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  1. Maybe Bloomberg will take down Bernie.  That link on the OT about Mike’s debate persona is mild-mannered with a quick, viscous sting.  Bernie will go after Mike’s money and that won’t make him blink.  I think Mike will help clear the deck, and, that will help Klobuchar.  

  2. Bernie looks like he’s having a health issue.  Short of breath.  His nose looks blue.  

  3. Pete, Bernie isn’t in charge of the Russian, and probably also Republican trolls, who are trying to throw a spammer into the world for Dems.

  4. Bernie’s coming across as the angry, mean old man he is. Lizzie is trying to match him. Not a good o look for her IMHO. 

  5. Pogo,I agree. Let’s see if Bloomberg can come up with that one liner that leads the news tomorrow morning. 

  6. I love Liz’s fire tonight.  I don’t find it  school marm-y at all.    
    I hope they go after Trumpsky instead of each other after the pee break.  

  7. Bernie is actually starting to charm me, i like listening to him

    ok shutting up for a while, i promise

  8. Liz on Mike’s taxes: “Pay overtime  and get it done. “ Ha! Mike’s slogan is “Mike Will Get It Done.”   

  9. Bink, nope. The worst experience I had with a female teacher was having to go to the cloakroom for misbehaving. Her son was my college roommate for 3 years. She was a lovely woman. Schoolmarm is a joking term I use from crappy old westerns. 

    Bernie is beyond angry. I’m expecting him to blow a jugular. 

  10. I’m glad they took a break.  I was exhausted just listening.
    Bernie is doing better then Bloomberg.  I still like Warren, but….

  11. I think mayor Pete reminds  MS Amy of her of her teenage son at his obnoxious worst. Did she ever slap him down.
    But really Mayor Pete had the best line and I agree with him, It would be nice to have a Democrat at the top of the ticket.

  12. Fracking?
    The fact is our carbon output in the USA is DOWN…  WAKE UP BERNIE.. YOU ARE AN IDIOT
    This is a Global Issue- Go after China – Join with Trump on attacking China and India and and

  13. Well, Bloomberg and Bernie both have 2 stents. Joe had some brain thing, as I recall, a long time ago. Pete is willing to be transparent with his medical report.  LMAO!!  He’s half all their ages.

  14. Loving all these comments … meant to log on at beginning of debate …. I like that Warren came to defense of Amy by stating that forgetting a name is not a critical matter in this situation …. I like Amy

  15. Bloomberg does not debate well, but I fear that some will think that since he is not shouting, he is not showing angry moodiness, he is not getting riled, that it will be interpreted as being “the best” on the stage …. I hope not.

  16. This is such a joke.  The 4th estate conspiracy and shallow questions are such a dis service to our country.
    OH   Hey China slowing down?  Bloomberger you are such a joke to cover your investments in China vs India 
    Trump   Four More Years !!  It is done !!

  17. Bloomberg is good when he’s on topic and not interacting with others.  Don’t think he’s a people person.

  18. Joe seems the only one who has a grasp on what it’s like to run a country. He seems more focused

  19. Initially my dream team was Amy/Kamala in any order.  Amy/Liz would do as well.  Men keep belittling women, after 240 years it’s time the women came in and cleaned up the messes they have made.  

    Bernie looks like we may lose him before the end of the debate. 

  20. Bloomberg finally has a moment, looking at rivals: “I’m the only one here who has ever started a business, is that fair?” No response. “OK” he says.

  21. I wish someone would point out to Bloomberg that IF he were giving his money away to public schools, to pay off student loan debt, and to pay for health insurance for thousands of people, his money being given away would be better spent that on TV ads running for pres as a man with the same past treatment towards women that T has.   AND the R’s I know who support T will have a field day pointing out Bloomy’s sexism, horrid record on how he treats women.

  22. NY prick Bloomie v NY sexual predator Trumpsky.   Wouldn’t that just be an embarrassment of riches?

  23. I do not like, or think it is a good idea for her to do this, Warren attacking the others on the stage 

  24. Good quote from Twitter,

    “Bloomy saying he deserves all his money was a massive unforced error. All he had to say is “I give a lot of my money away, if our tax system was fair I wouldn’t have to”. Christ, he’s really wasting his money if he hasn’t hired a decent debate prep team.

    Most of the reps on TV that I have seen, have this problem.


  25. Bloomberg to Bernie: “What a wonderful country we have. The best known socialist in the country happens to be a millionaire with three houses. What did I miss here?“

  26. Talked to a Trumper who says they like Amy.   I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.  (Yes, they were sincere.) 

  27. Jamie… yes… when one of them debates trump.  That is… unless he doesn’t have the balls.

  28. Ping,  you remind me of my best friend here in by god … We’re 180 degrees apart politically but love to pick at each other. And we have a blast doing it. 

  29. They’re all mad.  Even their dogs are mad!  This was intense.  I wish someone would have listed the dictator’s stuff, beginning with that he’s a dictator!

  30. If I had to make a choice it would be Amy.  No question.  She is genuine and not a crazy loney.  So one more BnDallas.
    Love you Pogo

  31. Ok, best one liner of the night?  I’ve got mine. Already keyed up and ready to hit “Post Comment”.

  32. Liz has a great night.  I think I was expecting too much from Amy, based on the last debate.  Joe knows his stuff.  Mike can outspend Trumpsky; he’s done himself few favors by debating, but he can persuade a lot of people with those ads.  Bernie is consistent; no surprises there.  Pete needs to go back to South-wherever-it-is.  I miss Yang.

  33. Ooh Amy just had one pogo “won every election since 4th grade- a lot of boasting, here, tonight, so ill say that”

  34. Bink, same speaker. Different line. 
    Amy Klobuchar – “I’m offended by that PostiIt remark. PostIts were invented in my state.”

  35. to all ,  Have a good night
    And get ready for 4 MORE YEARS of Winning and growing your 401K and more jobs and real income growth and troops coming home and protecting the innocent and ending unjust prison sentence for all.
    TRUMP 2020

  36. Have fun putting innocent children in cages, Ping, nice to see you, here

    My cabin will be much cheaper than trump’s golf bill, btw, thx agn

  37. Bink,
    The kids in the cage started with Barack and Biden.  The bigger issue is to end the fools candy that draws the dangerous, deadly and ugly journey.  The good thing this is being fixed with the Trump policy.   
    To all a good night.  An early morning for me tomorrow

  38. Did you see Pete turn toward Amy at the end? She breezes right by him.  Actually, she didn’t stop for anyone. tiptoe – I’ll probably flip flop between Warren and Klobuchar a hundred times before I vote on Saturday.  So many candidates I’d like to vote for, some of whom aren’t even running anymore.   And then there’s  Pete. 
    Well, the convention should be interesting.   

  39. …they collapse and go in a box, were used in a previous NBC debate, this season

    omg i missed the first 15min and didn’t hear Liz’s one-liner about Bloomberg’s misogynistic remarks, she crushed it tonight, such a good candidate

    pardon me, as always, thx for the forum CC ✌️

  40. I don’t see how this debate helped anyone. Bernie got more marginalized, Joe was more Joe,  Pete just looked like a condescending obnoxious jr high twit. Liz keep lecturing with a bit of self righteous “me too” thrown in. Amy was just pissed and Bloomberg wondered around clueless. But Bloomberg is the only one not making calls begging for money post debate so I guess that makes him the winner. Warren said she raised 1 million dollars while the debate was going on,  Bloomberg yawned and said “yeah, me too”

  41. “OH   Hey China slowing down?  Bloomberger you are such a joke to cover your investments in China vs India ” – Mr Pong
    Mr Pong is confusing Bloomberg for trump or vie versa. 

    There’s a difference. One is a self-made & successful B!LL!ONA!RE. The other is one of putin’s bell boys.

    “4 more years” – Mr Pong.

    Na. Give him 20 years to life.

  42. Bloomberg / Warren
    Too Northeast, white, privileged. That ticket can’t carry anything west of the Hudson river or  south of  New Jersey.
    Bloomberg is so white that he has to get somebody to balance the ticket that is  down home country black. The only one out there  is Stacy Abrams.
    The other counter might be Ms Amy who is so northern Midwest that you expect her to show up at these events with a hotdish.

  43. Craig, alll warren can do is draw votes from Bernie, not a bad thing imo, if she can get his delegate count below 30% I’m all for her. Right now guesses are he comes out of super Tuesday with 40%. enough that he will demand the nomination.

  44. Well Bink, I really wish Joe and Bloomberg had just stayed home and told all the youngsters how it was in the good old days. If they had then we might have seen a healthy debate among the next generation, there was a nice crop out there that never got a chance.
    Liz needs to go back to Harvard, create a thinktank and push for her ideas that way. She has not been able to do anything as Senator or running for President.
    I guess the left wingnuts need somebody and Bernie is a warm body. At least today he is. 
    Mayor Pete? hey it sucks being a small city Democrat in a state that is Republican. Best thing he can do is take the name recognition, the money contacts and build something back home. I suggest he looks at what the Kansas Democrats are doing.

    Of the pile tonight, there are 3 who I would trust to be president. 
    Who ever beats Trump is going to take over a severly damaged government. Repair and healing are going to be in order. That means we can’t wait as we did with Obama or Clinton for them to figure out who they want to run the various departments. 
    Joe has been there long enough that he can name them off right now. Also he will do a fair job. 
    Amy will be a little slower but she has enough connections   and a no nonsense attitude that  would make things move. 
    The third one I just added today, that is Mike Bloomberg. I was watching the latest video his team put out. It was great, it was a clip of Biden praising Bloomberg. It sounded like an endorsement. With all these videos and opening up offices around the nation. It occurred to me, Bloomberg has one remarkable talent. He knows how to hire good people, give them a minimum direction and get out of their way.  Who ever replaces Trump is going to need that talent. As to his political beliefs? He will have to compromise because after all he doesn’t really have a party behind him.
    As to who I will vote for? damn if I know. May be a coin flip when I get there. Do they make a three sided coin?

  45. Xrep
    you run across all kinds of ethnic folks in my world, I had a Mormon couple turn me on to fry sauce. Not something you put on hot dish.

  46. Bloomberg vs trump depresses the female turnout, which hurts Dems far more than it hurts rippers. Women are by far the largest Dem demographic. If Democrats don’t put up a candidate that women feel comfortable with, we might as well all trade in our Stars and Stripes for hammers & sickles.

  47. Xrep, I suspect they are more pissed at Mayor Pete right now then they are at Bloomberg. The “me too” bashing of Bloomberg won’t be as damaging as some are hoping. You can only go to that well so many times.

  48. Mr Jack,
    1. Alas, I’m not a hot dish kinda guy, cuz they usually have milk or cheese in them. Then I die inside.
    2. Regarding the 3 sided coin, I use a die. 1 & 2 are one ‘side,’ 3 & 4 are the second ‘side’ and 5 & 6 make the third ‘side’. Best of luck to you on rolling a great new president for us ! If you come up with the next FDR, we’ll be very grateful.

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