Thinking about important stuff

By Whskyjack, a Trail Mix Contributor

It’s time for a break from all the nasty stuff that passes for politics this election

Let’s take time to look at the big picture.

Last weekend the Hispanic church that is our neighborhood partner did their annual Fiesta de Ninos.   A celebration of their children.   From what I understand it is a big deal in Mexico and It is something we don’t do. We have mother’s day and father’s day but no day set aside just for our children.

They all had a great time and at the end the church passed out the book bags filled with school supplies that you all helped to buy.

Today as I looked at all the pictures  I was  reminded of what this election is really about. It is not really about me or other people my age.  It is ultimately about the future of these children.

festa ninos

Their parents know this and work hard at low paying jobs. They sacrifice. Do without so they can get their children in to better schools. As an example, Veronica, a friend and neighbor,  lives in a house that has no flooring, just the bare subfloors but her children are in good private schools and are going on to college. Carpeting can wait.

So let’s take a few moments to celebrate life.

Cause I gotta admit, in spite of all the nastiness we hear on TV, from where I was standing this weekend the future is looking good.

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87 thoughts on “Thinking about important stuff”

  1. Jack, nice break from the seemingly interminable idiocy of the campaigns.  Kids introduce light into otherwise dark news coverage.   I’ll hold for a while before I post any dark campaign snark.  Thanks for the break.

  2. Jack

    Nice post,thanks..
    Donald Trump’s Draft Deferments: Four for College, One for Bad Feet


    <The story of Mr. Trump’s draft record has been reviewed by other publications, starting in 2011, when The Smoking Gun published his Selective Service documents. But a Times examination of his history, including interviews with Mr. Trump and experts on the era, revealed new details.

    For many years, Mr. Trump, 70, has also asserted that it was “ultimately” the luck of a high draft lottery number — rather than the medical deferment — that kept him out of the war.

    Continue reading the main story But his Selective Service records, obtained from the National Archives, suggest otherwise. Mr. Trump had been medically exempted for more than a year when the draft lottery began in December 1969, well before he received what he has described as his “phenomenal” draft number.

    Because of his medical exemption, his lottery number would have been irrelevant, said Richard Flahavan, a spokesman for the Selective Service System, who has worked for the agency for three decades.

  3. jack, good thread and sorry to ruin it by bringing up politics but have to give kudos to Jamie for fastest documented rebuttal of the day last night:

    at 11:15 craig: Hillary’s challenge isn’t white men, it’s white women. Stop blaming us.

    and 11:32  Jamie: ANew York Times/CBS News poll two weeks ago found that white men preferred her Republican opponent, Donald J. Trump, to Mrs. Clinton almost two to one, 55 percent to 29 percent. (White women were split at 40 percent each.)

  4. Pat

    Glad you gave Jamie her due.. Straight white males at least a lot of them are the problem. They don’t support Hillary and never will. Ah but the problem with them is bigger than that. They want to keep control and lots of us don’t want them in control.. In Control to steal our rights away, been there done that. Granted it’s Conservatives who lead the way and many many uneducated who just follow along..

    Although i do love white men, hell all types of men have their beauty!!! ????

  5. Good on you, Jack.  Volunteering and supporting the community create a nation and feeds the good, the correct side of the street.  It also keeps the discourse out-of-the-gutter and alleys. (this sounds like bowling).

  6. For the record, I am 72 years old.  For more than 50 of those years, I have suffered from the harmless delusion that the male of the species as a group was placed on earth for my delight, entertainment, and viewing pleasure.  As individuals, a few were a major nails on blackboard and howl in frustration, producing a run for the nearest exit reaction.  This is usually the result of one of the darlings assuming they either have the right to do my thinking for me or telling me what I am thinking no matter what I have said.  As such when I see or hear one of them doing this to another woman, I tend to get a little defensive.  I apologize for any such reaction on my part to these situations even if THEY DARN WELL DESERVED IT.

  7. Jack

    Lovely pictures of the children and hope our contributions made an improvement in their lives.  Could you post a permanent link for contributions so that we can help again in the future?

  8. love it.


    Warren Buffett wants to make Donald Trump an offer “he can’t refuse.”

    Trump can pick “any place, any time between now and election,” and Omaha billionaire Buffett will bring his tax returns — if Trump does too.” I’ll bring my tax return. He can bring his tax return … Just let people ask us questions about the items that are on there.”

  9. good article in the guardian: Rust Belt Democrats respond to Tim Kaine’s everyman appeal

    At the factory in Johnstown, Kaine joked that the only downside to joining the Democratic ticket is that it has put him in Trump’s crosshairs. He said he was hurt when Trump said he was a lousy governor of New Jersey.

    “When you work hard in public life, and then somebody trashes your record, you feel bad. I was feeling bad for a few minutes, and I thought, ‘Wait a minute, I wasn’t governor of New Jersey,” the former governor of Virginia said, drawing loud laughs.

    He repeated the joke in Youngstown, but added an extra jab: “Look, you’ve got to give Donald a break. He’s new to this thing. So 50 states, and Virginia is different than New Jersey … this whole thing is a big civics lesson for him.”

  10. boss. talk about herding cats! we ain’t anyone’s bloc votes.  not in to suit and tie conformancy.

    [sincerest apology for that catty snark. the devil, she made me do it :-)]

  11. PatD, I keep seeing these articles that say she’s targeting white male voters, and no mention of women — but their ads and messaging show me their focus is on white women, as it should be. That’s where they’re bound to pick up some points.

  12. Craig

    A lot of those women are Republicans.  I’m sure they will vote for Hillary.  I just doubt they will actually tell anyone (i.e. pollsters and stubborn husbands) that they are doing it . lol


  13. Pat, The point is, the number of undecideds among wfs is more than 25% greater than the number of undecideds among wms, and they are likely to be the easier sell, because they have the experience of being held to a different standard – treated as a stereotype rather than as individuals.

  14. “I trust she can lead. All Republicans may not like the direction, but they can live to win or lose another day with a real candidate,” he wrote. “Our response to the public’s anger and the need to rebuild requires complex solutions, experience, knowledge and balance. Not bumper sticker slogans that pander to our disappointment, fear and hate

    Republican congressman Richard Hanna on why he will vote for Clinton.

  15. Jack,

    Thanks for the post A badly needed breath of fresh air.  That really is the important stuff!!

  16. rather unusual discussion last night with the khans on pbs newshour segment “Khizr Khan: As candidate for the highest office, Trump needs tolerance for criticism”:

    JUDY WOODRUFF: But what do you make of his really constant connection between Islam the faith and what he calls radical Islamic terrorism? He connects the two directly.

    GHAZALA KHAN: I don’t think he should do that, but it is his beliefs. He can do — I can take criticism from him. I can take it, but I believe that he shouldn’t do that.

    JUDY WOODRUFF: Mr. Khan, what about that? Because Donald Trump has quoted a poll last year that he said showed that more than 50 percent of American Muslims believe that there should be Sharia law, which advocates violent acts against women and acts — violent, in effect, terrorism?

    KHIZR KHAN: Sharia law cannot be implemented in this United States, because this distorted Sharia law is against the basic principle of equal dignity, equal protection of law in the United States.

    What are we talking about? These are political statements to gather votes and create hatred and dislike. I would love to sit down and talk on, what Sharia law are we talking about? There is no such thing.

    These are laws of these countries. These are hodgepodge of various traditions, various British laws, various colonized times, laws, legal system. There is no such thing. The United States has the Islamic law, which is equal protection of law under the 14th Amendment.

    Therefore, there is no fear, except fear-mongers make it fear. Unless we amend our Constitution and we take out the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, sure, we can talk about Sharia law coming in and sneaking in here and all that. Otherwise, there is no place for that.

  17. I meant “unusual” in that not much is heard about sharia law from the point of view of American muslims on national news broadcasts.  usually only hear negative stuff of fear monger-ers.



    LBJ talking about important stuff.

    This is what less than perfect candidates and less than perfect human beings do when they get a chance.


  19. Jack…   excellent post!  What a lovely group of kids that picture shows us…

    Yeah, I can take a break from politics any day.  I’m not going to have a booth in my big August fair this year (which starts this coming Saturday).  I am going to have a spot in a tent called Shop at the Fair.  It’s like a craft gallery for all of us that want a presence at the Fair but don’t want to give up our entire summer to do so.  I need 30-35 scarves instead of 200-250.  I just finished weaving a special foot wide scarf for an exhibit at Phillips Exeter Academy.  I plan on weaving a few more now that my loom is all set up for it.  I really love this semi-retirement stuff!

    I’m glad the conventions are over and now the Olympics will be getting started.  Gonna enjoy the month of August to the fullest.  I hope the best for all of you too.

  20. jace, thanks for that lbj clip.  very moving line starting at 1:11 when he said it  was hard to forget what poverty and hatred can do “when you see its scars on the hopeful face of a young child”

  21. Stephen figured out how Donald Trump makes everyone forget about his controversial statements: by saying something even crazier

  22. The right wing makes “SHARIA” sound horribly dangerous when actually the basics are very similar to many religious laws.  The closest I can think of in the US would be a Jewish Beth Din  which has authority in various degrees over the personal behavior and business dealings of observant Jews.  In some cases Beth Din rulings can have weight in US Courts as  testimony, but it cannot replace existing law except by agreement of all parties involved in the judgement.

    So yes, Sharia, within the US does have weight with practicing Moslems, but it cannot control the behavior of those not practicing the religion.  If a non Moslem business in a particular area wishes to conform for the comfort of their customers (i.e. not serving pork) then that is a business decision, not a legal one.

    Is there a real difference to outsiders between a woman being required to wear a hijab or one required to wear a wig?  Demanding that the Orthodox Jewish woman dispense with her wig would be just as offensive to her as it is to a Moslem woman forced to give up her hijab.

    A little understanding of the actual practices rather than those of extreme hate filled organizations such as ISIS is in order.

  23. Jack, well done! Your continuing efforts at community building inspire me. Thanks for your hard work!


  24. Patd,

    Vintage LBJ. Not a great speaker, but a marvelous story teller.

    His work and the work of others is what’s at stake in this election. The civil rights act, the voting rights act, medicare. I don’t want Trump or any republican within spitting distance of any of them. That among many reasons is why HRC is the only option in this election.

  25. crooksandliars quoting warren buffett:

    Now, the young son of Mr. and Mrs. Khan died a dozen or so years ago. In that dozen of years, we’ve employed a lot of people. I’ve had fun doing it. We’ve made money just like Donald Trump has made. I have made no sacrifice. No member of my family has gone – no member of the Buffett family has gone to Iraq or Afghanistan. No member of the Trump family has gone to Iraq or Afghanistan. We’ve both done extremely well during this period, and our families haven’t sacrificed anything, and Donald Trump and I haven’t sacrificed anything. But how in the world can you stand up to a couple of parents who have lost a son and talked about sacrificing because you were building a bunch of buildings?

    I mean, that is – when I heard that, my mind went back – and this goes back before most of you were born – but they went back to the McCarthy hearings. And at the time of the McCarthy hearings – at the time of the Senate McCarthy hearings with the Army, Joe Welch had a young assistant of his maligned by Senator McCarthy, and McCarthy went on and on, and implying this guy was a communist and doing all kinds of things. And finally Joe Welch couldn’t take it anymore and he said, and I’ll quote him, ‘Have you no sense of decency, sir?’ And I ask Donald Trump, have you no sense of decency, sir?

    I might add – I’d just add one thing. McCarthy’s career went straight downhill after that.

  26. The lead editorial in today’s Journal is the harshest I’ve seen on His Repugnance. They condemn his handling of the Khan’s and his overall “indiscipline” that has provided Democrats unearned advantage.

  27. Since the McCarthy hearings keep getting cited, if you haven’t rented or purchased Trumbo please do.  It is an excellent film about the Hollywood blacklist.


    more from buffett:
    “In 1995, Donald Trump went to the American people and he said join me — I’m a winner — and invest in my company: Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts,” Buffett said. “They listed on the New York Stock Exchange and Mr. Trump very modestly made the ticker symbol DJT. Guess what that’s for.”
    That business eventually turned out to be the worst part of Trump’s business portfolio.
    “The next 10 years, the company loses money every year,” Buffett continued. “Every single year.”
    Buffett added that while shareholders saw their investment crumble, Trump took home $44 million in compensation during that period.
    “In 1995 when he offered this company, if a monkey had thrown a dart at the stock page [of a newspaper], the monkey on average would’ve made a 150%,” Buffett quipped. “But the people who believed in him, who listened to his siren song, came away losing over 90 cents on the dollar. They got back less than a dime.”

  29. Okay. I shall lighten up.

    I think donald trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for shattering the republican party. Like a latter day semi-literate george, trump has skewered the dragon. Not since Robert E. Lee ordered Pickett’s charge, has one born and raised in America unintentionally accomplished so much good for so many people.

  30. PatD, I don’t think anyone views white women as bloc voting, but you guys are a voting bloc to be wooed.  I think Poobah is right – If Hillary can get half of the white femal vote, she’ll be in pretty good shape.  ( And I’ve wooed white women all my life – although not for voting purposes).

    538 has updated odds again – 66-34% HRC (polls only); 69-31% HRC (Polls plus). RCP average is Clinton +4.4%. Her trajectory is good – just hope she stays away from tanks and strange headgear and puts the email mess to bed with an “I fuched up” apology.”

  31. Jamie, they don’t write good…what?

    Eugene Robinson may very well be onto something here.  Is Donald Trump Just Plain Crazy?

    During the primary season, as Donald Trump’s bizarre outbursts helped him crush the competition, I thought he was being crazy like a fox. Now I am increasingly convinced that he’s just plain crazy.

    I’m serious about that. Leave aside for the moment Trump’s policies, which in my opinion range from the unconstitutional to the un-American to the potentially catastrophic. At this point, it would be irresponsible to ignore the fact that Trump’s grasp on reality appears to be tenuous at best.

    Begin with the fact that he lies the way other people breathe. Telling a self-serving lie — no matter how transparent, no matter how easily disproved — seems to be a reflex for him. Look at the things he has said in just the past week.

    He knows Putin, he doesn’t know Putin.  He got a letter from the NFL, the NFL didn’t send him a letter. He thought Bloomberg had a terrible last term as mayor, he had praised his performance as a mayor. He attacked Khizr and Ghazala Khan, he attacked Khizr and Ghazala Khan.

  32. Pogo

    My own personal pet peeve where the misuse makes me very, very peevish:

    GOOD is an adjective

    WELL is an adverb

    Even “Winstons taste good like a cigarette should” couldn’t make me surrender, and that one actually made a certain amount of sense.

  33. “The Republican nominee is unfit to serve as president,” Obama said at a White House news conference with the Prime Minister of Singapore. “He keeps on proving it.”
    “What does this say about your party that this is your standard-bearer?” Obama asked of GOP leaders. “This isn’t a situation where you have an episodic gaffe. This is daily and weekly where they are distancing themselves from statements he’s making. There has to be a point at which you say, ‘This is not somebody I can support for president of the United States, even if he purports to be a member of my party.’ “

  34. now that’s the kind of neighborhood gentrification that makes sense.  Good for you Jack and Mrs. Jack for working to make your community livable for all.

    Republican women are organizing for Clinton in thePhilly suburbs.   I’m pretty sure she is going to clean his clock with the women’s vote — women of all colors.

    Her favorability ratings are up…not so much with Donald Troll

    The only people voting for Trump are stupid white men

    The Troll is going to be very unhappy and more vicious then ever and as always…the Republicans have only themselves to blame.

  35. Trump is costing the GOP the senate  why isn’t anyone talking about that

    The polls are not in Trump’s favor   the goopers are sweating   flop sweat

    Now that the media is covering him…Trump is complaining that they are unfair what an ass



  36. When the deadbeat goes down to the pit, his followers shall wail, crying,

    It’s mourning in America.


  37. The Republicans act like there are two equal sides in this fight.  There aren’t

    You picked a crazy racist who insulted the rest of the Republican field in way that subjected them to ridicule and the party did nothing to promote civility,  Rancid Blowupthebus is a tool of the worst kind and has allowed the party to sink to the basest level.   The new Troll voters will be the only ones left.

  38. The media still trying to make it a horse race— now the polls indicate it is not

    but everyone is still talking about the Teflon Troll   .

    When Chris Christie calls you out on your behavior you know it was bad

    rats saying bye bye

    The military doesn’t support Trump Steve Cortes another Liar for Trump

    How come Manipedi didn’t make sure Trump didn’t make stupid Russian mistakes.

    Trump has not come to grips with the fact that the general is not the Republican primary

  39. Patd

    The test is can you turn the sentence on its ear.

    i.e. The feelings were good.  The taste of Winstons is good.  The verb as a noun is as close as you get to a gerund in English and can allow you to get away with exchanging good for well, but I do still HEAR it every time. lol


  40. The Republicans act like there are two equal sides in this fight.  There aren’t   – Ms Cracker

    Yes, they and the Mainspring Mejerks.  If it weren’t for this unspeakable con job, Clinton would be winning a 60 % – 30 % contest right now. This is the weakness of the barking heads system – invented by Robin McNeil – of putting paired and competing political ideas before the public.

  41. – “Hi, how are you?

    -“I am well.”

    -(thinks to self) “Oh, great.  One of those ‘well’ people.”

  42. Much, maybe even most, of the time both opposing ideas/pols are legitimate. However, pairing darryl issa against Hillary Clinton as equals is like presenting the positions of a shoplifter and a shop keeper as equivalent. The mainspring mejerks pretend that an eyeball-drawing conflict between the cannibal and the vegetarian is even-handed. Pretty soon there is no one left in the studio but a well-fed cannibal. Call that the descent of faux news.

  43. Dear D.C. News4

    Why is a “news” story lead in about Maryland Republican gov doing something that sounds like being a governor, yet your on the scene reporter stands behind and frames the lettering that the bus is a campaign bus?

    Curious minds are wondering.


    PS: I did not vote for him before and I will not in the future.

  44. I’ve never been there with John McCain because I’ve always felt that he should have done a much better job for the vets,” Trump continued. “He has not done a good job for the vets and I’ve always felt that he should have done a much better job for the vets. So I’ve always had a difficult time with John for that reason, because our vets are not being treated properly. They’re not being treated fairly.”  Donald Troll

  45. If Clinton is a liar  Trump is a mega liar and Clinton’s favorables are up not so with Trump

    but it is still a horse race — I guess that’s what you come up with when you spend your time in horseshit

  46. Pa is going to have a Democratic Senator

    the Trump surrogates are more like bots
    why aren’t they being asked about the destruction of the down ticket races

    Current overused words unpack and baked

  47. Hassen up 3


    who will rescue the gooper senators from the sinking ship?   the RNC  can’t do thathaving been neutered by the Big Orange Troll

  48. Been off the grid for the day – back to work.  Good to see that the political freak show continues.  Not supporting Ryan and McCain?  Just don’t know what to say.

  49. beautiful post jack.  Am sitting outside an arlo guthrrie voncert- always entertaining

  50. Is trump crushing reps too ? I mean besides the math-challenged Spieler of the House & professional politician/insider, lyin’ pol ryan.

  51. I’m sorry you’re cold, Bink. Where are you bunking these days ?

    Love that edit button !

  52. I’m in high school long about somewhat after Mustang Sally came out and they herded us all into the auditorium we ain’t know why, and they showed us a movie…….it was Lyndon… the Oval orifice………

    “whyyyyyyyyyy Viet Nam”

    and he went on to explain why.      But I didn’t buy it cause I’d done talked to a few of my sojer friends home on leave bout what it was…….

    but given the civil rights ack, I gave him a C- for effort.

  53. They had done roped the presidency into their splendid little war. Not me, but so many of my friends……..”Sad,” I would say, trying to be nice.


  54. Theres a page on the Facebook called “The Nam” and all they do is show photos from nam…….see, I got a good imagination, but most of my vet friends didn’t show their photographs and it wasn’t a really cool topic for conversation.

    but this site…..I get to see the actual photos for the first time…..real people…..real children…….at war.

    The photos are all mostly of happier times,  of course, outside the PX or clowning around in a bunker and such…..

    But the starkness of it all gives a chill.

  55. I got this one friend I grew up with, lived across the road…….he’s only been outside of SC once and that was to viet nam……..weird.

    He built a house in his daddy’s front yard and lives there still.

    Our first bass player.

  56. BTW, I didn’t expect anyone to take a break from politics, I might as well expect a drunk with a lifetime supply of booze to go on the wagon, You all are addicted and  this junky will  be back at it tomorrow too. I just wanted to share and thank everybody who chipped in to help buy the school supplies.

    I wish I could have  gotten a  picture of the boy  a minute before as he dug through the back pack showing his mom all that was in it.

    It was fun

    Good night , bed time



  57. Good Night America, how are ya

    Say don’t you know me, I’m your native son

    I’m the train they call The City of New Orleans

    I’ll be gone 500 miles when the day is done.


    Perfect. Nightcap.

    Thanks, Whskyjack.

  58. Good night, Jack. Thanks for the neighborhood & the kids. Thanks for Flacco, too. Sweet dreams.

  59. Sorry, I’m a bit late to the party 🙁

    Jack: Lovely way to start the day, with the faces of smiling children and the efforts of people of good will who support them. Those of us who have spent time in the trenches with children from poor or damaged families know how little attention is paid to these types of activities by the media. Our society, unfortunately, revels in sensationalist, negative stories and the good, happy ones hardly see the light of day. Might be a good time to re-read a lovely little book written by someone who lives what she preaches. It’s called “It Takes A Village (and other lessons children teach us)” I encourage everyone to read it. It’s only $1.99 for a Kindle edition right now:

    Thanks for your work on behalf of the children and sharing the pix.

    I also enjoyed the music videos 🙂

    Jace: love the LBJ clip

    Jamie: Love the cartoons & memes. You go girl!!!!

    and re-Trumbo, terrific movie and well deserved Best Actor nomination for Bryan Cranston. There was also an excellent documentary by the same name several years ago.

    Craig: Not sure ads are “targeted” to white women so much as they are ads from a woman’s POV! Really, this “thing” won’t go away until men stop thinking it should.

    Pat: Fascinating stuff from Buffet!

    Re-Sharia: I think DT reads one out of context line about something/anything and let his brain(?) run wild with ways he can turn it into something he can get people to hate and fear.

    From some of the articles & interviews linked to here, I guess I’m not the only one who thinks DT is mentally ill.

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