Nyuck, nyuck.

The lovely NY AG announced that her office is joining Cy Vance in his criminal investigation of the Dumbass administration. Sorry Donnie. You’re on the fast track to screwed. Enjoy the trip.


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  1. wapo:

    NEW YORK — New York Attorney General Letitia James’s investigation into the Trump Organization is now considered a criminal matter, James’s office said Tuesday night, noting that officials with the former president’s company were recently apprised of the development.
    “We have informed the Trump Organization that our investigation into the company is no longer purely civil in nature,” said Fabien Levy, a spokesperson for the attorney general’s office. “We are now actively investigating the Trump Organization in a criminal capacity, along with the Manhattan DA. We have no additional comment at this time.”
    The attorney general’s decision appears to have increased the legal risk that former president Donald Trump faces in New York, where the parallel investigations run by James and Vance had already delved more deeply into Trump’s byzantine finances than any law enforcement authorities ever had.
    Previously, the danger posed by James’s investigation seemed to be merely financial — the kind of lawsuit Trump had faced from New York attorneys general before over his Trump University and his charity. Those cost him money but didn’t threaten his liberty.
    Now, however, James could also seek criminal penalties. And she appears to be cooperating with Vance’s office, a move that could allow the two wide-ranging investigations to share data.
    Previously, the investigative team under James was pursuing a strictly civil investigation, which remains active and could still result in a lawsuit against the company and its executives.
    Both probes have also focused on whether the Trump Organization — which was headed by the former president’s sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump during their father’s term in office — downplayed property values for tax benefits while inflating the value of its assets to obtain favorable bank loans.
    James’s investigators have interviewed Eric Trump as well as Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg.

  2. Will they be able to roll up his  kidzzz into it, too?  They are also a threat to democracy if any of them make a run for office.

  3. more than you probably want to know about some of the nuts and bolts of the case

    Former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann reacts to the bombshell news that the Trump Organization is now being investigated in a “criminal capacity.”

  4. lincoln project morphing? 3rd party tease? 

    The Franklin Project – an allied but separate nonpartisan nonprofit – launched today. Its mission — to empower the people to reclaim their democracy. Starting where it matters most, in local communities through education and action grants to the organizations doing the work that matters most where it matters most. Pledge your support to protect the future of our democracy at http://www.franklinproject.us.

  5. jack, unless fearless leader is back with a new thread tomorrow, I’ll schedule your pending draft. thanks.


    and many thanks to pogo for today’s thread.


    BTW, mixers, am sure craig would appreciate any and all thread contributions you can come up with —

     i know i do.  

  6. Can they wrap the kids in?  Yes. Eric and Dumbass Jr. could be in danger. They ran the organization for the past 4 years. 

  7. That shaman atty probably just wants off the case but wouldn’t mind keeping the retainer or whatever he got…….

  8. I would really object if my atty went out and told the newspaper I should be on the short bus.  

  9. Shaman lawyer’s language was offensive but his point was valid, Jan. 6th was like an open casting call for “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”

    He also isn’t wrong that the former guy’s henchpeople employed an über-sophisticated propaganda campaign that purposely targeted mentally-vulnerable people

  10. That lawyer is totally correct and valid…..I’d just hate for him to tell everybody if it was me.
    I mean, I walked into a pancake house with a cow’s pelvis bone on my head one time, but not the camn dapitol.

  11. ohh, sturge, please tell why you were wearing a cow pelvis .

    did you wear it like a mask?  what happened next?


  12. …probably the one that already got on twitter once in a panic and admitted to collusion with Russian agents

  13. Bink…   was that Eric?  He be the dumbest one.
    Pogo… turned on the last few minutes of Maddow last night.  When we heard the breaking news… Rick and I high-fived each other.

  14. Renee, that was Don jr as I recall.
    While Don jr may be genetically the pool boy’s offspring, Eric is for certain Trump sr’s boy and it is my guess he inherited all of the Trump weasel genes. That is why my money is on him, weasels of this world usually aren’t that smart but they are good survivors.

  15. Pam Dawber once Mindy of Mork and Mindy was on last night’s NCIS rerun.  Somehow she went and became 69.  I didn’t know that she is Harmon’s wife.  Messed with my memories.

    The April 6 episode of NCISfeatured the debut ofPam Dawberas journalist Marcie Warren. Because she is the real-life wife of series star Mark Harmon, the CBS procedural has tried numerous times over the years to convince the former Mork & Mindy star to appear alongside her husband.



  16. I worked with this guy who liked that “hoo-hah” part so much he’d try to stick it into other songs, like Jimmy Reed’s “Big Boss Man” .       Hoo, Hah……That was tedious at best……

  17. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/05/18/greg-abbott-texas-mask-mandate/

    “While 30% of Texans have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, the vast majority of children are unvaccinated.”

    “Gov. Greg Abbott announced Tuesday that public schools can no longer require masks on their campuses starting June 5.”

    Pro-life, my ass.


    “Our creator endowed us with the right to life and yet millions of children lose their right to life every year…”

  18. Landed the last computer right in the middle of the  405 .  
    When from an old Daisy’s Windows 7 , to a rebuilt  Windows 10. 
    Seeing this version brings in focus the sharp way Jobs saw the world, and Bill saw the world. 
    Jobs picked fruit before he became a billionaire.  Bill didn’t. 

  19. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/05/18/george-p-bush-texas-tribune-podcast/

    “Bush confirmed that he has a June 2 campaign kick-off planned, but was somewhat coy about what office he’ll be running for in 2022: “I have shared with the public I am taking a very serious look at a run for attorney general but I also wanted to provide deference to those in the legislative halls of this session and make that announcement after they have completed their work.“

    George P-U Bush

  20. We need a new brand name , nickname,  and mascot  for the Republicans .
    It has dawned on everyone  just how  the SCOTUS striking down of the “Equal Time” law was a cancer on the soul of the party, and in turn our country.
    That spawned  the Rush and Newt show on AM radio. 
    Little did the leaders of  the GOP at that time ,  think it would lead to the purges we have seen since  the election of  Obama. 
    Bush, Cheney, McCain,  Romney , Bohner , Rayan,  etc. , etc. 
    With all that said ,  I propose something along the lines of the  –
    Grand ole’ Greedy Grifter Party.  The GoGGP.
    Their mascot , a Box Jelly Fish  wearing face paint and cow horns. 

  21. Blink –
    Pam yes , the last of the “girls next door”. 
    The real stunner is Allie McGraw . 
    She moved to Santa Fe after McQueen died, and never looked back .
    Saw her a few weeks ago , the woman is stunning.  Like a sculpture.

  22. OM,  never saw Nancy play a Flying V before. Caught her in Boston along with the rest of the group probably eight years ago, and until I saw her live I never realized how good a voice she has. 

  23. I found my CD-RW of the best of my horn lamps. 
    I figured out how to put “cool” light blubs in cow horns .  They glow  like frozen candles. That was over  15 years ago. This lighting tech  has made great strides. 
    Trying to get images to my new clean deck top.
    This  is work I completely  forgot . I am stunned by how well I did.

    They are wonderful. After all these years.  

  24. Pogo –
    Always loved Ann and Nancy , ……… The first licks of “Barracuda” , I bark “Oh hurt me Nancy”.  After 40 years , like that Russian dog. 

  25. I posted about the change here a few days back. 
    The rain has come back.  It rained here for 2 hours this morning , that moderate rain  like Kaiser, Oregon. 
    All that headlines the  grief  Southeast of me  this being formed  way up here.
     A switch has been made. 
    We when from No Rain,  to Orlando in two or three days. 

  26. ?The Worlds Largest Ice Berg”  –
    This was my first search  on the wire. 
    I was looking for sat photos  the berg .
    At that time , search engines  were called –
    “Jeeves” .
    It was  dial up , my mothers internet bill was  $7.50 ,
    I finally  found B-17.  It changed my life.
    B-17  still has her daughters  roaming the Southern Ocean .
    That was  20 years ago.
    The new title holder  appeared  yesterday. 
    It’s 107 miles by 25 miles. 

  27. If laura Ingraham let’s  Trump grab her pussy on Foz News .
    I will become  the same sad state of human affaire’s.

  28. Normal  is never coming back .
    It never has and never will. 
    It is a fiction of the human mind.  Like money .
    Tigers  do not think about money 

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