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  1. picture this:  friendly fire from within for an excuse to walk away.

    could it be that the new administration just didn’t want to continue Cuban good will relationship and concocted a way to get out of it?  could it be that they’re also cooking up the same in china to hold over it’s head by threatening diplomatic pull-out or additional tariffs?

    excerpt from wapo story “Controversy surrounds research on State Department employees sickened in ‘attacks’”
    What the phenomenon lacks so far is any solid information about cause and effect. It’s not even clear that the ailments  suffered have an external origin. Officials have produced no evidence that anyone has intentionally attacked the Americans, nor is there any obvious environmental cause. There is no sign of a rogue virus or other pathogen.

  2. Even better one that got the fawn.  What happens when you are living inside a 107 acre state park.

  3. The woman in Dali’s painting looks old yet is dressed like a schoolgirl. How do we want to see ourselves vs reality – ?



  4. Also, in August 1929, Dalí met his lifelong and primary muse, inspiration, and future wife Gala, born Elena Ivanovna Diakonova. She was a Russian immigrant ten years his senior, who at that time was married to surrealist poet Paul Éluard.

  5. PatD – There was an article in The Atlantic about weaponized soundwaves (audible and inaudible).

    And, if you’ve ever been near a car with a sub-woofer, you’ll discover how horrible the impact of sound can be.  Some guy was in the parking lot across the way from our office and everything vibrates so much that we literally could not do anything except walk to the other side of the building because it actually felt bad.  It happened a couple of times and someone at that office must have told the guy’s ride home to can it.   I believe they are even illegal in some places.

    So, just like waves of energy from a laser can blind a person, so can waves of sound energy be damaging.

    If it can be out of conscious hearing range (think dog whistles), this could be very dangerous.

  6. sj -I think sailor outfits were fashionable at that time.

    The only picture I want to see is one of Trumpsky’s  backside as he leaves the WH for the final  time, as he goes off  watch porn, eat fast food & golf at Mar-a-Lago. I would like to see this picture today.

  7. Sturg. Excellent!  But who observes the observer?…….

    Jamie, Like i said.  I dont like Sanders all that much.  Not for the reasons that you all dont like him for, but just like the others that have been around way too long (term limits) we need new blood in there.

    You know, the Dems are just sitting on the side lines waiting for the Rs to implode. They do this all of the time, then it blows up in their face.  At least Sanders is out there taking it to them right now.


    The dems need to go dirty on the Rs, they need to kick them while they are down give u an example. The Rs dont respect anyone….look at what they say about H. Clinton, her daughter, any one that they want to run down….well Rudy Gullidummy just opened up the door to Trumps wife being in a few porno shots her self….thats how porno started, still shots with her and another women show how she is not any better than Stormy D…not i dont care if she is or not…but they put that out there…use it ….never mind the high road…..just do what the Rs do……they talk about the high road all of the time….then when they get in…they take the lowest road possible.  The ds need to get in the dirty way…promise us anything, then do what is right for us all.

    I would use her whole past of illegal immigration against her…..she did not become an us citizen using the normal ways……I want an investigation about this…..she and her whole family should be separated……until we can get to the bottom of this……keep this up….like the did with spygate, and soon people will believe it all…..


    Sanders should be used a a tool. He explained in very simple terms to Chris C. about how with the cost of living increase, the small amount of money that the middle class did get under the Trump tax cuts were wiped out….simple and easy to understand.

    He also went round and round with him about health care…in a very simple way he corrected Chris when he argued the opposite….he took the view that the Rs would have given mostly….argued the rs point sorta, the Sanders educated him and anyone that was listening…..nothing fancy, just went point by point about how we need to get better health care.

    There is only one point that i would have added to his effort:  He should (no one ever does hardly) how we got here in the first place……our health care system is …..what we have now and have always had….is just a patch work of what both the ds and the rs have given us…what they in their stupid continues tribal fighting is the real reason why we have such a system the is not really a system….but sorta of a patch work of what they given us,,,,,a little of this, a little of that through out time….but never really anything that i you can call a health care system……explain in very simple terms how we got to this point…..both parties are responsible for what we have…..

    I think that most people could understand this point…..then go on about how we are going to get this done.  Same goes with anything that you want to the people to understand….I think that people like Nader, Sanders, Ron Paul do this in a very effective way……the ds know the subjects inside out….but cant communicate them in ways that do not  seem like they are preaching to us…..just like point out the fact that Sanders is a blow hard…..sure but he is listened to….

    He is a blow hard, in the past he has said that he does not like dynasties……his son is running for election…..with the same king of views….maybe he will be liked a lot m ore than his old man….then he will be giving the ds a lot of migraine head aches for a long time  to come….

    Oh, and Sturg has claimed Saturdays for his great pics….Jace does the Sunday Serendipity ……im taking Friday night dancing…taking it back….less u want to do it with me…..lots of Mariachi music going to happen…i know that  you like them a lot…..later, raining again real light…..earth walking (grounding ) is the best when it rains like this…..thats enough politics for me for a while…..later

  8. Sturg, my first car….cost me one hundred American Pesos:


  9. Thanks criag….been a while. Here goes:   With my buddy John Libby that I joined the Marines in 68 on the buddy system…he passed away almost a year ago….we were great pals..anyway 1955 plymouth…3 speed on the column…it was a tank.  but got our band anywhere we wanted….Pat, im the Zorba looking one….

  10. Keep trying Solar. Click the “Browse” button, then find on your computer the image file you want to post, click that (you might also need to click Open or Insert, depending on your browser). Make sure you see the file name to the right of the browse button. Then type your comment and post.

  11. I’m back home.  Maybe I’ll put up a photo from Cape Cod later.

    Just wanna say…   Congrats to all the Capitals fans… we watched the series… was fun!

    Congrats to all the Warriors fans…  we watched the series… was fun!

    Now….  just baseball…..     boooooo

  12. Admiral Cracker is the founder of the Russian River Peace Navy  -here participating in the Healdsburg Water Carnival – the blonde mermaid on the right is the California State Mermaid  Vera.  She concentrates on projects to clean up the Sonoma Coast beaches and the Russian River.

  13. A reminder: Belmont post time at 6:37pm ET today, NBC coverage begins at 5pm.

    Although Justify was — and still is — my pick, a worry is how he was almost nosed out at the end of the Preakness by an unknown. And the Belmont track is longer.

    Back to my reasoning for picking Justify — winning is a good omen for Bob Mueller.

  14. blueINdallas,

    Sailor outfits were fashionable, but only on young ladies up to a certain age 😉

    Bette Davis as Baby Jane being the exception.


  15. abc news:
    Lawyers for President Donald Trump‘s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort filed a response to special counsel Robert Mueller’s motion to revoke the conditions of Manafort’s bail for allegedly tampering with witnesses in the probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, calling the allegations “dubious.”

    “In his motion, the Special Counsel contrives dubious allegations of witness tampering,” wrote Manafort lawyer Kevin Downing in his client’s response to the special counsel’s most recent measure against Manafort.
    “From a scant record, the special counsel conjures a sinister plot to ‘corruptly persuade’ two of Mr. Manafort’s former business associates to perjure themselves at the upcoming trial in September.”
    In a court filing Monday night, attorneys with the special counsel accused Manafort of “attempting to tamper with potential witnesses” while awaiting his trial, which thereby “has violated the conditions of his release.”
    On Friday, the special counsel hit Manafort with a third superseding indictment and charged Manafort’s business associate — a Russian national with ties to Russian intelligence, Konstantin Kilimnik — with conspiracy to obstruct justice and obstruction of justice.

  16. sj – Grandma said sailor suits and “boyish bob” haircuts were all the rage & even the aunt for whom she was named wore the look.

  17. A midi blouse was part of my mother’s hs uniform at a public hs in NYC  Evander Childs HS

  18. avenatti on a tear

    politicususa quoting him:

    “I find the comments to be disgusting, and I find Mr. Trump’s support of Mr. Giuliani yesterday to be even more disgusting. You know, if this was a Fortune 500 company, Mr. Giuliani would have been immediately fired as general counsel or outside counsel to the company, and the CEO certainly would not have appeared on television in support of these outrageous comments. You know, Mr. Trump hasn’t seemed to have a problem over the years having sex with adult film stars. He seems to like them in his bed so, you know, it’s ironic to me that now this man would come out and basically state that because my client is an adult film star that she doesn’t deserve respect and that she’s not credible. I mean, this is outrageous and every woman and man in the United States should be outraged by these comments and this behavior and the fact that Rudy Giuliani has not been fired yet is a disgrace.



    in newsweek:  Michael Avenatti Asks Public For Help Proving Rudy Giuliani Lied In Pornography Comments


    “I want to test Mr. Giuliani’s claims of being adamantly against pornography and having no use for adult film stars,” Avenatti tweeted on Saturday. “If anyone can provide me with any evidence of him voluntarily viewing pornography, I will protect you as a source and publish it. Let’s PROVE the hypocrisy. #Basta.” 

    Prior to asking people to submit proof that Giuliani viewed pornography, Avenatti called the Trump lawyer “piggish” and said the misogynistic comments warrant firing. Others, meanwhile, pointed out that the president had briefly appeared in films soft-core pornography produced by Playboy in 1994, 2000 and 2001, suggesting that Giuliani wasn’t applying the same standards to Trump and the women who accuse him.
    “I certainly hope that we’re not going to reach a place where Rudy Giuliani is going to be the police that is going to decide which women deserve respect or not,” Avenatti said. “His comments are piggish, they’re outrageous, especially in today’s day and age, and he should be fired immediately by the president.”

  19. possible explanation for that photo

    An intervention is an orchestrated attempt by one or many people – usually family and friends – to get someone to seek professional help with an addiction or some kind of traumatic event or crisis, or other serious problem. The term intervention is generally used when the traumatic event involves addiction to drugs or other items. Intervention can also refer to the act of using a similar technique within a therapy session.

    Interventions have been used to address serious personal problems, including alcoholism, compulsive gambling, drug abuse, compulsive eating and other eating disorders, self harm and being the victim of abuse.

    would “serious personal problems” also include severe NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder)?

  20. Hey, there!  It posted right side up.

    I get motion sick just thinking about boats.

  21. bId – that pic is on the sailboat, 30 foot long.  The big boat is solid and does not rock and roll, 46 foot long, 15 foot wide.  My cat likes the sailboat and Gale prefers the motor yacht.

  22. from the guardian:
    Trump claimed he would be able to tell quickly if the North Korean leader was serious about dismantling his nuclear and missile programmes and would walk away if Kim was not.
    “How long will it take to figure out if they’re serious? … Maybe in the first minute. You know, the way they say you know if you’re going to like somebody in the first five seconds, you ever hear that one? I think very quickly I’ll know whether or not something good is going to happen. And if I think it won’t happen, I’m not going to waste my time. I don’t want to waste his time.”
    Asked how he would read Kim so swiftly, Trump said: “My touch, my feel, that’s what I do.”

    add that twit boast to his lawyer bragging to the world that “Kim Jong Un got back on his hands and knees and begged for it, which is exactly the position you want to put him in”  and a scenario of kim being the one who walks out first is a real possibility. 

    don’t be surprised if summit is called off  at last minute but not before the twit is in the room.  china (even more than kim) might like to cause him to lose face and embarrassed big time in real time on global TV.

  23. It is time for Mr Trump to vacate the presidency. He, in his ill-considered and uneducated selfishness, went to Quebec determined to disrupt the proceedings to the point where the alliance would be shattered. In the end, it is said he will sign the joint resolution adopting the G-7’s work. I’ll believe it when I see his scrawl.

    The G-6/7/8/? is the parallel achievement to the NATO agreement that codified the ‘arrangement’ the Allies cobbled together during WW-2. Much of the post-War work on the Treaty was result of efforts by statesmen and stateswomen–true visionaries whose work was to create lasting peace through enlightened leadership. Their work has been marvelously sustained over the years.

    We simply can’t let Trump ruin 75-years of work by leaders such as Eleanor Roosevelt and Winston Churchill who devoted their lives to allowing nations and peoples to live together in peace. Trump is destroying the world order; he must be impeached–now.

    His trip to Singapore, with any sort of success that he might claim as a result, will lack lasting substance. We want true peace in Korea; neither Kim nor Trump will deliver it.

    We need peace in a non-nuclear Iran. Our best hope for it is the current, enforceable, treaty.

    We need committed relations with our traditional allies. Dump Trump Now!

  24. Alriiiiiiight!  Another Triple Crown winner!  And Gronkowski came in 2nd!  My head and tail are happy!

  25. It was a contest.  Woulda been a better one if Gronkowski had done a clean start. In any case those in to place made more on Ski than on the winner.

  26. Congratulations to all the riders of Justify, but RR wins this year’s bragging rights with an exacta!!!


  27. My head and tail are happy!

    renee, congratulations! online says the $2 exacta from the Belmont Stakes paid out $89.  


  28. I can no longer be friends with anyone supporting the greedy old perverts.  That they do nothing to stop and remove SFB says they are as complicit as Putin in the destruction of these United States.

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