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  1. love it!

    South Dakota tribe bans governor from reservation over US-Mexico border remarks (msn.com)

    South Dakota tribe has banned Republican Gov. Kristi Noem from the Pine Ridge Reservation after she spoke this week about wanting to send razor wire and security personnel to Texas to help deter immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border and also said cartels are infiltrating the state’s reservations.
    “Due to the safety of the Oyate, effective immediately, you are hereby Banished from the homelands of the Oglala Sioux Tribe!” Tribe President Frank Star Comes Out said in a Friday statement addressed to Noem. “Oyate” is a word for people or nation.
    Star Comes Out accused Noem of trying to use the border issue to help get former U.S. President Donald Trump re-elected and boost her chances of becoming his running mate.
    Many of those arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border are Indigenous people from places like El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico who come “in search of jobs and a better life,” the tribal leader added.
    “They don’t need to be put in cages, separated from their children like during the Trump Administration, or be cut up by razor wire furnished by, of all places, South Dakota,” he said.
    Star Comes Out also addressed Noem’s remarks in the speech to lawmakers Wednesday in which she said a gang calling itself the Ghost Dancers is murdering people on the Pine Ridge Reservation and is affiliated with border-crossing cartels that use South Dakota reservations to spread drugs throughout the Midwest.
    Star Comes Out said he took deep offense at her reference, saying the Ghost Dance is one of the Oglala Sioux’s “most sacred ceremonies,” “was used with blatant disrespect and is insulting to our Oyate.”
    He added that the tribe is a sovereign nation and does not belong to the state of South Dakota.

  2. Gayle King (Punkie Johnson) and Charles Barkley (Kenan Thompson) host a town hall with Donald Trump (James Austin Johnson)

  3. Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like Nikki Haley targeting Biden and Trump with “grumpy old men” campaign ads.

    click here for more of last night’s weekend update

  4. BYW

    Biden nets landslide victory in South Carolina Democratic primary, over 95% of votes (msn.com)

    President Joe Biden won a landslide victory in South Carolina’s Democratic primary Saturday, where voters sent a clear message that they are ready for Biden to pivot to the November election.
    As of 12:00 a.m. ET, Sunday, Biden had won 96.2% of ballots cast, with 97% of the total votes tallied.
    The other two Democrats on the ballot, House Rep. Dean Phillips, D-Minn., and self-help author and 2020 Democratic candidate Marianne Williamson each won around 2% of ballots.
    The win injects fresh momentum into Biden’s reelection campaign, and it offers a compelling rebuttal to the narrative that Democratic voters are ambivalent — or worse — about their party’s standard bearer.
    Unlike the Republican battle, the Democratic primary has, so far, been notable for its civility.
    “Congratulations, Mr. President, on a good old fashioned whooping,” Phillips wrote on X.

  5. I’m relieved to see the SC results. Maybe Joe won’t have to engage in the internecine battle against these two delusional wannabes and he’ll only have to worry about the three (or four) other lunatics who would rather see a return to the bygone White House insanity of 2017-20…on steroids.

  6. Yes, Pogo, and initial reports were that Black turnout for Biden was up 13% from 2020, so maybe the reports of softening support were misguided. And Kamala made NINE trips there for this campaign, deserves some credit.

  7. My only Count Basie concert was an odd one. He performed at the Nixon inaugural ball I attended at the Kennedy Center. When Nixon got on stage with him they signed some autographs, and I was right up front, got them both, but sadly I have no idea where they are now.

  8. connie, the container dog, our good news story for today

    US Coast Guard inspectors rescue stowaway dog from shipping container | Houston | The Guardian

    “Oh, it’s scratching, dude,” one of the inspectors said on a video they recorded Wednesday morning as the team looked up at the container, stacked about 25ft (8 metres) in the air.
    A crane was used to bring it to the ground, and out popped a very sweet and friendly dog.
    “As soon as we opened it, we could see the little dog’s face poking out. She was right there, like she knew we were going to be there to open it for her. And she just, she wasn’t scared or anything. She just seemed happy more than anything, to be out of that dark space and in the arms of people that were going to take care of her,” McMahon, a petty officer 2nd class, told the Associated Press on Friday.
    Coast Guard officials would later determine that the canine – since nicknamed Connie the container dog – had been trapped for at least eight days, with no food or water.
    She was a little dirty and “definitely pretty skinny”, McMahon said.

    A very cute and healthy-looking young, mid-size golden-colored dog with floppy ears, bright brown eyes, a long nose, and a pink tongue hanging out. She appears to be smiling.

    This image released by the US Coast Guard shows Connie the container dog, who was found trapped inside a shipping container on 31 January 2024, at the Port of Houston. Photograph: Petty officer 1st class Lucas Loe/

  9. I’ll note that in the prior 2 Republican contests Dumbass has gotten 51 & 54% of the Republican vote thus far. Now I’m not under any mistaken belief that he won’t get the vast majority of republican votes in November, but his support is softer than was predicted before Iowa and NH showed that he’s not getting even all of the base of his party. That, along with his campaign funding weakness ($5M cash on hand versus $50M expended on legal fees, with no end in sight), doesn’t reflect a solid footing over the next 9 1/2 months. 

  10. Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Nat “King” Cole…….theres some Royalty I can get behind.   

  11. “Container for the thing contained”

    Synecdoche and metonymy.

    Short story of the Week:
    “Here Lies Miss Groby” by James Thurber.

  12. “Ivy, thanks for those Joni songs. She is remarkable. A generational talent IMO.” 

    De nada, Pogo. As I listened obsessively to Joni throughout high school and college, I knew then there’d come a day she’d speak to me with even more poignancy. That day has arrived. 

  13. Ivy, my HS best friend’s older sister was a huge Joni fan. Go to her place and if her husband wasn’t home you’d likely be listening to Joni – until Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors hit. After that it was the sound from her place. I thought it was good, but jeez. 

  14. https://www.cnbc.com/2024/02/02/grammys-2024-whats-inside-this-years-36000-gift-bag.html
    The Grammy Awards will be given tonight, along with a weird SWAG bag. 
    “The priciest inclusion in the 2024 Grammy gift bag is a private performance from mentalist Carl Christman, valued at $25,000. Those who accept will receive a live show that “combines magic, mind reading, hypnosis and comedy for a mind-blowing experience.”
    On the opposite end of the pricing spectrum is a case of Poppi fruit juice-based soda valued at $8.99 as well as some socks from Pair of Thieves valued at $12.99.”

    “A robotic pool cleaner from Aiper which allows owners to monitor and clean their pool remotely from their phones. The device is valued at $699.”


    “A $299 smart bird feeder from Bird Buddywhich takes pictures of the birds who perch on it and sends them as digital post cards.”  <— Cool!

    “Noise cancelling headphones from vacuum-maker Dyson. The $699 headphones come with an attachment that clicks onto the headphones “to supply purified air when you need it.”

    “A $299 sleep consultation with a “renowned sleep expert and neuroscientist” from Wesper.”
    “Celebs who take home their gift bag are also given a heads up about potential tax implications of accepting, especially when it comes to a big ticket item like the magic show from Carl Christman.”

    Taylor Swift is set to attend, but not perform. Trevor Noah is the host, so be prepared for him to poke at Republicans for flipping out over psy-ops Taylor.

  15. https://www.newsweek.com/texas-border-convoy-member-crossings-not-bad-1866686
    “The convoy split to hold three rallies on Saturday, one near Eagle Pass and others in Yuma, Arizona and San Ysidro, California.”
    “A woman who took part in a convoy seeking to protest migrants illegally crossing into the U.S. said what she saw at the southern border was “not as bad” as she had feared.”


    “At the rally in Quemado, Texas, vendors sold shirts, flags and hats promoting the Republican former president while conservative speakers touted conservative Christian values…”

    Ah, yes. Another tRUMPsky pop-up store.

    “Folks, this is serious stuff, this is evil stuff” U.S. Representative Keith Self said of Biden’s policies. “We are in a spiritual battle for the survival of our Republic.”

    “Eagle Pass, 20 miles (32 km) south of Saturday’s rally…Abbott and 14 other Republican governors plan to hold a press conference in the city on Sunday…”

    “Dennis Barnd, 61, drove with his wife from Ohio to Texas to link up with a convoy in part because of its conservative Christian message. “I live in a remote part of the country where there’s not a lot of activism and whatnot, and it’s moving to see so many people come together with a good common cause,” he said.

    “Anna Gabriela Derbez, a 56-year-old Eagle Pass resident at the border event, said immigration was one of several issues – including COVID-19 vaccines, artificial intelligence and LGBTQ education – that were part of “a fight of good versus evil.”
    “We’re for immigration,” said Derbez, whose grandparents came to the U.S. from Mexico. “Legal immigration, you know, good immigration, people that are coming and want to work and better a place.”

    *Does she realize her grandparents would’ve been met with hate and razor wire? The lack of awareness is stunning.

    Minnesota-based pastor Doug Pagitt tried to enter the rally site on Friday after stopping in the area as part of a tour to combat what he calls “Christian nationalism,” but was denied entry as participants told him “you’re not wanted.”

    *Wow, they don’t even want a pastor if he doesn’t support Christo-fascism.

  16. https://www.cnn.com/2024/02/04/americas/el-salvador-presidential-election-bukele/index.html

    “Polls are open in El Salvador, where the strongman president Nayib Bukele is expected to easily win a second term amid a dramatic turnaround in the country’s once-sky high levels of violence.
    But the mass arrests – El Salvador now has the world’s highest incarceration rate – have also triggered outcry from human rights groups, who allege Bukele’s government has detained innocent people and subjected prisoners to dehumanizing conditions behind bars, including torture.”

    “I know it’s not perfect, maybe of a thousand they detained, a hundred were innocent,” Jackelyne Zelaya, whose niece was a bystander killed in a 2017 gang shootout, told CNN earlier this week. “Then I look at my sons, I have two aged 16 and 23, and seeing them being able to go out at night, go to play ball down the road with their friends without fearing they could be killed or recruited for something bad, that has no price.”
    Hmmm, what if her sons end up as innocents swept up with criminals? 
    “A lopsided win for Bukele would likely give the young leader more leeway to reform El Salvador in his heavy-handed vision. Bukele has not shied away from comparisons to autocrats – once setting his Twitter biography to read “world’s coolest dictator” – and his government has said they are “eliminating” democracy in the country.”

    “Leaders in the region are paying close attention. The so-called “Bukele method” has fast become the Latin American security policy au courant, with the presidents of Honduras and Ecuador both clearing the way for mass arrests in their own countries to disrupt spiraling gang violence.”

    “In at least 13 countries in Latin America, most of the population “wouldn’t mind an undemocratic government rising to power if it resolved problems,” according to a 2023 poll by Latinobarometro.

    But there will be nothing to stop corruption that starts at the top.

  17. If you’re not free, you’re not completely human. There’s a reason why freedom is imperative to the human spirit.

    “I went away in ’75 and was released in 1978. Three years may not seem a lot by today’s standards but it severely impacted me. When you go, it’s very embarrassing and emasculating. It’s not like how our media portrays it. The ultimate loss of freedom is something not everyone understands. It’s a world where you feel unsafe 24/7.


  18. this mechanic vid made me laugh twice so it gets a share

    “Real Mechanic Reacts to Terrible Tiktok Car Advice”

  19. yeah that was good

    the part that made me laugh was when he asked the the tech if something was a good hack and the tech was like “well, i’d have to know the prep time…” 
    iykyk 😆

  20. Taylor Swift announced her new album (actual new, not a Taylor’s version re-release) online about 20 minutes ago; it drops in April. 

    Ivy – I hadn’t seen Tracy Chapman since her video for that song was on MTV or VH1. I’m always shocked when someone has aged, because I see myself in the mirror every day and don’t notice.

  21. That was an odd tribute to Tina Turner. Decent rendition of Proud Mary but that was no Tina Turner…

    On the other hand, Luke Combs having Tracy on for his cover of Fast Car was inspired.

  22. Pogo: I’ve been a Fantasia fan since AGT, she did as good a tribute to Tina as anyone could without being Tina. 

  23. if you get past the topline girl-pop stuff (which is fine but skews a bit young), a lot of good music in a variety of niche genres was recognized, i’ll have to dig in to some of it going forward, like new stuff from ‘Alvvawys’👍 
    enjoy 🎶 🎧 ✌️

  24. I’m dying to know why they hauled off Killer Mike in handcuffs after he won his Grammys. 
    “In footage captured by the Hollywood Reporter at the annual music awards, the 48-year-old rapper was handcuffed and escorted out by Los Angeles police at Crypto Arena after some joyous moments for him at the Grammy premiere ceremony, where he won three awards in quick succession.”

    “At 20 years old, I thought it was cool to be a drug dealer,” he said. “At 40, I started to live with the regrets and the things I’ve done. At 45, I started to rap about it. At 48, I stand here as a man full of empathy and sympathy for the things I’ve done.”

    Like, did he confess to something in a song? He started rapping at 45? He’s like the Grandma Moses of rap.

  25. Ivy, you could be right about Fantasia. Tina was an impossible act to follow. She was a “crawl on my lips over broken glass” type. 

  26. BID, as the saying goes, more will be revealed. Killer Mike considering a run for Mayor of Atlanta, so who knows who may want to thwart that effort. 

  27. Taylor’s win is part of the psy-op – OMG, it’s just too funny.  Someone should start a GoFundMe to buy tissues for MAGAt tears.  On, to the Super Bowl.  Yep, they think the  fix is in for the Chiefs.  That way, Biden can invite Kelse to the WH and Taylor can be his guest.  They endorse Biden and steal the election.   And, she’s been working on this plot since she was 13-years old. The loons. 

  28. BID, you know if they didn’t have this stuff to talk about, they’d have to make shit up. 

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