Sunday Serendipity

If it is to be a tempest, then let us have music befitting a tempest. The final movement of Beethoven’s  Tempest Sonata.

Enjoy the music enjoy the day, but most importantly whether you hunker down and ride it out or cut and run, be safe somewhere.


90 thoughts on “Sunday Serendipity”

  1. Argh, couldn’t sleep but an hour and a half. Been sitting here bemoaning the fate of my former extremely vulnerable coastal city. It will be a real disaster.

  2. jace, again thanks.  wonderful selection.


    ladyefaire, good to see you again.   hope you stay safe in the knobs when the floods hit the bottom lands.

  3. flatus, I share your pain.  have friends from both ends and sides of florida I haven’t heard from as to their safety.

    long ago, however, I gave up on mourning the loss of its natural environment…. saw too many white beaches turn into ugly condos….  too many crystal clear springs fill with garbage and waysides with litter… too many people for that fragile place to support.

  4. Nothing plays better than a huge, mean villain, live on the small screen, or forty inch screen. Think back to those early years of Weather Channel with unknown meteorologists standing in the storm telling us it is wet and windy.  Today the technology is much better so we see the same guys standing in the storm telling us it is wet and windy, in HD.  Then as now, I think they are dumb to be standing there telling us something we can see for ourselves.  I suppose I should change the channel to see others doing that.

  5. Since we are waiting and watching for friends  and former homes, might as well do it to great music.

    Thank you Jace.  This one does stir up images.


  6. bbronc, fascinated like watching a cobra to see if it strikes… or a cricket game.

    last thread you compared the difference of responders responding re winds west/east.  personally feel much safer here in Midwest with 50 mph wind.  not so much in florida winds especially where the tall slash pine or palms with their small root system might topple and massive rotting limbs of ancient live oaks come crashing down on the roof, the road and utility system. electric wires whipping in the wind.

  7. amend that above re sports, watching hurricane more like soccer, a lot of activity, sound and fury with no goal.

  8. Jamie, thank you too for escorting jace to the right place this a.m.  couldn’t done it without you.

  9. Patd – a major difference is here in the East the humidity makes a difference.  I would rather take 125mph in Denver than 90mph on the water here.  Also, when a tornado hits it is laden with water no matter where, so the damage is nasty.  A hurricane is even worse, it can even have tornadoes in it.


  10. Patd, you beat me to the punch. Those sfb pugns only want THEIR revenue cutting agendas tied to debt ceiling extensions – misunderstanding what the debt ceiling is and how they can lower it for future congresses only with economy suppressing austerity.  They are the reason you don’t want dumbasses who are one agenda dipshits in congress.

  11. Two Beethovan storms in as many days….good stuff……I remember an old black and white animated cartoon which had some terrible storm music, but haven’t found it so far…….

  12. Hurricane update: Yesterday the Monarch Way Station was booked to capacity, today not a butterfly in sight.
    Same flowers, about the same weather, no butterfly.
    Only critters out here yakking it up seem to be the crows.

  13. What I vaguely remember was somebody like maybe Bosko running to a tree which is stuck by the lightning, then he runs to another which is also struck….etc
    Found Bosko on a boat during a hurricane, then he’s shipwrecked but that’s not quite it…..

  14. Jamie, thanks for getting Jace’s fine music posted , and as always, thanks Jace for another treat.

    So far here, just a steady sprinkle and nothing more than occasional breeze. Couple days ago they had predicted this is when we’d be seeing 40mph winds.

    My only mishap is not Irma-related. Our router modem picked last night to retire itself. But I found a spare this morning.

  15. […excerpt from…]

    Colder and louder blew the wind,

        A gale from the Northeast,

    The snow fell hissing in the brine,

        And the billows frothed like yeast.

    Down came the storm, and smote amain

        The vessel in its strength;

    She shuddered and paused, like a frighted steed,

        Then leaped her cable’s length.

    “Come hither! come hither! my little daughtèr,

        And do not tremble so;

    For I can weather the roughest gale

        That ever wind did blow.”

    He wrapped her warm in his seaman’s coat

        Against the stinging blast;

    He cut a rope from a broken spar,

        And bound her to the mast.

    “O father! I hear the church-bells ring,

        Oh say, what may it be?”

    “’T is a fog-bell on a rock-bound coast!”—

        And he steered for the open sea.

    “O father! I hear the sound of guns,

        Oh say, what may it be?”

    “Some ship in distress, that cannot live

        In such an angry sea!”

    “O father! I see a gleaming light,

        Oh say, what may it be?”

    But the father answered never a word,

        A frozen corpse was he.

    Lashed to the helm, all stiff and stark,

        With his face turned to the skies,

    The lantern gleamed through the gleaming snow

        On his fixed and glassy eyes.

    […and so on and on…]


  16. “hunker down” is the in word today… looking for background and found this at online etymology dictionary  but there must be more colorful stories or even jokes (lends itself to shaggy dog type humor) than these:

    hunker (v.) Look up hunker at“to squat, crouch,” 1720, Scottish, of uncertain origin, possibly a nasalized borrowing of a Scandinavian word such as Old Norse huka “to crouch,” hoka, hokra “to crawl.” Hunker down, Southern U.S. dialectal phrase, is from 1902, popularized c. 1965; in this use the verb is perhaps from northern British hunker “haunch.” Related: Hunkered; hunkering.Hunker (n.) Look up Hunker at“conservative, fogey,” 1849, American English, especially and originally “one of the conservative Democrats of New York of the 1840s” (opposed to the Barnburners). Supposedly from New York dialect hunk “post, station, home,” hence “those who stay safe on base” (see hunky-dory), but it also has been said to be from a local word for a curmudgeon, and hunks is recorded from c. 1600 as a name for a surly, crusty old person or miser.

  17. After many weeks without the damned Russians messing with me, and seemingly ignoring my intense dislike, well expressed at times, of SFB and Putin, they are back.  I was beginning to think the bastards had forgotten about me.  So to my non-friends Pfhht and Blaatt.

  18. Craig, Patd …. had to stare at it a bit to remember how to do scheduling as it has been a while, but truly easy.  Glad to do it.

    A bit of poetry from Willie

    Full fathom five thy father lies;
    Of his bones are coral made;
    Those are pearls that were his eyes:
    Nothing of him that doth fade,
    But doth suffer a sea-change
    Into something rich and strange.
    Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell: Ding-dong 
    Hark! now I hear them,—Ding-dong, bell.” 
    ― William ShakespeareThe Tempest

  19. A bit more rain, still no wind, not even a breeze here. Most noticeable consequence so far: none of the usual morning squirrel activity. They must be sheltering in place.

    Current predictions for us: 88mph from 10pm to 3am tonight. Enough to make a mess of downed limbs etc. (nature’s pruning), but well below Charley’s 2004 105mph that busted our roof and downed half a dozen trees.

  20. Willie was good for this sort of thing:


    Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! rage! blow!
    You cataracts and hurricanoes, spout
    Till you have drench’d our steeples, drown’d the cocks!
    You sulphurous and thought-executing fires,
    Vaunt-couriers to oak-cleaving thunderbolts,
    Singe my white head! And thou, all-shaking thunder,
    Smite flat the thick rotundity o’ the world!
    Crack nature’s moulds, and germens spill at once,
    That make ungrateful man!

  21. Considering we are just 8 miles from Disney World, this morning’s weather mild enough to stay open at least through Noon, maybe even until closing, we’ll see what sort of Tropical Force winds we get starting at 2pm. But looks like the worst of it will come late tonight when they would have been closed anyway. That’s why they didn’t close for Charley. It blew through in the middle of the night and they never closed doors.

  22. now moving from hard sprinkle to light rain, just lost satellite TV signal. Tropical Force winds (35mp>) expected in 2 hours. Making coffee for our thermos collection. Frying bacon and roasting a turkey breast for sandwiches if power goes out.

  23. Jace: Very fitting choice for this day, thank you.

    Thanks to all who are sharing the music and poetry. I’ve been watching various channels on my Roku this a.m. and I’ve been on an Orlando station for a lot of it. Several tornado warnings have been issued in Brevard County this morning and it was just reported that one touched down and destroyed some mobile homes a few minutes ago. All these are just south of Titusville where Danny lives and to the east of Craig in Orlando.  The storm is moving slower and may yet move a bit more east so still very worrisome.

    Craig: Hope you stay safe and secure. There was also a tornado warning near Kissimmee so you are right in the path of these cells.

    Jamie: Re Pat Conroy books/movies…While my father is The Great Santini, our family experience/dynamics are really mirrored in The Prince of Tides. I was Savannah, my brother was Tom (but without the happy ending), my mother was a meaner and slightly crazier Lila. If you plunk Santini down in PoT it’s a pretty close look at my family. I stopped communicating with my parents in the ’70s. Now they’re both gone but the memories linger on. After years of therapy they stopped having a big impact on my life around the turn of the century.

    Going back to my “hunkered down” spot in front of my TV so I can flip back and forth between channels. I get some Orlando channels as well as the Weather channel so lots of different points of view. I’ll pop back later to see how everybody is doing.

  24. Granny, while I don’t take the tornado warnings lightly, hurricane-related tornados are a bit different than the huge, roaming Kansas-type monsters we see. They’re much smaller, drop to the ground quickly and then shoot right back up into the storm. Can do damage, of course, but usually not much, at least not as much as they’re big brothers elsewhere.

  25. been watching cnn shots of flooding in downtown Miami…. waves yet.  Houston flood flowed but no white water cresting waves like this.  really eerie.

    tall palm trees crashed down on Miami bch and very very tall crane crashes down in miami

  26. Granny, your Red Sox are coming along. Houston is struggling against Oakland which is something of a surprise. It’s nice seeing a competitive finish.

  27. 20 minutes to tropical force wind projection. Hard rain. No wind. Just a cool breeze, making the porch comfortable as ever.

  28. At least we eat well during hurricanes. Fried chicken wings, bacon for BLTs, and roasted turkey breast.

  29. here ya go, jamie
    nbcnews 10 minutes ago
    Hurricane Irma: Cranes Collapse in Downtown Miami
    by Daniella Silva

    At least two cranes collapsed in Miami on Sunday as Hurricane Irma lashed South Florida with 120mph winds and heavy rain, threatening a city where massive construction cranes dot the skyline.

    [and about 20-25 more cranes in Miami waiting to fall]

  30. Hurricane Irma: Tampa Bay Tornado Watches, Curfews In Place


    Tornado watches went up Sunday afternoon for many counties in Irma’s path. In the Tampa Bay area, watches are in effect until 12 a.m. Monday for Pasco, Hillsborough, Manatee, Sarasota, Pinellas, Polk and Hernando counties. Tornado watches mean that conditions are favorable for tornado development.

    With the threat of Irma still looming large, communities across the Tampa Bay area announced curfews Sunday afternoon. Residents of Tampa, Manatee County and Temple Terrace were among those affected by curfews.

  31. We’re now 185 miles from the eye in Naples, outer edge of tropical force winds, and right on time the wind here is picking up, around 25mp — that’s us in the center of graphic

  32. Dining Through Disaster: One Family’s Picture Guide of Surviving Nature’s Fury Tastefully

    Review – Sunday September 10,2017

    ***** Five Stars (out of five)

    Well known in political & media circles, Mr Craig Crawford is known in private life as an accomplished & daringly creative cook. Have a massive killer hurricane tearing up the coast towards you? Fear not. Feast …. Yes! with Mr Crawford’s easy delicious recipes guaranteed to melt away anxiety while adding flavor & calories for that endless yard clean up in the days ahead.

    Rumor has it that a book of disaster survival tips for stylishly playful dogs is in the works, co-authored by Toby D. Crawford. Hints from Heloise has its match in Commonsense Living with the Crawfords.


  33. Hi all, good to see everyone and i hope your’e all well! ?

    Jamie, i missed your Hurricane Block Party thread so i will continue it a bit in Jace’s Sunday S.?

    What a week, crazy set in early with the gas getting and water. All is good with me, shutters up, gas and generator. I’m expecting power to go out probably by 10 pm. Plenty of food and water as well.. Lol, not as good as what Craig has cooked up.?


  34. Hello Flatus and Craig, thank you. Ha ha, Craig????

    Oh my, that food you cooked, amazing and would brighten this storm.

    Its really starting to pick up over here in New Smyrna area..

  35. Tony

    Look at the bright side.  You have a covered pool and can swim your way through the hurricane.   All Craig gets is bacon.   lol


  36. Jamie, so true. The pool i will be in more, especially when power goes.. It’s hot here, ha ha.. I was in this morning and because it’s been so cloudy and rainy, a bit chilly. Oh but it was refreshing.

    Oh hello as well but i see you on Twitter lots.. ?

  37. Craig: Thanks for the tornado insight. I’ve been watching 3 Orlando area stations and watching what a couple of the reporters are calling a train of tornado cells as they’ve been marching through Titusville. Your food looks delish. I had fried chicken wings for dinner too LOL!

  38. Granny

    I too have been watching WFTV 9 and WESH 2.. Good coverage and yes, Titusville is under assault.



  39. Tony: I’m going back and forth from 9, 25 and occasionally 35? It’s fox, not sure of the number. I have a feed for 2 but for some reason it’s not live so doesn’t help up here. Gotta love my Roku, sitting here in Mass & watching Fl channels on my big TV. Now they just issued flood warnings for that whole area including Orlando. My Danny just texted his brother to “tell mom to stop watching the news”. Silly boy, that just makes me watch more LOL!

  40. I see you on Twitter as well.  If you see me groaning and moaning on Twitter, you know that in my secret life I have a rather mean mouth where a certain illegal resident of the WH is concerned.  lol


  41. Granny

    Me too and Roku, god i love that device. I have 5 of them.?

    I don’t have cable so i use Sling at times. So much to watch..

  42. Ia ora te natura
    E mea arofa teie ao nei

    Ua pau te maitai no te fenua
    Re zai noa ra te ora o te mitie

    The translation given is:

    Nature lives
    Have pity for the Earth

    Bounty of the land is exhausted

    But there’s still abundance on the sea.”

  43. Craig, I suspect things have changed in the last hour or so. Hope all is well with you and your dad. Hunker down buddy

  44. Jamie, ha ha, your Tweets bring me joy. Oh and you and your mouth do a great job combating the trolls..

  45. Not much change yet, Pogo. Gusty winds, maybe 20-25mph in spurts, steady rain. Even the banana tree’s big wide leaves unfazed. Looks like our peak effects tonight 10pm to midnight.

  46. Sturg

    LOL, he he, a little about now??‍♂️ .. The rest of the time, Florida is amazing. Hope you don’t get any of this your way.

  47. Sturg, I hate facebook, seldom look at it. Twitter is my thing.

    Just now started to feel like a hurricane on the way. Winds more sustained, gusts into the low tropical force category, 30-35mph.

    Time to eat. Having roast turkey, green beans, macaroni & cheese, biscuits and gravy.

  48. Q: What is gender bias? A: Women are 50% of law grads, 36% of practicing attorneys, 25% of judges, & 2% of Trump’s U.S. Attorney nominees. (42 nominees and 1 is a woman)

  49. Internet connection painfully slow. Power outages in the area, we’re still good for now. Jamie, take the bit for next thread post.

  50. Just taking a news break to check in.

    Tony: Ha, 5! I have 2, but I still tell people I’m on content overload because I almost have to many choices. Not a bad problem though 😉  I cut the chord a few years ago and haven’t missed it except for my Red Sox games which are sometimes a challenge to get a good stream. The app I have for most of the games doesn’t always stream well. If they end up on espn, mlb network or fox I can watch them easily. Don’t you have to pay for sling? Is it expensive?

    Craig and anyone in central Fl: Seems the latest track has the eye wall going more central towards Orlando. Always subject to change, of course. Good luck to you all.

  51. We’re finally into the soup. Sustained tropical force probably 40 mph sustained, gusts higher. Casualties in the last 20 minutes: Two 8-10 foot limbs we can live without down in the front yard, and an upstairs window screen blew out. They now say meanest stuff in our part of the county will come 10p-midnight.

  52. Craig

    I have a post ready to go for tomorrow.  If one still needed for Tuesday, I’ll ask for suggestions.


  53. Irma’s core now heading our way, didn’t move west as expected. Eye could pass by 50-60 miles from here. Now in lights-out preparation, hard to imagine power staying on. Old-school hurricane lights (attached), no batteries required.

  54. Craig…it does look like Irma is heading for you.    I hope it passes quickly, but this storm has been around for some time.

    Tony you are a sight for sore eyes, I can gush over the fact you are here to let us know you are safe from the monster storm.  It is scary to see a hurricane big enough to suck the ocean from the Bahamas and Tampa Bay.



  55. After three Tstorms in as many hours rumbled through Knobite Corner on Tuesday (remnants of Harvey, apparently) I have no enthusiasm for Miss Irma. For the safety of all parties, and as Mom used to say of many aggravations, I wish she (Irma) was in Halifax with her throat cut. Js. . .

    Btw, Mom didn’t mean Nova Scotia. 😉

  56. On the back porch enjoying the show, which is no off-Broadway knock-off, a full-on major hurricane, must be at least 70 mph gusts, perhaps 80. Love the sound of howling wind and trees at midnight. Latest projection is the eye’s new track puts it 20 miles west of Southern Command within couple hours, bringing 100 mph winds. It’s 70 miles southwest of us now.

    Frogs are loving all this rain water, singing like crazy. Hope they eat lots of skeeters tomorrow. They get that job done. I call it Hillbilly Pesticide.

  57. Well, Craig, you and your Dad can talk baseball tonight. Tell him about the Indians winning 18 in a row tonight.

    And, no matter how bad the weather is tonight, it’s a helluva lot better where you are than being in one of those old age places in Pasadena with no way of having evacuated if you had wanted to.

  58. Here’s our flamingo ornament PatD was worried about. She’s handling these hurricane winds just fine so far.

  59. Closest Underground Weather station, 1 mile away, clocking 95 miles per hour here right now. Irma’s eye just 30 miles sourhwest, will get another 10 miles closer as it moves North and due West of us. Tree limbs snapping like potato chips every few seconds, hopefully those that needed trimming anyway (Mother Nature cheaper than paying for tree service). So far no whole trees downed. House unharmed. No roof leaks sighted. Amazingly, power still on. Toby under my feet on the back porch watching this awesome spectacle.

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