123 thoughts on “So Long Dick Gregory (and Jerry)”

  1. Different jokes for different folks. He was never my cup of tea except in The King of Comedy. That movie holds up.



  2. We saw all the Martin and Lewis movies….( at the drive-in)
    One of the best books about their break-up was written by Shirley McClain…….can’t remember the name of it, but it was before all her “past lives” and such….

  3. Well, I’m one of those for whom Jerry was my cup of tea. I thought he was a comic genius from the first time I saw him and Dean. Of course I’m one of the first to admit that stupi comedy is at the top of my list of entertainment. I had friends who didn’t like Jerry’s comedy at all and some would perjoratively say that the French loved him…as if that was a bad thing. I also like the French. I’m sad that he died. If I’m wrong about this afterlife thing I imagine he and Dean have reconciled their differences and have their audiences rolling in the aisles again.

    I’m having a four buck breakfast with Minerva and her bell ringers, the work of Antonin and Jean Carles, in Herald Square as New York wakes up from its weekend lull. Not so many people in t shirts and sneakers this morning, but there are a few of us.

  4. The Dean Martin Roasts were entertaining. Thinking back some of the humor about women & minorities, uh, wouldn’t be advised today.

    Flip Wilson was funny. Rowan & Martin was a favorite but is dated.

  5. All that you touch
    And all that you see
    All that you taste
    All you feel
    And all that you love
    And all that you hate
    All you distrust
    All you save
    And all that you give
    And all that you deal
    And all that you buy, beg, borrow, or steal
    And all you create
    And all you destroy
    And all that you do
    And all that you say
    And all that you eat
    And everyone you meet
    And all that you slight
    And everyone you fight
    And all that is now
    And all that is gone
    And all that’s to come
    And everything under the sun is in tune
    But the sun is eclipsed by the moon

  6. I was hoping the eclipse of the sun would be the top news on the trail.   I hate seeing narcissists stealing the sun’s headlines!

    I have such mixed emotions about jerry lewis…although as a child I laughed at his films, especially the Nutty Professor, he wasn’t a funny man in his private life.   I feel he was an awful human…a trump supporter, muslim ban supporter, a womanizer and really lousy father..just ask Gary Lewis and his playboys.   One of those situations where the public vs. the private persona prevails.  Just not a good human in my eyes and I love humor.    He ruined the humor for me by his ugly views of women and people of color…sort of like trump.

  7. It seems many entertainers were flawed humans when one sees past the show…….too bad……Chaplin was also not such a great guy…….

  8. This week starts with an action packed day, but last week’s demotion of strzok by mueller?   One to watch along with john destafano…he is the last of the rnc data guys in the WH.     On twitter, strzok demotion to fbi hr is seen as 1) he leaked info of the manafort raid to the press 2) the clinton/russian investigation wrongdoings OR 3) wray is cleaning house.

    trumpence junta is falling into place and I guess we should be glad the generals, tillerson and pence are running the country.  seeing trump in trump trash tower last week?  He had that unearthly glow of the underworld.  The man is not of sound mind or thought processes, but he can read a teleprompter.

  9. john belushi, like lewis, did not believe in women comedians…didn’t think women had a place in humor besides being chattel for a joke.    No evolution of thought in these men.    No professional courtesy.    I think as a society we are so desperate for the jester, the joker to alleviate our pain we forget the joker is in pain, too…coming from a dark and constricted place.   lewis was bill cosby without the quaaludes.

  10. bw, yep, I was also looking forward to saluting the sun on the trail.  here’s a sop for us.

    meant to submit a thread topic on how one’s situation means a different eclipse pov such as the twit seeing his golden hopes of dictatorhip shadowed by his ugly persona.

  11. BW, i didn’t know all that bad stuff about Jerry, just thought he was funny. Don’t forget, if you ever have an idea/preference for a thread post please write one for us.

  12. thank you, patd.   Big day for me…we shall see the corona today and also be able to drink one.   The almighty sun is only eclipsed by the moon, not man.

  13. for what it’s worth, BW, Carol Burnett on CNN yesterday disputed talk that Jerry didn’t think women belonged in comedy, they worked together a lot.

  14. more fitting today if that yoga lady in her salute to the sun pose dropped her drawers and mooned the sun instead.


    on being too lazy to come up with a suitable thread on the eclipse, just that thought above of the twit’s face clouded my sunny outlook.   hope a lot of good analogies shine down today from the more creative trailmixers.

  15. FYI, I generally wait until dinnertime to see if anyone has a post, and sometimes, if I have no big ideas by bedtime, just post some breaking news.

  16. since lewis is the story today?  One more reason to look beyond the french’s beloved funny man.    lewis never helped his love child….adopted a daughter with his second wife, but he denied minoret her entire life.    jerry lewis was a lucky man, not a good man.


  17. the most fascinating eclipse event will be at the zoos which are in the pathway…. such as according to

    the tennesseean Nashville Zoo wants visitors to document animal solar eclipse behavior
    “They’re not going to see levitating monkeys, or they’re not going to see animals suddenly speaking English and tell us about what they think about being at the zoo or the food we feed them every day. That’s not going to happen,” said Jim Bartoo, the zoo’s marketing and public relations director. “Or at least, that’s not what we think is going to happen.”
    Instead of levitating monkeys, Bartoo and the zoo’s animal keepers believe a reaction — if any — from animals will mirror closely to learned or natural behaviors. 
    “What people can expect are changes or alterations in what is otherwise natural behavior,” Bartoo said. “They will be fooled into thinking that evening is coming on and start to do evening activities. That can be natural where they start roosting or nesting, or it could be something they learned in the process of captivity.Reports of animal behavior during a solar eclipse is much debated, Bartoo said.
    There have been reports that some animals react to the eclipse, while others don’t, Bartoo said. Birds seem to be the most impacted, he said, while primates also could change their behavior.
    He said most animal experts believe a species reacts to the eclipse as if it’s evening or a storm is approaching. Others think that animals won’t react, he said.
    “But there is no consensus,” he said.

  18. patd…hubby and I said it would be a great time to ‘pet’ the wild animals for two minutes while down as the eclipse happens and then let them go back to wild.

  19. be sure to watch nova on pbs tonight

    On August 21, 2017, millions of Americans will witness the first total solar eclipse to cross the continental United States in 99 years. As in all total solar eclipses, the moon will block the sun, revealing its ethereal outer atmosphere—its corona—in a wondrous celestial spectacle. While hordes of citizens prepare to flock to the eclipse’s path of totality, scientists, too, are staking out spots for a very different reason: to investigate the secrets of the sun’s elusive atmosphere. During the eclipse’s precious seconds of darkness, they will shed light on how our sun works, how it can produce deadly solar storms, and why its atmosphere is so hot. NOVA investigates the storied history of solar eclipse science and joins both seasoned and citizen-scientists alike as they don their eclipse glasses and tune their telescopes for the eclipse over America.

  20. As an adult I’ve always found Louis’s comedy to be embarrassing. He created this socially awkward character and invited us to laugh at his awkwardness. As a child I laughed, but that is what children do.  But unlike some of the best pratfall clowns I don’t remember any attempt to create empathy with his character/victim.

    I was also very uncomfortable with Louis’s parading around disabled children to raise money. It may have been the best way to raise money but I don’t have to like it.


  21. Burnett also said she hoped lewis changed since making the remark about women in comedy…belushi also worked with some incredible SNL women, too.  It didn’t change his mind and he still didn’t think women belonged in headlining comedy — they were just props. Enough said…just clinging to my comedy and science today more than ever.


  22. craig, you might get a kick out of this story in the Tallahassee democrat [pull up link to see pictures and more]:
    You think the media have gone nuts over Monday’s total solar eclipse?
    You should have been here in 1970. That was the last time the path of a total solar eclipse passed over Tallahassee.
    Back when newspapers were confined to print only editions, the Tallahassee Democrat went eclipse-batty.
    We published dozens of stories in the days preceding the Sunday, March 7, 1970, eclipse, including a special “Eclipse Preview Edition” on the day before the eclipseWe spread 18 stories, photos and cartoons about the eclipse across a 64-page Saturday edition, then followed that up with six more stories on the day of the event and another half-dozen the day after the eclipse. It was mid-April before we stopped carrying stories about that eclipse.
    And never mind, the weather kept us from seeing it.
    Among those in Perry in 1970 was recent Florida Newspaper Hall of Fame inductee Bill Cotterell, a future Democrat reporter who was covering the eclipse for United Press International. Cotterell spent the day fending off New York editors who wanted him to confirm the lore about cows lying down in the field during an eclipse because they thought the darkness meant nighttime (“New Yorkers think we have cows in the street down here,” Cotterell recalled on Facebook).
    But, you can’t blame those big city editors. Apparently, there have never been any formal studies on how animals react to an eclipse. But throughout history, there are anecdotal references to birds, bugs, wildlife and, yes, cows bedding down for the night in the darkness of an eclipse.
    In one of our 1970 stories, we quoted a Leon County “old-timer,” who recalled he had to unhitch his mule team and come in from the fields during an 1899 annular eclipse because “it got so dark.” We also carried a story from Eclipse, Virginia, in which residents recalled that 1899 eclipse. One woman said, “The chickens went to roost. The geese huddled up. The cows all got together. My mother came running out of the kitchen and said, ‘Lord, have mercy!’ “
    So that’s one assignment for Monday: Keep an eye on the livestock.

  23. I am off to the eclipse party…perhaps you should change the headline today to “Good riddance, jerry!”

  24. The Solar Eclipse. ( i hate it when that moon blocks my solar rays out, but on the bright side):……..Jace, Blondy, mr Jack, mr Cracker, that are might need a little solar energy today……and of course everyone on the trail……including Tony, Chloe, Sea, everyone over at Carols place…….it is a great time for healing ourselves….and all on mother earth.

    Today starting at about 10:30 am on the west coast….the eclipse will show up there……..but all over the country, parts of the world….there will be millions of people in meditation including my self for the whole day…..I will thinking of you all specially you…..JACE….and XR………here is what  you r going to get from me and all those millions of solar soldiers……

    By reaching a critical mass of 144,000 people doing this meditation will create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide.

    You can meditate wherever you please: in your home, office, nature, in the street, park, on the bus, or toilet. You can also make a group and meditate together with your friends and family.

    Astrological chart for our meditation shows a powerful grand trine between Galactic center / Saturn / Lilith in Sagittarius, Eris / Uranus in Aries and Mars / Lunar Node / Sun / Moon in Leo. The core of this grand trine is exact grand trine of Galactic Center at 28 degrees Sagittarius, Uranus at 28 degrees Aries and Sun / Moon eclipse at 28 degrees Leo.

    ​At the eclipse, the energy of electric fire of liberation will flow from the Galactic Center (the Pleroma) throughout the Solar System and will be channeled through Uranus and through the Sun / Moon eclipse, all of them located in fire zodiacal signs. Therefore our meditation at the moment of the eclipse has a potential for a huge breakthrough on the planetary surface, as it is a moment of the most direct connection with the Galactic Center.



  25. Fond memories of watching his movies late at night with my cousins.  Fond memories of discovering jello toast during “The Disorderly Orderly.”

    For any personal failings (he was human and the moon eclipses everyones’ sunny side sometimes), he did a lot of good with his Labor Day telethon.

    The money & attention given to MD, trickled over to the way folks gave to other charitable orginazations.


    The DNC is still in total eclipse because they have their heads up their asses.


  26. Jamie,

    Thanks for the Sanders link. I thought that he had all the outward manifestations of a self absorbed prick. Apparently that’s just what he is.

    If he wants to run in 2020 so be it, but Dems should make clear to him now that it won’t be on the Dem ticket.

  27. I lied, before I leave for the party, just a thought — during the dark of the eclipse, pence will replace trump…give tonight’s speech.  Maybe no one will notice.

  28. And we are all galactic centers no?……we are all it…..when we meditate….we are not thinking so much of our own made up world of material inventions…..we are in a parallel world…..reality….so lets take some time out to Breath in through the nose only…..one, two, three or a count of four…..let it out slowly out the nose for a count of six, eight, or ten……pause for a cpl, three counts……..after a few rounds of this….your mind will not be so busy with all of the world bullshit………dont eat too much,( lots of plain water to hydrate the brain)….specially those horrible sounding poisonous chilllwawa hot dogs……..later

  29. can’t imagine the fireworks when diller heard what lewis had to say about women comedians.

    for those who don’t know who she was, here’s an excerpt from  wiki:

    Phyllis Ada Driver (July 17, 1917 – August 20, 2012), better known as Phyllis Diller, was an American actress and stand-up comedienne, best known for her eccentric stage persona, her self-deprecating humor, her wild hair and clothes, and her exaggerated, cackling laugh.

    Diller was a groundbreaking stand-up comic—one of the first female comics to become a household name in the U.S. She paved the way for Joan Rivers, Roseanne Barr, and Ellen DeGeneres, among others, who credit her influence. Diller had a large gay following and is considered a gay icon. She was also one of the first celebrities to openly champion plastic surgery, for which she was recognized by the industry.

  30. had no idea Jerry Lewis so polarizing. But that’s our times these days: Clowns divide us

  31. Patd, will be thinking of you Sj, all of the gals here……..oh and that bossy ass Spidey-gal…….bet her bears are scared of her…….no wonder Rick, Rick goes down snow hills on fiber glass shoes?,,,,,,

  32. I will walk outside and watch it get dark.  Then I will walk back inside.

    my second total eclipse.

    rah rah rah.  Thump is still in the chair.

  33. If Dems-in-charge don’t find someone who TRULY has Bernie’s message (and who doesn’t just parrot him to get traction with voters), they are in for a rude awakening.    They’re still in the dark.

  34. Hey Solar,

    Thanks for the good vibes.? Am into the meditation thing anyway, and I know that it can help. Meditation coupled with a solar eclipse? Now that’s some powerful stuff.

    Way glad to see you on the trail.

  35. Pat,………thought that you thought i looked like Anthony Q……..what the…….on second think……that hound looks a lot like Zorba…..he better not get up and start dancing Greek style……..later

  36. The message doesn’t mean much if you can’t pass a bill. Last time I checked it was still all about implementation.

  37. Dem, party of one, your sad, lonely table is ready.   Really, they haven’t learned anything from 2016.

    They still have to have a viable candidate with the correct message.

    If they are anti-Bernie during the primary, they will alienate folks.

    Ultimately,  there is the problem of getting folks to the polls in the general election to vote for whatever the DNC DECIDES to run.

  38. I’m with WJack on Jerry Lewis…  but hey…  RIP Jerry.

    Solar…  we had a big fella in our front yard looking at our bird feeders last week.  I bring the feeders into the garage at dusk.  But I wanted to finish watching the Red Sox bat…  so it was a little later than usual.  Rick said “don’t you think it’s time to bring those feeder in”…   15 seconds later he’s yelling “BEAR!”  I screamed at him…  he ran.  He was staring at the feeder Rick bought me for my birthday last year.  All I could think was ….  you’re not getting my birthday feeder, you bastard!

    At the moment… there’s about a dozen turkey pecking the ground beneath those feeders.

  39. OK, this exchange isn’t adding any good vibes to the world.

    Chocolate chip pancakes & happy music (can’t get enough of Michael Franti these days).

    Happy Solar Eclipse.

  40. Good job BW

    My mother thought he made fun of spastics so we never saw a Lewis movie in our house

  41. For the late 40s-early 50s matinee crowd it was a contest between Donald O’Connor, and Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. I preferred more serious stuff. I recall once when my two older brothers asked my Mom for permission to walk to the local movie house to watch a specific early-evening showing of a specific movie, “The Bowery.” Her very proper Jamaica, Queens ears translated that title to “The Battery.” It wasn’t until the two thrilled boys returned home that horrified Mom discovered her error.

  42. I think I first came across it from som moo-Jician friends who became road-burnt and turned into Jehovah witnesses

  43. Sturg….in your case: 144000 (keep em coming) stories, jokes, posts, songs……im with Pogo…..you crack me up…..later me amigo….

  44. Now that all Trump & offspring out of town trips have exhausted the Secret Service budget and agents have reached annual maxed earnings, I think the Secret Service should save the nation money and just stay home.

  45. Jaime

    Thanks for posting the Cinderfella clip — that was great and I had never seen it.  He was an amazing talent

  46. catching up on eclipse news, seems to me the Moon is doing all the work & not getting credit

  47. Thunder and lighting, raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock. It has been doing this for a month and a half. Poor Brewster dog hasn’t had a break if it wasn’t fire works it is thunderboomers rolling through  twice a week. He is on my lap right now trying to get between me and the computer. He is a bold little guy until a thunder storm rolls through.

    Looks like no eclipse in this area today. 2024 road trip to Memphis


  48. Goodbye Dick Gregory a funny guy and an exceptionally good person.  He deserves a final standing ovation.

  49. I tried to join up with a wagon train to go out west…..but they wanted ME to pull the wagon.

    —-Dick Gregory on Ed Sullivan

  50. I like this argument from one of Mr. C’s sons

     Freedom of speech is one thing. Does it mean you are free to say anything you wish? There are certain things you are not permitted to say under the first amendment. For instance you cannot say that you are going to kill the president. It is against the law and you can be prosecuted for just saying it. Incitement is another example. Slander and defamation are also not protected by the 1st amendment. How is blatant racism anything less than the slander and defamation of others?

  51. Bout the only times I heard Dick Gregory in the last few years were his appearances on Imus…..which were quite frequent……gonna miss that guy .

  52. navy times: Mattis: Review will determine ‘what’s going on’ with 7th Fleet

    Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said an in-depth review of Seventh Fleet operations ordered by Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson Monday will hunt for any systemic issues that could have contributed to two devastating ship collisions in the last two months. 

    On Sunday the Navy destroyer John S. McCain collided with a merchant ship east of the Malacca Straits off the coast of Singapore. Ten sailors were still missing and five injured in the collision with the Liberian-flagged merchant vessel Alnic MC.

    On June 17 the destroyer Fitzgerald collided with a container ship off the coast of the Japan, killing seven sailors.  Both destroyers are part of Seventh Fleet,  
    On Monday Richardson announced the Navy would conduct an operational pause to look at the Yokosuka, Japan-based Seventh Fleet’s operations.  

    “The Chief of Naval Operations’ broader inquiry will look at all related accidents, incidents at sea, that sort of thing. He is going to look at all factors, not just the immediate ones — that will fall rightly under the fleet commanders investigation of what happened to his ship. This is a broader look at what is happening,” Mattis said to reporters traveling with him in Jordan. 

    “My thoughts and prayers are with the sailors and the families of the USS John McCain. We obviously have an investigation underway and that will determine what happened,” Mattis said.

    The fleet-wide inquiry ordered by Richardson will “look into these incidents and to determine any of the causal factors to determine what’s going on, both immediate contributors to this incident but also any related factors. Once we have those facts we’ll share them with you,” Mattis said. 

  53. politico: Trump on USS John S. McCain collision that left 10 missing: ‘That’s too bad’

    President Donald Trump on Sunday called the collision between the U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer USS John S. McCain and a tanker that left at least 10 sailors missing “too bad” before tweeting support for the sailor’s families.

    “That’s too bad,” the president said when asked about the incident, according to a pool report.

    He later tweeted: “Thoughts & prayers are w/ our @USNavy sailors aboard the #USSJohnSMcCain where search & rescue efforts are underway,” linking to an official Navy statement on the ongoing search efforts.

    […story continues about the accident….]

  54. aaahhhh….  Dick Gregory…   now there was a truly funny and great man!

    RIP Mr. Gregory

  55. Longreads
    “Eclipses… do not signifie much.” —Benjamin Franklin @SmithsonianMag #eclipse #SolarEclipse2017 smithsonianmag.com/science-nature…
    9:57 AM – 21 Aug 2017
    Benjamin Franklin Mocked Eclipse Astrology to Elevate Science
    The founding father used his almanacs to promote a scientific understanding of celestial events—often with withering humor
    Smithsonian Magazine @SmithsonianMag

  56. Craig

    If you are in DC just step outside in the shade of a tree look at the ground and enjoy the patterns. Experience the weird light.

    It is a slow event but the light is already changing here.



  57. Took the elevator to the office roof top, put on my funky glasses, watched through 93% totality. I’m not blind and I’m not dead. No disaster has befallen that I can see. Nothing has changed.

    So I guess it’s back to work and life for me.

    I must stay that it was a pretty cool experience. I do mean that literally as well as figuratively because the temperature drop was real.

  58. One of my nephews once saw jlewis ‘parading a cripple’ and called him the most evil man on earth. Another nephew thought he was funny. When I was a boy lewis was funny with Martin, but I didn’t think so when he was on his own. I preferred Shane and On the Bowery, and Long John Silver.

  59. I wonder how many cavemen went blind after shaking their spears at the sun during an eclipse…..


  60. Clouds moved in just in time to prevent the Apocalypse here in the Simple, Minnesota.

  61. Wow, that was cool. We got about 5 seconds of totality the bright light popped out again.

    Way to bright to even look at with the eye, even though it was just a little pin hole at the beginning ot totality and the end.  Besides when Gods are locked in a death struggle mere mortals avert their gaze.


  62. fate was smiling on me today, The storm clouds cleared out just as eclipse began and clouds are now moving in. the perfect window. Now I’ve got to get some work done. later


  63. You know, a big deal like this……least it could do is make some kind of noise……..

  64. sturge, no way noise… part of the awe is the spooky silence.

    rip,  mr Gregory.

    truly a Dick that wasn’t a dick.

  65. Melania looks at thump with the eclipse glasses on and thinks,
    ” Cool….I’m going to wear these all the time.”

  66. There was no eerie silence here……the ocean still roll, and the crows, jays, and little tweeters all kept right on like it was just another day in paradise…….

  67. Fun eclipse. Showed people how to use their hands to make a viewer. Gale did not care about it.

    I did not think Lewis was funny, most of the time. Dean Martin was funny.

    Dick Gregory was funny and he could run a rapier through the bad very nicely.

  68. As soon as Totality was achieved, all the idiots in my neighborhood ignited their emergency caches of cherry bombs and hammer heads. So much for hearing the reaction of unanticipated silence on nature’s critters.

    I was not awe-struck by the experience.

  69. Sturg, I’m willing to chip-in for a pair with nose-clips so that she can live in total serenity.

  70. I didn’t bother getting glasses as here in NH it only went to 60%.  I watched the light change in my yard…  it kinda looked slightly overcast.  The one in 2024 will be good viewing.  We’re already planning to be in northern NH and take the gondola up the mountain top that Rick loves to ski (Loon Mt.) for that one.

    I was hoping that SFB would think all the hubbub about not looking at the eclipse without the special glasses was just fake news and science.

  71. looks like drumpf being the twit he is wants to upstage the speaker with his big announcement.  that townhall had been scheduled long before the camp david discords were discussed.

    (CNN) CNN will host an exclusive town hall featuring House Speaker Paul Ryan in Racine, Wisconsin, on Monday night, where he’s expected to face questions about President Donald Trump’s strategy in Afghanistan, among other topics.
    The town hall, which will be moderated by CNN’s Jake Tapper, will follow Trump’s first prime-time policy broadcast in which the President is expected to discuss his administration’s new plan on Afghanistan.
    Trump’s remarks will air at 9 p.m. ET on CNN, CNN en Español, CNN International, and they will also stream live on CNNGo and CNNGo apps.

    The town hall will air at 9:30 p.m. ET on CNN, CNN en Español, CNN International

    , and will be carried by CNN’s SiriusXM Channel 116 and the Westwood One Radio Network. It will also stream live on CNNGo and CNNGo apps.

    As he prepares to return to Capitol Hill, Ryan is expected to be asked questions about the federal budget, tax reform, infrastructure and Trump — and is also expected to outline House Republicans priorities for the fall.

  72. abc news: Trump returns to Arizona _ and a chaotic political landscape


    If that isn’t enough fuel for a political bonfire, Trump’s visit to Arizona will be his first political event since the race-driven violence in Virginia and his divisive comments in the aftermath of the protests. That poses a dilemma for Republicans like Gov. Doug Ducey on whether to take the stage at the Trump rally while running for re-election. Doing so would subject him to attacks from moderates and the left by appearing with the president so soon after Charlottesville and possibly at the same time as the president pardons Arpaio and throws his endorsement behind Flake’s challenger. But avoiding the stage could hurt him with the base.

    [….story continues….]

  73. az central just reported: Why Gov. Doug Ducey won’t attend President Donald Trump’s Phoenix rally
    Gov. Doug Ducey will greet President Donald Trump on the tarmac after Air Force One touches down Tuesday afternoon for his first presidential visit to the Grand Canyon state.
    But the Republican governor, who like many in the GOP has diplomatically sidestepped Trump and his more divisive rhetoric, will not attend Trump’s campaign-style rally at the Phoenix Convention Center.
    Daniel Scarpinato, Ducey’s spokesman, wrote in a statement to The Arizona Republic that Ducey looks forward to welcoming Trump.
    But, he added, “Gov. Ducey’s focus has been working with law enforcement toward a safe event in downtown Phoenix for all those involved and in the area. That will continue to be his priority during the event and afterwards.”
    Ducey will be working and will be receiving updates from law enforcement. 
    [….story continues…..]

  74. Sj, yup, different strokes.  And to all who liked Dick Gregory, so did I and wish him a pleasant eternity.

    Hot here today.  People looking up with funny glasses.  I borrowed a pair for a bit.  Kinda neat.  Without the glasses you wouldn’t have noticed a thing.

  75. Trump disappeared behind a pillar. Another big, ball of gas obscured.  As he reappeared, he squinted and looked up.  Just arrogant enough to look at the sun without protecting his eyes like us mortals, I guess.

  76. The day has been interesting due to being in the office and out of the online loop.

    First up is that Jerry Lewis played the fool.  I think much of my bias comes from seeing a grown man play a role of someone with mental disabilities.  Even in the 50’s I recognized that making fun of people with mental issues was not good.  Although I did not know what I was at the time, I knew there was a huge bias against LGBTQ people, calling us demented and sick (same as today, the SFB nominee for USDA science director is so far behind in science) The times he played a straight role was worth watching.

    Dick Gregory.  I watched him in the 60’s when he was a comedian and then when he became an activist.  That was very disconcerting to many of us.  But, after a couple years I came to like his work, comedian and activist.  And I became an activist too.

    The eclipse was wonderful, even though we only saw eighty-two percent coverage.  It was fun teaching how to use your hands to make a lens to display the event on something to watch the dance of the Moon and Sun.

  77. Hope all is well, Pogo, downstate. The eclipse wasn’t much here except for odd lighting – not full daylight, not twilight – lots of long shadows. Drove past Buffalo State College & it was packed! Great stuff, families getting together to experience the event together. The Science Museum ran out of viewing glasses so people shared.

    In 7 years Western New York is ground zero for totality in the next eclipse. Supposed to be over 3 minutes long. I have an attic & a basement + a yard for tents. All invited; just bring your sunny personalities 😉


  78. Sulpher Springs, just east of DFW is supposed to be the place to be in 2024.  Doubtful I will be around at all, but if so, far away from TX.

  79. Here’s my recap

    I am not a racist

    The mess is all the fault of Pakistan

    I’m not going to tell you what I’m doing


  80. He seemed to be having trouble breathing. Does he always puff and wheeze when forced to tell the truth ?

  81. After watching herr pussypincher’s performance, I figured that the Camp David meeting was all about the generals pointing at pence, and saying,

    “Look donald, we’ve got this stiff. So we can safely 25 you any time that you disobey our protocols in the future. It’ll be done faster than you can wolf down a McD french fry. And, no pardons, right Mr pence ?”

    “Uh, right, General, sir. Whatever you say, sir”

    “It had better be, acuzz we can 25 you, too – without pardon.”

    “Yesssir, Mr General, sir.”

    Further the little group saith naught, although two of them sat hunched over as if surveying the toes of their shoes, their knees quaking the while.

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