Going Full Godwin

Lincoln Project’s latest:

Trump promises to consolidate power, eradicate dissenters and enact his autocratic agenda. This playbook isn’t new – it was just written in German last time.


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  1. on the road with the new brownshirts 

    ‘God’s Army’ trucker convoy descends into vigil for ‘hero’ MAGA rioters (msn.com)

    Trucker Rally Turns Into January Sixer Worship Wagon (thedailybeast.com)

    As The Daily Beast reported, the convoy’s planners include anti-vaxxers, election deniers, and QAnon conspiracy theorists who’ve said they’re on a mission from God to “peacefully” draw attention to the border crisis. (In a recent call, Vice revealed, organizer Kim Yeater called their effort “God’s Army” and that they’d been “chosen” to take action.)


  2. back in 2016, political cartoonist jeff darcy wrote this op ed about which i wonder now if he’s changed his mind:

    Comparing Trump pledge to Hitler is a reach: Darcy cartoon - cleveland.com

    CLEVELAND, Ohio — As if Donald Trump’s hairstyle doesn’t generate enough negative attention itself, Trump’s critics are now slapping a Hitler mustache on him.
    The loyalty pledge that has become part of Trump’s rallies is now being compared the Nazi salute to Adolph Hitler.  Trump recently began asking his supporters at campaign events to raise their right hand and “solemnly swear” to vote for him.   Practically before those supporters could lower their hands, comparisons to the Nazi salute were being made on social media.   Former Anti-Defamation League director, Abe Foxman, a Holocaust Survivor,  called the pledge a “fascist gesture.”
    Surprised by the comparison, Trump called it “ridiculous” and a “big, big stretch.”  Trump argued that he’s simply playing to an enthusiastic crowd.  ” When I say, ‘Raise your hand,’ everybody raises their hand.  They’re screaming to me to do it: ‘We want to do it.’  You know, we’re all having a lot of fun. I never thought it was anything offensive.”
    The comparisons to Hitler first  picked up steam when Trump called for Muslims to be banned from entering the U.S. following terror attacks that occurred during the ongoing refugee crisis.    For some, Trump’s call for a ban on Muslims evoked memories of Nazi’s scapegoating  Jews in Germany, not security profiling.
    Since Trump’s call for a Mexican wall and a Muslim ban, he was also oddly slow to disavow the endorsement of former KKK Wizard David Duke, despite having done so 16 years ago.
    Donald Trump can be fairly accused of being a lot of things — a misogynist, a bully, juvenile, ill-tempered, unqualified, unpresidential — but implying he’s  racist,  anti-semitic  and a  fascist, Nazi sympathizer, is as Trump said, a big stretch.
    His critics are giving him too much credit when they suggest he’s following a Nazi propaganda playbook.  Trump has shown he has an aptitude for real estate and deal- making, not world history.
    Trump isn’t a racist or fascist.   He’s an opportunist, a profiling advocat given to pandering for votes.  Trump is  someone  who decided to run for president on a lark to vent long-held political pet peeves, only to discover there were enough voters who shared them to turn him into the front-runner.
    Comparing Trump to Hitler risks trivializing Hitler’s horrific actions and status as one the most evil men to ever walk the planet.   That’s one reason why I pledge not to draw Trump with a Hitler mustache.


    oh to be back in the days when we were so innocent, so naive, Jeff.

  3. Missions from God have a long and less than distinguished history dating back at least to the crusades. Makes me want to watch MP and the Holy Grail. 

  4. Earlier this year the Trump Campaign released a video called “God Made Trump.” As with all releases from the Trump Campaign that needed to be fact checked. which it was – by the Lincoln Project. They discovered that God had been badly misquoted in the campaign ad. This parody is based on their findings.

  5. An office pool on if sfb makes it to Labor Day would be in order.  The degradation of his brain each week is amazing. If he does not stroke out he will be a babbling pile of fat soon.  Apparently he took another “test” recently and “passed” it. Mental genius is really mental midget.  He may remember two words now, not five or six.  I still think Haley is pulling off a great campaign by not letting her actual record be talked about.  The Dems need to do that now and not after the orange blob is sitting in a playpen trying to wiggle his toes.

  6. I saw that Nazi comparison ad and had to wonder if it goes over the top. Can you lose some persuadables by overstating your case? Or even if you do is it worth it to fire up supporters? I am really not sure.

  7. Nazis in Germany were firstly thieves, robbers, and looters. Orange Adolph fits the bill. 

  8. Bink, Craig
    Not only have they not changed a single normie Republican vote, they most likely have kept such fence setters in the party by making them say to themselves “See the other side is worse”
    The Lincoln Project is a fund raising machine who’s sole purpose is to keep it’s founders employed.
    After all if you are the darling of the Democratic left, how much are you really reaching persuadable Republicans and independents.

  9. Isn’t it kind of hard to ascertain the actual effectiveness with conservatives of Lincoln Project ads?
    I’ll gladly add them to the mix of voices raised against Slump.  They’re probably not worth snot after he’s gone, though.  For instance, What will they say about Nikki after the Stump flees the country?

  10. Hitler’s Nazis, Polpot, Stalin were unique examples of evil and should not be used in ordinary political rhetoric. Doing so shows a lack of imagination. Trumps own words are all it takes to condemn him. Play them back to everybody. What a person puts in words is important, just taking him at his word is enough. This is the man who put children in cages, separated mothers from their babies, then deported the mother then kept the child.  You don’t have to find some historical bad guy to compare him to he is evil enough all on his own, just make sure you get the facts out. 

  11. Have admit I don’t like the Lincoln Project parodies and I’m all in to vote for Biden.  They just irritate me.  So if that is true to a die hard Biden voter, imagine how the waverers might see it.  Let’s hope there is no real viable third party in the mix.

    Trump is decidedly closer to being a blithering idiot.  Let us hope he gets there before November.


  12. I agree with not comparing trump to Hitler…  IMO, it downgrades the true evil that was Hitler.
    I also agree that if something happens to trump and Haley becomes the repug nominee, those Lincoln Project people will revert to being republicans faster than a NY minute.

  13. Taking a quiet moment to remember Colorado Bob.

    Found a lost item in my catacombs.
    “ glad you saw it Green, glad the winds were howling down the mountain when you went. Glad you saw the Rockies mean.”http://blogs.cqpolitics.com/trailmix/2009/01/democrats-testing-obamas-tax-m.html#comment-187919
    CBob, You can even make bad weather sound inviting. I don’t know how you do it. 🙂and when you say things like this: “Vestavia, ALPerfect place. I never heard of it. I love places I never heard of as much as the ones I went and saw.”, it reads like poetry. Thanks.

  14. What Clump is now is one thing, but what he came a Pence-hair close to being 3 years ago is quite another.  And he’s still after it, debilitated though he be.
    I’m in the Bringing History to Bear Camp.

  15. Whatever dipshit is or isn’t, a large contingent of his adherents are full Nazi-wannabe, make no mistake, and they don’t go away if and when he does

  16. I disagree Bink, they are racist assholes like they have always been. They are uniquely American. We have always been very good at using government to achieve our goals of oppressing those we deem to be less than human. This is home grown talent, we don’t need to bring any German ideas in to explain it. 

  17. there are international actors interjecting themselves in the debate, Russian, British, you name it

    Greek, German, Hungarian…

    paradigm shift

    …and you can say that’s always been the case but never in real-time between individuals globally oh and now also robots 🤖

    Crazy world! Enjoy it, anyway ✌️

  18. https://www.project2025.org/playbook/
    “The time is short, and conservatives need a plan. The project will create a playbook of actions to be taken in the first 180 days of the new Administration…”
    “The fourth pillar of Project 2025 is our 180-day Transition Playbook and includes a comprehensive, concrete transition plan for each federal agency.”
    “1 Restore the family as the centerpiece of American life and protect our children.”
    “2 Dismantle the administrative state and return self-governance to the American people.”
    “3 Defend our nation’s sovereignty, borders, and bounty against global threats.”
    “4 Secure our God-given individual rights to live freely—what our Constitution calls “the Blessings of Liberty.”
    Let me rephrase the white nationalist playbook.  1) Force women to give birth, then hide behind the children/family.  2) Remove federal protections/human rights.  3) Isolate, isolate, isolate.  4) Hide behind the version of “God” the serves neo-con purposes. 


    Well, the neo-nazis do admire Orange Adolf, so if it goose steps like a nazi…

    Maybe a better comparison (because Original Adolf deserves his own level of Hell) would be Marcos and Proclamation 1081, the only difference being that Americans would still have their guns.

    General Order № 1 – The President proclaimed that he shall direct the entire government, including all its agencies and instrumentalities, and exercise all powers of his office including his role as the Commander-in-Chief…

    General Order № 2 – The President directed the Minister of National Defense to arrest or cause the arrest and take into his custody the individuals named in the attached list and to hold them until otherwise so ordered by the President or by his duly designated representative…

    General Order № 5 – All rallies, demonstrations and other forms of group actions including strikes and picketing in vital industries such as in companies engaged in manufacture or processing as well as in production or processing of essential commodities or products for exports, and in companies engaged in banking of any kind, as well as in hospitals and in schools and colleges are prohibited.

    Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.


  19. Fascists, nazis, mafiosos, all of the above, they’re at their core confederate states-sympathizing insurrectionist white supremacist traitors who want to return themselves to power and destroy equality and democracy in America.

  20. Today I decided was a good day to start on the insane world of the U.S. IRS Form 1040.  Shoot me.  Last year was bad due to having wages, but some items had not shown their heads yet.  This year is horrible.  I have no idea which century the congress and White House will kill this mess and make a simple tax system. I know it will get worse as this century progresses.

  21. https://www.cnn.com/2024/02/03/europe/journalists-moscow-military-mobilization-intl/index.html
    “A number of people, including journalists from foreign press organizations, have been detained in Moscow after authorities cracked down on protesters at Russian President Vladimir Putin’s election headquarters, independent outlets reported Saturday.”
    “The protest was organized by the wives of mobilized men amid a growing movement of women who are demanding that their husbands and sons are returned home from fighting in Ukraine.”

    ”The “500 days of mobilization” rally brought women to the walls of the Kremlin before moving to Putin’s nearby election headquarters, it was reported. The independent Russian news outlet SOTAvision posted on their Telegram channel that a correspondent saw security forces “snatching random people from the crowd, and only men.”

  22. https://www.texastribune.org/2024/02/02/texas-relocating-businesses-jobs/
    “Texas gained more jobs than any other state in the previous decade from businesses relocating from other parts of the country…”
    Let’s hope we have more Dems. 
    “…attractive economic fundamentals — like low taxes, low regulations, a growing population, a relatively lower cost of living and less union activity — are far more important than incentive packages when businesses make location and expansion decisions.”
    Yep.  Low wages ‘r’ us. 

  23. Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick and the rest of the TX  Republicans really screwed over everyone when it comes cooling and heating homes.

    The local news is pretty much just stories of everyone scratching their heads and wondering why bills are sky high when they barely turned their heat on, even when it was freezing for four days.  

  24. https://www.cnn.com/2024/02/03/politics/south-carolina-democratic-primary-biden/index.html

    “South Carolina, the state that launched Joe Biden to the Democratic nomination four years ago, will deliver the president his first official primary victory of the 2024 campaign on Saturday, CNN projects.”

    “In a result that was largely expected, Biden will defeat his two nearest challengers, Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips and author Marianne Williamson, as he claims his first delegates in his quest to win his party’s nomination again. There are 55 delegates at stake in the South Carolina primary.”

    It’s odd that I didn’t get a voter registration card in the mail this year, but they only ever use my driver’s license at the polling place. Checked online and I’m still registered. Maybe they ditched the expense of mailing cards since they’re pointless with the ID requirement.

  25. If this number holds it’s a big deal: 13% increase in Black turnout over 2020 in today’s SC Dem primary. Would belie claims that Biden’s support among them has softened.

    And Kamala made NINE trips there in the last couple months, she deserves some of the credit.

  26. Republicans will have all hands on deck to make it harder, possibly even dangerous for black voters in November.  It may even spill over to female voters since Republicans know they screwed the pooch with Roe. 

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