Praise the Lord and Pass the Corona

It’s nice that between Trump and the Almighty will rote the the faithful and to hell with the CDC. From WaPo:

“The Trump administration with no advance notice removed warnings contained in guidance for the reopening of houses of worship that singing in choirs can spread the coronavirus.

Last Friday, the administration released pandemic guidance for faith communities after weeks of debate flared between the White House and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Those guidelines posted on the CDC website included recommendations that religious communities “consider suspending or at least decreasing use of choir/musical ensembles and congregant singing, chanting, or reciting during services or other programming, if appropriate within the faith tradition.”

It added: “The act of singing may contribute to transmission of Covid-19, possibly through emission of aerosols.”

By Saturday, that version was replaced by updated guidance that no longer includes any reference to choirs or congregant singing and the risk for spreading virus. The altered guidance also deleted a reference to “shared cups” among items, including hymnals and worship rugs, that should not be shared. The updated guidelines also added language that said the guidance “is not intended to infringe on rights protected by the First Amendment.”

Two White House officials said the first version posted by the CDC was not approved by the White House. Once West Wing officials saw it, they asked the CDC to post a different cleared document without the choir references and other parts.

The officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk about policy discussions, said there have long been concerns within the White House that there were too many restrictions on choirs. A CDC official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak about the guideline change also said the updated Saturday guidance was approved by the White House.

I better tell my sister that it’s ok to go back to choir practice – if she trusts the FUCKING ORANGE IDIOT in the White House.


So it’s Tuesday, one week before St. Patty’s day (Thanks, BiD) so that means … wait for it … another round of primaries. Today there are six – Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Idaho, North Dakota and Washington, and the votes from Democrats abroad are also queued up.

Don’t forget to vote early and often if you’re in one of those states – or an exotic destination abroad.

Let’s Watch SFB’s Head Explode

It was a wild ride on Wall Street last week, and by the time they turned the power off at 11 Wall Street the DJIA Wayback machine had taken us back to the first week of January, 2017.  Ready to see SFB’s head explode? 

Under Obama the DJIA went from 7550 to 19827 – or an increase of 148.3 percent over 8 years, or 18.5% per year. *

So far the DJIA has gone from 19827 to 25409 under SFB or an increase of 28% over 3 years or an average of 9.38% per year.

That means that the Dow has experienced half of the growth per year so far under Trump than it did under Obama.  Great job on the economy, SFB – as far as growth in my indexed investments, I’ll take Obama’s market thank you very much.

*The dates are approximate due to the scale of the DJIA graph I have access to.

Who’s up … today?

Live Democratic Debate Thread tonight. 8-11pm ET on ABC

So Joe was the front runner and likely nominee until the voting started. OK, it wasn’t voting, but what passes as voting in corn country. So now Bernie’s tied with Pete going into maple syrup country and Pete is rising as the first actual voting occurs next week, and Joe? He’s taking the day off.

We’re breathless over who is rising, who is fading, and who’s running out of money. And it’s all to see who gets to challenge Mike on Super Tuesday and beyond. And we won’t worry about him running out of money will we? And there in the distance is the real contest, against 3*, which seems to be getting lost in the primary contests. And who still polls best against him? The guy taking the day off in N.H.

Some system we’ve got, right?