“What’s so unpleasant about being drunk?”

“Ask a glass of water!”
— Douglas Adams a Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy

By Blue Bronc, a Trail Mix Contributor

I enjoyed the many campaigns from June 2007 to the election in 2008.  I went back and forth between Hillary and Obama until caucus day.  I went with Obama only because he was the professor and steady.  HRC was the politician and steady too, but there was that little extra excitement with Obama. *

The intervening election was so-so.  Romney was the perfect Republican.  White, male, rich, and out of touch with his base.  And Obama did the expected.

Now we have something even more exciting.  In a way I am happy I never have met nor have been in a room with the weird guy with a dead, dyed orange, muskrat, on his head.  He is even out of touch with other  millionaires, but his status is questionable.  Now that his real income and wealth is being talked about he may want to try and become a federal employee, okay retirement and healthcare plans (considering what the Republicans are doing to us), but with the joy of helping others make America better by preventing bugs and disease from entering our country.

There is one problem with this race though. Too bad if you get into a “take a drink” for every stupid thing the gas bag says.  You would start the day with a couple of good ones.  By lunch you would be sucking in water for balance.

Cocktail Glasses
Cocktail Glasses

Dinner and you need help finding your phone to call for a taxi.  After dinner and trying to focus on the televisions.  You are now wondering why you have two televisions because when you left in the morning there was only one and something.  But you are committed to the game and pass out after chugging a bottle of Tanqueray.

The polls are now looking like 400 electoral votes for HRC, and that is the conservative view.  Can she run the table?  George Washington did it.  For fun you can go to a site and play with the map and numbers.  I have Hillary at 451 to the large stink 83.  You can also see a couple of good websites to visit and subscribe too. Lots of info.

If the guy under the poor dead and dyed orange possum does keep on going until November it is possible he will sour so many people, especially the thirty percent which are hard core Republicans, that he too could give do the thing that has not really happened in a few years, a complete run of the electoral votes.  Which would give the Dems the House, Senate and WH for the first time since the last time the Repubs were nasty, nasty.

What it comes down to is the guy is a disaster as a human.  I have not found anything about him funny.  No laughs.  The other day a co-worker and I discussing some issue which involved outhouses, which led to a lot of laughs.  Two holers, three holers, seats and no seat splinters. . . But even though I would compare the guy to something, there is no laugh when you talk about him.

However, the Republicans elected him to run and the Republican leadership supports him.  But, when his Chernobyl hits I will want a lot of popcorn – and gin.

*I gave my tickets, in the politicians section away.  I picked up a ticket which put me in the upper upper deck of Mile High Stadium.  It was a most beautiful Denver August night, warm and dry.  I sat with those who were not the privileged.  I sat with people who saw in Obama a bit of themselves.  If it were Hillary on the stage these Dems would not be where they are.   They spoke Spanish and saw in a man of color their dreams.  We cheered together.  We laughed together. We cried together. I had more fun with these people who were strangers as we met for the first and last time, than I would have down in front with the other politicians who I knew.

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The Truth Is In The Headlines

By Blue Bronc, Trail Mix Contributor

Coyotes tripping on psychedelics could be terrorizing California’s posh Marin County — Raw Story
Do we live in an already-dead ‘zombie galaxy’ and don’t know it? — Raw Story

So where do we fit Trump into today’s headlines? A few things happen to be bigger than a blowhard and his Alaskan camp follower. Speaking of which, Palin disappeared faster than a rain drop in Niagara Falls. I wonder what he is so afraid of to disappear her so fast. She can speak as much trash as he can, but doing it while blinking.

Reading these two stories convinced me once again we spend too much time thinking and not enough time sitting back and watching Mother Nature do her thing. In this case she is playing with stoned coyotes and converting galaxies into the non-living. While we are concerned that HRC might lose the election to someone, TBD, who is just slightly more popular than farts in an elevator (that could be one of several in the clown car). A change of perspective is needed.

wile-e-coyote-5000806Due to a media that lives in false equivalencies the polls cited almost always have something about how Trump is more popular than a good beer belch and HRC is about to be indicted for BENGHAZI* or hiding TS emails on her computers. First, Benghazi is a thousandth rerun of a used car commercial. It is not going anywhere, because there is no there, there. The email thing is partly dumb thinking, but also how things worked.

Reading the reports of the latest “classified” emails makes it sound just like the others which were supposed to be classified. Maybe they are, but not until years after the unclassified original emails were sent. Often things are classified well after the action, which may or may not be important. Considering the time duration, this sounds like someone she had pissed off is doing a little payback. I do not see the email situation as important.

So, in the scheme of how life works, I would rather have an old HRC running the show than any one of the idiots riding around in the clown car. Those fools are completely out of this world or universe. More like they are riding in a Zombie Universe, only now showing up on our Earth to confuse low intake voters.

As for the loud mouth, perhaps that mouth had been used like the shroom eating coyotes? It might explain some of the rude behaviour and stupid things said.

*you have to see the movie, and not the trashy thing on the big screen a few weeks ago