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  1. jace, thank you… yes Shakespeare truly equivalent to beautiful music.

    absolutely fascinating conversation…. can you imagine such a thing on teevee today, that is the few minutes alloted between the commercials for the purple pill and viagra.

    This is en excerpt from the program “Monitor” (recorded in October 1963 at the BBC). Right around this time O’Toole was playing Hamlet at the National Theatre, under the direction of Laurence Olivier. Also in the conversation are Huw Wheldon (the host) and veteran actor Ernest Milton.
    The atmosphere reflect this progamme’s original late-night timeslot. This programme is incomplete and has some audio drop-out

  2. Brush up Your Shakespeare (From ‘Kiss Me Kate’, 1948)
    By Cole Porter

    The girls today in society go for classical poetry
    So to win their hearts one must quote with ease
    Aeschylus ans Euripides
    One must know Homer, and believe me, eau
    Sophocles, also Sappho-ho
    Unless you know Shelley and Keats and Pope
    Dainty Debbies will call you a dope
    But the poet of them all
    Who will start ’em simply ravin’
    Is the poet people call
    The Bard of Stratford on Avon

    Brush up your Shakespeare
    Start quoting him now
    Brush up your Shakespeare
    And the women you will wow

    Just declaim a few lines from Othella
    And they’ll think you’re a hell of a fella
    If your blonde won’t respond when you flatter ‘er
    Tell her what Tony told Cleopatterer
    If she fights when her clothes you are mussing
    What are clothes? Much ado about nussing
    Brush up your Shakespeare
    And they’ll all kow-tow
    [chorus -Brush up your Shakespeare etc]

    With the wife of the British ambassida
    Try a crack out of “Troilus and Cressida”
    If she says she won’t buy it or like it
    Make her tike it, what’s more As You Like It
    If she says your behavior is heinous
    Kick her right in the Coriolanus
    Brush up your Shakespeare
    And they’ll all kow-tow
    [chorus -Brush up your Shakespeare etc]

    If you can’t be a ham and do Hamlet
    They will not give a damn or a damlet
    Just recite an occasional sonnet
    And your lap’ll have honey upon it
    When your baby is pleading for pleasure
    Let her sample you Measure for Measure
    Brush up your Shakespeare
    And they’ll all kow-tow – Forsooth
    And they’ll all kow-tow
    And they’ll all kow-tow
    [chorus -Brush up your Shakespeare etc]

    Better mention “The Merchant of Venice”
    When her sweet pound o’ flesh you would menace
    In her virtue, at first, she defends—well
    Just remind her that “All’s Well Tat Ends Well”
    And if still she won’t give you a bonus
    You know what Venus did to Adonis
    Brush up your Shakespeare
    And they’ll all kow-tow – Thinkist thou?
    And they’ll all kow-tow – Odds bodkins
    And they’ll all kow-tow
    [chorus -Brush up your Shakespeare etc]

    If your girl is a Washington Heights dream
    Treat the kid to “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”
    If she then wants an all-by-herself night
    Let her rest ev’ry ‘leventh or “Twelfth Night”
    If because of your heat she gets huffy
    Simply play on and “Lay on, Macduffy!”
    Brush up your Shakespeare
    And they’ll always kow-tow – Forsooth
    And they’ll always kow-tow – Thinkist thou?
    And they’ll always kow-tow – We trou’
    And they’ll always kow-tow

  3. Patd

    One of my favorite Cole Porter creations that I’ve used often when writing about Shakespeare.  To escape the comment machine, a little patience as the links need to be separately posted:
     When it comes to Shakespeare, I’ve been known to get carried away:  Now and Forever ;Shakespeare and Seasons;

  4. oldseahag,

    A note for yesterday: Congratulations on the adornment to your lovely bumper sticker. Well deserved. (I like it when good things happen to good people.)  ?

  5. jace,

    Timely post. The words of Shakespeare are beautiful …. coming out of the right mouths. Some actors have a knack for interpreting The Bard & some do not. Painful & unintentionally hilarious come to mind. Some AC-tors are just plain pompous. Larry Olivier, I’m looking at you. Peter Sellers did a perfect satire of Sir Larry as Richard III reciting The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night.

    Here’s raising a pint to the actors & actresses who let the spotlight shine on the words of Shakespeare & not on their oversize E-gos. ?

  6. omg, pigs are flying and hell hath frozen over!

    Charles Koch: ‘It’s Possible’ Hillary Could Be Better Than GOP in White House

    Billionaire industrialist Charles Koch said that Bill Clinton was a better president “in some ways” than George W. Bush — and that “it’s possible” that Hillary Clinton might best a Republican in the White House.


    When Karl asked whether “it’s possible that another Clinton could be better than another Republican” — Koch responded, “It’s possible. It’s possible.”

  7. patd,

    If I were Ted Cruz or John Kasich, I’d exit stage left now. Ouch. Koch is giving an uber smack down to the GOP with his comments.

  8. An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders
    by Michael Cohen

    “But here’s the thing – and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but maybe a little tough love is in order — you’re not going to win the Democratic nomination. This isn’t one of these “yeah, it’s a long shot, but maybe if I get lucky and everything goes my way” things. You’re not going to overcome Hillary Clinton’s lead in pledged delegates and you’re certainly not going to convince super delegates to vote for you over her. I mean, think about it: You’re trying to convince them to vote against the person who is almost certainly going to win in pledged delegates.
    And even if you could win that way, would you really want to? In fact, if we’re really being honest here, the way your campaign has gone the past six weeks isn’t the way you want to win — or even the way you want to lose. Remember back in May 2015 when you said you didn’t want this campaign to be about Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders? Remember when you said you weren’t going to engage in character assassination and personal attacks?”

  9. Voters’ ‘Bernie or Bust’ efforts persist despite Sanders’ vow not to be another Ralph Nader

    Kate Linthicomb and Chris Megerian
    “Tensions were just as high in 2008 when Sen. Barack Obama beat Clinton for the nomination, he noted, but Clinton ultimately endorsed Obama and campaigned for him.
    Anne Sabin, an accountant who heard Sanders speak in the Philadelphia suburb of Oaks, says he opened her eyes to the need for campaign finance reform.
    She hopes Sanders “crushes” Clinton and gets the nomination, she said. “But if he doesn’t, I’ll vote for Hillary, holding my nose while I pull the lever.”

  10. sjwny,

    Great comment. Sometimes it is absolute music to the ears, other times it is listen to ‘me’ recite words I’m famous.

  11. Patd,


    Do you think that the Kochs will tighten the purse strings for this election or just spend their millions buying state houses?

  12. Trump Slams Clinton: ‘Only Thing She’s Got Going Is The Women Card’
    As Trump allegedly gets more serious about his campaign, he returns to name calling.

    “Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump attacked his top Democratic rival Hillary Clinton on Friday, calling her “crooked”, and promised his supporters that he would not become overly presidential.
    The comments undercut what his aides had said would be an attempt by the notoriously blunt-speaking Trump to project a more serious image, including by rolling out more policy details in the coming days.
    “I can tell you that if I go too presidential, people are going to be very bored,” the New York real estate baron told Fox News in an interview that will air on Saturday. The network released excerpts on Friday.
    He went on to say that Clinton “is a person who’s got many, many flaws” and that she’s “the worst possible representative a woman can have,” as he shifted his focus away from Republican rivals and toward the Nov. 8 general election.
    “The only thing she’s got going is the women card,” Trump said. “We call her ‘Crooked Hillary’ because she’s a crooked person. She’s always been a crooked person.”
    Clinton said at an event on Friday in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, that she would not respond to Trump’s comments about her.”

    Lol, what did he take a day’s break from name calling.. I don’t think we have to worry about him being overly presidential or being presidential at all..

  13. Ann Coulter Said She Hates The ‘New’ Donald Trump
    By Kristin Salaky

    ” Conservative pundit Ann Coulter expressed her distaste for the “new Donald Trump” on Twitter, following new leadership from his convention manager Paul Manafort.

    Coulter crafted several tweets implying that Manafort has changed Trump’s bombastic style and demeanor, a change that Manafort promised would happen.”

  14. Sea… save one of those bumper stickers for me…   I’ll get it when we come and visit the first week of June.

    What Rick and I awoke to this morning in front of our house…


  15. flatus, here you may conjoin the love of music and the bard

    and the following from will the shake’s play, I dedicate to those who now do dote upon drumpf…. an ass if there ever was one

     76   My Oberon! what visions have I seen!
     77   Methought I was enamour’d of an ass.

     78   There lies your love.

     78                                      How came these things to pass?
     79   O, how mine eyes do loathe his visage now!

  16. abc news:

    A 20-year-old man was in custody after threatening to bomb Saturday’s rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in Waterbury, Connecticut.

    The U.S. Secret Service contacted the Connecticut State Police about 12:45 p.m. after seeing a post on Twitter threatening to “bomb” the Trump rally, authorities said in a statement. According to state police, the Twitter post said, “Is someone going to bomb the Trump rally or am I going to have to?”


    hey kid, drumpf already bombs in his rallies without any help from anybody

    as in “stink bomb”…i.e. a small bomb that emits a strong and unpleasant smell when exploded.

  17. TaD Delusional says Bernie’s role goal is to change the Democratic party –that they can expand the base

    what a load of crap  and the msnbc reporter  couldn’t have cooed more to this pack of lies


    As for the Koch’s I call more bullshit — they are trying to rehab their image.  They aren’t two nice old men they are evil venal men who have used their money to ruin people’s lives and ABC give them a 10 minute hand job

  18. So Trump thinks nicknames are the way to go

    So many possibilities for Trump –

    Stupid Donald springs to mind

    As I listen to Alex Witless on MSNBC I wonder if they understand the damage done by willfully misreporting the news

    Charles Koch said he would not support Hillary Clinton yet their story headline implies he is.


  19. patd,
    As they say, Money knows where money flows.  Yes, the Koch’s know that both Hillary and Bill Clinton can be bought.

    Charles Koch: ‘It’s possible’ Clinton is preferable to a Republican for president
    By Kristen East, POLITICO, April 23, 2016 07:38PM EDT
    Billionaire businessman Charles Koch said Sunday that “it’s possible” another Clinton in the White House could be better than having a Republican president.

    Koch, the CEO of Koch Industries, made the comment to ABC News’ Jonathan Karl during an interview that aired on ABC’s “This Week.”

    Koch, his brother David and their associated groups plan to spend nearly $900 million on the 2016 elections.

    Karl followed up by asking whether Koch could see himself supporting Hillary Clinton.

    Koch hesitated before giving an answer that didn’t rule out the possibility.

    “We would have to believe her actions would have to be quite different than her rhetoric, let me put it that way,” he said.

  20. Koch was on ABC Sunday show and made it clear he was not supporting her and planned to use his money locally where he has been more successful

  21. Also, the Kochs may be evil, but they are not stupid.  They know that however much they might hate policies from a Democratic White House, those are a lot less dangerous than those coming from an irrevocably ignorant one.

  22. PatD – Just reminded me of Queen’s song “Masterstroke,” with the Oberon and Titania snippet.

    That Koch interview was laughable.  He said he is NOT for tax breaks for the wealthy and is FOR opportunities for marginalized citizens?  In what world do the Koch bros stand for either of those things?

    Tony – A protest vote may help one side or the other, but that’s not the point.  The point of a protest vote would be to send a message to both parties, as they are entrenched in the corporatization of our political system.

    It doesn’t matter which warm body is at the helm of the system is corrupt.  That is why you hear folks, not just me, finding themselves unable to back a status quo candidate in either party.   The SCOTUS defense is not reason enough to vote for candidates that aren’t trusted to follow through, as they continue to morph depending on the audience. Bernie is the only one who believes what he stands for; it doesn’t change.  Everyone else does.




  23. I’m  sure the people who supported Henry Wallace all felt the same way

  24. Lord, what fools these mortals be!


    A Midsummer Nights Dream Act 3, scene 2, 110–115

  25. The Koch’s regularly have spouts of Noblesse Oblige, particularly Charles.  Even with their inherited libertarianism and right wing proclivities, they do good works through the various foundations.  Unfortunately, it is pick and choose rather than cohesive actions on the part of all members of the population through taxes not to mention the source of the wealth being earth destroying.


  26. Cut grass, washed cars, set up cool ivy trellis Mrs. P found online.  Watched 2 minutes of Tad D – 2 minutes too many.  Caught a few minutes of Joy Reed.  That was more than enough politics for a beautiful spring sunday.  Now watching nba playoffs, drinking a bit of pinot grigio. Just can’t see spending time forkin up a good afternoon by spending time with politics.   Did catch a great special on the Discovery Channel called Sherpa.  I recommend it and the SNL Prince tribute from last night.

  27. The Kochs don’t do anything unless there is something in it for them

  28. Yes, the “Goodnight Sweet Prince” SNL special was amazing.  Especially pleased they included the impromptu performance at The Plaza Hotel after the SNL 40th anniversary.

    Although Fred Armisen does a great Prince impression, I wish they had just played Prince’s music, instead of the comedy bits at the end. Why play just one song from each of his first, three appearances and the long set during is final appearance.

    Quasi-political news: They are voting to make purple the official color of MN.

  29. At least this entertainer made it to a good old age:

    “Me and Mrs. Jones” singer Billy Paul dies at 81

  30. Sunday Serendipity

    “It doesn’t matter which warm body is at the helm of the system is corrupt.  That is why you hear folks, not just me, finding themselves unable to back a status quo candidate in either party.   The SCOTUS defense is not reason enough to vote for candidates that aren’t trusted to follow through, as they continue to morph depending on the audience.”


    I really disagree and maybe you feel that way because you’re in Texas… The country was not better off with GWB over Al Gore. It does make a difference as Bernie says “Hillary on her worst day would be far better than any Republican”.. Think about women of childbearing years and all the damage they are doing to women’s reproductive rights.. Also ask any gay person if they trust a conservative Republican Supreme Court to safeguard their civil rights including the right to marry.. I implore you to give this a lot of thought between now and November as so much is at stake..

  31. tony,

    Your passion for why you believe in the importance of this election comes from the heart. Why not write a Post for us?

  32. Getting off the grid is an interesting phrase.  Although not completely off the grid, I was tied to the dock and had shore power, I once again had no Wi-Fi and the cell phone towers were not in line of sight, leaving me with only radio and television.  The TV signal was not very good, but you can get used to having a second or five with a blue screen as you drift in and out of the digital path.

    Life on a boat, unless you have a crew, is a lot of work.  The waters, the flora and the fauna where you live, are constantly trying to reclaim your boat.  And occasionally you too.  So you have a consistent life of scrubbing the deck, cleaning, and polishing.  It was a party on the dock once again.

    What did I miss?  I think I saw something about Cruz with more delegates to Trump’s bullying of “I win” even though the game is still in doubt.  With the Dems, the issue is when will the Independent quit.  That he continues says more about him than his message.  His message is the same one that draws raves from those who like the promise of candy and a pony.  But for those looking for a way through the next four or more years he provides little.

    Life is interesting.  I have had the compliment of a campaign asking for my political resume.  Just for grins and chuckles I will send it.

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