California or Bust?

By PatD, a Trail Mix Contributor

“Obviously, if we don’t do well in California, it will make our path much, much harder,” Bernie Sanders said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “No question about it. But I think we have a good chance to winning California, maybe win big, and maybe win four or five of the other states that are off on June 7th.”

Ray Whitley – Instrumental from “California or Bust”

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35 thoughts on “California or Bust?”

  1. boss, that old bass fiddle they argue over in the video is a metaphor…. for hillary, of course, not Bernie (he can be the 2nd fiddle).  she’s maybe a bit worn and squeaky, but still going strong with a good song.

  2. It would be a bitter pill for HRC to lose CA. If she wins new Jersey and she likely will it’s game over.

  3. jace, fivethirtyeight as of yesterday still shows “According to our latest polls-plus forecast, Hillary Clinton has a 96% chance of winning the California primary” with projected results 61.2% to 37.1%

    sure hope her voters aren’t complacent and that there’s a big turnout.  would be sweet.

  4. The Bernie and Hillary show is getting boring, we know the end already. Shut it down bring us something new.



  5. Jack…  for me, the Bernie and Hillary show got really fucking boring more than a month ago.  Sometimes I feel like I’m watching the show “Dinosaurs”  where the baby just loved repeated things and kept saying “AGAIN!”

  6. It was the Libertarian convention weekend

    2 ex Republicans are on the ticket, Gary Johnson former governor of New Mexico and William Weld former governor of Mass,

    There was a major dispute about Weld being a “real Libertarian” by some of the oldtimers but remarkably the Libertarians put aside their craziness for the weekend and nominated an electable slate.

    I can see myself voting for the Libertarian candidate but I can’t see any way I would vote for the Republican one, (Maybe a gun to the head)

    It was not a very large convention and a fantasy/scifi convention occupied the same hotel. no doubt some confusion  as to who could be the craziest, I understand the anti William Weld faction won the ideas contest  but the costume contest went to the scifi folks, libertarians are way too serious.

    So in this crazy election year can the libertarians poll high enough to make the presidential debates? They heed to poll 15%, they are already polling at 10%



  7. The teevee just showed Trump in a rant against the Hispanic-named judge who ruled against him. That tirade fails on its merits, but that’s not why I’m typing this. In the background, just behind Trump, are the flags of each of our military services. Traditionally, as it is absolutely the correct thing to do, the military services have officially insulated themselves from the partisan political process. Likewise, military people are routinely briefed to keep their political campaigning out of the workplace and off their installations, and never in uniform

    Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 limits the role of federal troops in forcing adherence to laws within the United States. The insulation of the military from the political process, IMO, is an outgrowth of that Act. Giving the impression that he has the support of the military services, to the exclusion of other candidates, is totally inappropriate as those of who have served know. He does not do the military, veterans, or the people of these United States a favor by playing electoral politics with our military.

  8. Jack

    I watched their convention until it went off the air in the early evening. Thanks to c-span for their great coverage. I thought the star of the show was the Party chairperson who did a magnificent job of keeping people focused and the process on track. If I were a Republican, I’m with you about how I would vote.

  9. I am really careful about what I add to our waste baskets. Virtually everything I dispose of is recyclable, or can be made that way, with minimal effort. I recycle nearly a full cart every two weeks.

    This morning, though, is our weekly trash collection day. I went through the house consolidating all the non-recyclables from the entire house. The whole mess was dumped in the bag from the kitchen.

    This morning that bag was really light–so light that I decided to weigh it. I think it’s probably a household record– 1-pound, 3.9-ounces. I am disgustingly self satisfied.

  10. bernie still stands at needing to win 67.3% of the remaining 781 pledged delegates to tie Clinton in pledged delegates. (With Nate Silver putting the chances of Hillary winning CA & NJ each at 96% – no projection for Montana – although old polling makes Hillary a prohibitive favorite). Assuming he could pull that off, he then would have to convince 270 of the 541 supers currently committed to Clinton to switch to him and win over half of the 128 uncommitted supers – and this would tie him in delegate math with hillary. How remote a possibility does all that sound?  Math’s a bitch, ain’t it?

  11. Greg Sargent posted an interesting piece about the Clinton-Trump margin at WaPo today.  He looked at an analysis by Chuck Todd and Dante Chinni taking into account the effect of HRC picking up 70% of Sanders voters after she wins (which is reflective of the 28% dead enders).  Now wone thing Sargent warned about is this :

    Now, in my view, we shouldn’t place too much stock in national polling at this point, because it historically has not been predictive. But if we are going to obsess over it, let’s keep this in mind: In two of these polls, once you allow for the possibility that Clinton could win over many of Sanders’s supporters once he concedes and endorses her, Clinton holds sizable national leads, of eight and nine points. Nate Cohn has similarly concluded that, if Clinton can consolidate Sanders supporters behind her, she could gain a “considerable advantage” against Trump.


    Bernie, are you listening?

  12. So we stole away for a 3 day vacation over the weekend and came back to insanely long grass and insanely loud cicadas.  I cut the grass wearing 25 db earmuff type hearing protectors – which dampen down the lawn tractor engine.  I could hear the cicadas over the engine noise with and without the hearing protection.

  13. Pogo

    I hear cicadas year  round, And like you ear protection doesn’t dampen the noise a bit.




  14. I read recently this is going to be a boom year for cicadas, something about they’ve been waiting for this 17 years

  15. PatD, you are such a font of knowledge! Around here, 17-years ago was really noisy–I’ve just seen a few this year and have heard next to nothing.

  16. Jack, poobah’s got it.  These aren’t the normal annual cicadas – we have them and they aren’t a problem.  These Brood V critters hit every 17 years and are around for 4-6 weeks making larvae that hide in the ground for the next 17 years.  Tinnitus horribilis doesn’t begin to do these critters justice.  If I can figure out how to attach a pic I’ll show ya a couple of them and their discarded skins on and around the trees here.

  17. Good grief….  I’m glad those big ugly noisy bugs aren’t around here.

    Pogo…   Warriors vs Cavaliers….   should be a good series!

  18. Renee, yep, it should be a great series. Almost everyone has CLE as the underdog.  I predict that the paint will get a good workout.  CLE lost to GSW by 6 and 34 during the reg season, but they beat the Thunder both times they met during the reg, season. They are a different team now. The Thunder lost to GS all 3 times they met in the reg season. What’s all this mean?  Nothing.  It should be a good series.

  19. national geographic
    Cicada Recipes: Bugs Are Low-Carb, Gluten-Free Food
    Blanched, boiled, or candied, cicadas are a healthy snack, experts say.

    btw, at certain stages, they are on the par with shrimp.

  20. flatus, not much of a knowledge font… just pulling your leg.

    pogo & craig, how do they know which ones are the 17 yr variety and which are at other intervals? seems there’s a different bunch every year. perhaps, they’ve organized themselves into terms like the senate. at least these bugs show up to work.

  21. npr:

    Once A Foe, Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown Endorses Hillary Clinton Ahead Of Primary
    “The stakes couldn’t be higher,” Brown wrote in an open letter posted at his website. “Our country faces an existential threat from climate change and the spread of nuclear weapons. A new cold war is on the horizon. This is no time for Democrats to keep fighting each other. The general election has already begun. Hillary Clinton, with her long experience, especially as Secretary of State, has a firm grasp of the issues and will be prepared to lead our country on day one.”
    While Brown endorsed Clinton, he noted that he was “deeply impressed” with Sanders’ campaign. “He has driven home the message that the top 1 percent has unfairly captured way too much of America’s wealth, leaving the majority of people far behind. In 1992, I attempted a similar campaign.”

  22. Quite a day.  I need to dig out my 101 Cicada Recipes.  WhiskeyJ – I think almost anyone who was in the military hears the blasted things all the time.  I compare my tinnitus to mosquitoes in a swamp, billions of the beasties, so many of them you have to shout to be heard by someone next to you.

    Daily Beast has an article about the Vanity Fair cover of Queen of England.  I finally have been won over to the Queen as a fan (sorry to my ancestors who were around in the 1700’s).

    Trump finallys coughs up the dough for the veterans organizations.  He probably has stop payment on all the checks.

  23. Patd, although it escapes me,  there are people who study these vermin. And you’re probably paying for it.  Enjoy!

  24. Some thoughts…

    Thank you Governor Brown for endorsing Hillary….My first political rally was for President Kennedy in 1960…I was very young…Jerry’s dad, Governor Pat Brown stood with JFK…

    Jamie…I don’t know if I congratulated you for Hillary winning the Washington primary…this should be the death knell for the caucus system…

    Has anyone heard??? Donald Trump is nuts!!!


    Speaking of California, an interesting read on Silicon Valley billionaires and their support of the Democratic party.

    In other words, Silicon Valley believes that the Democratic Party is good for emerging industries. I’ve arguedthat the modern emerging workforce of tech, urbanized professionals, and “gig economy” laborers all represent an entirely new political demographic pushing Democratic politicians to focus more on education, research and entrepreneurship, and less on regulations and the priorities of labor unions.

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