25 thoughts on “Sunday Serendipity”

  1. jack, very fitting for these high heat and humidity days.

    around here they’re beginning to worry about the drought and fire hazards.

  2. hard not to picture scenes like this in the mind’s eye when hearing the music:

    Enter the enchanted, mystical world of The Firebird. Prince Ivan battles the monsters of the evil magician Kastchei with the help of the benevolent Firebird, rescuing the ten princesses – including his one true love – held captive by these dark forces in the forest.

  3. Nice selection Jack. I think this piece is hard not to like. 
    Still warm here but late afternoon a front with some rain is coming along with some cooler weather tonight and tomorrow the back into the mid/upper 80s. Not as bad as last week but I’m sure it will be sticky. 

  4. Jack, Thank you for the beautiful music

    Patd, Thank you for the great images

    Back now to your regularly scheduled political Sunday insanity. 

  5. Nelson’s team issued a statement to TODAY.com about when the country singer plans to return to the stage.

    Willie Nelson missed the first night of the “Outlaw Music Festival Tour” due to an illness.
    The “Outlaw Music Festival Tour” kicked off at the Ameris Bank Amphitheater in Alpharetta, Georgia on June 21. Hours before showtime, the 91-year-old announced that he was unable to perform via a statement on social media


    “We regret to inform you that Willie Nelson is not feeling well and, per doctor’s orders, has been advised to rest for the next four days,” the statement read. “He is expected to make a quick recovery and join the Outlaw Music Festival tour next week.”
    In an email statement to TODAY.com, a representative for Nelson shared a new update on the singer’s health.
    “Willie will be fine. I live in Los Angeles and will fly next week to see the performances on the east coast. I can’t wait,” the statement read.
    In Nelson’s absence, his son, Lukas Nelson and the Family Band, will perform a “special set” that included some of Nelson’s classic tunes and other songs, as per the statement shared on social media.
    Bob Dylan, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, and Celisse were expected to perform their sets as scheduled for the first night of the tour.

  6. Was there also a “Little Bang”. I guess if there was, there would be a theory.

    I have a hard time figuring out what “nothing” is.
    I’m sure it’ll come to me.

  7. What would cause somebody to even think of something like this…….its got to be more than just alcohol.  

    I see it’s a collaboration with Fred Rose. Interesting character, Fred Rose.

  8. Plain as an azure sky of blue, I now get it: the brains of the Republicans realize Trump is an oaf, a confused old man with all the felonies, an adjudicated rapist, a tax cheat…all the rest…but they see a way to use “Trumpism” to fit their selfish needs. This party intends to further tilt SCOTUS, eliminate the department of Education, fire over 50,000 federal employees, establish concentration camps, deport everybody of color they can, eliminate all corporate taxes, throwing the debt into trillions more dollars. “Trumpism’s” justice department will attempt to execute military heads who don’t praise The new dictator, and all politicians who opposed Trump and Trumpism will be prosecuted for nonsensical made-up charges…some would be imprisoned.
    I simply encourage you to read up on this stuff.
    I am a working class retiree and certainly have no college training in this field. Just read what Trump’s goons want to do…it’s all out here in plain view.
    Vote for Joe Biden to save the republic. The union is strong, let’s keep democracy alive. NO KING IN 2024. We are a democracy, not a Trumpism fiefdom !
    READ and LISTEN to the news.

  9. They either don’t know about Project 2025, or claim to not know about it while wanting exactly those things to happen.  I’ve mentioned it and been met with “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”   Deep down, I feel they know, but can’t prove it.    I plan to have a migraine a few hours before the debate starts, so I can hibernate and watch it by myself.  Everyone here looks like me.  Every one. I don’t belong here. 

  10. Dexter
    I have to admit I’m suffering from a bit of Trump burnout. We all know who he is and what he is. Nobody at this point can claim ignorance. Even his most loyal supporters know, they just, don’t care. 
    I guess the question is; what is the level of immorality in this nation, just how decadent are we?  I guess in November we will know.

  11. Pat 
    Thanks for the Balanchine video clip. Also thanks for all the little addons you do for my Sunday posts. When I’m being lazy you round them out and make them so much better.

  12. Recent convo: Really like that “Viva Swamy guy” for VP.  He’s really smart.

    He’s an a-hole.

    Oh, he’s really full of himself, but he’s really smart.

    (The folks around here have a real taste for authoritarian turds.  Was saying they like him supposed to show me they aren’t racist?)

  13. “i’m not racist against people of color that support white supremacy”
    fair enough 🤷‍♂️ 

  14. Once more, with feeling; it’s an amazing, wide, wild world, full of wonder, but if you decide to ruminate on the worst of it, it will bring you down.  Find your joy.

  15. None of my enlightened existentialist philosophies address neurological chemical imbalances, bear in mind, and may be insufficient in such a case
    but they still help 🧘‍♂️

  16. Sturg, if you ever wrap your head around nothing you’ll be the first. I’m good at doing nothing. That’s a start, right?

  17. Bink
    There is not a city in the USA that would make a proverbial “pimple on the ass” of a real hell hole. Not even our worst neighborhoods.
    Of the 10 Cities with the highest murder rates all but one is in this hemisphere however, 7 are in Mexico and 2 just across the border. I knew things were bad down there, but not that bad.
    There is our border problem btw,  A failed state, not refugees seeking asylum.
    But there is nobody with policies to address what maybe our most dangerous threat.

  18. degrees of shittiness are cold comfort

    i could tell you some LA stories but you’d think i was lying

  19. Blue

    I hate that “everyone here looks like me” feeling. A place is so much more pleasant and interesting with some variety.

  20. Bink take your worst story and multiply it by 17.5 and you have Colima. LA murder rate is around 8/100000, Colima’s rate is 140/100000. I’m sure Colima has good neighborhoods too. 1750%

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