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  1. I LOVE the crab point of view pic Sturg. That could be a whole series, critter POV. By the way, If you can get these posts to me before my bedtime Fridays I can have them teed up for first thing Saturday mornings.

  2. Ordinarily a crab’s point of view would be of pluff mud and murky water, but this one wanted to fly.

  3. as usual the twit distances himself from and diminishes the importance of past co-conspirators as in his remark yesterday about Manafort only being with him 49 days.  conveniently forgetting a history with major issues other than the Russia thing.

    example is this from a newsweek article last october:
    The man who helped put Mike Pence a heartbeat away from the presidency is now facing federal charges.
    Paul Manafort, who was hit Monday with 12 counts tied to alleged financial schemes, pushed for Pence to become Trump’s running mate and even managed to talk Trump out of his doubts. As the Trump administration now works to distance itself from Manafort, his Pence pick stands among the best evidence of his impact as Trump’s short-lived campaign manager. 
    Before Trump formally announced Pence as his vice presidential candidate, it was Manafort who made sure it happened, The New York Times reported last year. 
    Trump had hesitated to settle on Pence, who was governor of Indiana. Trump was fielding last-ditch appeals from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and publicly said he had not made a “final, final decision” until advisers like Manafort reminded him of the importance of uniting the GOP around conservative Christian values. 

    and this excerpt in wapo today:
    Manafort, soft-spoken and dignified, cultivated an air of mystery about his international exploits. He earned the nickname “the Count” — after the Count of Monte Cristo, the fictional character known for adventure and intrigue, and also because of his skill at tallying delegate votes at political conventions.
    One of his partners in the firm, Roger Stone, worked with Manafort and would also become an adviser to Trump.
    While together, the firm did some lobbying and consulting for Trump on tax and political issues, and both Stone and Manafort participated in conversations with the then-New York real estate entrepreneur.



  4. Before moving here to Columbia, Kumcho and I lived for 15-years in a spectacular Florida condo where we had one end of the 15th floor with windows on three sides, a balcony overlooking the Gulf and a wonderful view of Tampa Bay as I washed dishes at the kitchen sink. It was paradise.

    Why did we move? The area was becoming crowded, too crowded for the inevitable evacuation that would be required as we entered our later years. Besides, we had memories of all the beautiful places that we had lived while in the service.

  5. I like crabby on the trail…a soggy morning glory here as tropical storm Bud brings the monsoon.  Lots to catch-up on.   sessions is making a mess of the border here.  Where is homeland security chick nielsen?  Probably the same place as haley while mrs. mitch mcconnell pitch-hits for her. Locally, the border patrol is upsetting neighbors by appearing on their residential land in Sunland Park , NM imposing the 25 mile rule of the 100 mile rule.  Armed agents running across residential cul-de-sacs, backyards.

  6. I live on a little peninsula, southeast of Annapolis, MD, in the Chesapeake Bay.  When I am on a boat I am usually in a marina on a river feeding the Bay, or sitting on the hook on the Bay.

  7. Love to send a photo but I’m challenged in that respect. If I only had a brain….

    According to my phone I live in either Clarksburg, South Urban or Mount Clare. (And other than on my phone I’ve never heard of South Urban).

  8. Mr. C playing bocce on the most beautiful court in the world located near our house at the Timber Cove Lodge

  9. Flatus… both Rick and I feel blessed to be here.  Just this morning while eating breakfast, we were talking about how we almost moved twice for Rick’s high tech job…  to Houston and Atlanta respectively.  At the time we decided to stay due to both being the oldest in the family and feeling needed by our parents.  We thought it was a hassle.  But now… we are grateful for those obligations and those decisions.

  10. If someone had asked me about my living arrangements for my senior years – they would be shocked to see where I ended up.   We live in rural Northern California coastal Sonoma County on 20 acres completely off any grid.  Mr. Cracker designed and built the house by hand.  He is an excellent steward of the land and his design decisions reflect that.   I’m decidedly more urban.   Our parking area is 1/4 uphill from the house.    When we moved up here there was no high-speed internet or television or enough power for either.   The house is powered by solar, hydro, some propane and a gas generator.   The house is downhill from water sources so no pump or well is required.  Mr. C built the most beautiful spring box from cobblestones taken up when San Francisco redid the cable car tracks through Chinatown.

    The weather is generally perfect but it has been hotter longer lately and we are not fans.

    Everything we bring in has to be taken out too – I have begun to hate anything that cannot be completely utilized so I hate all modern packaging.






  11. Fortunately, I live in an area of DFW with a lot of mature oak trees.  It’s very green & doesn’t feel like I’m in TX when I drive into my neighborhood.  North TX has no soul.  It’s a morass of stripmalls and subdivisions and roads that never seem to go to a downtown area folks can actually consider a community center.   Unfortunately, I am surrounded by zero-lot line houses & buildings, so I never get to see a real sunrise or sunset.  I am looking forward to the day when job constraints will be history & I can move to a more rural area.


  12. Donald J. Trump admits he is traumatizing children to get his way.

    Please, make this the headline on every news outlet that isn’t just a propaganda arm of the Trump administration!

  13. craig, here’s a critter POV for you.  taken of BoBo for a Christmas card a few years ago.  her favorite spot on the sunny south porch overlooking snowy hills and fields.  she loved to roll in the snow, making doggy angels.  she now is one.

  14. cnn via msn:  Rudy Giuliani tries to clarify his remarks on Joe Biden: ‘I meant he’s dumb’


    President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani attempted to clarify his comments about Joe Biden in which he called the former Democratic vice president “a mentally deficient idiot.”

    “I didn’t mean that. I meant he’s dumb,” Giuliani told CNN’s Chris Cuomo during an interview Friday on “Cuomo Prime Time.”
    Asked about a potential Biden-Trump match-up in 2020, Giuliani told HuffPost in an interview posted Friday that “Joe Biden is a moron. I’m calling Joe Biden a mentally deficient idiot.”
    Meghan McCain, a co-host of ABC’s “The View” and Republican Sen. John McCain’s daughter, came to the former Vice President’s defense on Friday.
    “I am disgusted by Giuliani’s abhorrent and idiotic comments about Joe Biden,” Meghan McCain tweeted. “Joe Biden is one of the great political leaders of all time, one of the truly decent men left in politics — and someone my family has looked to for strength during the most difficult time in our lives.”
    A Biden spokesperson declined to comment in response.
    “I was asked, ‘Would (Biden) be a formidable candidate?’ I said no,” Giuliani told CNN on Friday. “He would be somebody that I think the President would like to run against. He never did well as a national candidate. The President did fabulously as a first-time national candidate.”
    Cuomo asked, “Do you really think Joe Biden is stupid?”
    “No. In that category, I think he is,” Giuliani replied.
    Giuliani pointed to Biden’s faux pas on the campaign trail and past plagiarism controversies, which he argued “indicates something even about character.”
    “I think the plagiarism is serious. I don’t think he’ll get beyond that,” he said.
    Biden’s 1988 presidential race was upended after it was revealed he had lifted passages from British politician Neil Kinnock and other Democratic politicians, and he admitted as well that he had plagiarized while in law school.
    Trump and Biden have been feuding this year in what seems like a preview of a 2020 face-off.
    Biden recently criticized Trump for an “inexcusable and irresponsible approach” in his summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and for giving the regime “many sought-after wins up front without getting anything in return.”
    Giuliani told CNN that Biden’s statement was “vicious,” but was not the reasoning behind his attack on the former vice president.
    “Biden has a set of problems. So let’s leave it this way — I would prefer to see him as the candidate,” Giuliani told Cuomo, adding that he would be worried if Democrats tapped a “surprise” nominee.

  15. newsweek:

    Michael Avenatti: ‘Dazed and Confused’ Giuliani Has ‘Lost His Mind’ After Joe Biden Attack

    Michael Avenatti slammed Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, calling him “dazed and confused” for his latest comments attacking Joe Biden.
    “Dazed and Confused Rudy has lost his mind. His attacks on @JoeBiden are absolutely baseless – just like his attacks on women. Joe is anything but “dumb.” I finally agree with Dazed Rudy on one thing though, the most compelling nominee in 2020 would be someone new. #Basta,” Avenatti said in a tweet early Saturday morning.
    But Avenatti did admit he does agree with one of Giuliani’s comments, that Democrats need to find a new and unexpected candidate to run against Trump in the 2020 election.
    Avenatti has been outspoken about his distaste for the Trump administration and has some background in Democratic politics. In the biography section of his website, Avenatti says that he has worked on over 150 campaigns in 42 states, including Joe Biden’s Senate campaign.

  16. Eid al-Fitr 2018

    began Friday, June 15

    ends Sunday, June 17

    from wiki:

    Eid al-Fitr (Arabic: عيد الفطر‎ ʻĪd al-Fiṭr, IPA: [ʕiːd al fitˤr])[2] is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting (sawm). This religious Eid (Muslim religious festival) is the first and only day in the month of Shawwal during which Muslims are not permitted to fast. The holiday celebrates the conclusion of the 29 or 30 days of dawn-to-sunset fasting during the entire month of Ramadan.

  17. And, of course, ABC said did not air anything about Trump saying he was using the separation (kidnapping) of children from their parents at the border (traumatizing the kids) as a negotiating tool to build the TRUMP (BERLIN) WALL.


  18. la times:
    CNN reported Thursday that Border Patrol agents took a breastfeeding baby from an immigrant mother. Is that true? Is there a cutoff age for separating migrant children from parents?


    Homeland Security officials denied the CNN report, which quoted a lawyer for the Texas Civil Rights Project relaying the experiences of a Honduran woman. “We do not separate babies from adults,” an official said, except in cases where a person poses a threat or is believed not to be the parent.


    Officials declined to specify an age at which they would not separate immigrant children from parents.


    Lawyers at the Texas Civil Rights Project questioned the government response. “We stand by our accurate recounting of what was told to us during the short period we are able to conduct the interview,” in federal criminal court, said Natalia Cornelio, the group’s criminal justice director. “It is egregious that they would go after this woman’s story rather than divert the much-needed time and resources to these manufactured human rights crises. I know what I heard from this lady. She told it to me in tears. I have no reason to doubt the traumatic event she experienced.”


  19. vox:   It’s not just cruel to separate a breastfeeding baby from a mom. It’s medically dangerous.

    At least 2,000 children have been ripped directly from their parents’ arms on the US-Mexico border since late April, as the Trump administration has implemented a “zero-tolerance” policy on people crossing into the US illegally, even if they are seeking asylum.
    But one of the most horrifying tales of family separation came this week in a CNN report of an undocumented migrant from Honduras whose daughter was taken away by federal immigration agents while she was breastfeeding in a detention center. When the mother tried to resist arrest, she was handcuffed, according to her lawyer Natalia Cornelio.
    A series of tweets from science journalist Emily Dreyfuss poignantly captured the unique brutality of ripping a child from its mother’s breast:
    […explains here harm both to the mother and the baby….]
    This highly refined and intricate system of hormones during breastfeeding is essential to keeping moms and babies healthy, and “it explains why the mother and baby should be kept together and why they should have skin-to-skin contact,” the WHO explained.
    It also helps explain why the story of the Honduran migrant is so inhumane.
    According to the New York Times, more than 700 children have been taken from adults who claim to be their parents since last October. More than 100 of them were under the age of 4.

  20. As someone who was uprooted as a child (at night, without warning), this kidnappng by government officials at the border absolutely sickens me.

    That children are being traumatized as a political ploy, is unbelievably cruel.

    And, that the REPUBLICANS are either on board with this horror show (Nikki Hayley telling the UN it’s none of their business), or, too afraid to speak out (crickets chirping) tells me that they are not worthy of holding office…nor of stepping foot in a house of worship.

    As TLR would’ve put it, SHAMEFUL!

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