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  1. So it’s not a crisis?

    Attribution: So it’s not a crisis by John Darkow, Columbia Missourian

  2. take your pick

    SNL on wassup

    Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like Nikki Haley demanding Trump take a mental competency test.

    or cold open

    Sports commentators cover the latest news about the 2024 AFC Championship between the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens.

  3. from 2011 article Today: Quoth the Ravens, Nevermore! | KC Confidential

    Today: Quoth the Ravens, Nevermore!

    There’s good news and bad news where the playoffs stricken Kansas City Chiefs are concerned…

    First the bad.

    Not unexpectedly, the Chiefs got murdered by Murderland’s Baltimore Ravens, a team named after celebrated Baltimore poet Edgar Allan Poe. To sooth that macabre mauling, I offer an Eddy quote that may serve fans well.

    “If you wish to forget anything on the spot, make a note that this thing is to be remembered.”

    With seven straight playoff losses, Clearly Chiefs fans will want to forget Sunday’s 30-7 thumping.

    Now the good news:

    The good news is there’s no more bad news.


    From the outside looking in – not being a die hard Chiefs fan or football freak – it appears fans and pundits spent the 2010 season riding a roller coaster of skepticism, pleasant surprises, dashed hopes and reckless optimism.

    Deep down, everybody seemed to know better but focused on savoring the sweet while trying to ignore the bitter. All the while suspecting that – as usual – it’s really all about next year.

    To wit, another Poe quote may help everyone to move past the inevitable fingerpointing.

    “I am above the weakness of seeking to establish a sequence of cause and effect, between the disaster and the atrocity.”

    Next year, right?

  4. Nice selection, Jack.  Very Chopiny.  And what an instrument! That thing is gorgeous.
    SNL’s WU was really good last night – it is the anchor of the show now, and the Fallon/Timberlake Barry Gibb Show sit was terrific. 

  5. What could possibly be the problem?

    When they say, “I’ve had enough Covid vaccinations already,” I’ll probe where the sense of “enough” comes from. I might ask, “Do you ever feel this way about your diabetes medicines or your mammograms?” We’ll explore how they come to conclusions about which treatments they accept, and try to separate out vague discomfort from specific concerns.
    A review of the facts is less about starting a lecture, and more about examining emotional responses. We talk openly about what they are hearing in their communities — that the pandemic is over, that the new boosters are more “experimental” than the old ones, that some number of vaccinations is “too much.”
    It can be a revelation to some patients when they realize that they may be reacting to a sense of the waters being muddied rather than specific information or misinformation.


  6. My problem with the covid vaccine is that it doesn’t prevent covid, it only helps your immune system cope with the infection. I can still get covid and I can still have complications from it.  covid is now endemic which means I could walk out of my house anytime and get infected. Or for that matter invite it into my house as I almost did last week when I ask my nephew and his fiancée to drop by. They had something come up so they put it off for 2 days by that time she was sick with covid.
    I want a better vaccine, I don’t know if we are having problems with this method producing vaccines or if it is the virus. But something is different

  7. I could walk out of my house anytime and get infected. 

    …based on conclusions i read from recent data, succinctly, adhere to old protocol and you can probably avoid infection altogether, “don’t share other’s air”, basically, and hand sanitizer 

    i think masks should be banned for anyone under 30, but everyone reading this should be using them unreservedly whenever you’re uncomfortable with the environment indoors

    If you haven’t gotten it yet just keep doing what you’re doing, you’re -——- crushing it 😎

  8. My daughter missed the vaccine by mere weeks. I believe she would still be here otherwise. 💛

  9. I just add COVID vaccinations as part of the annuals.  Each year the vaccine is modified for the current killer, just like the flu vaccines.  There is no way to be perfect, but, just reducing the possibility of having tubes shoved in my lungs is worth feeling crapy for a few days.  By combining with flu vaccine it makes one weekend a year dedicated to living life, at least for another year.
    Finally got a WordPress app working.  What a pain so much of this is.  I realize that security is important, but the great minds need to come up with something better.  I know what I am doing, having started What-me.com in June 1994. I have written it in Windows stuff, Unix stuff and Linux stuff, along with some way deeper stuff, and I get stirred into a blender of “this is stupid”.  Oh yeah. Someone, cough k cough g cough b, destroyed my former website last year.  I am trying to find a backup that contains all the little things I wrote for the Trail.  Sigh.  I absolutely and deeply hate computers.

  10. I have a vaccinated relative in her mid-twenties who has it for the third time, who lives with her vaccinated mother who has never gotten it.  The mother works from home and the daughter is out and about. Weird stuff.  
    I don’t want anything that’s going around.  I still mask up at the store, but very few others still do.  Occasionally, I get the disapproving side-eye. I mouth FU, but I’m wearing a mask, so…

    Other relatives are partially or completely unvaccinated. Some have had it severely, lightly, or not at all.

    I’m tired of the RFK Jr. supporters, many of who seem to be there solely because they are anti-vaxxers. I wish his family would intervene, again.

  11. On feeling crappy after the vax, it takes me down, but some folks don’t seem to have a problem.  Does that mean the latter group don’t have a strong immune system, or that some of us just overreact?

  12. i surmise it has more to do with blood type and genetics, Pfizer barely fazes me at this point, i hear Moderna hits harder

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