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  1. “The torches and pitchforks crowd are baying for blood and his “just asking” friends are no help!  The only saving face proposal I can think of is a mutual Joe/Donald exam by agreed same physicians.  I doubt either would do it, but at least it isn’t pistols at dawn!”

    I agree they should both accede to the same exam by same highly qualified and respected experts; however, therein lies a repeat of the same problem of how the media reports them.  It is likely that only Joe’s mistakes or signs of diminishment (if any) will make the headlines and NOT the magaT king’s surely insane performance just as it was post debate. 

  2. what follows next if Joe withdraws from the race (and even if he stays in) will be the clamor and continued drumbeat for him to step aside NOW from the presidency due to the alleged incompetency. 

    what a mess if such a move takes place after the Ohio ballot access deadline not to mention the problem of reprinting the ballots in the other states.


  3. fundraising email that was sent out at 8:33 last night:


    Biden-Harris 2024

    I know you’ve been hearing a lot from the pundits and politicians this week about my debate performance. You may even be tuning into my interview with George Stephanopoulous tonight.

    I really believe what I told him.

    I am staying in this race. And I would not be running again if I didn’t believe with all my heart and soul that I can do this job. Because, quite frankly, the stakes are too high.

    If you want to chip in to help me defeat Donald Trump again, I’d appreciate your support today.

    Look, while this team has had my back every step of the way, the pundits and politicians have continually gotten it wrong. Dead wrong.

    They were wrong about 2020. I beat Donald Trump then. And I will do it again this year.
    They were wrong about what I could accomplish in office. In the past three and a half years, I’ve gotten more done than any other President. That’s no hyperbole.
    They were wrong about 2022. Remember the Red wave? That we were going to get wiped out?

    We’re going to prove them wrong again this year, Pat. So, if you still have my back, chip in $25 to help reelect Kamala and me now >>

  4. dadgum dems don’t remember what happened in 1968 when their squabbling caused us nixon, in 1980 when it caused us reagan, in 2000 when it caused us dubya and in 2016 when it caused herr drumpf.   most were last minute knives in the back at the eleventh hour just like what’s happening now. except this time the result will be a dictator and the loss of democracy as we know it.

    when will they ever learn?
    hint hint: timing

    Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

  5. “Too Late Now” is a 1951 song with words and music by Alan Jay Lerner & Burton Lane. …. Nancy Sue Wilson (February 20, 1937 – December 13, 2018) was an American singer whose career spanned over five decades, from the mid–1950s until her retirement in the early–2010s.

  6. @jennycohn1
    Heritage Foundation (lead organizer of Project 2025) vows to file lawsuits in swing states if Democrats try to replace Biden as their nominee. 7/3/24

  7. Lib Lady
    Democrats just love to eat their own. Democrat leaders did it to Al Franken and now they are doing it to Joe Biden. I watched his interview this evening and am super pissed that Democrats are making Joe Biden go through this shit. Does no one care about this great man and his many success? If any party has a reason to turn on their candidate, it is Republicans. They know he is unhinged but they protect him at every turn. Fox news never turned on Trump. I am outraged at what is being done to Joe Biden. There is no need for this. Democrats just keep giving Trump ammunition to come after Joe. If we lose in January it is not Joe Biden’s fault. It will be the fault of Democrats who did not stand with him because of 90 bad minutes over the history of his 40 plus years of service to America. We all know Donald Trump is evil and he cannot be elected ever again. Democrats need to take a pause from attacking Joe Biden for a few days and not speak to the media about any concerns. Any decision should be Joe Biden’s decision. His Presidency has been a great one and he deserves respect. He has mine.

  8. KAITLAN COLLINS: So you agree that people who break in and vandalize a building should be prosecuted?

    JD VANCE: Yes

    COLLINS: Ok, I’m just checking, because you helped raise money for people who did so on January 6

  9. @JohnFetterman

    1) Ever bang a porn star?
    2) Ever bribe one?
    3) Been impeached?
    4)Consumed by revenge?
    5) Vow to pardon Jan. 6th insurrectionists?
    6) Pay a $25M fine for some shitty college?
    7) Promise to be a dictator?
    8) Ever destroy Roe? 9) Ever beat Trump?

  10. More than that number see sfb all the time going off into a universe that is not here, and they have no problem with that.  Joe drifted for a few minutes and it is the world is collapsing.
    I don’t care if we have to put Joe on life support in November  just need him as president for a win.  There is no replacement available, and has not been since Hillary retired.

  11. They don’t have the numbers. Their plan all along was to divide those who oppose authoritarianism. Democrats, Independents and never-Trump Republicans. They funded 3rd party candidates. They flooded the zone with slanted polls. They got their cohorts in the media singing their tune. They had Elon flood this place with bots and right wing propaganda. They still don’t have the numbers. Not unless you give in.

  12. This answer bugs me still, even after sleeping on it. It’s like ‘oh well, we lost our country to fascism but at least I gave it my all’. The answer is Failure. Is. Not. An. Option

    Stephanopoulos:  If you stay in, and Trump is elected and everything you’re warning about comes to pass, how will you feel in January?

    Biden:  I’ll feel, as long as I gave it my all, and I did as good a job as I know I can do, that’s what this is about.

  13. Going back to pre-Elon twitter days, I keep saying all you have to do to avoid the craziness is create your own list of people and sources to follow, and then that’s all you see. And if something shows up you don’t want you can permanently block it. Heck, I even block Elon himself. I still find it the quickest and easiest way to follow news sources I’m interested in.

  14. “ I just don’t know how you make 50 million viewers unsee what they saw in Biden during that debate.“
    Thats right Craig…..you just don’t know.  You didn’t know last time (that time I threatened to drop out of the blog).  You didn’t know something else right after Joe won and you began calling immediately for Nancy to step down.  You didn’t know something else when you joined the mob calling for Franken to step down without a hearing.  
    Those of us who DO know are fighting to keep that knife out of Joe’s back against a horde of GOP. Heritagers  media cut throats and their Democrat enablers.  What we know that you don’t seem to is:  You fight the bastards. Guess who else knows how to make people unsee things they saw, like trump’s terrible shit…. The gop.  Because they fight to win.  

    I’m sorry, the defeatist attitude just drives me right up the wall.

  15. If you stay in, and Trump is elected and everything you’re warning about comes to pass, how will you feel in January?

    What if he gets out and Trump gets elected? 

  16. I block Elon and anyone else with Even a HINT of maga about them. I ain’t there to read their shit.

  17. Ivy yes that was an absurd question.  How will I feel if I back Joe and etc etc.   Absurd pointless question. I like Fetterman’s questions much better.

  18.  Any decision should be Joe Biden’s decision. His Presidency has been a great one and he deserves respect.

    moronic logic

  19. Yes, Craig I know what you think. 
    What you do is you ignore ALL the Doom casters  and press forward, you take the fight to the Republicans.  
    You TREAT it as a one-off and continue to Fight the Fascists.  How did Bill Clinton defeat Lindsay Graham and his little band of impeachers ?   He kept fighting, that’s how. It was a slam dunk against him and he was dead in the water—even his wife hated what he did…..But…..
    He fought and he won.  

    I’ll tell you now…..If this fight is not won here and now (it’s July) and Joe is forced to step down in defeat it’s going to be a total damned calamity for the Party. From now till November there will be little fighting against republicans…all the fighting will be among “democrats in disarray”.
    Look to Nixon, Reagan, WBush, and Trump—there’s your future if you don’t fight, because you can’t fight republicans if you’re fighting among yourselves.

  20. what do you say to voters who saw him in that debate

    Look over to the other side of the stage, what do you see? 

  21. Sturg, Ivy — I do hope you’re right, but I doubt one-off and whataboutism works in this case. Sounds a lot like how Republicans defend Trump. It’s true I didn’t think Joe should have run again at his age and feared something like this would happen.

  22. And what you tell those people who saw him in that debate is:
    Do you want to win or do you want to see a bunch of squabbling nay-saying democrats feather, crash a burn.  

  23. You’re just not even being a tiny bit realistic about what chaos will ensue the minute Joe steps down.  If anyone crying “down with Joe” could explain how there will be a smooth path to united democrats between now and November please lay it out for this poor pilgrim., because I see nothing but disaster.    And I’ve seen disaster.  Nixon, Reagan, Bush, and Trump.    
    I’ve also seen the Old Man beat the socks off Trump.

  24. I NEVER see a PLAN for after the drop out.  Not one not ever—just a steady drumbeat of “Drop Out”   A frogs chorus of “O Zeus….give us a new king”
    With NO PLAN for  after.   That’s a plan for utter chaos.

  25. I agree stiff-upper-lip forge onward might be better than an open contest, but either way I need a confidence boost that Trump can be beaten.

  26. One point to be made is we should defend Joe the way Republicans defend Trump. 

    I’ve seen disaster.  Nixon, Reagan, Bush, and Trump.    

    shades of 2016 when Dems were warned Hilary couldn’t win, ran her anyway

    “We know best, don’t trust the polls” 🫤

    Will Biden loyalists still cry “unity” for another ticket or take their ball and go home?

    i laughed when Biden said “morals of an alley cat” in the debate. The third time i heard him say it the week after, i realized canned lines in controlled environments aren’t gonna cut it

  28. Ivy: “we should defend Joe the way Republicans defend Trump”

    But that’s one thing swing voters don’t like about Republicans. We gotta remember it’s about 40-50,000 Obama-Trump-Biden voters in MI, PA, WI who decide outcomes and they’re not fond of rabid cheerleading on either side.

  29. yeah when libs say we gotta be more like republicans i think “i’m not a republican for a reason”

  30. Hillary wasn’t the main problem.
    How many ways were the votes split in 2016?The gop had one guy to vote for, how about the dems?  Only ones I  remember right this second is Jill Stein and BernieBros. .  And maybe the problem was “Dems were warned Hillary couldn’t win”. Was that a frogs chorus of “O Zeus, can you give us a new king?”
    By whom were they warned and how widespread, loud, and constant were these warnings?

  31. I have never said dems gotta be more like republicans, Nor do I believe that. I do believe in fighting for our rights.  And cohesion.

  32. she was a vulnerable candidate who couldn’t afford a crisis when one inevitably came

  33. I have never said

    i was referencing Mr. C responding to Ms. IG
    Big fans of all of you, we all want the same thing 🤗 🇺🇸 

    “By whom were they warned”


    btw i voted for her proudly, told everybody else to

    Listen, he’s being propped up by Jill, it ain’t gonna cut it, we’re gonna squander the Alito effect, let’s die on principle, it’s the lib/prog way

  34. By the way….theyre ALL vulnerable candidates—until they win.  You want vulnerable? Bill Clinton. 96.  

  35. I ain’t heard a plan yet. 

    And he’s propped up by a LOT of people. Jill is just another brick in the wall.

  36. i told you the plan
    Harris/Whitmer, Joe resigns, roll with no VP, let cons obstruct leading into an election and expose themselves

  37. This is the crux:  
    When someone can answer that, I’ll entertain thoughts of giving Joe the boot. 

    Hint: So far There is no path. And it’s July.

  38. and yeah yeah “Magat Mike” is gonna exploit use succession order and usurp the presidency, can’t be scared of every hypothetical

  39. there was no right wing conspiracy for Joe to have a the disastrous debate that libs predicted trump would have

    CNN set a trap and Joe walked right into it

  40. “Joe bad, Joe  bad, Joe bad,” they hollered from the cheap seats.   
    “What’s your plan?” we hollered back. 

  41. “Gemma Halid, Tagan…”
    i just need the basics like “where’s the restroom” and “please, don’t shoot” 

  42. Hillary’s problem was not going to Bernie.  When she picked Tim Kaine, I was surprised that it looked like she was going to win for awhile that night.   My Texas vote never mattered, as I was reminded, but she would’ve won with Bernie as VP, or with a better running mate. 
    There is no way Dems would run two women.  Harris and Secretary Pete.  Because war seems to be a big thing, again (remember post-Vietnam  through  pre-Kuwait/Iraq?), I think the public is more likely to be looking for someone with military experience.  
    I’m still with POTUS Joe. Will VP Harris also attend the NATO meeting?  
    Biden/Harris 2024
    Project 2025/Never

  43. https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/nato-summit-push-standardizing-shells-2024-07-05/
    “NATO is set to issue its first ever defence industrial pledge at its Washington summit on Wednesday, pushing countries to boost arms production and return to a stricter standardization of ammunition to make shells interoperable on the battlefield.”
    “A world in which there was one standardized NATO round, where every ally produced the same thing, would be a much simpler world for military commanders,” the NATO official said.
    “Still, NATO may run into opposition from munitions makers as such a move could raise competition and lower prices.”



  44. My guess is the damage has been already done no matter the outcome. “the blame” will be mostly bouncing around like a great big beach ball…..it won’t matter.
    New  reporters will rise to fame like they always do when the republicans draw blood like the purple band-aids or sitting in a tank  and the media gather round for the feast. I hope the Big Brains figure out something really great, you know, cause I gotta live here too, though lately that has become just something else to think about. But you know what happens when people have to spend all their time playing Catch-Up. Either way  the pooch has been screwed and now it’s the good guys and the bad guys squaring off in an alley.  
    There’s a lot of this which is very Greek.  Literature is weird like that. Anyway I hope they all come up with a very fine path forward.  

    I think I’ll just go back to thinking about all my dead old friends. Beats watching Greek political suicidal .
    I admit he Biden side-men could use a lotta work.

  45. the good news is that, unlike 2016, trump is a known quantity and everybody hates him

  46. After the debate: Biden  gains polling ground, Biden out scores Orange Adolf in donations, and yet Dems have muffed it because of a poor debate.  

  47. Well then, Joe’s not dead yet if Bloomberg’s survey can be trusted.  And the people in my party can’t accept the good news and go with it. WTF is wrong with them (us)? 

  48. https://time.com/6256442/bidens-physical-healthy-gait-age/

    From 2023:
    “His physician gave him a clean bill of health, but noted Biden continues to have stiffness in his walk from a combination of arthritis in his back, neuropathy in his feet and the long-term effects of breaking his foot in November 2020 while playing with his former dog Major. Doctors conducted a routine removal of a lesion from his chest that will be checked for skin cancer, according to a six-page summary of his examination.”

    “The President is six feet tall and weighs 178 pounds, about six pounds lighter than when he was weighed at his previous physical in November 2021. The president takes medication to manage “non-valvular atrial fibrillation” in his heart and takes a statin to moderate his cholesterol levels.”

    “A neurologic exam had no findings consistent with stroke or Parkinsons, or other neurological disorders.”

  49. For a comment such as one made by a “senior White House  official” there has to be a name followed by a letter of resignation.

  50. and even if he has come down with some form of parkinsonism, it doesn’t mean his mind won’t function well or judgement impaired between now and 2028.  if that’s the diagnosis, hopefully not, he’ll not be the first disabled president who successfully executed the duties of the office. 

     BTW michael j fox has done magnificent work in the decades since being diagnosed.  janet reno was also pretty active and mentally unimpaired for years.  funny how we have all these laws and regs prohibiting discrimination on the basis of disability in employment across the board yet NOT for the president.  add in also the prohibitions on the basis of age.

    sturge is right when he asks what and where’s the plan.  the idiots have 30 days (1 measly month) to come up with a hard-wired voted on official alternative. they should have been working on someone else during the primary races if they were so worried about joe.  it’s too late now.  if they force joe out, the magaT king will be coronated because there won’t be timne enough to unify all the diverse components.

    joe can step down AFTER he wins and it’s very likely that’s already in the plans especially if dems win both the house and the senate. 

  51. they should have been working on someone else during the primary races if they were so worried about joe

    we were told to shut up and get with the program, which is fair but the circumstances have changed

    i remember arguing specifically with two esteemed trailmixers, and they encouraged me to get with the program, and i gladly relented because we all want the same thing

    Parkinson’s?! Jesus, the headlines get worse every time i pick up my phone

  52. i just don’t understand running Joe as a proxy for Kamala when they can just run Kamala

    You’re basically saying she can’t beat trump but the election is going to hinge on people’s perception of her regardless of where she is on the ticket

  53. “We need you to save democracy”
    ”How so?”
    ”…by voting for who we tell you to”

  54. “Ok, i’ll do it, but just to preserve my independent choice next time”
    “Nope, you’re going to have to vote for who we tell you to then, also, the stakes will be just as high”
    ”Ok, but when do i get to vote for whom i like?”
    ”Never, the stakes will always be too high”

  55. It’s not that Kamala can  or can’t  beat trim….. that’s missing the point it is (or was) that if you send the dems into an existential break down to even GET to Kamala .Debilitating process.  That’s trouble. It’s July.
    But hell, maybe it will all be smooth sailing.

  56. “A neurologic exam had no findings consistent with stroke or Parkinsons, or other neurological disorders.”
    “His physician gave him a clean bill of health, but noted Biden continues to have stiffness in his walk from a combination of arthritis in his back, neuropathy in his feet and the long-term effects of breaking his foot in November 2020 while playing with his former dog Major.”
    President Biden’s issues are mechanical, not neurological. 

  57. Roy Cooper?  Had to look him up.  Like him, but he’s pushing 70.  You need a Secretary Pete or a Jon Ossoff, agewise.  

     The ageist agenda against POTUS Joe started long ago.

  58. Kamala/anyone-from-a-deep-bench-of-talent could be a really good ticket
    Good discussion, all, i think i’m politicked out, never thought it would happen ✌️ 💪 🇺🇸 

    Kamala/Beshear 🤩

  59. Biden/Harris 2024

    They beat tRUMPsky in 2020. That’s what I like about their record.

    Dems are going as big a disservice to Biden and the American people as the media is doing.

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