Monday Jazz, com a Bossa Nova

From a comment in my Twitter feed:
“You may not know the composer but you know the song”
The Composer was João Gilberto and the song “Girl From Ipanema”
But Gilberto was more than that one song, He created a new genre of music, Bossa Nova, and brought the dance beat back to Jazz

Gilberto passed away last week at age of 88, in his life he left his mark on the music of Brazil and the world

The following are from the 1965 Grammy Jazz record of the year, Getz/Gilberto a collaboration between Gilberto and Jazz saxophonist Stan Getz

For a smooth mellow Monnday morning, enjoy.

From NPR
João Gilberto is credited by some with writing the first bossa nova, or new beat. This mid-20th century musical gift to the world drew on Brazil’s African-influenced samba tradition, but was performed without the usual battery of drums and rhythm instruments, and at much lower volumes. Gilberto’s intimate and nuanced style of guitar playing and singing, eventually central to the bossa nova sound, were reportedly developed in 1955 when he sequestered himself inside of a bathroom at his sister’s house so as not to disturb her family and to take advantage of the acoustics provided by the bathroom tiles.
In the mid-1950s, Brazil was in the midst of a post-WWII modernization inspired by a new president who wished to move the country out of third world economic status. Gilberto’s “Bim-Bom,” often named as the first bossa nova song, came from that period, and soon thereafter, the style began to sweep Rio’s cafe’s and bars. Bossa nova’s sophisticated sound became popular with a new moneyed class eager to move away from the more traditional samba sound of explosive drums and group singing. Rio de Janeiro was ground zero of the country’s cultural explosion; Gilberto, composer Antonio Carlos Jobim and poet Vinicius de Moraes were the key architects of a culture shift that forever changed their country’s musical point of reference.


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  1. from the Things-I-wish-I-never-said File:

    Mr. Trump told New York magazine in 2002 that Mr. Epstein was a “terrific guy” whom he had known for 15 years.

    “He’s a lot of fun to be with,” the president said at the time. “It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”


    [NYTimesWhy the Trump White House Is Caught Up in the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal]


  2. he added to that file sunday evening:

    “Watching @FoxNews weekend anchors is worse than watching low ratings Fake News @CNN, or Lyin’ Brian Williams,” Trump said in a series of angry tweets.

    “Like CNN, NBC is also way down in the ratings. But @FoxNews, who failed in getting the very BORING Dem debates, is now loading up with Democrats & even using Fake unsourced @nytimes as a ‘source’ of information.”

    He added: @FoxNews is changing fast, but they forgot the people who got them there!” 

    [emphasis mine, not business insider]

  3. In 2002 Epstein was apparently trafficking in “women” younger than Ivanka, who was either 20 or 21 when SFB made the comments to NY Mag. Yeah, be interesting to see wtf he has to say about those comments – and the photos of him with Jeffrey. 

  4. Nothing says love like a hairball on our sandals.  Uck.  Put it on in the dark to the big surprise.
    Will SFB go down for rape?  Unless Speaker Pelosi starts impeachment I doubt he will ever be prosecuted for anything.

  5. LOL
    Pat, as I’m traveling most of this week I had intended that for next Sunday. But it does make for a good Monday morning after a rowdy fourth of July weekend, so are we doing a little hair of the dog this morning? BTW what is your favorite morning after concoction? 
    Oh and if I post another music post please save it for Sunday I’ve got an idea or two.

  6. snopes reported in 2016 on the lawsuit against trump and Epstein including portions of the complaint.  here are excerpts of the story: Lawsuit Charges Donald Trump with Raping a 13-Year-Old Girl

    In late April 2016, rumors began to circulate online holding that Republican presidential Donald Trump had either been sued over, or arrested for, raping a teenaged girl. One of the earliest versions of the rumor was published on 2 May 2016 by the Winning Democrats web site, which reported that woman using the name Katie Johnson had named Trump and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in a $100 million lawsuit, accusing them of having solicited sex acts from her at sex parties held at the Manhattan homes of Epstein and Trump back in 1994 (when Johnson was just 13 years old):

    The first major scandal to hit the Trump campaign besides the typical “what a racist, such a sexist, yada yada yada,” came from a lawsuit stemming from the infamous sex parties held by billionaire and known pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. The woman named in the suit is Katie Johnson, who says Trump took her virginity in 1994 when she was only 13 and being held by Epstein as a slave.

    Johnson says in the complaint that Trump and Epstein threatened her and her family with bodily harm if she didn’t comply with all of their disgusting demands. The Trump campaign has been on this immediately, calling it absolute nonsense and not even remotely true or possible.


    Many aggregated reports cited a 28 April 2016 article that described the circumstances under which the lawsuit had been filed:


    Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is fighting what could be the biggest election season bombshell yet — explosive court claims that he raped a woman when she was a teen.

    The woman — identified as Katie Johnson — filed documents in a California court on April 26, accusing Trump and billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein of “sexual abuse under threat of harm” and “conspiracy to deprive civil rights,” has exclusively learned.

    She filed the lawsuit herself — without legal representation — and is suing for $100 million.


    A copy of the California lawsuit (filed on 26 April 2016) shared via the Scribd web site outlined the allegations, which included the accusation that Trump and Epstein had (over 20 years earlier) “sexually and physically” abused the then 13-year-old plaintiff and forced her “to engage in various perverted and depraved sex acts” — including being “forced to manually stimulate Defendant Trump with the use of her hand upon Defendant Trump’s erect penis until he reached sexual orgasm,” and being “forced to engage in an unnatural lesbian sex act with her fellow minor and sex slave, Maria Doe, age 12, for the sexual enjoyment of Defendant Trump” — after luring her to a “series of underage sex parties” by promising her “money and a modeling career”:

    According to RadarOnline’s initial reporting, the lawsuit filed in California on 26 April 2016 was dismissed over technical filing errors (the address listed in court documents was a foreclosed home that has been vacant since its owner died), with the plaintiff failing in her attempt to avoid incurring the cost of the litigation:


    A judge recommended on April 29 that “Katie Johnson” should have to pay her own attorneys’ fees and court costs related to the $100 million lawsuit she brought against Trump and billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein over alleged sexual assault charges. Then on May 2, a U.S. District judge ordered the entire lawsuit thrown out.


    For his part, Trump asserted that the charges were “not only categorically false, but disgusting at the highest level and clearly framed to solicit media attention or, perhaps, are simply politically motivated,” adding that “There is absolutely no merit to these allegations. Period.”


    On 20 June 2016, New York City-based blog Gothamist reported that the plaintiff had refiled a similar complaint in a New York State federal court:


    A copy of the New York-based suit was also uploaded to Scribd, and in the second filing (which asked for no specific amount of monetary damages) the plaintiff was represented by Thomas Francis Meagher, a New Jersey patent lawyer who learned of her allegations via an article published on the GossipExtra web site advertising that she was “shopping for an attorney.” In a statement attached to her filing, the plaintiff (aka “Jane Doe”) asserted:


    I traveled by bus to New York City in June 1994 in the hope of starting a modeling career. I went to several modeling agencies but was told that I needed to put together a modeling portfolio before I would be considered. I then went to the Port Authority in New York City to start to make my way back home. There I met a woman who introduced herself to me as Tiffany. She told me about the parties and said that, if I would join her at the parties, I would be introduced to people who could get me into the modeling profession. Tiffany also told me I would be paid for attending.

    The parties were held at a New York City residence that was being used by Defendant Jeffrey Epstein. Each of the parties had other minor females and a number of guests of Mr. Epstein, including Defendant Donald Trump at four of the parties I attended. I understood that both Mr. Trump and Mr. Epstein knew I was 13 years old.

    Defendant Trump had sexual contact with me at four different parties in the summer of 1994. ….


    As of now, all of the information about this lawsuit comes solely from the complaint filed by “Katie Johnson,” and no one has as yet located, identified, or interviewed her. She was scheduled to appear at a press conference on 2 November 2016 but didn’t show up, claiming that threats to her life kept her away. She reportedly dropped the lawsuit again on 4 November 2016 for the same reason.


    A status conference for the lawsuit was scheduled to be held on 16 December 2016.



  7. How about this, an invocation of the 25th to enable his criminal prosecution by civil authorities.

  8. Jack, thank you for the music.  As mentioned yesterday, I did get to see Gilberto & Getz in San Francisco in 1962.  I have to wonder if it is still possible to see major performers in small clubs.  At the time we had to come up with the huge $10, two drink minimum each cover charge. 


  9. jack, sorry about that.  jumped the gun out of desperation for thread ideas. 

    warning: if anything’s on the draft list it gets published.  1st come 1st served.

  10. Flatus – the suit was dismissed in 2016.  Not sure why, but I suspect it was because it had been filed in Federal Court, which is procedurally a much heavier lift than if it had been pending in state court.  And thanks to Clinton v. Jones there is not need to invoke the 25th to proceed in a civil suit against the twit.  Although he isn’t a defendant in the new criminal charges against Epstein, if the charges relate to the parties alleged by “Katie Johnson” he could b eimplicated, at least as a witness.  

  11. pogo, snopes article says about 2nd filing:

    She was scheduled to appear at a press conference on 2 November 2016 but didn’t show up, claiming that threats to her life kept her away. She reportedly dropped the lawsuit again on 4 November 2016 for the same reason.

  12. Ok if thems the rules then somebody else needs to do next Sunday cause I’m out of town after tomorrow and may or may not be able to post. 

  13. The whole caucus system is so open to abuse, that I genuinely think it should be illegal.  

  14. Since the 2016 Olympics in Rio…  whenever I think of The Girl from Ipanema, I think of Gisele Bundchen Brady…

  15. The 2002 quote from SFB about Epstein as reported by the Times:

    Mr. Trump, in 2002, told New York Magazine that Mr. Epstein was a “terrific guy.”
    “He’s a lot of fun to be with,” he said at the time. “It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

    Why does the term “birds of a feather” keep coming to mind?

  16. NY Times:

    Federal prosecutors unsealed the new charges on Monday accusing Mr. Epstein, 66, of running a sex-trafficking operation that lured dozens of underage girls, some as young as 14, to his Upper East Side home and to a mansion in Palm Beach, Fla., according to an indictment.

    Mr. Epstein, 66, is accused of engaging in sex acts with minors, some as young as 14, during naked massage sessions, then paying them hundreds of dollars in cash, the indictment said. He also asked some of the girls to recruit other underage girls.

    “In this way, Epstein created a vast network of underage victims for him to sexually exploit in locations including New York and Palm Beach,” the indictment said.

    [Read the indictment.]

    He was arrested on Saturday at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, after arriving on a private flight from France, two law enforcement officials said.

    He is charged with sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy. He faces a combined maximum sentence of up to 45 years in prison if convicted.  Prosecutors are also seeking the forfeiture of Mr. Epstein’s townhouse on East 71st Street.

    The new charges are a revival of a yearslong case against Mr. Epstein, who faced similar accusations involving girls who told the police they were brought to his mansion in South Florida and assaulted.

    That case unraveled in 2008 after Mr. Epstein was offered a secret plea deal by federal prosecutors, one of whom is now in President Trump’s cabinet.


  17. TDF update:  At 30km left in today’s stage there’s a breakaway at 2’20” ahead of the peloton entering the “hilly” portion of the course and Tim Wellens (Ger.) is opening and widening a 1’40” gap in from of the others in the breakaway.  

  18. Pat,  the prospects of having SFB and Acosta as witnesses in the Epstein case (though remote) is tantalizing.  Acosta was such a supplicant – meeting privately with Epstein’s lawyers in the prior case and letting them dictate the terms of the plea deal according to NYT.  Perfect SFB cabinet choice IMHO.  

    TDF update – with 7.5 km to go a single rider, Julian Alaphillipe is 47 seconds ahead of the Peloton (but is getting reeled in – 38″ at 5 km) and the current Maillot Jaune wearer is 1’46” off the back. Yellow’s going somewhere else today.

  19. David Von Drehle has a good piece at WaPo today about the demise of Mad Magazine – he and I have that love of Mad magazine when kids in common, along with “Aw shucks down homishness.
    At 1 km to go, Alaphillipe is holding a 37″ gap over the Peloton – if he can keep it he should don the yellow jersey and have a 6 second lead.  But wait for it … yes, he won.  LeTour is reporting he will be in yellow. Congratulations to him.  He’s on the Deceuninck-Quick-Step team. He holds a 20″ advantage over Team Jumbo-Visma’s Wout Van Aert.  Great day for TDF watchers who don’t have a declared favorite to back. BTW, Tejay van Garderen, the only American in the tour is in 14th place, 53” back.

  20. ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — President Donald Trump’s New York state tax returns could be given to Congress under a new law in his home state.

    The measure was signed into law Monday by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

    It directs state tax officials to share state returns of certain elected and appointed officials upon request from the chairpersons of one of three top congressional committees.

    The new law could give Congress a way around the president’s refusal to release his returns, though it’s expected to face legal challenges.

    Cuomo says the change ensures no one is above the law and noted the law was carefully tailored to protect the tax privacy of everyday New Yorkers.

    It’s unclear when or even whether state tax officials can expect a request for the tax returns.

  21. pat,  State tax returns (at least in WV) provide only the barest minimum information from the Federal returns they are based upon.  None of the information that is on the supporting schedules for all “above the line” deductions, exemptions, etc. appear on the the state return.  I can’t say much about the NY state return, but I imagine that for a taxpayer in NYS it gathers more info than WV’s.  Still, I doubt that it comes close to approximating the info that has to be provided with the 1040. But it would be a start….

  22. Craig,

    I noticed that you are no longer listing Trailmix blogs, probably due to the death of blogs everywhere.  In any case, I’m doing a daily bit of all the movies of my life by picking one film for every year since 1944.  If anyone wants to check them out, the link for here is the link for Jamie’s Place.  

    If anyone would like to contribute their selections for any given year, you can find the possibilities at Greatest Films


  23. Jamie, belated thanks for changing out the thread image.  yours is a great one to get us thru the summer.

  24. the hill:

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) raised more than $19 million in the past three months, a haul that puts her among the top Democratic fundraisers of the quarter and signals that her recent momentum has translated to new donors to her presidential campaign.

    Warren collected a total of $19.1 million in the second quarter of 2018, her campaign told supporters in an email. That haul came from 384,000 individual donors and more than 683,000 contributions, with an average donation size of $28. 

    More than 80 percent of Warren’s donors contributed for the first time in the second quarter, which spans April 1 through June 30.

    “To sum it up: We raised more money than any other 100% grassroots-funded campaign. That’s big,” Warren’s campaign manager Roger Lau wrote in the email. “You sent a message that Elizabeth’s vision for the future is worth fighting for. And you showed the rich and powerful that change is coming – sooner than they think.”

    Warren will be able to spend the overwhelming majority of the campaign cash on her primary bid alone. Between her first- and second-quarter fundraising hauls, less than $100,000 is set aside for the general election, according to her campaign.

    The fundraising total puts her in the top three among Democratic presidential candidates who have announced their second-quarter numbers. South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg announced raising $24.8 million in the past three months, while former Vice President Joe Biden has raked in $21.5 million since announcing his campaign in April.

    The fundraising haul is a major win for Warren, who has placed perhaps the most significant restrictions on her own fundraising channels. She has, for instance, sworn off money from political action committees, and unlike several other candidates, does not hold high-dollar fundraisers. 

    Her total also puts her ahead of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), her most significant challenger on the left. Sanders’s campaign said last week that it raised $18 million in the second quarter of the year, although it also transferred another $6 million from other accounts. 

    Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), who has repeatedly polled among the top five Democratic presidential hopefuls, brought in less than $12 million in the second quarter of 2019, putting her well behind her top rivals in the money race. Still, she saw a strong finish to the quarter following her standout performance in the first round of primary debates last month.

    Candidates have until July 15 to report their second-quarter fundraising totals to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), though some campaigns opt to announce their numbers publicly before the official filings become available.

    Warren’s strong fundraising haul is the latest sign that her campaign has picked up much-needed momentum in recent months.

    Despite being among the first Democrats to enter the presidential primary, she reported raising only about $6 million in the first three months of 2019. Warren also found herself dwindling in the single digits in early polls, prompting some to raise questions about her campaign’s long-term prospects.

    But in recent months, Warren has seen a burst of momentum, driven in no small part by her regular flow of policy position rollouts and “I-have-a-plan” mantra. She was also bolstered late last month by a well-received performance in the first Democratic presidential debate. 

  25. Just saw a great comment from a commenter going by the name AWENSHOK at WaPo following an article on the ACA suit pending in the 5th (ruh roh) Circuit.  
    Comment was:

    The so-called president has proven time and time again that he does his very best work amidst chaos.
    Chaos…don’t go bankrupt without it.


  26. The good economic news keeps rolling in.  From WaPo:

    By Damian Paletta and

    Erica Werner

    July 8 at 3:47 PM

    The U.S. government could run out of money to pay all of its bills by early September if Congress doesn’t rush to raise the debt ceiling, a think tank said Monday, a time frame that could force lawmakers to act much sooner than planned.

    The Bipartisan Policy Center said that the Treasury Department could breach the borrowing limit in two months because the government has brought in far less tax revenue this year than was projected. The BPC uses economic models to forecast the government’s ability to pay its bills, and its estimates are often studied by the White House and congressional leaders.
    * * * 
    [G. William] Hoagland [a senior vice president at the BPC] said tax revenue, particularly money paid by corporations, has lagged far behind estimates and has provided Treasury much less cash than expected. When the government collects less money in taxes, it has less money to pay its bills. Typically, it would address this by borrowing more money, but its ability to do this is limited because Congress hasn’t raised the debt limit.

    SFB tax cuts for corporations and the rich and tariffs are working their magic.  ~~~

  27. David Byrne of The Talking Heads did a couple of really nice compilation albums of Brazilian music.  
    I hope Central Command is high and dry; not sure if there’s a basement.  

  28. It’s time to cheer on the bulls of Pamplona, again.  Humans will never learn. 

  29. Trouble in Pair O’ Duds ?
    Maybe trump is trying to extort a golden parachute out of fux newz.  

  30. Hi, Ms Dallas !
    I’ll predict the Pamplona score : Bulls 1, Humans 0, with
    37 humans merely injured, 36 while inebriated. Two taurines slightly injured. Bravo to the modern Spanish medicos and vets for keeping the deaths to a minimum.

  31. Can’t call trump or acosta to testify in a Fed case (?) trump will prevent acosta from testifying. Executive privilege, and all that un-Constitutional malarkey.

  32. Unfortunately, most of the Pamplona bulls do eventually go to the ring.  In Spain, unlike Portugal, they do pay with their lives.


  33. Mr. Cracker ran with the bulls when he was much much younger.  He and his friend only had one pair of tennis shoes between them so his friend went on the first day.   Mr. C was all clued in on what to do.   He wasn’t drunk when he decided to do it — but he was drunk when he ran.
    Democrats should oppose raising the debt ceiling until the Goopers admit they were wrong about the tax cut and its impact.

  34. As this day wraps, I am still wondering about the future of the child rapist case(s).  Will the initial filing be expanded?  I am thinking it might.  This could be the chance for the fed attorneys to break free of the political restrictions and nail SFB.  The low intelligence freak does not have enough coverage to pardon his sex buddy without losing the greedy old perverts.

  35. He wasn’t drunk when he decided to do it — but he was drunk when he ran.

    KC , I don’t know Mr. Cracker , but,  … WTF. That’s backward and upside down. 

  36. pogo, haven’t you heard?

    “God has a special providence for fools, drunkards, and the United States of America.”

    Otto von Bismarck

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