By Sturgeone, a Trail Mix Contributor

My friend Don, from Rapid City, liked to draw. ¬† He would doodle cartoons all the time when I met him in 70 when he joined our acid-rock band, and did for many years after in many different bands all over the country. ¬†During one of his goings-to-ground in Winston-Salem, he actually got to go to the local community college there and take some art courses, and began painting pictures. ¬†After our last hoo-rah, the tour up into Canada in 82, he went back home to Rapid and opened an illustration ¬†business. ¬†We stayed in touch and after the Internet came he began to send me some pics of some of his paintings over the years. ¬†I got this pic around 2010—a self-portrait titled “Bring it On”. ¬†He never mentioned anything overtly but shortly after, I got word he’d died.

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