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  1. Just come in from the garden and found another reason to not upset my digestion by watching tonight’s debate. First of the season and  a week before the 4th. Life is good.

  2. In for the beginning and will stay based on how much I can stand.


    Prime is showing Lady Jane which is a nice alternative history series to watch instead.

  3. Ingredients list on Biden’s “enhancer”: “MAGA tears, Mysterious Orange Liquid & Melted Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.” (Biden’s favorite drink is orange Gatorade & his favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chip)”

  4. OMG, my bro has never turned the TV up to 23.  He really wants to see POTUS Joe go down and I want just the reverse.  

  5. Hello everyone!  I’ve missed you all!  I’m not actually watching the debate but I *am* watching the Twitter reaction! Nice to be along for the ride.  Hello, Craig!

  6. I am not liking this …. Trump energetic and verbalizing complete sentences.  He must be on drugs.  Biden has a hoarse voice YIKES!! not good

  7. Joe did the best job consoling the covid families. Trump compounded our grief. 

  8. The problem with giving T this stage is that not one single person on the fence will care about the fact checks, they are just going to remember these things he is saying as if they were truths.

  9. Fuuuu tRUMPsky and his lies.   

  10. I hate to say this but Biden looks like an SNL caricature of himself …. pale, one eye cocked looking, 

  11. Orange Adolf is a fear merchant.   Let’s hope folks know he’s lying about jobs, covid, abortion, taxes, Social Security, Medicare, the environment, and he stopped the border bill.

    Dems need to hammer SFB on Project 2025. 

    How it’s playing in a room with a tRUMPer: He thinks Joe is suffering from cognitive decline.

  12. Trump is starting to go off the rails

    Eyes rolling backward into his head. 

  13. Joe’s starting to get angry. Better look. 
    Trump. Lying his ass off. So what else is new?

  14. I have switched to listening on NPR so that I don’t see faces, and Biden sounds better when you don’t have to look at his tortured face 

  15. He should use that line …. “HE HAS NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL HE IS TALKING ABOUT” in ads

  16. holy fuck trump just admitted on international tv that Putin told him he was going to invade Ukraine in advance


  17. Yeah, I was listening from the stairwell and Biden came across much better.  The lies from tRUMPsky are still coming through loud and clear.
    I hope that every group tRUMPsky has lied about tonight, veterans for instance, calls him out VERY LOUDLY.   

  18. when did he talk to putin about ukraine
    why was he talking to putin about ukraine
    what did they tell each other about ukraine before trump tried to extort ukraine

  19. I hope that every group tRUMPsky has lied about tonight, veterans for instance, calls him out VERY LOUDLY.   

    yes, blue, including the cops he’s accusing of torturing him.

  20. dipshit just insulted the entire American manufacturing sector

    (i may be behind about 15 mins 🤷‍♂️)

  21. Joe’s starting to get his feet under him. Dumbass claiming what we saw him say was made up?  WTF?

  22. I’m trapped in a house with a tRUMPer who doesn’t believe Project 2025 is real.  He thinks it’s just a Dem PR stunt to scare folks.  

  23. listen, trump may be “performing” better, but i’m not sure he’s winning over any independent voters with his bullshit
    ”morals of an alley-cat” lol, line of the night

  24. The root cause of our problems…his tremendous malfeasance in handling the pandemic.

  25. Keith Olbermann
    CNN’s decision to abrogate its journalistic responsibilities by not fact checking Trump’s firehose of lies is unforgivable. This debate is Biden vs the tag team of Trump and CNN’s utter failure as a news organization

  26. Trump certainly has command of his lies. He’s repeated them so often, he doesn’t have to think. 

  27. Heather Cox Richardson on X:

    “OK, I want a job where I can just make shit up. NO. TRUMP DID NOT GET THE PRICE OF INSULIN DOWN. BIDEN DID. “

  28. Frank Luntz on X:

    In my pre-debate focus group just now, someone just said the 2024 election “is like a choice between the circus or the nursing home.” Another one: “It’s like choosing between a dead battery and a flat tire.”

  29. The most frustrating thing about malignant narcissism is right on full display. I can’t wait to hear what Dr. Mary says. 

  30. The good thing is that there is still a long way to go before the election.

  31. CNN might as well be Fox tonight.  Absolutely no push back against obvious exaggerations and failure to answer question.

  32. Stupid fuck. Nobody believes that shit. He must have practiced WW3 for hours. Dumbass. 

  33. Biden is delivering better clips, which is how most people see debates. Biden to Trump: “You’re a whiner. Not one single court agreed with you that there was election fraud. “Something snapped in you when you lost the last time.”

  34. These things are never fun to watch in real time. We’ll have to see how it all shakes out. Trump has not persuaded me to take a chance on him. 

  35. I so want to believe that no one on the fence watching this will decide to vote for T – my fear is that they won’t be able to make themselves vote for Biden either, 

  36. PBS is noting Dem freak out, too.  
    Stop it!
    Just like they were wringing hands before the SOTU, this debate will shake out differently once fact-checked and once the sound bites come out.   

    I love POTUS Joe!

  37. https://newrepublic.com/post/183010/trump-secret-trip-mar-a-lago-classified-documents
    “Donald Trump reportedly took a “highly unusual” trip to Mar-a-Lago, just weeks before the FBI raided the Florida estate, to repossess thousands of sensitive documents.”
    “But the “discreet,” previously unreported trip—which occurred between July 10 and 12 in the summer of 2022—has caught the interest of investigators, who believe it may have been another attempt to conceal the documents after being served a subpoena for their swift return…”

  38. I’ll say it again. Joe over prepared. Too much stuff tried to cram in in too short a time. Bullshit comes easy to Dumbass. 

  39. i mean, good, be nervous- you should be
    maybe stress the importance of down-ballot and state races, also

  40. Yawn. 
    It is summer time, There ain’t nobody watching this. It is why TV summer season used to be reruns and stuff they couldn’t sell. I wonder even how many people are home today, or how many are taking advantage of the fourth to have a long holiday. We are planning  the 4th not paying attention to politics.
    Who in the world thought it would be a good time to do a political debate a week before the fourth. Wake me up when September gets here.

  41. How do they know there is a democratic freakout? They haven’t even had time to interview any Demcrates except their paid staff. 
    News, even PBS /NPR, sucks

  42. Biden stammered a bit and misspoke a few times (numbers, mostly) while trying to articulate a clear understanding of the issues
    trump has no understanding of the issues and it shows
    also admitted he colluded with putin

    i could hear trump’s brain go “oh, fuck, shouldn’t have said that” when he mentioned putin’s expressed “dreams”

  43. Dude but it is not tuned to the debate, It is googling for the best deals this weekend at the local theme park/an airbnb, Alaskan cruise, boat rentals, scheduling tee times for in the morning
    They may watch recaps in the morning, but only if they are bored.
    It is summer time.

  44. Gavin Newsom on with the rescue: No need to panic. Joe has delivered for America, we need to deliver for him. Understand what’s at stake if we don’t. 

  45. A final thought: Biden campaign needs a huge endorsement from a major Republican tomorrow to change the story. George W. Bush, time to save the country, pal.

  46. If W endorses Biden, Orange Adolf will say he’s the worst President in the history of presidents. 

  47. Craig,

    Recent tweet from George

    After doing a lot of thinking, I have decided to come off Twitter. This platform is no longer the same as it was, especially since Musk bought the site. I don’t like how he has impowered radical politics, it is not free speech if the information is completely false.

    May I suggest that all who feel the same, check out Threads.  


  48. “ googling for the best deals this weekend at the local theme park/an airbnb, Alaskan cruise, boat rentals, scheduling tee times for in the morning”
    …at which they’ll be on their phone the entire time

    i won’t estimate interest because i don’t know how the hell one would begin to do so with streaming, internet feeds, “do recaps count”, etc.
    who fuckin knows, vote

    btw, i was actively doing all that summer shit you’re talking about


    listening to the debate

    on my phone 🫤

  49. Former GOP operative/Lincoln Project co-founder Stuart Spencer:

    “Don’t day trade politics. It’s a sucker’s game. A guy from Queens out on bail bragged about overturning Roe v. Wade, said in public he didn’t have sex with a porn star, defended tax cuts for billionaires, defended Jan. 6th. and called America the worst country in the world. That guy isn’t going to win this race.”

  50. also said that Europeans don’t want American exports but with the words “they don’t want our stuff” as if the entire American manufacturing sector made trash

    oh and admitted that putin told him he wanted to invade Ukraine in advance if i haven’t mentioned


  51. he was only allowed to speak for a minute of every 3 so that’s a lie/min

    give him credit, he’s created a lot of fact-checking jobs

  52. Last thought, the real mistake was getting on the debate stage or any stage with a Convicted Felon. He should never be allowed the dignity or elevation of that platform.

  53. Ughh.  Claire McCaskill said the most revealing sentiment about the panic surging among the donors .  For certain many are going to try to replace Joe in Chicago. Gavin Newsome , Pete Buttigieg, Maryland and Michigan governors… but every incumbent stumbles in the first re- election debate.  I am scared as a kid whistling through the graveyard.  That creepy liar won this debate and I am upset 

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