Get Up!

A very different Joe Biden showed up yesterday at a raucous North Carolina rally after the debate the night before.

“He didn’t judge a man by how many times he got knocked down but by how fast he got back up. Get up! That was his phrase, and it has echoed through my life…Get up!”
— Joe Biden about his father, Promises to Keep (Thanks to Ivy Green for finding this)

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  1. dems, stand by your man!  so he messed up a debate… hell, the magaTs don’t dump their guy when he more than messes around as randy notes in


    “Trump Confesses He Spoke to Putin About “Dream” to Invade Ukraine”
    “Trump claimed that the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan was so chaotic that it encouraged Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine.”

    “When Putin saw that, he said, ‘You know what? I think we’re gonna go in and maybe take my …’ This was his dream. I talked to him about it. His dream,” Trump said. Did Putin actually speak to Trump about attacking Ukraine, or is this Trump being braggadocious? But Trump has made no secret of his close, sometimes subservient relationship with Putin.”
    As Bink noted on Thursday night about tRUMPsky and Poo-tin, but it barely made a blip with the MSM. Does the media prefer tRUMPsky and being under the thumb of white nationalists to being the free press of democracy?

  3. CNBC: Undecided voters were particularly alarmed with President Joe Biden’s performance during Thursday night’s debate, according to pollster and political strategist Frank Luntz, and post-debate polling provided further bad news for Biden.

    “My focus group of undecided voters wants Joe Biden to step aside,” Luntz posted on X. “They like him and respect him — most voted for him in 2020. But they want him to go. Tonight was a political earthquake.”

    Luntz assembled a focus group of 14 undecided voters from battleground states Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Here is a sample:

    “My focus group of undecided voters is surprised and concerned about Biden’s voice. This doesn’t bode well for questions about his health.”

    “After the first commercial break, I asked my focus group of undecided voters how many of them are more convinced to vote for Joe Biden. Zero raised their hands. Half of them say they voted for Biden in 2020.”

    “After the second commercial break, I asked my focus group of undecided voters how many are more convinced to vote for Donald Trump. 10 of 14 raised their hands. … Even if they didn’t like Donald Trump. One said: ‘I don’t even know if Biden can make it to November!’ “

    “I asked undecided voters how tonight’s debate affected their vote: ‘There are things I hate about Trump, but I think I made up my mind to vote for him because of who would take Biden’s place in a second term.’

    Another: “I’ll vote for Biden. We have 2 men who will dig us into a hole, so I’ll vote for the shallower hole.”

    “The expectations tonight for Biden were to just show up and look alive — and he blew it!”

    After the debate, Luntz appeared on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” He said this was the 32nd debate for which he has held a focus group, and he has never seen a performance such as Biden’s.

    “My focus group all came in undecided, all from swing states; 12 of the 14 swung to Donald Trump,” he said. “Only one to Joe Biden. We’ve never had that before. We are truly in uncharted territory and what blew me away the most was that Joe Biden voters in 2020 don’t want him on the ticket in 2024.”

  4. If Biden can maintain his poll standing over the next couple of weeks then it’s Republicans who have the wrong nominee. This would cost Biden at least 5 points or more against a credible opponent.

  5. Need more data, but this first post-debate poll suggests Biden’s meltdown did not dramatically drive voters to Trump (they were also tied within margin of error in this pollster’s surveys before debate).

    GOP might be the one with the wrong nominee. My hunch is someone like Haley would be up well outside the margin of error.

    First post-debate poll by a legit pollster (in 538’s top 15)
    Likely Voters Day After Debate
    Trump 45
    Biden 43
    6/28 – 6/28 
    2315 Likely Voters

  6. So many media places.  Sometime during the last week or two it was brought up that Rep Greene bought a condo or something in D.C. for $500K (not much for the area, maybe a campsite in a backyard).  My first thought was she was quiting the Congress to become a lobbyist.  Last night this popped up on twit – “BREAKING: Marjorie Taylor Greene is thinking about leaving Congress”.  Yup, looking like miss anti-everything is going to quit Congress and do something else with her life.  You do not stick around D.C. if you are not planning on a new local job.

  7. Luntz of the rabid right, while maintaining a fictional façade of neutrality has bragged that he can put together “focus groups” to say whatever the hell he wants them to—he’s less than worthless.

    Olbermann on Luntz
    In 2003 NBC had offered a show called “Countdown” to Sam Donaldson. Then they changed their minds and asked me to do it. So Phil Griffin called Luntz and asked him to do a focus group that would cause NBC to drop Donaldson. Griffin said “Frank can make them say anything.”:

  8. “Don’t change horses” is a phrase used to urge voters to stick with the incumbent president during times of turmoil and conflict.
    The full expression is “don’t change horses mid-stream” (or, sometimes, “don’t swap horses midstream”).
    Origin of “Don’t Change Horses”
    The expression is usually credited to Abraham Lincoln who, during the Civil War, said that voters should re-elect him because it would be foolish to change leaders in the middle of such a turbulent time.
    After his nomination to run for a second term, Lincoln told a group of his supporters:
    I do not allow myself to suppose that either the convention or the League have concluded to decide that I am either the greatest or best man in America, but rather they have concluded that it is not best to swap horses while crossing the river, and have further concluded that I am not so poor a horse that they might not make a botch of it in trying to swap.

  9. Elie Mystal with a major hurdle to “replacement theory”
    Listening to white folks blithely talk about pushing Biden off a cliff, skipping over Harris, and trotting out some white person like ain’t nobody gonna notice that is some *hilarious* shit.

  10. Democrats used “Don’t swap horses in the middle of the stream” during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s re-election campaigns of 1940 and 1944. Earlier, in 1932, when FDR first ran for President and the nation’s economy was in shambles, wags suggested that the Republican motto must be “Don’t swap barrels while going over Niagara.” The metaphor has even crossed the Atlantic. Arnold Toynbee wrote in Civilization on Trial , “‘Herodianism’ … is a form of swapping horses while crossing a stream, and the rider who fails to find his seat in the new saddle is swept … to a death.”

  11. furthermore from Professor Heather Cox Richardson’s newsletter:

    Immediately after the debate, there were calls for Biden to drop out of the race, but aside from the fact that the only time a presidential candidate has ever done that—in 1968—it threw the race into utter confusion and the president’s party lost…

    I had to stop and think who that was…oh right, that time we ended up with Nixon.

  12. Like Joe says, get up, get back in the saddle. Horses are herd animals. They don’t travel alone. Keep Ridin’ with Biden. 

  13. Something open convention enthusiasts should consider: The Democratic nominee is actually going to be legally chosen BEFORE the convention. That’s because Ohio won’t grant a waiver for its pre-convention deadline to get on their November ballot. So Dems have arranged a virtual vote among delegates two weeks before the Chicago convention starts. Dramatic scenarios of a convention floor contest cannot happen.

  14. Bill Clinton

    I’ll leave the debate rating to the pundits, but here’s what I know: facts and history matter. Joe Biden has given us 3 years of solid leadership, steadying us after the pandemic, creating a record number of new jobs, making real progress solving the climate crisis, and launching a successful effort in reducing inflation, all while pulling us out of the quagmire Donald Trump left us in. That’s what’s really at stake in November.

    4:56 PM · Jun 28, 2024

  15. Yes Nixon following split democrats…..Reagan after Ted Kennedy attempts to kneecap Carter, Bush2 after democrats are split over Clinton’s blowjob, Trump after “but her emails”, BernieBros, Jill Stein etc.  
    Yeah, ok, if we just shitcan Biden it’ll be smoooth sailing. 

  16. Martin Mull is one of my all time favorites… RIP.
    Hey…  all the talk has been about Joe Biden…   and as “they” say… bad publicity is better than no publicity at all.

  17. So I guess Kamala’s performance in CBS vice presidential debate matters more than ever now. Biden camp accepted either July 23 or Aug. 13, no word yet from Trump world.

  18. Ah those heady days in the 80’s when a former, actually still actor, was running for a second term. Scandals, indictments and rumours of him not being his old self, did not stop the world from voting for him. He was often lost and drifting.  Did the gop of the era panic? Of course not, they would put up a lunatic before giving up giving billionaires more money.  We now know they will put up an orange moron.
    Dems panic and go screaming in circles “dump the loser, we can’t win” Even though the Dem candidate gains in polls post the one thirty minute problem.  This has been going on for decades.  I am not panicked, I will vote for Joe.

  19. RR, yep, and Trump is actually complaining that the focus is on Biden. Once again he takes a good story for him and escalates it into a lie. Nobody says he was the best in history.

    Donald J. Trump

    As I walked off the stage on Thursday night, at the end of the highly anticipated “Debate,” anchors, political reporters and all screamed that I had had the greatest debate performance in the long and storied history of Presidential Debates. They all said, effectively, “Trump was fantastic!” This theme was universal, even at CNN & MSDNC, but by Friday evening it was all about the poor performance of Crooked Joe, and not so much about how well I did. Oh well, that’s the way it is but, importantly, the result is the same!!!

    Jun 29, 2024, 8:03 AM

  20. Geez, wouldn’t it be nice to have Al Franken back in the Senate.   The gop still point to that one as one of their most successful operations.  And they got the DEMOCRATS to do it for them.    

  21. Obama;
    Bad debate nights happen. Trust me, I know. But this election is still a choice between someone who has fought for ordinary folks his entire life and someone who only cares about himself. Between someone who tells the truth; who knows right from wrong and will give it to the American people straight — and someone who lies through his teeth for his own benefit. Last night didn’t change that, and it’s why so much is at stake in November

  22. wouldn’t it be nice to have Al Franken back

    Sturge, that very discussion was in the mix on Bill Maher last night. 

  23. I’d like to hear stump’s definition of “black jobs”. 

    NYT Editorial Board awfully quick to throw that bomb, it’s as though they were waiting for an excuse…shocking given the elevated risks to our democracy and the myriad ways Biden has improved the economy, lowered crime.

  24. The only question that matters to me is who is most likely to beat Trump: Biden or someone else? Trump vs. Harris? vs Newsom, Whitmer, Shapiro etc.?

  25. [Mika] Brzezinski told us this morning that she understands why.“I was staying up late listening to everybody freak out on the phone calling Joe. And I literally was just shaking my head, going, ‘These people need to get diapers,’” she said. “It was one bad night. And it’s not the end of the world. Joe Biden has come back from way worse.”
    “I’m not walking away,” she added, “Of all of his media allies and friends, I’m not even close to doing that. Not even close.”

    I’m with Mika.

  26. It’s hard to imagine how any future presidential debate no matter the contestants will ever again be about “substance.” 

  27. I think all calling for Step Down Joe need to give a look at all those who have his back. It’s not just Biden being stubborn and standing there all alone….he has Large Size allies who would have to be fought.  
    Think about it, Darlin’.
    —Conway Twitty (?)

  28. “The only question that matters to me is who is most likely to beat Trump: “

    Theres another question which you might need to ask yourself and that is What would the process of getting there do to this charmed character whom you might think would beat trump.   It won’t be a walk in the park to get there. It’ll be a bloody slog with the end result being lots of Loser tears when Trump is NOT beaten.

  29. Sturg, but can Biden beat Trump after that meltdown in front of 50 million people? I’ve got doubts. If you’re going to have “one bad night” that sure was the wrong night for it

  30. Craig… you are too caught up in it.  I’d bet good money that the vast majority of those that watched that debate this early are political junkies.   Most voters will not pay attention until sometime after Labor Day.
    You and I… and everyone on this blog…. are not the typical voter.

  31. Biden works for us.  i like the guy, appreciate his policy positions, but the goal is winning the election and he didn’t help himself, because someone on his team fucked up, and that person should resign 
    We can all move on but we can’t have a summer of fuck ups

  32. Craig you better hope he can win because that particular die is cast. It is Biden Harris and that’s what it will be. if Biden drops out it will be quietly, behind closed doors, with a plan in place.  .  No howling mob is going to effect this change. 
    Yelling “drop out” at this point is not only stupid, but wasteful.  
    Liking or not liking Joe Biden is irrelevant by the way.

  33. I am still seeing conversation about an open contest on the floor of the convention if Biden drops out but that is not how it is going to work if it happens.

    Unless Democrats want to forego being on the Ohio ballot they have to choose their nominee by August 7th, before the convention begins August 15. DNC has scheduled a virtual vote of delegates on August 7th for that purpose.

    That is a doable scenario with only one candidate who is guaranteed to win, but how does a zoom call work with nearly 4,000 delegates voting on multiple candidates with multiple ballots needed to reach a conclusion?

  34. i think it’s ok to discuss these things in the comment section of a boutique political message board
    Biden’s bad performance was internationally broadcast, it’s not a secret

    People need to be pried from power, Biden ain’t dropping out, don’t worry

  35. I was going to try and get thru this round without calling anything stupid but I see that’s not possible. What I’m hearing is the stupidest things ive heard since you began calling for Nancy to resign right after Joe won. “Time for new blood” or something like that.
     Ok having had my say, I’ll retire my big mout for a bit. 

    What really puts the burr under my saddle is the waste of all this goddam bellyachin’about what was admittedly a bad debate. What’s wrong with waiting to see how this is all going to shake out,without becoming a mob of “Resign” screamers. Because: stump is going to shake out as LOSER.
    So, heidy-ho.
    Al Franken should have had a hearing before his democratic colleagues
    slit his throat for him.
    And this is not harmless discussion on a boutique political blog. It’s wasteful and deleterious. It poisons the well.

  36. yo this fucking trump guy is gonna throw lgbt people in camps so if some of them are nervous cut them some slack

  37. Craig,  Are union members going to vote for Orange Adolf because of one, bad debate?
    Women? Veterans? People of color? Teachers? Medical professionals? Seniors who care about their SS, Medicare, and drug prices? LGBTQ? 

    This is absolute unseriousness on the part of the media; they want chaos because it gets more attention.  If they were serious, they would’ve given at least as much energy to ousting tRUMPsky as the Russo-Republican candidate.
    Biden/Harris 2024

    Focus on the dangers of Project 2025 to get votes up and down ballot, and energize younger voters to understand why this election is different.

  38. Corks in the sea.  That’s what the fair-weather supporters and media are like.  Corks bobbing in the sea, with no force of their own; waiting for the next wave to redirect them.  

  39. I’m picking up anger, like really pissed, from millennials who “can’t f*@#$g believe” their choice is between these two old f*@#$cks. 

    Someone is feeding them that.

  40. tell the angry millennials to vote in the primaries next time
    this what trump does y’all, divides people and pits them against each other

  41. People should not be complaining about Biden but pointing out again the failure of the media to do its job.   
    Biden had a bad night but he wasn’t babbling lies like SFB.   Where is that accounting.

    Did Trump say anything of importance that was not a lie.

  42. holy speech police batman

    i wrote you all pro-Biden talking
    points, did any of you forward them to fellow voters? i doubt it, cuz you all just complain at Craig like he’s the Wizard of Oz. Get a grip

  43. Good logic, Ms. Cracker, but logic does not make a good show (Mr. Spock, notwithstanding, but it took pointy ears.)

    Joe’s low performance hadn’t been seen on live stage before so it was new while the Felon’s act is old news. The scary part is Trump will have to amp it up more to get back the attention he craves.

  44. ” someone on his team fucked up, and that person should resign “

    bink, yep the frenzied need to quell their angst and wants to see someone suffer for causing it —  maybe a high born adviser from the gang who planned the debate or helped in the preps will confess his sins and fall on his sword.  just make that someone expendable and not liked to begin with.

    craig, if the mad hater wins  —God forbid — isn’t it better that Joe be the guy on the failing ticket than for the most promising presidential candidate (pick any from the harris, witmer, newsom backups on the bench) who’ll be blamed for the loss and lose all future attempts because of it?  better for the integrity and the future of both party and wannabe winners in 2028.   

  45. joe will win because the debate debacle has scared those most likely to suffer the consequences if he doesn’t. IMHO the big Mo, the motivation monster, has awakened and is beginning to pay attention. 

  46. No, Franken was early in Trump’s administration and is also a prime example of republican perfidy allied with democrat’s stupidity.  It’s not martyrdom to see a good man railroaded for no other reason than that he was an effective Democrat.
    And remember those responsible.  

    Splintered democrats have been rattling my chain and have been responsible for more pure evil set loose upon this world and my own life since Nixon and I’m bloody well sick of it.

    You need to game out the actual consequences of trying to force Biden to step down because seeing that event as anything other than the result of abject ignorance is just the white stuff on top of chickenshit…..more ignorance.

    Try to imagine, if you will, the ACTUAL CONSEQUENCES, not the ones which appear in some fairy tale of democrats coming together to achieve the common goal. Tell me about the actual real time consequences of that event. July2024—-Nov 2024.

  47. ok i don’t like fighting with you all (and definitely not you specifically, Mr. S), “marathon not a sprint”, have a great day

    (gotta conserve energy in this heat, mental energy included)

    (ah-ha! “hotter than a matchhead”! classic rock is pretty cool on earbuds, hear all sorts of new stuff in it)

    “Splintered democrats”

    big tent party gonna have factional squabbles

  48. Trump: “All they know is electric. They want electric planes. What happens if the sun isn’t shining while you’re up in the air?”

    James Fallows: “OK, we know he is an idiot.  But every now and then you have to say, this is GODDAMN IDIOTIC. Electric planes run ON BATTERIES. His question is like asking, “How can you use an iPhone if it’s dark outside”

  49. I have been searching for times that sfb airplane has been at the same airport as russian planes.  This is one time that really was curious.  There are many more.  What is very interesting is trying to use Microsoft AI is it refused to search, MS plain search did return the current event.  Google AI search did pull up some results.

  50. “big tent party gonna have factional squabbles“

    Which lead, in turn, to Nixon Reagan bush2 and dump. 

    we ain’t fighting, I just see things from a NixoReagBushDump phobia based on Actual History. Splintered democrats…..count up every time democrats lost and then look at why.  I west my case.

  51. He plans to invite Vlad  into the country whether or not he wins the election 

  52. James Carville in his stupid LSU pajamas is doing more damage to Biden than anyone here

    methinks he got an agenda

  53. Carvelle’s agenda is a paying gig. Right now they are paying for Biden skeptics.  He is “making hay while the sun shines”.  You have to look at all of this through  click bait lenses.
    BTW, I just had lunch with my sister and family. Some politics came up but nothing about the debate. As Renee said only you junkies paid any attention. 
    It is summer holiday season and nobody gives a fk. 
    My only problem is a crown came loose so I need some dental work and did you know next week is one long holiday. But they had one opening monday morning then my dentist is out of the office for 10 days.  

  54. Bill Maher on the debate: “It’s okay if you missed it, so did one of the contestants. He is going to lose. I said it nine months ago, I say it tonight. Now, it seems like it’s so apparent.”

  55. bill maher ain’t no prophet
    gotta exploit the Alito effect

    hey, if you are going to adopt a replace Biden position, then you better explain the mechanics of it every fucking time. I say it’s too late and I don’t know how the hell that would work so anybody who think they should better explain and fast.

    by the way it’s too late, vote Biden

  56. The one I watched with isn’t a political junkie, but wanted to see his hero trounce POTUS Joe. They heard the loud lies as truth in their bizarro world. 

    The next day, they confidently told me Biden would be replaced by Michelle Obama.  I told them that it would never happen, but whatever wingnut news outlet they listen to was telling them she was a lock. 

    Jack – Glad to hear from you after those storms.

  57. Biden/Harris have been able to get a lot of stuff done, despite congressional MAGAts. 

    Folks need to show up and vote Dem for every office.  It’s the only way to take our country back.

    Non-MAGAt Republicans might want to gather and rebrand themselves, too.

  58. For the record, Bill Maher said he would vote for Joe’s head in a jar of blue liquid. Chris Matthews backed him up.

    “WSJ: Nikki Haley says she had a “good conversation” with Trump and warns GOP of possible Biden alternative”
    “It was shocking, I think, for a lot of people,” Haley told The Journal. “What we saw was that Trump was strong, but I don’t even think that mattered because Biden was so amazingly unfit. The way he lost his train of thought, the way he couldn’t grasp topics of what he needed to talk about.”

    “Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said she had a “good conversation” with former President Donald Trump about a week ago, when she reached out to him for the first time since she dropped out of the race to personally offer her support, The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday.”

    What a disingenuous POS!   The orange guy, who she said was not fit for office, who did nothing but lie and trash talk, now she’s trying to make herself relevant, again?  If she agrees to be his running mate, she’ll be tarnished for life, especially with the folks who voted for her in the primaries even after she dropped out.

  60. Craig
    the only numbers you can rely on are streaming numbers and those only from an independent auditor. 
    The 3 times I was ask to do the nielsen diary, I filled them out at the bar, as a bar full of drunks debated on what show we wanted to promote. I know there are millions of dollars changing hands on our survey, but I’ll bet I wasn’t the only. BTW we claimed to be watch 3 tvs too.  as I recall. 
    It reminds me of the retail’s black Friday numbers, they are always optimistic. 

  61. Nikki’s been playing this game from the git-go. Waiting for Donald to die is her long-range plan. It might work. 

  62. BiD
    I’m in Southern MO now. No storms around here. Where were your storms. Early summer on the great  plains mean interesting weather.  I’ve seen it where 5 miles north of me they had a tornado and the same distance south the sun is shining. For me it was just cloudy and I’m wondering why the tornado sirens are going off..

  63. invite Oprah or someone like that into the White House, introduce the team, show Biden in command, give an interview, feature Kamala, bada bing bada boom

    protect your quarterback, Team Biden

  64. Yeah, I’m northwest of you, again, and I grew up with this stuff…but I didn’t have a car to worry about when I was a kid.  Woke up to the hood of another car on the ground next to my car.

  65. I think what everybody misses is that it is too fucking late. You either win with Biden or you don’t win. Last year this time maybe you make a change but 2 months before the official start of the campaign season, after the primaries are over? Even if Biden drops out you lose.

  66. Dems that don’t want to run with Biden need to be helpful and run against Project 2025.  Just work with whatever you feel you’ve got.
    Biden/Harris 2024

  67. If you have junk falling from the sky that is a tornado that just missed you. Not standard weather. In 2003 when the tornado went through moms farm we found large 4X8 pieces of roofs in her hay field a mile from the nearest house. 
    Life on the great plains. 

  68. BiD
    Nebraska? If so you need to think about Omaha. A very livable city, especially for you liberal types.  I like Omaha, a good zoo. If you would move to Omaha you could take care of my dog while I went to the zoo. ;-0

  69. Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday front page editorial: “To serve his country, Donald Trump should leave the race. The debate about the debate is misplaced. The only person who should withdraw from the race is Trump. … Lost in the hand wringing was Donald Trump’s usual bombastic litany of lies, hyperbole, bigotry, ignorance, and fear mongering. His performance demonstrated once again that he is a danger to democracy and unfit for office.”

  70. I think that notwithstanding a family discussion 2024 is baked in. Dumbass is going nowhere and I don’t see anyone jumping in to push Joe out. I see the Harris/Newsome/Whitmer knock down in 2028. And I simply don’t see anyone other than Joe beating Dumbass.
    I agree with this – vote Biden-Harris. 

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