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  1. WashPo’s Phillip Bump, excellent statistician and reporter, has put together a twitter link which shows what SFB is reading on twitter.  There is a lot of faux snuz and the  skinny blonde women who are spewing his falsehoods.

    This past week has been more disturbing than any week in the sixty plus years I have been aware of presidential politics.  Notables have been Kennedy’s Cuba, Johnson not running, Nixon bombings, Nixon Congressional hearings, Nixon resigning, Reagan hearings, Clinton’s affairs and VI 2000-2008.  SFB tops them all with his blatant support of racist, misogynist, nazi, kkk, bircher and white supremacists.  His NK attacks were close, but someone must have told him he would not survive attacking the country.

    Still concerning is that Bannon had been involved in the nations highest secrets from the start.  He was in briefings, apparently even after being told not to attend, which could cause many deaths if spread.  His hand was in many places which SFB used to create policy.

    Those policies are to destroy America. Will Kelly pull things back, perhaps to the point that the orange buffoon can say are good enough for him to resign and go back to his proper place in the tower of doom?  At least there while he awaits prison from his possibly convictions of many felonies.

  2. craig, thank you for high lighting what ms heyer’s mom told the nation. what and how she said it will resonate with our fellow citizens more than anything any pundit or politician pontificates about the current crises.

    btw, on your sequel (I noted you spelled it “squeal”… a freudian slip perchance?) be sure to read if not already read al franken’s Lies: And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right and chapter 7 in his al franken giant of the senate both of which give a good account of media messengers manipulated and gone awry.  also suggest an alternative title for your new sequel of “attack the messenger” could be “the messenger attacks.”

    that first franken book btw was written with the help of his students at Harvard’s kennedy school of gov’t….

  3. This past week could also be looked upon as a most positive chapter in our history. Time will tell, but a glimmer of hope arose from the darkness of Charlottesville. The teeter totter of righteous indignation finally tilted over into well do something about it. And people are. Let’s hope it stays weighted on the right side of history. May the life of Ms. Heyer be remembered with respect & honor rather than as just another social media cause of the week.


  4. Why “second degree” murder? That kid drove his car down the street with complete malice aforethought.

    I bet he even hollered, “Yeeeee-Haaaa” as he plowed down the street.

  5. sturge, could be they didn’t want to mix in the anti-capitol punishment issue.  that would invite a whole new argument and set of protestors to the fray.

  6. Still concerning is that Bannon had been involved in the nations highest secrets from the start.  He was in briefings, apparently even after being told not to attend, which could cause many deaths if spread. 

    bbronc, am with you on that concern.  isn’t/wasn’t there also a link with him and Assange/WikiLeaks?  won’t be surprised if in his new job he’ll try to damage or out as many dossier informants as he can.

  7. your weekly carl Hiaasen :

    During a week when most Republican leaders were happy not be seen with Donald Trump, Florida Gov. Rick Scott had lunch with the President at his New Jersey golf course.

    Scott’s office bravely announced the trip a day in advance, like he was proud to be invited.

    This, as neo-Nazis, white supremacists and drooling bigots all over America were online celebrating Trump’s breezy lack of outrage following the death and violence in Charlottseville.

    [….carl continues in his usual droll way….]

  8. You might want to take the day off in order to read this one, since you have to download the whole thing.

    Exhaustive study of media in the 2016 election documents the impact of Breitbart/Bannon/Mercer strategies

    Partisanship & Propaganda


  9. When I read “total eclipse of the sun” somewhere, it’s not Bonnie Tyler’s song which comes to mind, but Muhammad Ali’s doggerel “total eclipse of the Sonny”.

    But if I want to hear “Total Eclipse of the Heart” I always hear it by the Dan Band instead of Bonnie Tyler……

  10. Conspiracy for fun and profit with Trump, Mercer, and Bannon

    The Great British Brexit Robbery

    A shadowy global operation involving big data, billionaire friends of Trump and the disparate forces of the Leave campaign influenced the result of the EU referendum. As Britain heads to the polls again, is our electoral process still fit for purpose?

  11. Susan Bro is one of the bravest women I’ve ever seen or heard.  I throw much respect her way.

    A Boston rally is happening today.  The Boston police will definitely not wait to get involved at the  inciting of violence like they did at Charlottesville.

    I don’t get all the madness over this eclipse…    you might think we all just climbed outta the cave.

  12. We had a total eclipse in March, 1970…… All the hippies I knew took acid and went down to the Battery to experience the event…….sun was out, it got dark, sun was back out…..then there were a bunch of crazed hippies running around downtown…..I saw it out the window at home, and then grilled some cow meat. I was not a very good hippie.

  13. Corey…  I don’t really care what they re-name it (if they do it…  it is owned by the city of Boston… not the Red Sox).  I haven’t been to Fenway in years…  it’s so much more relaxing watching on our big screen high def tv…   🙂

  14. corey & renee, thanks for bringing that up.  had to find out what was said about it in

    ny times: Red Sox Renew Push to Rename Yawkey Way Amid Monument Debate

  15. i like the title twist, PatD. thanks. also appreciate the media study, Jamie. got it saved.

  16. wish folk would restrain themselves from destroying offending statuary… reminds me too much of the destruction of those buddhas by the Taliban, the palmyra statues by isil/daesh,  the golden calf etc.   it’s too much like book burning.  i’m all for removing them from public property to art or historical museums, private lands, churchs/temples/mosques/pagodas and such…

    and what about those things which are considered art?  should we also be wiping out the works of wagner? t.s.elliot? roald dahl? or others who were racists or anti-Semitic or anti-Catholic or anti-Asian, all those Remington cowboys and u.s. generals depicted who espoused hatred toward native americans?


  17. Good question.   In California schools are being renamed as the truth about the person is uncovered.

  18. Why would they be renamed?

    The schools in Cal were named for racists of varying kinds supporters of Eugenics etc

    No one is suggesting that history be revised merely that it be accurate and that we not honor people who aren’t worthy

    As for rejecting artists because of their political views that happens all the time

  19. As for rejecting artists because of their political views that happens all the time

    kgc, no problem with “rejecting” or ignoring or shaming or removing from the public places.  my questions had to do with destruction, obliteration, burning… forever keeping all from ever seeing or reading or hearing the work whether or not it’s for a cause like learning what/why and how to avoid repeating the evil or for evaluating/comparing eras.

  20. Why were you suggesting that Kennedy and Reagen airports might have to be renamed?

  21. Published on Aug 18, 2017

    Bill weighs in on President Trump’s response to the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville and chief strategist Steve Bannon’s departure in his

  22. I think if we all hadn’t been so willing to excuse racism in others we wouldn’t be in this mess.


  23. …..never been so busy do-in nothing…….going to catch up/scan and take a look see at what Ive missed……going to take a cpl of days…later

  24. Rilocrates says Trump is right that not every one of the people at the Charlottesville Klan/Nazi rally was a white supremist….. Some of them were just there for the free hot dogs.

  25. Lately I have been thinking about a hot dog.   We haven’t been where you can get a good one.

    I like a fully loaded dog — a ballpark dog or arena dog.   I have a friend who likes his hot dog plain.  I think he is missing the whole point of a hot dog unless you are 5.

  26. There is a worthwhile read in the Weekend Journal that arrived this morning. While it is tailored to the workplace, it is equally relevant to familial interactions and close knit groups such as ours. The piece, written by a freelance writer is too long to be printed in its entirety. I’ll link it to its title:

    The High Costs of Workplace Rudeness

  27. KGC, so much of the enjoyment of a hotdog is situational. I’ll never forget the wonderful hotdogs at the Indians’ games in ’48 when they won the series. The next couple of years they weren’t quite as good–but the ones at the Brown’s football games!


  28. Golly it’s hot here. The heat meter reads 101 with an index of 110–we’re fortunate that the humidity is relatively low and that we have a light overcast.

  29. I’m sure that adds a great deal.  I’ve always been a fan of the Golden State Dog and the Giant Dog part of the allure of attending the game.

  30. The best hot dogs were from a place in East Lansing, that had the foot long hot dog.  It was loaded.  The quality had to be okay, well maybe a little less than okay, as nobody I know got sick off the things.  And I was in college where cheap equated to more.  Why spend two dollars on a great dog and still be hungry, when that same two dollars could buy four and not be hungry for a few hours?  Later on, as I learned the importance of quality meats and taste, I look at the National Hebrew hot dogs.  Very good tasting, and Kosher.

  31. solar!  so glad to see you again.  boy, have we needed to hear from you lately 🙂


    bbronc, yep, my favorite too. Hebrew national jumbos.  also like a good smoked brat or sausage when in the mood for pork. (guess these would be called hot pigs instead of dogs)  am partial to splitting and frying my dogs.  not picky about what goes with them…anything from the usual onions and relish to a kraut dog, chili dog or (in the summer particularly) a slaw dog.  ummmm.   have not found the perfect bun yet.  any suggestions?

  32. Veggie dog* on a potato roll with Wickles relish & yellow mustard.  *Adding to the grocery list.

    Put on some Michael Franti (“We Are All Earthlings”) & chill, world.  I think a Spearhead concert might warm up all but the coldest hearts.

    Craig – Really writing a sequel? I hope so.  A chapter or two on how the media helped marginalize so many candidates, including Webb?



  33. Pat, locally I’ve not found any special store-bakery rolls. I’ve settled on Kroger’s value line as being a decent product at a very good price. Tonight I’m grilling one-pound of Nathan’s skinless beef jumbo hotdogs. There are eight in each package which matches the number of rolls in a standard package. That gives two suppers of three hotdogs and one lunch (day 2) with two hotdogs. I like the Hebrew National but they generally package seven dogs per pack. What do I do with the extra roll? Irritating and makes the meal planning stressful.

  34. flatus, buy 2 of the Hebrew national jumbos (come 4 to a pack) if you’re stuck with an eight bun package.  Kroger’s bakery hoagie buns are pretty good, but too big for the standard size dog.  also discovered Walmart’s whole wheat submarine bun (I think they have an arrangement with subway for fresh baked) in their bakery area. both these larger buns cryout for the larger doggies…. in the subway case you have to either halv the bun or add a half more dog unless you buy those footlongs bbronc referenced.

  35. oh and those whole wheat subway buns make the greatest basis for home made philly cheese steak sandwiches. stir fry in olive oil thin sliced beef, onions and green peppers. last minute top with slivers of provolone until melted.. at table I usually dollop on some catchup (sorry about that, all you philly purists).don’t forget to warm the buns

  36. Am partial to Nathan’s hot dogs. Just grill them and add the fixings. I always find buns to be either too long or too short. I choose too short only because I like to have a bite of dog at either end that has no bun.

  37. KGC,

    How about hooking me up with the recipe for your pork chop, apple and blue cheese dish?Meant to ask you about it earlier but got sidetracked.

  38. It’s no secret except steaming whatever buns you wind up with ….other than that you get some wieners, cook or boil em, and a great beanless chili …….home free.

  39. When I worked at Ollie’s Round-Up out in Denver, on Sheridan, owner used to give away free hot dogs during happy hour……the old boys would come in, fill up on hot dogs and be able to hang……I got a great picture of the old 50’s Markee saying “Tonight: Kenny Brent, FREE HOT DOGS” .

  40. Patd – splitting the dogs.  I will occasionally split a grilled hot link or half smoke, and a grilled NH hot dog, line those up together in a bun and then add what I like to them. Wild flavors!  A kraut dog or a chili cheese dog can do great things for ending a day.  And a multi-meat dog, with wonderful tastes! Indescribable.

  41. Also a shout out to Ms Wino……out on the road towards the Rio Grand and the onliest tree in Town…….cruces, ’85.

  42. Blue wow, span of years, we probably bumped into friends of one or another friends…. I did 84-86……

  43. Daughter was born Colorado General, 84…… Hadn’t been for her possibly complicated birth she’d have been born in Canada….. I had a Canadian tour booked but the Drs told us sit tight, no travel…..so we spent the winter of 83-84 being patient and trying to survive.

  44. Being a town moo-Jician is a lot different from being a Nashbille Road moo-Jician…..

  45. And so the marriage is in the Catskills early Sept and I made a coffee cup shelf on demand………108 coffee cups…..which will of course not fit into any vehicle destined to make the trip….,,so it’s rent a van or ship…..Christ, how do I end up with all these white people problems?

    I’m gullah, fahchrissakes,,,,,,

  46. Boy, am I a dummy. I was doing chores off an on while we were talking hotdogs and I got filthy enough that I went straight to the shower without saying goodbye. Then, of course, I sat down in the other room and propped my feet up. So, I’ve had a very nice nap, will skip the hotdogs for tonite in favor of an obscene amount of frozen yogurt.

  47. You know, I’da much rather been a beatnik than a hippie to begin with, but I was kind of between and so decided to just be a dork moo-Jovian……

  48. Souzaphones may now be required for all anti-KKK marches.  This one is from 2015, but is being circulated all over twitter to encourage all future horn blowers.

  49. If this were AOL there would have been 16 comments before I’d gotten halfway thru Typing Columbia, sc………I guess those were the good old days or something.

  50. Now all I can think about is a hotdog and I have to look fo eclipse glasses too

  51. I am fond of the Chicago Dog and always had one going through O Hare now avoided like the plague

    I haven’t found an Atlanta Dog or a Charlotte Dog.

  52. Sturg,

    My days of cave exploring are officially over.? And I damn sure ain’t turning over any rocks.

  53. KGC,

    I love the idea of collecting for these white supremacists. They seriously need medical/psychological intervention. Now.

  54. peppers, tomatoes ,pickles and celery salt plus a bunch of other stuff
    you need a sturdy bun or to eat really fast

  55. I read zimmerman’s telegram. That’s why we need that wall.

    That, and to support the commie Chinese steel industry biggly.

  56. How about melting down a bunch of creepy statues, and re-casting the bronze in the shape of The Martyrs of Charlottesville ?


  57. We’ve reached that wonderful time of year when pond frogs, tree frogs and crickets all sing together. You can keep your Mormon Tabernacle Choir, just give me our own homegrown Critternacle Choir.

  58. Dear Mr Sturgeone,

    In answer to your question of 7:33am, August 19, 2017, a charge of second degree murder is appropriate in a case where a person, while committing a crime, kills another person. In a 1st degree case the prosecution would probably have to prove that the accused meant to kill Ms Heyer. Therefore, the DA probably thought that a 1st degree murder case would be a very long shot. However, a 2d degree case would probably be a quick, slick slam dunk, done-before-lunch affair.

    If you don’t mind my unlicensed mind-reading, I’ll say the killer was day dreaming that he was the brave panzer ss oberst, blitzkrieging his super-manly way across Poland, when he homed in on the white car with two black women in it.

    It’s rather ironic that he murdered a genuine aryan woman.

    see guile ! see guile ! see guile !

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