I haue plied the Haruest, and stroke when the Yron was hotte.

“Strike while the iron is hot” — This expression is recorded in Richard Edwards’ The excellent comedie of two the moste faithfullest freendes, Damon and Pithias (circa 1566).

By Dvitale300, a Trail Mix Contributor

As I watch this ‘debacle’ — the American Healthcare Act — move through the House like a pig that has been slathered in grease, as the AMA, AHA, AARP oppose the legislation (haven’t heard from the NRA yet), it is often advantageous in understanding WTHIGOH to examine motive.

With that in mind:

Motive #1:  This is a dodge, a scam – an effort to draw attention away from the Trump administration’s liabilities with ties to Russia. (Covering Trump’s behind)

Motive #2:  This is a dodge, a scam – an effort by Republicans to kill any chance of the promised Obamacare repeal; so that Republicans won’t have to deal with the millions of pissed off voters that will lose coverage or even health care. (Covering their own behinds)

Motive #3:  This is an honest attempt to reform/improve Obamacare while taking credit for killing it at the same time. (Staying in office – Covering their own behinds)

Motive #4:  This is an honest attempt to stop freeloading loser Americans from suckling at the teet of the government (you know – get off of their bootstraps), while at the same time funneling billions of dollars to the top 1% of the public. (Paying the rich back for their support)

What say ye?  1, 2, 3, 4 – or perhaps there’s another motive I haven’t listed.

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113 thoughts on “I haue plied the Haruest, and stroke when the Yron was hotte.”

  1. Good post.  I vote for 1, 2, 3 and 4.  Depending on which representative or senator you talk to they might have any one or a mix as a reason to vote for it.

  2. except for it’s parenthetical part, let us pray that it is motive #3, that they have some degree of compassion, some vestigial sense of doing good in the people’s interest.  and pray even harder that most of them will retire and be replaced by better citizens in 2018.

  3. ny times: White House Addresses Trump’s Unorthodox Call to Preet Bharara

    The White House offered an explanation on Sunday for a mysterious phone call that President Trump placed to Preet Bharara a day before abruptly dismissing him and 45 other United States attorneys, saying the president was merely trying to extend his good wishes.
    But Mr. Bharara indicated on Sunday evening in a statement to The New York Times that he was skeptical of the White House account, although he did not offer an alternative explanation for the president’s call.
    The call, placed on Thursday to the office of Mr. Bharara, the top federal prosecutor in Manhattan, by a personal assistant to the president, concerned Mr. Bharara because it seemed to be at odds with ethics protocols restricting communications between the White House and prosecutors. Mr. Bharara declined to return the call. But the White House said there was nothing untoward about it.
    Mr. Bharara called the chief of staff to the attorney general, Joseph H. Hunt. “Mr. Hunt was direct and clear in our conversation that, given written White House contacts policy, my position as a sitting U.S. attorney, and my office’s jurisdiction, it would be improper for me to speak directly to the sitting president without knowing the subject matter,” Mr. Bharara said in his statement.
    “Some might find that inconsistent with what is for the first time, three days later being described as a well-wishes call,” he added.

  4. I think Motive 2 is likely. Blame Dems in the off year for its failure and run against Obamacare one mo time.

  5. the guardian: Elizabeth Warren says Trump pushed out prosecutors to install ‘cronies’

    Progressive senator attacks president over firing of Preet Bharara, while former US attorney writes cryptic tweet alluding to past corruption inquiry


    The White House has declined to comment on why Trump fired Bharara after asking him to continue in his role. Warren seized on this ambiguity, tweeting on Sunday that Trump “talked a big game about getting corruption out of gov[ernment]. But he wants a bunch of tame prosecutors who won’t investigate him.”

    “Preet Bharara had authority over Trump Tower,” Warren wrote, noting the US attorney’s jurisdiction over Manhattan, the Bronx and Westchester, New York. Trump “called him directly, breaching protocol”, Warren continued. “24 [hours] later he was asked to resign.”

    “More GOP & Dems respect Preet Bharara as a fearless prosecutor who stands up to both parties & Wall Street. I guess that’s why Trump fired him,” she said, before drawing a comparison to Trump’s decision to fire Sally Yates.

  6. B, with the additional cynical add ins of shifting wealth from the poor to the rich. (Poobah, we’re of like mind on this).

    I don’t believe for a second that there is any desire on behalf of the white house or congressional republicants to improve Obamacare, at least not to benefit folks who have health insurance policies.  AS John Kasich (god, am I actually quoting him now?) said over the weekend, the tax credit provision is a scam – what health insurance is a person of modest or below means going to be able to buy with a $3000 credit?  Welcome back to the era of emergency rooms as provider of primary care for the poor and uninsured.

  7. “Never attribute to evil when stupidity will suffice.”

    With this bunch one always has to first consider stupidity.

    It is the great Trump mystique


  8. I lean in with #2 as well.  Whenever you get to see a good interview with a House Speaker (or former speaker), they will say that they’ve already whipped up the bill and know they can get it passed (or are close).

    That leaves me to think that there might be a little of #1 in there as well.  But perhaps they’re just waiting for the first international crisis to rise up from the weeds (troops somewhere on the ground).  Then they can let an untouched and un-fixed ACA stagger and stumble.

    On another note, our favorite white supremacist from Iowa, Steve King, just dropped this little beauty in response to comments made by Dutch Prime Minister Geert Wilders:  “Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

    His tweet was quickly praised by David Duke.

  9. After yesterday’s beautiful snow that did no harm, we had a killing frost overnight. I don’t do new plantings until a week after Easter and I eschew autumn fertilizing, so my yard won’t be affected; but, at this time of the year, I am concerned for our very vulnerable farmers.

  10. Flatus – many in the area removed leaves during the warm spell, I consider litter to be protective and a fertilizer and left everything in place.  Life in Denver had me well trained to wait until Mother’s Day before doing anything fool hardy such as planting early.  It will be interesting here, this little peninsula is on the border between slushy rain and heavy snow.  For all who “cleaned” their leaves up and planted warm weather plants I hope we are in the rain area.  OPM put out the news that Tuesday can be a telework day.  Sounds good to me.


  11. The multiple choice exam is missing: 5, all of the above; and, 6, none of the above. I chose six as this alt-right group has no idea or overarching principles to guide its motives. They don’t have a clue and their disorganization in the WH and in the Congress shows itself every day.

  12. Everything is about smaller government and less taxes.  To get people who do not benefit from either to agree – you have to whip up something that will unite them – racism and classism seems to be the goopers tool of choice.

  13. Eprof, you might have it there. Welcome back, don’t be a stranger, I always enjoy your thoughts.


    ” racism and classism seems to be the goopers tool of choice.”


    Which is one of the more interesting things about  Trumpism, Classism used to be  in the Democratic tool box.




  15. I enjoy our neighborhood and visit often. Don’t always have more to contribute than what has already been said that day or week.  Thx for the kudo.

  16. Jack

    The Pussy Grabber’s view is from a different angle – he and the goops share a disdain for anyone who cannot take care of themselves

    Doing nothing is the favorite path of the Goopers and by not hiring any staff – there is a guarantee nothing will happen

  17. eProf

    When you are playing politics at that level you are in the pros, Bannon and the Alt right folks play street ball, They maybe good in the pickup games but they are clueless at this level. It shows from all the leaks. What do you want to bet most of them were unintentional because the White house crew doesn’t know how to play at this level. Say what you want to about the White House press corp but they are there because they are good at getting people to talk. Even when they weren’t planning to.

    Good to see you again



  18. The only person who cares about public opinion in the Trump administration is Trump and it is the only thing he cares about  The others only care about getting what they want.

    People seem more appalled that they are ignoring the niceties of the office, then the everyday promotion of racism and hatred.  And of course the dismantling of the federal government programs that the majority of people can benefit from including the national parks.

  19. #1 : ryan rolled out trumpDON’Tcare half-baked because trump was in a hurry.

    #2 : The rest of the repubs who support it do so because it covers their asses for that all-important job performance evaluation coming up in Nov, 2018.

  20. It’s caste-ism. 99% of us are proto-Dalits.

    When the great pestilence arises, only the 1% will have gotten inoculations, ‘cuz only the wealthy will have had legal access to medical care. Then ? Lebensraum !

  21. eProf, welcome back!
    I appreciate your choice but, disagree. Had the new occupants been ignorant to the point of incompetence, as opposed to hate-filled malice, they wouldn’t have been capable of incising the nodes of accountability with the skill that they have exhibited.

  22. Mr. Prof, When you cross the Trail, please blaze a mark, even if some other genius has read your mind and posted your thought. A few of us need to get our heads patted periodically.

  23. . . . he and the goops share a disdain for anyone who cannot take care of themselves – Ms Cracker

    Pussy Grabber also distains those who can’t (or won’t) take care of him.

  24. Thanks for alerting me to Richard Edwards, Mr 3000 !

    “Pythagoras said that this world was like a stage,
    Whereon many play their parts; the lookers-on, the sage
    Philosophers are, saith he, whose part is to learn
    The manners of all nations, and the good from the bad to discern. ”

    – Richard Edwards, Damon and Pytthias

    Excellent !

  25. Pussy Grabber also distains those who can’t (or won’t) take care of him.

    On a positive note, he must actively admire some individuals, e.g., those who affix the delicate cotton sponges to the base of his neckties.

  26. Jamie, your friend Rupert is back in the swing of things

    ny mag: The Big Winner in Donald Trump’s Decision to Fire Preet Bharara Might Be Rupert Murdoch


    That’s because on Saturday Trump oversaw the firing of Preet Bharara, the U.S attorney for the Southern District of Manhattan, whose office is in the middle of a high-profile federal investigation of Fox News. The probe, according to sources, is looking at a number of potential crimes, including whether Fox News executives broke laws by allegedly obtaining journalists’ phone records or committed mail and wire fraud by hiding financial settlements paid to women who accused Roger Ailes of sexual harassment. Sources told me that prosecutors have been offering witnesses immunity to testify before a federal grand jury that’s already been impaneled.
    Trump’s decision to fire Bharara ignited speculation that it was designed to blunt investigations like the Fox News probe. In November, Trump had promised Bharara he could remain in the job. But on Friday, he reversed course and requested Bharara’s resignation along with 45 other Obama-appointed U.S. attorneys. (Adding to the intrigue, Trump’s prosecutor purge came less than 24 hours after Sean Hannity said on Fox News that Trump should “purge” the Justice Department of Obama-appointed officials.)
    Given that Fox News is Murdoch’s most profitable division, the prospect of indictments is a serious problem. “They’re really worried,” one source close to the network said. Another insider said that Fox News executives considered the investigation “political” because Bharara had been appointed by Barack Obama. Which is why, for Murdoch, it must be a relief that Bharara’s replacement could be an ally. According to the Times, Trump’s short list to replace Bharara includes Marc Mukasey — who just happens to be former Fox News chief Roger Ailes’s personal lawyer.
    Considering Mukasey’s close relationship with Ailes, he would surely come under pressure to recuse himself from the Fox News probe if he were appointed by Trump to succeed Bharara. “I have no comment,” Mukasey said when I reached him on Sunday evening and asked if he planned to do so, should he get the job.

  27. wapo: Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon to seek second independence referendum

    LONDON — Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon announced Monday she will seek a new referendum on independence in a bold move of defiance even as British leaders forge ahead toward a full break from the European Union.

    The bombshell decision adds to the stakes as Britain prepares to trigger the start of two years of negotiations with the European Union to hammer out the terms of its departure. 

    It also raised the possible head-spinning scenario of British leaders finalizing their E.U. split while also figuring out how to handle their own internal breakup with Scotland, which then would likely ask Brussels for E.U. membership as Europe’s newest nation.

  28. So, this is weird. I pushed the start button on my microwave and my microwave said, “Now recording!” What’s THAT all about?

  29. corey, it’s when it tells you to tilt your head a little and say “cheese” that you need to worry.

  30. http://theweek.com/speedreads/685693/sean-spicer-says-president-trumps-word-trusted-hes-not-joking

    White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was hounded by NBC News’ Peter Alexander during Monday’s press briefing about President Trump’s credibility. Pressing Spicer about Trump’s many contradictory statements, Alexander asked Spicer point blank: “Can you say affirmatively that whenever the president says something, we can trust it to be real?”

    Spicer’s response was less than heartening. “If he’s not joking, of course,” Spicer said. Watch the full exchange below.


  31. I thought I had made a deal with my microwave. It doesn’t spy on me and in return I only put pizza rolls in it instead of veggies.

  32. Corey,

    With a little duct tape applied to the microwave, you’ll be able to enter your kitchen nude again, without having to fear that putin is checking you out.

  33. alastair sloan:

    The union that binds together the four countries within the United Kingdom has never been more at risk. What nobody in the English political and media class seems to have realised is how badly England will fare if Scotland, which is more than likely, and Northern Ireland, which is plausible though by no means certain, split off.

    It will be the end of England – the dominant power of the UK, when the term “Little England” will really come into its own.

    Almost exactly two and a half years ago, the Scottish electorate decided against leaving the UK. They were told by pro-union campaigners that if they did vote to leave Britain, they would lose their membership of the European Union.

    At the time this was probably true. There was no incentive for European decision-makers to allow accession for Scotland, not least because it would embolden Spanish Catalonian independence, and therefore Spain at least – perhaps Belgium too – would veto Scotland’s membership.

    Now the circumstances have changed. Britain has voted for Brexit, but Scotland did not, with just 38 percent of Scottish people voting to leave the EU. In contrast, 53 percent of the electorate in England voted to leave.


    What of Northern Ireland? The case for their independence – or joining Ireland, known as republicanism – is clearly being felt by the public.

    The sudden and remarkable rise of Sinn Fein in the recent elections – an explicitly republican party – is perhaps evidence of this.

    For the first time, parties who want Northern Ireland to remain part of the UK no longer have an effective majority in the parliament.

  34. Under the FU plan, and with the proposed 30% penalty for a lapse in coverage, if you can’t afford health insurance, you’ll never be able to afford it.  Fortunately, you’ll always have the healing power of the Lord.

  35. Craig,
    Clearly, clearly the cost of medical care will drop so much that the 24-million will be able to self-insure, clearly. Something impossible under Obama Caere, clearly.

  36. I’ll go with option #7- the GOP just wanted to fuck over the maximum number of people as fast as possible, just because that’s something they like to do.

    (I’m not being facetious- that’s how these people think.)

  37. It’s 24 million by 2026 with a $330 billion something deficit reduction.

    CNN is reporting 14 million by 2018 but doesn’t report the 2026 numbers.

  38. What CBO left out: Mostly Trump voters screwed by his health bill, dead by 2018.

  39. tidbit about premiums going up next 2 years should get some attention from folk who can’t afford what they’re paying now.


    Most of the initial increase in uninsured people in 2018 would come from consumers deciding not to buy insurance because they would no longer have to pay a penalty for failing to do so, the CBO said. However, others would stop buying insurance because premiums will go up over the next two years, the analysis said.

    The bill is expected to raise the average premiums that Americans would have to pay before 2020, and then lower them after that, the CBO projected. In 2018 and 2019, the average premiums for single policyholders who do not get insurance from their employers would be 15% to 20% higher than under Obamacare, the analysis said.

    Starting in 2020, those premiums would begin to go down. By 2026, average premiums would be roughly 10% lower than under the existing Affordable Care Act, the CBO projected.

    The number of uninsured Americans would rise dramatically during that same period as states phase out Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, the CBO said.

    “In 2026, an estimated 52 million people would be uninsured, compared with 28 million who would lack insurance that year under current law,” the analysis said.

  40. and from same link above,

    The Republican bill would reduce federal deficits by $337 billion over the 2017-2026 period, according to the CBO. The biggest savings would come from reductions in outlays for Medicaid and from the elimination of the Affordable Care Act’s subsidies for low-income Americans to purchase insurance.

  41. Reduce the deficit by 337 million.  Errrr – wasn’t there something in there about 600 bill tax cuts for the rich?  No one’s talking about that.


  42. Snow day tomorrow….  snow day tomorrow!  They’ve not only cancelled school…  they’ve cancelled all the area town elections.  Some towns will be voting next Tuesday.  We will be voting Thursday instead.   I love just sitting on the couch and watching the snow fall  🙂

  43. From THE WHITE HOUSE via email:

    Obamacare has been a complete failuresince the beginning, and things are only getting worse.

    Today, President Donald J. Trump held a listening session to hear directly from Americans who have experienced significant hardship as a result of Obamacare’s poor coverage and rising prices.

    President Trump wants to hear from hard-working Americans like you. How has Obamacare affected you? Share your Obamacare disaster story. 

    First 50 Days

    During the meeting, one woman revealed that she had her health insurance cancelled three times since Obamacare became law. Another attendee had her insurance jump from $17,000 a year to a devastating $52,500 a year for her struggling family, while yet another said her health insurance now costs more than her mortgage.

    Obamacare came packaged as the healthcare solution for all Americans. Instead, the country was given hundreds of pages of broken promises.

    Millions of hard-working Americans have been impaired by soaring costs, cancelled plans, and overbearing mandates. As one of those innocent Americans, President Trump wants to hear your story about how this disastrous law has affected you and your family.

    Share Your Story

  44. That’s lovely, Renee. Even North Florida is getting some winter today in the form of a gentle rain and high around 52. Good for the new plants.

  45. I received the same email and wrote a nasty gram back plus posting to Facebook.  What a disgusting thing to send to the WH mailing list.


  46. Keith’s take on Health Care trumplestiltskin style:


    I think I’m with eprof… #5 or 6

    Getting ready here for the arrival of S-T-E-L-L-A (insert Brando voice here!) I love how we’re having all this winter weather just in time for spring and it looks like there is another one on the way for the weekend.

    Just checking in and saying hi 🙂

  47. Via David Frum:

    Chinese investors forgiving 4/5 of Kushner family debt at 666 Fifth Avenue. Expect lots of smiles when Trump receives Xi this coming weekend.

    666? Now that’s a nice, devilish number!

    I’ve read that Jared Kushner runs a parallel State Dept. for us, since he’s aces at such things. How is it OK for him to do this? Plus, the demonic address is horrifying. Yikes.


  48. By the way, 666 Fifth Avenue is a creepy rival for 1313 Mockingbird Lane, the address Herman Munster calls home. Herman was a genuine working stiff.


  49. granny, for some reason they’ve withdrawn keith’s vid “gutting health care will kill americans”

    described here at trumpwatch:

    This is Keith’s most powerful, most potent, indictment of Trump yet: GOP healthcare plan will kill people so the rich can save on taxes. Trump is willing to see Americans DIE so the RICH can save on their TAXES. This is beyond immoral – it transcends to EVIL.

    maybe the microwave ate it.

  50. bbronc, what about your boat?  saw tv news of bulldozers on beaches (nj?) making dune barriers in expectation of major storm surge

    renee, hope you’re all bundled up comfy watching the snow and that oldsea is safe on the vineyard. heard anything lately from her?

  51. and trumpcare explained if you’re into charts

    Published on Mar 14, 2017

    Morning Joe economic analyst Steve Rattner digs into the CBO score on the GOP health care plan.

  52. patd…  I’ve talked to OSH only on FB lately.  That’s typical for New Englanders in winter…   we tend to stay bundled in our homes.  Rick and I will be going to Martha’s Vineyard to see her in June.

    We are expecting somewhere between 20-24 inches of snow today.  It will do wonders for our trees and our well.  OSH will only get a few inches….  but she will experience blizzard winds.  We will not.

  53. snow report: we only got 2 inches, about what we got in the few earlier snows. MUCH less than past years

  54. Sammy is under the weather (and his e-collar). Sunny and cool here today in North Florida, with an expected high of 61.

  55. Poobah, we got zero of the 1-3 inches predicted here. But it is cold and windy with flakes in the air.

  56. Listening to the repugs try to spin the disastrous CBO report almost makes me laugh – the fact that in light of that report they want to try and pass that POS almost makes me want to cry.  Our HHS Secretary should be bent over a barrell and ____________ [fill in the blank with your favorite torture].

  57. Bloomberg: Tillerson Used ‘Alias’ Email for Climate Messages, Schneiderman Says

    New York says Secretary of State Rex Tillerson used an email alias to discuss climate change while he was Exxon Mobil Corp.’s chief executive: Wayne Tracker.

    Tillerson sent messages from the account to discuss the risks posed by climate change, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a court filing about his office’s fraud investigation of the company. Tillerson, whose middle name is Wayne, used the Wayne Tracker account on the Exxon system from at least 2008 through 2015, Schneiderman said.

    Schneiderman made the claim in a letter Monday to Justice Barry Ostrager in New York state court in Manhattan, accusing Exxon of failing to turn over all relevant documents required by a court order. The filing comes in a protracted legal dispute in which Exxon seeks to derail probes by New York and Massachusetts into whether the company misled investors for years about the possible impact of climate change on its business.


    “Despite the company’s incidental production of approximately 60 documents bearing the ‘Wayne Tracker’ email address, neither Exxon nor its counsel have ever disclosed that this separate email account was a vehicle for Mr. Tillerson’s relevant communications at Exxon, and no documents appear to have been collected from this email account,” Schneiderman said.

    The existence of the secondary email account was discovered by Schneiderman’s team while reviewing other Exxon documents. New York claims the Irving, Texas-based energy giant has failed to turn over thousands of relevant files. In addition to climate change, the alias account was also used to discuss other “important matters” that weren’t specified in the letter.

  58. granny, finally able to see this. thanks for telling us about it.  wonder why it was unavailable earlier.

  59. Sunny, dry, light breeze and 68 today in Southern Tx by the coast.  73 tomorrow.  Every now and then you catch a break in the old rain forest.

  60. Holy boxing Helena!  this repug administration is dismembering the US of AA faster than a deranged surgeon (I know, he is running HUD along with guest host, steve harvey.)

  61. ‘Bang’hazi redux…loving Mrs. Clinton’s (the winner of the POTUS popular vote in 2016) hairstyle.   The above photo from Getty Images and this article.

  62. meanwhile, a little anxiety across the pond.

    from the guardian:

    Scotland’s plans for a second independence referendum have wrong-footed Prime Minister Theresa May, who could now be forced into giving the go-ahead for the vote — but only after Brexit.


    “Sturgeon ambushes May,” read a front-page headline in The Times, while the Guardian said: “May’s Brexit plan upstaged as Sturgeon seizes her moment.”


    The Metro daily said: “Scots throw a sporran in the works” — a reference to a distinctive leather pouch worn in traditional Scottish Highland dress.

    Commentators pointed out the irony that May will now be forced to argue at the same time against membership of one union — the European one — but in favour of another — the British one.

    The European Commission said an independence referendum was a domestic matter for Britain but indicated that Scotland would have to reapply to the EU if it broke off from Britain.

    Gianni Pittella, head of the socialist group in the European Parliament, told a briefing in Strasbourg on Tuesday: “The hard Brexit disaster is beginning to unfold with Scotland looking to get out of the UK.”

    May faces another headache in Northern Ireland.

    Irish nationalists Sinn Fein made major gains in elections in the British-ruled province earlier this month and on Monday called for a referendum to leave Britain and unite with Ireland “as soon as possible”.

    “We’re in unchartered waters,” said Quentin Peel, associate fellow with the Europe programme at Chatham House, an international affairs think tank.

    “We don’t know which way it’s going and we don’t know if actually the Scottish threat combined with a possible threat of a Northern Ireland rebellion as well might actually at the end of the day stop Theresa May doing what she’s doing,” he said.

  63. Pat: Thanks for reposting KO’s video. Don’t know why GQ did whatever they did, but it’s back and that’s good! Also I was going to post Seth’s hilarious video, glad you beat me to it 😉 I watched a couple of videos including the today show where KellyAnne did her ridiculous microwave oven comparison that inspired Seth’s images. So funny! She’s back and just as crazy as ever!

    Stella is wreaking havoc here in Mass so far. Very white outside and absolutely no cars on the roads! I’m cozy and warm inside and hoping the power doesn’t go out so I’ll stay that way 😀

  64. Anyone who wants to do a deep dive into global healthcare plans can read this PDF 

    Short version of multipage report for successful plans:  Mandatory

  65. This section of the Trail has been awesomely scenic. From the microwaves to KO, from the “It’s Really Awful !” segment of mornjoe  to the global healthcare plans PDF. There are wowz the entire ride. Thanks to you all.

  66. The fourth great grand just turned four months old.  So far she thinks earth is a great place to be.


  67. So here’s a little travel log of my home town during a snow storm for your viewing pleasure. Greg Saulmon is a reporter for the Springfield Republican/MassLive and filmed himself driving into work this morning around 10am before the roads got too bad. I decided to share it because these are areas I travel in all the time. He also gives a nice commentary all through the drive with a few interesting notes along the way. Early on he mentions that Holyoke DPW will have a hard time getting the city ready for the weekend. He’s referring to the fact that we have one of the larger St Patrick’s Day parades in the country here and it’s scheduled for Sunday. It looks like we may have another storm before then so it’s not looking good for the parade me thinks 😮

    FYI, I live just down the street from where he starts out on his morning drive. Enjoy:


  68. Jamie: So adorable!!! Wish we were all that young, innocent and unaware of the mess we’re in.

    Don’t know if anyone else saw this but Bill Nye has made a video letter to trumplestiltskin about science and funding for NASA! Very eloquent but good luck Bill getting the science denier and his moronic staff interested in that!

  69. awesome yes, xr. the trail is like a meeting of friends (quaker style) where silences are interspersed with often disparate but delightfully thought-provoking movements of spirit.

  70. yep xrepub, sometimes a thread just takes on a life of its own. This has been one of those. I am always curious to see where this organism we call a blog takes itself.

  71. and btw just finished editing a fascinating PatD post for tomorrow. A real thought provoker. Keep those contributions coming folks. It’s what makes us special.

  72. It feels, after the 100 or so replies on this post, and the constant deluge across the media – that the public is being drowned in messaging.  After all, just how much can one individual take in until they shake their head and say “whatever”.  It’s not about the talk – it’s about the results.

    For the love that is all holy, if I have to spend another minute watching puke bullspit across the airwaves again – I’m going lose it.

  73. With that having been said, and a good aged whiskey downed – where’s the Presidential leadership in all of this?

  74. Rick and I have weathered this storm very well.  The lights haven’t even flickered.  It’s starting to wind down now and it looks like we aren’t going to get quite as much as they predicted….   maybe only 16-18 inches instead.  The snow is light and fluffy here.  South of here, they got freezing rain on top of their snow and the temps are going to plunge tonight…  everything will freeze hard for them.  I’ll take what we got any day of the week.

  75. Renee, sounds like a nice little snowstorm in your neck of the woods. Not so much to the south. Glad things are well there.

    DV, I have to say you get the right approach. Drink before you go nuts listening to bullshit. I think I’ll follow your lead

  76. gotta serve my man some barbecued pulled pork leftovers with reheated tater tots and baked beans. Better than it sounds. Otherwise I’d might have something to say about topics of the day.

  77. I’ve lost a lot of weight since the election.  If I’m able to make it through the first stages of the fascist purges and culling of the weak (unlikely), I’ll be less of a target for post-apocalyptic cannibals.  #longtermplan

  78. I imagine this is the evidence the justice department is working on so diligently to prove trump’s assertion of wire tapping and microwave snooping — the We-Vib…tracking usage.   Digital spies among us and how about Tillerson?  Alias Wayne Tracker….I am thinking of a novel…Wayne Tracker meets Carlos Danger in a dark alley…

    And more breaking news…melania and barron have used the snow day wisely — the roll-out of the anti-cyber bullying campaign is about to begin.  ‘Just say no!’   Starting next month, elementary students will receive vouchers for B.A.R.E.  — the Bullying Awareness and Resistance Education program, bumper stickers included.

  79. Still snowing pretty hard (8:30ish) but it’s expected to taper off by midnight, fingers crossed. No power outage so I’m knocking on wood too 🙂

    dvitale300: I’m usually on information overload so it’s always nice to have other things to distract my mind with. Doing graphic designs works well and even a Noreaster will do in a pinch LOL!

  80. Blonde Wino: I thought Melania’s so called cyber bullying campaign was going to be a joke. She strikes me as an emotionally abused (bullied) woman so I find it inconceivable that she is doing this on her own. Plus, I don’t think she has the intelligence to pull it off either. I remember that weird rally thing trumplestiltskin did in Miami a few weeks ago, there was a video of him having Malania begin the proceedings with the Lord’s Prayer and she had to read it from a sheet of paper. Then another video I saw of a church service early on after the inauguration and someone handed her and the donald a booklet with the hymn that was being sung, and after about 30 seconds of trying to read the thing he put in on the pew and indicated to her to do the same. Should be interesting to see what she, or whoever’s pulling her strings, comes up with.

  81. I hope the B. A. R. E. part is a joke or there are going to be some old modeling pictures going around with the stickers in appropriate places.

  82. Awaiting the morning glory here and patd’s post.   My bank account woke me up early and the winos are pleased to announce they are ‘moving-on up!’   Today I received my first social security retirement payment…the deposit that propelled the winos to the lower middle class.  We have made it over the poverty line and just in time for hubby’s medicare.   Fearing the trumpence crackdown on healthcare and well just about anything that is healthy, the winos have left the orphanage of medicaid before the repugs burn down the house.   I have landed on a marketplace silver plan and my countdown to medicare begins…before ryan guts that program.  I am 18 months away from medicare and sensing the change in the tide, wind direction of the country?  I had a myriad of medical tests last year and if I am without insurance?  I think I can make to medicare before the repug assholes pull the plug.   I refuse to fall into the insurance fugue of 2013.

    Glad to hear the storm was not as bad as predicted, but five humans still lost their lives.  Mother Nature will not be ignored!

    tillerson and wayne tracker — the carlos danger of dirty climate talk.

  83. trump donating his POTUS salary?  Not so fast.   he needs to pay for his own security, too.  bragging billionaire can pay his own bills as I have enough trouble paying my own.    this guy is sucking so much money out out of the US of AA, he is leaving us with little marrow and dry bones.   It has been said that trumpence won the electoral college with 77,000 citizens in swing state counties.   I think we can ‘take’ these supporters even if they have most of the guns.  repugs do not have a mandate…dateless again, empty suitors.

    Today I am hanging my pussyhat on what comey says…if he can’t stop trumpence, we are in for a long spartan battle.  Dirty cops, dirty military?   Keep the sunlight on the spartan state.

  84. Granny…your comment about mel reading the lord’s prayer at the rally in florida?  I understand mel tried to take credit for writing the prayer.  She is one crazy crusader mixing religion with government.

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