Clean Up Ahead

Irma will now make her way out of Florida to wreak further havoc as she travels north.  Harvey has passed from the headlines, but the need is still great.  Now comes the time to save people and pay bills.  There will be heavy losses, most among those who can least afford them.  FEMA does not make losses whole only bridges the gap from disaster to stability of sorts.   Insurance where in effect will only cover a small percentage of the costs.  Congress will fight over every dime while searching for ever more ways to cut needed services to pass along the savings to those who need it least.

Feel free to come up with some ideas on how what amounts to millions of people to varying degrees can begin to put their lives back together.


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  1. Just registered that this is 9/11.  Such anniversaries aren’t something I do, but if anyone would like to write something, I can put it up for others.

  2. Hiya, LadyeFaire ! Hiya, Tony ! Long time, no read.

    Now, does anyone know where Bethyboo is ? Tiptoe ? Julia ?

  3. look what the storm done drug in: TONY!!!  hey, pard! so glad to see ya.

    since you bugged out on us, I’ve been trying to live up to your example of providing the trail with news clips of what’s happening.  but can’t compare… so welcome back for that reason too.

  4. xr, am also wondering about purple in tampa and ping pong and mr doodlesdog and the rest of the florida trail.

  5. wapo:

    Bannon: Trump firing of Comey was the ‘biggest mistake in modern political history’


    no way, steve, the twit getting “elected” was the biggest…. and the baddest mistake

  6. McCain: ‘Not conscionable’ to deport ‘Dreamers’
    Senator says permanent protection should be passed.

    McCain, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, pointed out that nearly 900 of these so-called “Dreamers” serve in the military.

    “Now, are we going to go to a young man or woman serving in Afghanistan or Iraq today and say, ‘Hey by the way, you’re a Dreamer, get back to (your birthplace)?” McCain asked.

    DACA, which was created by executive order, needed to be guaranteed through legislation and should include a path to citizenship, but those measures should be passed as part of a broad, comprehensive immigration reform bill, McCain said. The Arizona Republican pointed to a comprehensive immigration overhaul previously passed by the Senate, but not the House, as evidence the parties can get together on the issue.

    “We did it once in the Senate,” McCain said. “We can do it again in a bipartisan fashion.”                    


  7. Well the Weather Channel is reporting that Disney World is closed today. What about Crawford world? Last report was just before the eye’s approach. I’m guessing the cell towers are not operating and of course without power neither is Craig’s Wi-Fi hotspot.

  8. Waiting for full sunlight on Florida.   At least the monster storm brought Tony to the trail, I hope he stays.

    The insurance game begins.   Anyone not too attached to Florida or Texas?  Move to New Mexico.   Our communities are waiting for refugees from Texas and Florida.  Addressing climate change is not a moral issue, but science trying to understand how the earth tries is trying to balance the effects of human induced heating.

  9. patd…good one about the election.  In Germany, where are the ruskies?   Bolstered by their success in the US of AA?   Sitting back and watching the show.

    Now that trump has sunk TPP, where are we going to get all of the those microwaves that need replacing in flooded, destroyed homes?   trump wants to destroy NAFTA and where are we going to get our stoves, refrigerators and dishwasher flood replacements?    What about all of the those autos…houses…discounted by insurance.  Depreciation eating survivors alive.   An aging country.

    trump could pull-out his nosedive of the oval office.  The generals are bolstering him for Mueller, but he could become the best prez in the world if he drops the stinking, southern border wall and builds mass transit and a new electrical grid to future needs of climate change.  He should beg to become part of the Paris accord again and work with dems and atheists.  Won’t happen, but he could change the trajectory to prison.  I believe he feels like the Oval Office is a prison anyway.


  10. Although much press has been given to the climate change accessory of generators, the head helmet is gaining popularity, especially for the tornadoes associated with the hurricanes.   I would imagine they should be used in earthquakes, too.   CDC recommendations.


    We understand that people are looking for any useful and effective ways to protect themselves. We don’t have research on the effectiveness of helmet use to prevent head injuries during a tornado, but we do know that head injuries are common causes of death during tornadoes. CDC has long made the recommendation that people try to protect their heads. Because the time to react may be very short, if people choose to use helmets they should know where they are and have them readily accessible. Looking for a helmet in the few seconds before a tornado hits may delay you getting safely to shelter. If people choose to use helmets, these helmets should not be considered an alternative to seeking appropriate shelter. Rather, helmets should be considered just one part of their overall home tornado preparedness kit to avoid any delay.

    Craig, if going out today with the elder Crawford, please remember jackets and not to get chilled.

  11. Blonde Wino – Hard to find enough water to sail on. Takes me a mile or so to just get my sails up.

    Say a few pictures out of the Keys.  Not pretty, part of the road no longer exists.  This will be hard for the person I know who evacuated Key West Thursday morning.  Tampa had a lot of luck and did not wash off into the Gulf. Orlando seems to be rough.  Orlando International Airport is closed today. Miami is closed today.  Amazing to see some of the destruction.  I will be supporting the effort to restore Florida.

  12. bw, might wanna improve those helmets to include oxygen provision and anti-pollution masks.  not just for  the current toxic accidents during storms but the time is coming that the air will be unbreathable in general.  as is the water supply in a lot of places now.  wonder how they could hook up a water filtration system in those helmets.


    Jamie, your thread title “clean up ahead” is very applicable also to the clean up (as in clean up your act) required to fix the massive mess in critterville and at trumpastan.

  13. I know many were watching Irma instead of the Miss America pageant, but this year the contest got political.

    The winner, Ms. North Dakota answer to the question on withdrawing from the Paris Accord —
    Question 3, from judge Maria Menounos: “One hundred ninety-five countries signed the Paris agreement, in which each country sets nonbinding goals to reduce man-made climate change. The U.S. is withdrawing from the agreement, citing negligible environmental effects and negative economic impact. Good decision? Bad decision? Which is it and why?”
    Miss North Dakota, Cara Mund: “I do believe it’s a bad decision. Once we reject that, we take ourselves out of the negotiation table. And that’s something that we really need to keep in mind. There is evidence that climate change is existing, so whether you believe it or not, we need to be at that table. And I think it’s just a bad decision on behalf of the United States.”

    It must be remembered that many of these women were walked-in on in various stages of undress by president PG during his ownership of the teen pageants.  I guess he thinks all young women are like ivanka.  Accessible.


  14. David says it was a long night and he suspects Craig is sleeping in as he would have been called if there were any big problems.

  15. Hey Tony…  great to see you here bud!  Nice to see LadyFaire too…  I love Erik Larson books!

    Flatus…  shhhhh….  don’t tell anyone…  but I’m secretly rooting for Francona and his Indians to win it all this year.

    BlueB…  I too will be supporting the effort to restore Florida.  I couldn’t bring myself to give a dime to Texas.  I feel somewhat guilty about it…  but every time I thought of some macho Texan saying something along the lines of “we’ll pour concrete in flood plains if we want and no Yankee’s gonna tell us not to” nonsense….  not to mention Ted Cruz and his lies…  it stopped me from going to the Red Cross site.  Think I’ll go to the former Presidents’ site to give for Irma.

  16. BW

    Would love to see an article from you on all the infrastructure we need sometime before the US sinks to the level of a 3rd world nation.


  17. Oh important update.  The Hemingway House is fine as are all the staff and cats that took shelter there.

  18. sturge,  loved the video and the hats especially

    ole! vicente vicente vicente el president!  as Ronnie use to say “tear down that wall”

  19. “The Hemingway House is fine as are all the staff and cats that took shelter there”

    Jamie, but have they counted their toes yet?

    …ahh, papa and his polydactyls 

  20. jamie…we will see a ‘fourth world’ nation emerge…pure refugee, battered by nature and the humans without a country or a support system for the basics of life defined by the base level of the Maslov pyramid.

  21. In fact, I believe we are already experiencing a ‘fourth world nation’ in the mass migrations out-of-the ME, Africa. Climate change and the political mayhem it causes?    It may be too late.   The reaction of most countries to climate change and to grapple with limited global resources with an ever growing, hungry population?  War, missiles, bombs.

  22. The Old Man and the Sea.

    I always loved the fact that Hemingway’s granddaughter was named after wine, Margaux.



  23. Was watching TV as the newsman was interviewing the curator of the Hemingway Museum house……announcing the curator, the news man says something like Hemingway wrote the great bulk of his work in this house including A FAREWELL TO ARMS
    Wrong…..AFTA was published in ’29 before Hem moved into the house…….ya gotta do your homework if yer gonna announce things.
    Not a horrible mistake by any means, but still……
    And one which that brought to mind, but which applies more to the Orange Bloat infesting DC
    There are horrible people who, instead of solving a problem, tangle it up and make it harder to solve for anyone who wants to deal with it. Whoever does not know how to hit the nail on the head should be asked not to hit it at all.
    —Friedrich Nietzsche

  24. #2 son Danny posted some pix a few minutes ago. They are fine and just have some brush and debris to clean up, but no damage. His dog was traumatized and is very happy the storm is over 😀

  25. BW

    I still remember Jaques Cousteau saying sometime in the late 60s that he could no longer dive where there was no evidence of man’s negative impact.  For the past 50 years we have done next to nothing while continuing to add to the population now brawling for food and water.

    Cousteau Society:

    We have to do something other than just resign ourselves to the impending disaster with the full realization that no matter what we do now, it will not be enough.  The “new normal” is going to be a whole lot worse than what we have currently.


  26. Because sturge reminds us that fake news, rewriting history and faux news is everywhere spewing misinformation, some truths about the Hemingways and they were no strangers to suicide or Cuba.   When Margaux died.

  27. I hope all is well with the Crawfords.   Have a safe day, mixers.  Patriot Day recognition events being held all day here in the Mesilla Valley.  zinke did shrinkie the NM monuments…his daughter, however, remains clear headed and reasonable even though her Dad works for regressive trump.  elder zinke is stink-y!  Last month as posted here,  his daughter throws shade on trump.

  28. Jamie, can you believe that that quote you posted

    Some day the earth will weep, she will beg for her life, she will cry with tears of blood. You will make a choice, if you will help her or let her die, and when she dies, you too will die.

    was said over a hundred years ago.   a rather unique man and not just because his portrait was on the old 14 cent stamp and the old $5 bill.  read about him at

    ya-native  Hollow Horn Bear  1850-1913

    and a short piece at wiki

  29. Irma did a fine job of pruning. We are looking at a war zone of tree debris, but no major damage. sure wish Mother Nature could clean up after itself.

  30. let’s not forget the other storms out there drip drip dripping away

    Sputnik, the Russian news agency, is under investigation by the FBI

    WASHINGTON — The FBI recently questioned a former White House correspondent for Sputnik, the Russian-government-funded news agency, as part of an investigation into whether it is acting as an undeclared propaganda arm of the Kremlin in violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).
    As part of the probe, Yahoo News has learned, the bureau has obtained a thumb drive containing thousands of internal Sputnik emails and documents — material that could potentially help prosecutors build a case that the news agency played a role in the Russian government “influence campaign” that was waged during last year’s presidential election and, in the view of U.S. intelligence officials, is still ongoing.
    The emails were turned over by Andrew Feinberg, the news agency’s former White House correspondent, who had downloaded the material onto his laptop before he was fired in May. He confirmed to Yahoo News that he was questioned for more than two hours on Sept. 1 by an FBI agent and a Justice Department national security lawyer at the bureau’s Washington field office.
    Feinberg said the interview was focused on Sputnik’s “internal structure, editorial processes and funding.”
    “They wanted to know where did my orders come from and if I ever got any direction from Moscow,” Feinberg told Yahoo News. “They were interested in examples of how I was steered towards covering certain issues.”
    It is not clear whether the agent and prosecutor who questioned Feinberg were acting as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s broader investigation into Russian efforts to disrupt the 2016 election and possible links to the Trump campaign. “We are not confirming whether specific matters are or are not part of our ongoing investigation,” a spokesman for Mueller emailed. A spokesman for the Justice Department declined to comment, and the FBI did not respond to questions.
    But the inquiry comes at a time when members of Congress and others have pushed the Justice Department to strengthen its enforcement of the FARA, especially as it relates to the operations in Washington of two Russian news organizations, Sputnik and RT (formerly known as Russia Today).
    “This is incredibly significant,” said Asha Rangappa, a former FBI counterintelligence agent and now an associate dean of Yale Law School, about the bureau’s questioning of the former Sputnik reporter. “The FBI has since the 1970s taken pains not to be perceived in any way as infringing on First Amendment activity. But this tells me they have good information and intelligence that these organizations have been acting on behalf of the Kremlin and that there’s a direct line between them and the [Russian influence operations] that are a significant threat to our democracy.”
    Sputnik is owned by Rossiya Segodnya, a Russian government media operation headed by Dmitri Kiselyov, a belligerent television broadcaster who is known as Putin’s “personal propagandist” and has been sanctioned by the European Union in response to Russia’s intervention in Ukraine. On its website, Sputnik describes itself as a “modern news agency” that “covers global political and economic news targeting an international audience.”

  31. Glad the damage wasn’t to the mobile organisms. Trees can be cleaned up after. Better get to work.   Got power and water?

  32. from above link in addition to other noteworthy info,  was this little tidbit:
    While his instructions as White House correspondent came from the senior editors and news directors at Sputnik’s Washington office, Feinberg said these supervisors regularly “would say, ‘Moscow wants this or Moscow wants that.’”
    The thumb drive of emails and other documents that Feinberg turned over to the FBI contains messages that could shed light on Sputnik’s funding, its operations in Washington and how it makes editorial decisions. It includes documents Feinberg submitted on behalf of Sputnik to obtain congressional press credentials in which he confirmed that the Russian government is the company’s main funding source.

  33. usatoday:
    FORT MYERS, Fla. — Hurricane Irma not only brought rain and dangerous wind speeds to Florida’s Gulf Coast, but it displaced some of the area’s marine mammals.
    Manatee County resident Marcelo Clavijo posted on Facebook he was going stir-crazy and decided to go for a ride when he came across a dry bay. Then he spotted two stranded manatees.
    He and a group of people, including law enforcement, were able to roll the bulky sea cows onto a tarp and drag them 100 yards to open water. 
    “It was a pretty cool experience,” Clavijo posted. 

  34. Former presidents add Florida relief to their efforts

    All five living, former U.S. presidents have officially expanded their disaster relief appeal to include Hurricane Irma as the Category 4 storm slams through Florida.

    According to a statement from Jim McGrath, former President George H.W. Bush’s spokesman, the “One America Appeal” launched last week will now include the Florida Disaster Fund, the state’s official, private fund established to assist local communities.

    Bush was joined by former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter in a PSA announcement released last week, which later aired nationwide Thursday, during the NFL kickoff game on NBC. Another PSA message will be airing during all NFL telecasts on Sunday and again on Monday night.

    The fund was established through the 41st president’s library and foundation to help respond to Hurricane Harvey, which resulted in massive flooding in the Houston area. For its Hurricane Harvey efforts, the “One America Appeal” is working with the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund and the Rebuild Texas Fund.

    The second fund was activated by Florida Gov. Rick Scott. “One hundred percent of funds donated to the Florida Disaster Fund will go toward disaster-related response and recovery because the fund has no overhead costs,” Sunday’s announcement stated.

    President Donald Trump tweeted his support for the effort on Thursday writing he was “proud to stand with Presidents for #OneAmericaAppeal.”

  35. Craig

    I have a column ready to go for tomorrow.  Let me know if you are able to return or if I have to hog tie another mixer for ideas.


  36. hope the power comes on soon.  FLP supposedly in the greatest of drump tradition has the greatest force ever assembled to get the lights back on – 30,000 people.  I suspect one of my clients who’s a line guy is among ’em.  Took a gander at the Sentinel this morning – lots of tree and power pole damage and if you need boat parts, there a shitload of boats that ain’t going to be tooling around any more – looks like a business opportunity to me for some hardworking folks handy with screwdrivers.

    Looks like the biggest upcoming problem – aside from getting FL running again – is going to be flooding in GA & SC – water doesn’t soak into clay like it does into sand and sandstone.

  37. Luckily Pogo we’re on Duke energy which had far fewer outages, just 552 in our part of county closest to the eye. So maybe they won’t take too long.

    Go for it Jamie. I’m not using any cell juice for web surfing. Except here. Have no idea what’s going on in the world. Except here.

  38. Glad to hear you aren’t in line behind 6 million Floridians waiting for FLP to flip the switch.  hopefully you’ll be up and running before it gets too hot.

    Jamie,  I just submitted one for approval if you want to save yours – or post mine later.  Don’ make me no nevermind.

  39. Pogo

    Got it and scheduled for tomorrow.  It will be a good lead in to mine that I moved to Wednesday.  Anyone else who would like put in their two cents, let me know.  All efforts appreciated.


  40. afp via msn:

    Pope Francis on Monday slammed climate change doubters as “stupid” in the wake of a spate of hurricanes that have thrashed the US, Mexico and the Caribbean.

    “Those who deny it (climate change) should go to the scientists and ask them. They are very clear, very precise,” the pontiff said Monday during a press conference on the return leg of a five-day Colombia trip.

    “A phrase from the Old Testament comes to mind: ‘man is stupid, a stubborn, blind man’,” he added.

    Francis said individuals and politicians had a “moral responsibility” to act on advice from scientists, who had clearly outlined what must be done to halt the course of global warming.

    “These aren’t opinions pulled out of thin air. They are very clear,” he said.

    “They (world leaders) decide and history will judge those decisions,” he added.

    The pope has been an ardent supporter of efforts to combat climate change and its consequences to the world’s most vulnerable populations, in terms of pollution, disease, wars and migration.

    He has regularly criticised politicians in comments seen by many as a swipe at President Donald Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the COP21 Paris Agreement which binds countries to national pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  41. Craig….  glad to hear that southern command has survived!

    Flatus…  not only does Rick know…  he agrees with me….   Go Tito!

    ps….  Craig….  was going to make fun of your “electric” chainsaw.  But on second thought, you probably don’t need one much down there.



  42. Apparently Duke Energy’s website is down and I am avoiding web surfing to save power. If anyone comes across information about their restoration timeline for Orlando/Orange County or any news about Irma’s local impact, pls post here, this is the only site I’m going to. Especially concerned about Disney World.

  43. RR, Southern Command might not be missile-ready for Little Kim, but we can fight the bastard with yard tools.

  44. Disney World plans on opening tomorrow.

    Duke Energy map just shows outages (you already know you don’t have power), but there is no prognosis.

  45. Orlando Sentinel spoke with someone at Duke Energy, who said to expect several days to a week without power.

    Hopefully, he was giving a worst-case scenario.

  46. BID, thanks (I guess) for the info. Dad went to high school with the mother of the CEO. Maybe we’ll play that card.

    Yes Disney has power under control. Interested in how much damage?

  47. Disney is still assessing the damage – may or may not reopen tomorrow but probably will – makes sense – what with downed trees and power lines all over the damn surrounding area.  I guess they could open for the residents of their properties and anyone who can get to them without being arrested.  I suspect the clean up efforts will expand outward from Disney and Universal toward the surrounding hotels and resorts

  48. Disney’s Animal Kingdom received minor damage from Hurricane Irma.


    Walt Disney World in Orlando appears to have escaped major damage and is likely on track for a Tuesday reopening, according to reports.

    On Monday morning, Disney’s website said based on the latest forecasts for Hurricane Irma, the park and Disney Springs will be closed through Sept. 11. Resort hotels remain open, though some services are limited. 

    “We hope to resume normal operations on Tuesday, Sept. 12,” Disney said. 

    Disney closed its parks Sunday and Monday in response to the threat from Hurricane Irma, which hit south Florida as a Category 2 storm before making its way up the west side of the Peninsula. The closure was only the fifth time in its history Disney has closed – each time for a hurricane. 

    Tweets from the park showed downed trees but little other damage. A message to hotel guests said Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge experienced some flooding and several resorts had leaks in roofs or damaged tiles.


  49. There is some tropical movement out in the Atlantic off the coast of Africa.  If one of them manages to become a Tropical Storm and then Hurricane.  His name will be Lee.


  50. tks pogo, we’re just 5 miles from Universal, 8 to Disney, maybe they could toss a crew this way. The more we inspect, the more work it turns out to be. All thanks to my fanatical love for planting trees last 40 years. Saddest part is we lost both banana trees to oak limbs crashing into them.

  51. Jamie, sorry I haven’t been much help other than news flashes.  have had a bunch of refugees from the northern Idaho wildfires visiting this week.  they’re taking in the fresh air sans ashes and extolling the greenery they haven’t seen much of this summer.  however they’re glad to be leaving tomorrow as Irma begins to limp in to ky and dump more rain on top of harvey’s

  52. craig, maybe you can save the trees if roots are still there.

    from that link:

    Universal Studios

    Universal Studios officials said they are surveying the park but plan to return to normal operations Tuesday. All on-site hotels are at capacity.

    Some damage was reported at the resorts and parks, mostly downed trees and shingle or siding damage.

  53. If the next storm is named Lee, maybe all of those Lee-lovers out there will finally change their minds.

  54. RR, saw a little of the Pats’ game – Tom didin’t look like he was anywhere near his last year’s performance.  What’s the buzz?

  55. Paul Krugman column

    Conspiracies, Corruption and Climate

    The bottom line is that we are now ruled by people who are completely alienated not just from the scientific community, but from the scientific idea — the notion that objective assessment of evidence is the way to understand the world. And this willful ignorance is deeply frightening. Indeed, it may end up destroying civilization.


  56. Not to worry Pat

    We are all set for tomorrow and Wednesday.  Given a push, I can always rant about something if necessary.  lol


  57. I was awaken mid-nap by all my battery back-ups screaming “lines are down!” in their raspy voices. I waited about 20-minutes then dialed into SCE&G’s computer filing my report and answering their computer prompts with my dialpad, requested verification, and they had all the information correctly. Half an hour later as I was preparing to turn off equipment and think about pulling the generator out of the garage, the power came back on.

    Well done SCE&G! Where did I get the number to call? It was on the electric bill that was reposing on the breakfast table. The whole process took no more than three minutes. There was no queue time.

  58. Winds here on the Northeast side of Columbia have been keeping our trees in a constant state of agitation. So far as I can see, there aren’t any down in the habitat. The evening news reported winds were in the high 40s which is above the ‘let’s go to the store’ level. We’ve had about an inch and a half of spitting rain. The barometer is at 29.62, half an inch lower than yesterday.

  59. Pogo…  well, you know fans.  Just last week they were all thinking the Pats were going 19-0 (I thought it was silly)…  to now thinking Brady is all washed up ( more silliness).  The Pats have a lot of new receivers… they and Brady weren’t on the same page yet.  IMO, their offense will be fine….  keeping my fingers crossed about their defense though.

  60. Talk about weird weather! High of 60° in Knobite Corner (not normal this time of year). Irma’s leading edge made it here up in the day. Slow rain, winds that were steady at first, then got gusty.

    So the pines are singing morose ditties, the oaks applaud feverishly, the cedars stir and give an occasional senile chuckle. The crape myrtles weep white and red petals. But a single brave little tuft on Mom’s lilac hangs on, assurance all’s well.

  61. Hiya back, xrep! Except for hurricanes blowing a last hurrah over our heads, just livin’ the quiet life here in the knobs.

  62. I am pretty sure I would not like a dark and stormy

    Garnish with lime wedge. A Dark ‘n’ Stormy is a highball cocktail made with darkrum (the “dark“) and ginger beer (the “stormy“) served over ice and garnished with a slice of lime. Lime juice is also frequently added.

  63. Just put the dog out to the first signs of Irma here. Clouds have filtered in and the wind has started to blow a bit. Rain tomorrow.

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