Trump l’oeil Art of the Con

By PatD, a Trail Mix Contributor

Wiki tells us that Trompe-l’oeil (French for “deceive the eye” — pronounced trômp ˈloi) is an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions.

Just after the election, an astute writer wrote this in a letter to The Star:

… we have the political version of a trompe-l’oeil painting, in which objects offer the illusion of three-dimensionality. The textures of Clinton’s fictional criminality – even monstrosity – were ultimately rendered more prominent than her opponent’s actual racism and sexism. Sadly, a rational, qualified and progressive candidate was obscured in this Trump-l’oeil. (Kirsten Munro, Toronto)

More to the point in general, the hopenchange blog also equated the new president with the art technique:

The idea is to create a nearly 3-dimensional illusion of grandeur, when the reality is that the decorative urn, Greek columns, or window looking onto a magnificent Mediterranean vista is only the depth of a coat of paint. And that’s where we’re at right now with Trump L’oeil – trying to separate the illusion from the reality.

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81 thoughts on “Trump l’oeil Art of the Con”

  1. Excellent post, patd.  Weapons of mass deception.

    and a housecleaning note:  I have steamed the pussyhat to restore it to its memory before the crush of imports in customs.   I watched a seven minute video about steaming hats…felt, straw, etc. and I was amazed to restore it to its former shape.

  2. since we already have fake news and fake president, might as well have fake health care.  our very own reality show lacks reality.

  3. Top marine states…’we have to change….”   What?  Into something more comfortable like hefner’s smoking jacket.  (I sure did age myself with that old timey hefner reference, but these guys are taking us back to the 1950’s.)

  4. yep, bw, you’re right about “trump donating his POTUS salary…  he needs to pay for his own security, too.  bragging billionaire can pay his own bills….” especially the millions it costs taxpayers every time he fancies hitting balls. hope the press press him to offset the costs of those mar-a-lago weekends.

  5. C’est brilliante.

    Trompe-l’oeil is a perfect analogy for this illusion of a government and trump-l’oeil is a great perjorative for this White House.

  6. I just saw that Joe Manchin described the trumpdontcare proposal as adding “insult to injury.”  I am astounded that I actually am in agreement with something that the Democratic senator from the great state of West by God Virginia has to say about something.

  7. Published on Mar 14, 2017

    Everything fishy in Trump World—everything!—leads back to Russia

  8. hah! they recognized it as far back as 2009?  just came across this on urban dictionary listed as top definition:

    Trump Trompe L’oeil
    Donald Trump’s Hair Style; Trompe l’oiel in French pronounced TRUMP-LOY, means trick of the eye. The Trump Trompe L’oiel refers the hair style of Entrepreneur Donald Trump, as his hairstyle itself is a “trick of the eye”. It is in fact the most famous comb-over in the history of comb-overs. There have been many entrepreneurs who made a lot of money only to die and be forgotten. In a hundred years after the death of Donald Trump, he will not be remembered for his entrepreneurial achievements; rather he will be remembered for his hair.
    Could you please style my hair in the fashion of the Trump Trompe L’oeil? Its a very hot look right now….
    #hairstyle #trump #optical illusion #comb-over #trick of the eye
    by Nico Salazar April 13, 2009

  9. speaking of trump l’oeil hair, check out at 1:35-1:45 minutes in of above ko vid on drumpf’s shoulder that strand of hair, that platinum lock, that errant hint of things to come…. he’s losing it in more ways than one.

  10. Speaking of Cons

    Did  Rachael Maddow get punked yesterday?

    While the article wonders about a Trump leak, in reality anybody could have created that “tax return” There is no signature either by Trump or a tax preparer. It could easily been a total fraud created in some tricksters basement.

    If I had done it I would at least had the  accounting firm of Dewey Cheatum & Howe sign the preparers line.


  11. Pussy Grabber confirmed the return pieces were real so he could complain that the author of the article had stolen them

    But the returns are a perfect example of patd’s post

  12. He took advantage of them anyway, but we don’t know they are real. After all it is common practice to get a statement so he could have easily known what numbers were on the forms.


  13. my bet’s on little Donnie jr as the leaker.  can tell by the wet spot on his twitter.

    vanity fair: ….Donald Trump Jr., Trump’s eldest child, was elated. Eight minutes into Maddow’s broadcast, he tweeted his great appreciation for the MSNBC host.
    clue here is I doubt lil don watches Rachel unless he’s anticipating a gotcha opportunity

    and wapo:

    “It’s entirely possible that Donald sent this to me,” Johnston told Maddow. “It’s a possibility, and it could have been leaked by someone in his direction.”

    Others noted that the tax return was labeled “client copy,” ostensibly indicating that it came from someone close to him, rather than the IRS.

    So,” said a blogger at, “either Donald Trump leaked this himself, or someone with a ‘client copy’ did. Given that there appears to be nothing embarrassing about the return whatsoever, and the world is laughing at Maddow, my money’s on Trump being the leaker. It’s probably the most favorable return for his narrative in existence.”

  14. The white supers are afraid that if they become an actual minority they may begin to be treated like a minority.

  15. Sturgeon, with your name you’re in good shape; I had to submit paperwork to establish my membership in Clan McPherson. But, we are both in a good position to establish our ‘rights of return’ as members of the Scottish diaspora.

  16. I thought Rachel punked herself last night with the ridiculous promo tweet. She’s already got the ratings and she’s doing good work focusing on actions rather than the next shiny statement. She had no need to rush this document out like it was the key to bringing down the whole regime.

    Now she looks like a fool, and deservedly so in my opinion.

  17. the old tax return leak and the offer to press to tell him where to put his salary are red herrings… by next week’s hearing on the trump-russia connection now starring comey, there will be a school of them swimming in the press pool.

  18. Flatus/Sturgeon

    With a daddy born in Scotland, I’ve got the right of return thing locked up, but I might be inclined to petition Canada first … Eh

  19. And unless you’ve already found gainful employment in Canada and can give said at least 20 yrs of your services, Canada doesn’t want you.  Believe it or not…  Canadians aren’t stupid or into American hubris.

    patd…  very clever post….   bravo!

  20. thanks for the applause, but all kudos should go to the magical google goblin who works in the great internetland library. I just cut n paste.

  21. Claiming Canadian citizenship through a parent is actually pretty easy.  I know a couple of people who have dual citizenship — and they are very happy. It’s immigrating that’s a problem although their asylum policy is better.

  22. showtime! opening Monday in star studded hearing! variety declares long run, maybe longer than that great hit “Benghazi”

    from the daily beast:

    FBI Director James Comey and former acting U.S. Attorney General Sally Yates are among the initial witnesses invited to testify before the first House hearing on Russian meddling in the U.S. election. According to a list released Tuesday by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the open hearing—set to begin Monday, March 20—will feature Comey; Yates, who warned the White House prior to her firing that NatSec adviser Michael Flynn had not been forthright about his conversations with Russia; NSA Director Mike Rogers; former CIA Director John Brennan; former director of national intelligence James Clapper; and two executives from CrowdStrike, the cybersecurity firm that uncovered proof of Russia’s hacking of the DNC during the 2016 election.

    question for all you former prosecutors and trail sleuths out there: won’t such public testimony tend to muck-up any current and future investigation?

  23. Hmm, my paternal great grandfather was a British soldier serving up North who elected to be discharged in Canada. I wonder…

  24. and on senate side,

    wapo: ‘Is there an investigation?’ Graham demands answers from FBI on Russia.

    Frustration with Comey is boiling over in the judiciary panel, where Chairman Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) said Tuesday night that he would not schedule Rosenstein for a confirmation vote until the FBI director briefs the full panel on Russia. Grassley, along with ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein (Calif.), first requested such a briefing after Michael T. Flynn resigned as national security adviser last month.

    Comey contacted Grassley’s office Wednesday morning to schedule a briefing with him for Wednesday afternoon. But according to a spokeswoman for Grassley, that briefing will be limited to just Grassley and Feinstein. The spokeswoman would not speculate on whether such a briefing would be enough for Grassley to rescind his threat and schedule Rosenstein for a vote in committee.


    Grassley has given Graham, who chairs the Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security, the reins of the full committee inquiry into allegations that Russia meddled in the 2016 elections.

    Graham argued Wednesday morning that it is vital that he know whether the FBI has an active criminal investigation surrounding Trump so that his inquiry doesn’t get in the way.

    “Is there an investigation? Because I need to know before I move forward into investigating Russia from a congressional lense — I don’t want to interfere with a criminal investigation if there is one,” he said. He added, however, that he thinks “the entire country needs to know if there’s something there there.”

  25. btw, any connection between this

    [from cbs story on leaked 2005 return]

    Another tantalizing tidbit for the accounting crowd: Line 12 of the document, which lists more than $40 million in business income, also known as self-employment income. “Where is that money coming from?” Lieberman asked.


    and this  [from wapo’s earlier exposes on drumpf finances]

    There is strong evidence that Trump’s businesses have received significant funding from Russian investors. Most notably, Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. made that very claim at a real estate conference in New York in 2008, saying “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets.” Donald Trump Jr. added, “we see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”

    seems incumbent on the committees that lil Donnie jr. needs to be interrogated  uh questioned too

  26. There are a few dozen potential targets for craig r sawyer’s death squads here on the Trail. Mr Bink, never one to be subtle in his remarks about the fascist deadbeat draft dodger, should be the first to go (to Canada). I shall remain here at my post until the bratbitter end. No Pasaran !


  27. Yeah….   as you all know….  both my parents and all my relatives (except a brother and sister) were born in Canada.  I’m sure I could easily get dual citizenship.  But I won’t.  I’m an American.  I ain’t letting frump or anyone else run me from this country.  I’m gonna stay right here and speak my mind.  I’m gonna go vote in our town election tomorrow…   and I’m gonna vote for everything the school has asked for…   I believe in this country and I believe in education.

    So if any of you pussies want to leave… well….  don’t let the screen door hit your fannies on the way out.  So there….

  28. fyi all, I checked in with Sjwny, who hasn’t been around lately, turns out she’s a bit under the weather, wishing her the best.

  29. In October, I believed in America.  In November, I realized what a fool I’d been.

    Get out before they wall you in.

  30. Ms SJNY,

    I’m wishing a swift and complete recovery. I’ll wait for you here. Hugs.

  31. sjwny, on the way to recovery I hope.  nothing like the current political climate to aggravate  already what ails one.  spring is on it’s way so, hopefully, are happier days.

  32. We’ll need good-looking martyrs for our posters.

    I’d volunteer, but I’m a mutt – and an unattractive mutt at that. G!D alone knows what Sweetie sees in me. I may not be a poster boy for the side of Gravity, Learning, and the Virtues, but at least I can use up some of craig r sawyer’s death squad ammo.

  33. In November, I realized what a fool I’d been. – Mr Bink

    Amen, Brother, amen.

  34. said by joe. must be so.

    business insider: Scarborough suggests Trump leaked own tax return to ‘distract from Russia hearings and the Trumpcare meltdown’

    In a series of tweets on Wednesday, the “Morning Joe” host pointed out that the 2005 federal tax return depicted the president in a more positive light than some expected — Trump paid a federal income tax rate of 25%, despite writing off nearly $100 million in business losses — and that the fanfare surrounding their release helped overshadow questions about Trump’s ties to Russia and the troubled rollout of the GOP’s new healthcare bill.

  35. We Minnesotans saw this in ’98 when ‘we’ elected james (alias jesse the bloated ventura) janos to be our goobernator. I shoulda know both better and badder.


  36. drip, drip, drip or as they say east (way way east) of here капанье, капанье. капанье


    President Donald Trump’s original pick for deputy national security adviser is now lobbying for a Ukrainian businessman who once advocated that Kiev acquiesce to Moscow’s annexation of Crimea.

    Conservative commentator Monica Crowley, who would have served as the administration’s national security spokeswoman, withdrew from the transition team in January after a series of CNN’s KFILE reports revealed that she had plagiarized parts of Ph.D. dissertation at Columbia University.

    According to a Friday filing with Justice Department, Crowley is now lobbying for Victor Pinchuk, a Ukrainian oligarch and former Ukrainian politician.

    Crowley “will be providing outreach services on behalf of Mr. Victor Pinchuk,” according to the Foreign Agents Registration Act filing, which requires people working on behalf of a foreign entity in a “political or quasi-political” capacity to file records.

  37. Jamie, so his big story misses the 6:30 prime time news?  oh well, gives cnn a filler.

    btw, that golden chair a euphemism for the tower trash facilities?

  38. NPR had an interesting piece on the American Bund that existed in the pre-War 20th century. Gosh, what a terrible bunch–mirrored Hitler’s groups to a ‘T’. I realize it’s not the same now as then, but I feel a terrible visceral discomfiture. The Trump enablers in our government must go peacefully or, alternatively, be ousted.

  39. sjwny….    hope you get better soon…

    Get out before they wall you in.

    Bink….  what and miss the Patriots and Red Sox play…   in the words of any New Englander worth their salt….   NEVA!

  40. Ah, another day of a blender full of poo with a lot of TP filler.  One of the difficult parts of the current WH is trying to break the peaks and valley’s into news cycles.  It used to be easy because normal people would start for the 7am ET beginning and then work through the 11am ET Noon news to the 5pm news to the 11pm news.  This WH pours out crap around the clock.  Between made up stuff, propaganda (“fake news”), Congressional outflow, and the scrap of real news, there is no time to take a breath.

  41. the oatmeal begs for grizzly comments in a very creative way.  worthy of a look.

    and here’s a vid on that site they hope you’ll watch

    Published on Mar 10, 2017

    How do you catch a grizzly bear, and why!? There are fewer than 10 grizzly bears left in the North Cascades in Washington State. Ecologist and bear expert Chris Morgan (PBS, BBC, National Geographic) hosts this entertaining and moving 13 minute film that shows us first hand how bear populations can be saved by translocating them from one area to another. A story beautifully told, with pace, facts, and emotion. Please share it far and wide for the bear. Our mountains would be empty without them. Please share your opinion about restoring grizzly bears to the North Cascades with the National Park Service here:

  42. The way to catch a Grizz…….dig a hole in the woods, build a fire in it and let it die down…… a can of peas and line the peas around the edge of the hole……when the Grizz comes up to take a pea, you kick him in the ash hole.

  43. Better French nasal than German throat.

    One of the fun things of life is being in the middle of real issues.  I know almost all of you are talking of issues which will affect you through things like health care, it is a small, and rather tiny, minority who would be headlines if things were known.  If you know what you are talking about, you are talking too much.  If I told you what I know . . .

    One of the most difficult things people who know are going through, is they do know, and by law cannot say anything.  All are fed employees or former employees or federal retirees.  They signed documents and contracts that prevent them from saying anything or writing anything.  And, they are honest enough to not break their public vows.  But, and this is a big “but”, if trump goes over the line they will protect America from the Russians/Soviets.

  44. Trump on the road tosses “Ryancare” under Air Force One. You’re Screwed Mr. Speaker.

  45. boss, you mean “trumpdontcare” with name hurriedly scratched thru, rewrapped and recycled as the speaker’s bill.  must keep focus on the turnip’s misstep of proclaiming it and asking support for it when it was initially announced. make him own it.  skewered  by his own  pitard er tweet

  46. My late pal G.R. used to lure grizzly bears into the yard with birdseed. I use birdseed to lure cardinals. Who got the better deal ?

  47. Pat: Such a good post and totally on point! Everything done by trumplestiltskin and his henchmen it done to trick and deceive. This latest slight of hand with the 2005 tax return is just so much crap! Rachel should have handled it differently to be sure. I firmly believe that donnie and the lowlifes went through his tax returns to select the one that would be most favorable to him and then got some stooge to leak it. It’s becoming ever more clear to me that his returns for recent years will show mega entanglements with Russia…oh, and probably nothing worthy of the term “charitable donations” either!

    Craig: Very nice of you to track down info on sjwny. Hope everything will improve for her.

    Mrdoodlesdog: Love Randy. I subscribe to his channel, he never disappoints!

  48. Maybe it really is ryanDON’Tcare. Why not make a statement bigly, by knocking the Speaker out of office in ’18 ?

  49. I’m happy to hear that a Hawaiian federal Judge has blocked trump’s Muslim travel ban 2.0 before it’s going into effect. Tralala!

  50. I’m listening to our idiot president talk about the ban that was banned and the court that banned it. The crowd is chanting “lock her up”, go figure, but really what I’ve got to say is an honest to God I hate to put it quite this bluntly, but Trump is a fucking idiot.

  51. To a certain percentage of the population, he’s an idiota… a certain other portion of the population he seems to be approaching Savior status.


  52. Netanyahu is smiling and nodding his head…….and behind his eyes runs a loop….”We’ve seen this shit before, German.”

  53. I was doing a little surfing during halftime of the USC vs Providence game, and came a cross a gem. I have a soft spot of memory for the old variety shows of the 1970s. And I stumbled onto one of the finest entertainers of the time, Mr Roy Clark. Hope you enjoy!

    <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

  54. Pogo…..folks like us seldom get stabbed under the statue of Pompeious Magnus in March……….we always wait to get stabbed in July or August, when it’s a relief to get stabbed…….

  55. Ok, I guess every jerkinpole’s got a gripe………but I ain’t seen “Hey-o” lately.

  56. Sturgeon,you don’t mean right after we say something like “Goddam, just fugging kill me!!” do you?

  57. Big day for kim il trump ! trumpDON’Tcare AND Bigot Immigration 2.0 both died today. AND, the russian/corruption mess is still oozing out : the FBI can’t comment on whether or not they are investigating the 2016 trumplapaloozer campaign and pre-inaugural cloak and faker. If there were no investigation they’d say so.

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