This could be a really bad couple of months!

Those of us who practice critical thinking understand the concept.  That’s what I try to teach to my students every day – look at issues from all sides while questioning the motive of the owner of the message.

Unfortunately, I think too many people (including me) look at the 27.33452% of the population who support Donald Trump and believe they have not processed the information we have processed correctly.  That is not true, however – leaving many of us frustrated and angry that people, sometimes our loved ones or friends, have views about politics that we find objectionable and obtuse.

What we are dealing with is a type of re-education that has taken place through the “Uses and Gratification” theory of communication – that people seek out information sources that validate their thoughts.  Hell – I do this as well. 

But many of the 27% are psychologically weak. They have been given a common enemy. They have been lied to over and over and over.  They are looking for something to be a part of, participate in – in other words they are trying to instill meaning and order into their lives.

But their commitment to SFB is less like an avid fan and more like  a converted Hare Krishna disciple — who is armed.

The debates are pointless, the field of people who are undecided is negligible, and the danger that we often negate because of its’ mere absurdity is not a fantasy. 

This could get deadly my fellow mixers – how deadly I don’t know.  Thoughts?

Is it time to go “all in”?

By Dvitale300, a Trail Mix Contributor

So – This map shows countries across the world and their health care systems.  Those countries in blue have universal health care.  Those countries in green are implementing universal health care.  The two orange countries have universal “war time” health care.

I was talking with my sister yesterday, an avid Republican who could never vote for that “bitch Clinton”.  We first discussed the fact that she’s still up to her hips in those Mexicans in Arizona and is waiting for the wall.  I gave her the bad news.

She is on the “Arizona Obama Exchange” for health care.  Said her coverage is going up about 80% this next year.  I told her that it’s absolutely her fault for voting for that “sonuvabitch Trump”.  She chuckled, and then went into this diatribe about what health care should be like in our country – and she described universal health care.  I told her it would never happen with her voting for Republicans.  She didn’t get it – but alas, she IS a Republican.  In several other discussions I’ve had with my Republican friends, they end up talking about a health care system in America that has a lot of the universal health care flavor.

Perhaps it is time for a group of Democrats with testicles to just get up and propose universal health care – talking about nothing but the benefits – and the fact that the super-rich won’t bet a billion dollar tax cut, but will help pay.  I know we’ll be able to get 22 million new supporters by 2026.  Perhaps that will start the revolution?  What say ye?  Is it time?

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Time to re-visit the Fairness Doctrine?

By Dvitale300, a Trail Mix Contributor

In August of 1987, four FCC commissioners (1 appointed by Nixon, 3 appointed by Reagan), dismantled what was known as the “Fairness Doctrine”.  The Fairness Doctrine had been in place since 1941 where it originally applied to radio broadcasts.

In a nutshell, the FD “established two forms of regulation on broadcasters: to provide adequate coverage of public issues, and to ensure that coverage fairly represented opposing views”.

‘In keeping with our station’s ‘fairness doctrine,’ let’s hear from a bigot…’

I remember watching television news broadcasts where opposing points of view were brought on screen to rebut an editorial or critical/controversial news story.  Sometimes it seemed a bit awkward, but usually you could tell in a few seconds whether the opposing viewpoint was BS or not.

While I realize we have an entirely different media schema today, with the passing of opposing newspapers in cities, and the plethora of cable and internet media (not to mention the fact that viewers of Faux News are statistically considered the most ignorant media consumers in our country); current politics and policy have arrived at the point in which perhaps a new Fairness Doctrine needs to be re-visited.

As a discussion topic point, Megyn Kelly is set to air an interview on NBC news this Sunday.  The interview is with Alex Jones, a renowned conspiracy guru who has said that 9-11 was an “inside job” and that Sandy Hook was fake in which no one died and the teachers and children were actors.

While JP Morgan Chase has cancelled all advertising on NBC until after the interview – is this enough?  Is it enough to let the free market system police what goes on the public airways?  Or, is it time to re-visit the Fairness Doctrine?

What say ye?

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This is how Democrats apologize!

By Dvitale300, a Trail Mix Contributor

I would not think anyone of sound mind and national spirit would believe the “stunt” pulled by Kathy Griffen was cute nor funny. Griffin is often times an edgy comedian who steps to the accepted edge of comedic normality.

At the end of this video, Griffin issues a profoundly honest apology statement over the picture that she posted.  While that does not instantaneously absolve her of guilt and responsibility – she did step up and issue the apology.  She’s been fired by CNN and a number of other media / financial outlets – as she should be.

But let us also think about how Republicans apologize when they step over the line.  In April, President Trump hosted a well known ‘over the hill’ rock star at the oval office.  This rock star, Ted Nugent, suggested the assassination of President Obama; a statement that opened up a Secret Service investigation.

So – kudo’s to Griffin for stepping up and apologizing (and I’m not supporting what she did).  But the republicans have consistently showed a lack or ability in owning up to their own obscene actions.


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I hope nobody takes this wrong, but; they won!

By Dvitale300, a Trail Mix Contributor

I hope nobody takes this wrong, but; they won!

They’re mean spirited, cannot be trusted, in bed with the Russians and manipulating the media, probably partly involved with this BS stunt that Comey pulled, they know what was going on in the Rust Belt, they were filled with hate, they reached out to my parents who wanted nothing more than to see the brown people go, followed by the ni$$ers followed by the Jews – they ran a brilliant campaign.  They’re living like Kings and Queens, funneling money into their private businesses, shutting down transparency, not releasing tax returns, and on and on and on.  They tried to give mega billions to the super rich while cutting health insurance to over 20 million people.

I hope nobody takes this wrong, but; they won!

They make up news, they make up history, they lie about how they’ll handle foreign policy (China as a currency manipulator), change of stance on Syria, change of stance on North Korea, they shuffle incompetent people around into roles of leadership.

I hope nobody takes this wrong, but; they won!

I would love to personally spank Debbie Wasserman-Schultz!  No, not in any kind of kinky sexual way, but like the spankings my dad used to give me – where he emphasized each word with a swing of the belt:  “You (whack) fucked (whack) up (whack) this (whack) election (whack) because(whack) you (whack) weren’t (whack) interested (whack) in (whack) your (whack) party (whack) but (whack) rather (whack) yourself (whackiddy)(whack)(whack)!

I hope nobody takes this wrong, but; they won!

It is time for the Democrats to bear down and get busy.  This is going to take some serious strategy and bright minds.

Who do they get and what’s their first 5 steps?

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