right up there in the favorites along with “life of B…”  is “dogma” 

    talk about causing an uproar, that one offended almost everyone.   

  15. LP’s latest


    Mar 29, 2022 It’s America or Trump. Ask all elected Republicans where they stand.

  16. Wanda Sykes on Ellen just now: “For them to let him stay in that room and enjoy the rest of the show and accept his award, I was like, ‘How gross is this? This is just the wrong message. You assault somebody, you get escorted out the building and that’s it. For them to let him continue, I thought was gross.”

  17. The river watch –
    It’s been really hot over the basin for weeks now.  The megadrought shows signs of marching East , a fact I can attest to here. 
    What snowpack we got is being melted  2 months earlier. than we used to expect.  Lake Powell is at 24% of full pool.  A level not seen since 64′ when they were filling the thing. 
    Texas is on fire , it was 94F here Monday, the wind gusted to 65 mph yesterday..  Rain here this spring is just enough to sop up the sand in the air , and leave mud on your windshield with little rain drop foot prints. 
    We’re going to have to  stop the turbines this summer at the Glenn Canyon dam . 
    This purely my forecast , but I’ve been watching this tap dance to disaster a long time .
    Can you imagine  Arizona  with little water , and no power in August ?

    The CNN story where I got that map –

    Incredible before and after photos show just how much this critical reservoir has dried up


  18. Bob, your prediction is certainly not out of line with the article you posted the link for.  A 1 in 3 chance that there ain’t enough water to crank the Glen Canyon turbines? That’s what I’d call a dire forecast.  I was in Las Vegas in August a decade and a half or so ago and the day’s activities were going from one air conditioned space to another or to the pool. I laughed at the time at the old saying, “But it’s a dry heat.”  Having grown up in the angry oven heat (thank you, Jesse) of Alabama, and knowing what that kind of heat feels like, my response was, “Well it’s a hot heat, dry or not.”

  19. I love this one.

    On March 20, one day after a young Native American man was shot at a Rapid City, S.D., hotel, the owner posted on Facebook that she was implementing a new guest policy.

    “We will no long[er] allow any Native American on property,” wrote Connie Uhre, owner of the Grand Gateway Hotel, according to a screenshot of the post.

    The social media post set off a firestorm in Rapid City, South Dakota’s second most populated city, where about 10 percent of residents are of Native descent. A nonprofit group that defends the rights of Native Americans has filed a federal class-action lawsuit against the hotel and Uhre, alleging racial discrimination, and Sioux tribal leaders have served the hotel with a trespassing order, saying the Grand Gateway is on Native land, in violation of an 1868 treaty.
    [And here’s the REALLY good part]

    Days after the Uhres allegedly banned Native Americans from the property, the entire bar staff and some hotel employees quit, South Dakota Public Broadcasting reported. The exodus of employees was followed by a protest denouncing the owner’s alleged comments.

    Tribal leaders also recently taped a cease-and-desist order to the hotel’s door, claiming the Grand Gateway is on territory of the Great Sioux Nation. The trespassing order says the hotel and its owners are in violation of the 1868 Treaty with the Sioux, which states that any non-Native American must get consent from tribal leaders to occupy the designated land.

    “You are instructed to vacate and remove your persons and any personal property you deem necessary from the Treaty Territory of the Great Sioux Nation immediately,” the notice of trespass states.

    On March 26, Frazier, other tribal leaders and dozens of people marched to the hotel to serve the cease-and-desist order, Frazier told The Post.

    According to Google, the Grand Gateway is temporarily closed. Nick Uhre told South Dakota Public Broadcasting that was a decision made because of recent threats his family has received.


    I really do love this one.  “[D]ecision made because of recent threats his family has received.” Right – that and the Cease and Desist order.

  20. And check out this one.

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there was a large and magnificently brilliant star that shined across the young, expanding universe. The starlight skewed blue. It was the cosmic morning, when everything in the universe was still new, raw, the galaxies still forming not long after the first stars had ignited and lit up the heavens.

    The light from that blue star traveled through space for billions of years, and then one day a few thin beams crashed into a polished mirror — the light bucket of the Hubble Space Telescope.

    In a report published Wednesday in the journal Nature, a team of astronomers asserts that this is the most distant individual star ever seen. They describe it as 50 to 100 times more massive than our sun, and roughly 1 million times brighter, with its starlight having traveled 12.9 billion years to reach the telescope.

    The lead author on the report, Brian Welch, a 27-year-old doctoral candidate at Johns Hopkins University, had the honor of giving the star a name: Earendel. It’s an Old English word, meaning “morning star,” he said. Earendel was found in a young galaxy known as the Sunrise Arc, and “morning star” seemed appropriate, Welch said.

    “And it sounds cool,” he added. Moreover, “Earendil” is the name of a character in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Silmarillion,” which also inspired the name, Welch said.

    “This is one of the major discoveries of the Hubble Space Telescope in its 32 years of observation,” said Rogier Windhorst, an Arizona State University astronomer and a co-author of the report.

    Found in the constellation Cetus near the star Mira, Earendel’s light was emitted about 900 million years after the universe began its expansion — the big bang. If that estimated distance holds up to further scrutiny, the starlight would have been emitted nearly 4 billion years further back in the universe’s history than that of the most distant individual star previously seen.

    Earendel emitted its light remarkably close to the cosmic dawn — the epoch when the first stars ignited and galaxies began to form. The current estimate for the age of the universe is about 13.8 billion years.

    The new report describes how Earendel was detected with the aid of gravitational lensing — a phenomenon in which a closely grouped (as seen from Earth) cluster of galaxies warps the space around it to magnify, distort and sometimes duplicate objects behind it. In this manner, the Hubble Space Telescope exploitsa natural cosmic magnifier.

    Large objects such as galaxies can be magnified several times over, but very small objects, like stars, can be magnified to an astonishing degree. “This star is magnified by a factor of thousands,” the report in Nature states.

    Earendel is part of an early, small galaxy whose light has been magnified and distorted in two curved strips as a result of such lensing. Astronomer Dan Coe of Johns Hopkins discovered and named the Sunrise Arc in 2016 as part of a Hubble observation program. Welch, Coe’s student, scrutinized a tiny speck — some kind of object — providentially located on the arc where the magnification was highest. Over the course of 3½ years, the object remained in that spot.

    Cool stuff.

  21. Pogo –
    I also watched the  “Zoot Suit Riots” last night  on PBS. 
    Here’s the sandy foundation of America……… 
    First you steal the land from it’s current owners.  Then you raise the banner of property rights. 
    I knew about that Zoot Suit event during the war , but the details are amazing.  Rita Hayworth , and Orsen Wells it’s a real movie , along with the LAPD , the US Navy.  It’s a real mess. 

  22. This is why the right has bit down on CRT  . 
    Even if it isn’t taught in any K to 12  school room. 
    Take the Gold Rush , those mountains  were full of people  that had been there for thousands of years.  The 49’s shot them on site. 
    Shooting Mexicans  North of the Rio Greande was done by the Texas Randers. 
    There once was joke in the Houston PD that goes as follows. 
    ” If I had more bullets I could have spelt my name.”
    And the entire wing nut rant about this farce of CRT is this –
    The don’t want little white kids to feel guilty. 
    Better they should be mushrooms living off a pile of horse shit in the dark. 

  23. This ain’t your father’s Watergate, but still, follow the money

    The criminal investigation into the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol has expanded to examine the preparations for the rally that preceded the riot, as the Justice Department aims to determine the full extent of any conspiracy to stop Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s election victory, according to people familiar with the matter.

    In the past two months, a federal grand jury in Washington has issued subpoena requests to some officials in former president Donald Trump’s orbit who assisted in planning, funding and executing the Jan. 6 rally, said the people familiar with the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation.

    The development shows the degree to which the Justice Department investigation — which already involves more defendants than any other criminal prosecution in the nation’s history — has moved further beyond the storming of the Capitol to examine events preceding the attack.


    In an October arrest affidavit for a Virginia man and his daughter, the FBI said the father was provided a packing list by a protest organizer via a person “who coordinated convoys, communication plans, maps and packing lists” for Jan. 6 participants. The list included a telescoping metal police baton, body armor and helmets, the affidavit said, with the organizer explaining on social media that participants “were not looking for a fight but needed to be ready for one.”

    The Justice Department’s interest in the details of planning the rally dovetails with previous subpoenas issued to some rally organizers by a House committee that is separately investigating Jan. 6. But the grand jury’s work involving the Justice Department subpoena requests is a criminal investigation, far different from lawmakers pressing for public accountability.

    BB, it ain’t over.

  24. Better they should be mushrooms living off a pile of horse shit in the dark. 

    Sounds like you’re describing around half of the RW of the political spectrum, assuming SFB still has half of the Repubes supporting him.

  25. Pogo-
    Watch that Frontline I linked above.  You’ll see the players at work here.  Big money funding this slow rolling coup.
    They got a plan , and they are working it. 
    The key name ………….. Flynn .

    And the former CEO of Overstock. Com.
    He’s flying people around in private jets. Picking up the tab .
    He and Bannon have the same look . Old rich drunk white men


  26. Everyone needs to watch that Frontline report . It’s way ahead of what you think you know.  It lays out the the story.  Not just bits and chunks.  But a time line  of the birth of the Big Lie. 

  27. A one moment action in a fantasy land should have died out by now.  With all that is going on in the world and our single country that a slap by an actor to the face of another actor still has life is probably due to one thing.  Those who care about that are using that act as a diversion from the horrible world that is happening in Europe, Asia and other locations.  Avoid the daily disgust that are republicans trying to wipe Black, Asian and LGBTQ people from history.  Not listen to the cries of those being expelled or killed in Ukraine. Tired of COVID and the stupidity of those against science.  And, especially the idiocy of the former guy and his cult members.

  28. https://www.texastribune.org/2022/03/28/ted-cruz-donald-trump/

    “An examination by The Washington Post of Cruz’s actions between Election Day and Jan. 6, 2021, shows just how deeply he was involved, working directly with Trump to concoct a plan that came closer than widely realized to keeping him in power.”

    “Soon after Cruz finished speaking, rioters began breaking into the Capitol, and he went to a secure location.”

    A lengthy article, it shows how much we have to fear from having Tediuos in office. Any office.

  29. Will Smith  leds the news.  Not the 6th Bleaching of the Great Reef.
    Millions are about to die so a mad man can live out a failed dream that never was. 
    We are all about to learn about the price of corn. 
    Hell is really coming to breakfast , and there is no plate or pancake.
    And coffee is 50 bucks a cup. 
    Tens of millions of the poorest people  are about to leave  their homes, because to stay is to die.
    This is why we deserve what is coming at us we spend countless hours over the fucking Queen of England, and Will smith. 
    And next to nothing on the world around us that is being hunted down and raped. 

  30. Jamie –
    I read about this in the Arctic Ocean  some months ago. 
    Think  tossing  polyester pants  in the dryer.  How long have we done that ? 
    Well it turns out that very tiny polyester nits of all those dryer loads gets  expelled out of the dryer  exhaust  into the air. 
    Now we’re talkin’  really small bits.  But think about this –
    Billions of dryers spewing trillions of polyester nits over 60 years. 
    24/7 times 24.  

  31. https://reasonstobecheerful.world/fiji-micronesia-food-security-covid/

    “…some Pacific Islands, faced with market closures, have re-embraced traditional systems in which food is grown locally and used for sustenance rather than sale. These shifts have had an unexpected effect: hunger has fallen as communities have gone back to growing and sharing their own food, making sure there is plenty to go around.”

    “…islands that remained reliant on imported food were nearly twice as likely to report food insecurity as islands that produced most of their own…”

    OM – It’s time everyone starts their own “victory garden,” as folks were urged to do in WWII. A small patio with containers or hay bales (no soil needed) will grow quite a bit.

  32. Plastic does not die it just splits apart in sun light into smaller pieces .
    There is a forecast for Midway Island that one day it’s beaches will be entirely made of grains of plastic.

  33. The colonels are becoming dust-biters:
    The whole command of the 🇷🇺331st Guards Airborne Regiment is KIA in 🇺🇦. The commander, colonel Sukharev was killed March 18. Now the chief of staff Lt Colonel Igor Sukharev with several staff officers is confirmed killed. This unit was responsible of Ilovaisk massacre in 2014.

  34. https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/thomas-massie-andrew-clyde-chip-roy-lynching-bill-1314375/

    “Reps. Andrew Clyde, Thomas Massie, and Chip Roy were the only House members who opposed The Emmett Till Antilynching Act”

    ~proud~ boyz in the House…and Senate? Weasels!

    “Massie wrote in a Twitter thread that designating enhanced penalties “for ‘hate’ tends to endanger other liberties such as freedom of speech.”

    [Roy] called the bill “an effort to advance a woke agenda under the guise of correcting racial injustice” and said it is a “matter for the states.”

    “…Roy once described lynching as “an example of justice.” “Roy’s remarks came last year during a hearing about Asian-American hate crimes. “We believe in justice. There’s old sayings in Texas about ‘find all the rope in Texas and get a tall oak tree,’” he said.”

    “It then went to the Senate where it was held up by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.). Paul argued that making lynching a hate crime might lead to people being sentenced too harshly. “This bill would cheapen the meaning of lynching by defining it so broadly as to include a minor bruise or abrasion,” he said in a speech on the Senate floor.”

  35. https://reasonstobecheerful.world/single-use-plastic-sustainable-alternative/

    “Everything in a radius of less than 100 miles so the transport does not kill our CO2 balance,” Gordillo says. Workers in the new factory will wash and shred the ag-waste, and feed the fibers through shoulder-high steel machines that resemble wood chippers. Through a patented mechanical process that uses no toxic chemicals, the waste is split into self-binding fibers that the workers then mold into various shapes.”

    “You can actually bury them in your yard, and after about four months, they will have disintegrated,” he says. If an animal or even a human were to digest his material, he says, it wouldn’t harm them.”

  36. A lesson of history –
    We only assault answers  when our well was running  dry. 
    Col. Drake  did not land in Penn.  by some happy chance , we were running out of  cheap whales. 

  37. Nite all-
    ” The Mexicans have a saying ,  That which cannot be remedied must be endured .”  

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