Hubble Bubble

By PatD, a Trail Mix Contributor reminds us that the Hubble Space Telescope may be turning 26 years old this weekend, but its vision is still out of this world. Case in point: this jaw-dropping view of the Bubble Nebula to celebrate the iconic space observatory’s birthday.

bubble-nebula-hubble-26th-anniversaryThis spectacular view of the Bubble Nebula was created from four separate images from the Hubble Space Telescope to mark the observatory’s 26th birthday in April 2016. The Bubble Nebula is 10 light-years wide and sculpted by the bright star seen to the left of center.

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  1. geek wire:   The telescope went into space aboard the shuttle Discovery on April 24, 1990, went through a mission-saving series of optical repairs in 1993, had its final servicing mission in 2009, and is continuing to send back jaw-dropping pictures of the universe.

    business insider:   The bubble formed because the solar wind of a nearby star crashes into a massive molecular cloud full of dust and gas at over 62,000 miles per hour, causing it to glow. The bubble itself is about 10 light-years wide, and it’s still growing.

    Since it’s so big, this image of the bubble is actually four photos Hubble took, stitched together.

    The star that’s shooting the solar wind at the bubble isn’t located at the center (you can see it glowing in gold at the top), so astronomers are trying to figure out how the bubble is so perfectly spherical. It’s one of the many mysteries that the telescope is helping scientists solve about the universe.

    NASA also released this awesome video exploring the Bubble Nebula that makes you feel like you’re flying through space with it:

  2. patd,

    May we always remember that we are mere bubbles in a vast universe: to explore, to stand in wonder & awe of greater things.

  3. The Google Doodle today is wonderful with the added benefit of a quiz to name the Shakespeare plays represented.  So I tossed in my two cents worth with a Happy Birthday Blog  Not quite on the level of the lifetime of a nebula, still 400 years isn’t shabby. 

  4. My great space memory will always be our first landing on the moon. We were all so invested in it that before the launch we emptied the cookie jar at our Nellis AFB quarters and went downtown to buy a ‘new’ teevee. We returned with a 21-inch used B&W piece of furniture that cost us probably $50. For the next week we were mesmerized by history unfolding.


  5. I chronicled the moon landing on a Big Chief tablet as it was unfolding on TV.  I used a dining room chair as a table, pulled up next to the davenport.

    I was sure it was important and people needed to read about it.  I wish someone had kept those papers.

    What I really want to know now:  The “lights” on Ceres.  Are they just salt crystals?


  6. Nice post


    Once again in 2008 the youth vote for Obama in the general election was inconsequential.  Clinton does not need the youth vote to win


    People saying that to inflate Sander’s importance need to be called out for being too lazy to check their facts


    As usual the media sucks – can’t be bothered to make sure what people are spouting as any relationship to the facts on the ground

  7. Flatus,

    The moon landing occasioned the purchase of our first color television. I still vividly remember it. The decent, the walk and the most intense moment,  the lift off from the moon’s surface. I’m not sure that even to this day we fully appreciate what an accomplishment it was. God it was exciting!

  8. Progressive states are doing what Hillary is proposing.  Oregon Governor Kate Brown recently signed an innovative bill that has a geographic 3 tiered system raising the wage by 2022 to 14.75 in Portland area, 13.50 in mid-valley, coast, Central Oregon; and 12.50 in rural Eastern Oregon and three rural Southern Oregon.

    Governor Brown and Hillary Clinton know how to make progress and to get things done.  ;

  9. i’m still struck by that 10 light year wide bubble out there… if a light-year equals about 6 trillion miles, that’s a mighty big bouncing baby bubble!

    sooo if a 60 trillion mile wide bubble bursts in space and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?


  10. jamie- could you please give the site again where the 10 million for twitter agitation was listed?  i went back in my tweets and couldn’t find it.  barbara lee is coming to shop today and didn’t know about, of course she needs to see source. i told her i would try.

  11. Solar,

    Your posts in the previous thread intrigued me. How about drafting all the neocons of all ages, genders, and classes. Make them point (wo)men in the Army rifle squads. Throw them into the front lines in Syria and Iraq.

    If they win, we win. But, if they’re annihilated, we win even bigger. Just a snotty thought.


  12. Mr. Stugeone,

    I attended a Don Ho performance in Honolulu in December, ’67. After a few songs, he brought up the bubbles song. “I’m sick to death of those damn bubbles,” he said. People wanted him to sing it anyway.

  13. nytimes:
    One of the perils of journalism is the human brain’s penchant for sorting information into narratives. Even false narratives can take on a life of their own because there is always information arriving that can confirm a narrative.
    Thus once we in the news media had declared Gerald Ford a klutz (he was actually a graceful athlete), there were always new television clips of him stumbling. Similarly, we unfairly turned Jimmy Carter into a hapless joke, and I fear that the “Crooked Hillary” narrative will drag on much more than the facts warrant.
    This is a narrative that goes way back and that this newspaper helped establish: My late friend and Times colleague William Safire in 1996 dubbed Clinton “a congenital liar.” But I think this narrative goes way too far.
    One basic test of a politician’s honesty is whether that person tells the truth when on the campaign trail, and by that standard Clinton does well. PolitiFact, the Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checking site, calculates that of the Clinton statements it has examined, 50 percent are either true or mostly true.
    That compares to 49 percent for Bernie Sanders’s, 9 percent for Trump’s, 22 percent for Ted Cruz’s and 52 percent for John Kasich’s. Here we have a rare metric of integrity among candidates, and it suggests that contrary to popular impressions, Clinton is relatively honest — by politician standards.

  14. More FDR ! Happy Warrior Campaigner ! More Glass-Steagal ! More Progressive Taxes ! More Enlightened Supreme Court Justices !

    More Service in the National Interest !


  15. Solar,
    I know the booklet I’m attaching won’t ease the deserved rage you feel at the undeserved deaths of noncombatants. I have the same feelings when I hear the names Calley and Medina from Vietnam. The booklet is a distillation of tens of thousands of pages of codes, treaties, position papers, directives, etc. I read it this morning then took my nap.

    It may not give you comfort, but for those of us who made targeting decisions or built massive conventional weapons or thermonuclear bombs, this type of guidance helped us sleep at night. That along with having JAGs available to review all targeting decisions.

  16. I should prolly address you as Ms Seahag, ‘cuz Old is prolly a first name. *wink*

  17. x- lol, whatever works for you.

    Jamie- absolutely!

    So Barbara said she liked it, and kept one for herself!


  18. it is pretty incredible that Barbara remembers  me in the midst of everything she does for the campaign. Brought to tears when she gave it to me, she was too.  a most amazing woman.  she told me that has been talking to hillary for many years about working from love, kindness and joy- so the sticker has a real meaning from experience for her.

  19. Dear Senator McConnell,

    I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your deft handling of Judge Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

    Like you, I had feared long tumultuous hearings full of bright lights and political grandstanding. However your ability to convince your senate colleagues that Judge Garlands qualifications were so impeccable that no hearings were required was nothing short of a master stroke. It is a demonstration of what can be achieved when politicians put aside petty differences and work in the best interests of the country. It is a win for the senate, a win for the presidency and most importantly a win for the nation. I thank you and the senate for your timely advice and consent. The people have decided and their representatives have heard their voices. I commend you.

    I look forward to seeing you and your colleagues at Justice Garland’s swearing in ceremony, which will take place on the steps of the Supreme Court within minutes of your receipt of this letter.

    Again my sincerest thanks.

    My very best regards,


    Barack Hussein Obama


    Duly Elected Two Term

    President of The United States.


    Well, a guy can dream can’t he?

  20. OSH

    Because the production on those bumper stickers are so limited it will make them particularly valuable to political collectors.  You need to make sure you have established some way to authenticate that they are the ones you made at the earliest date.  If you haven’t copyrighted the design, one of the easiest ways is to put several into a sealed envelope and mail them to yourself for placement unopened in a secure place.


  21. Ms, Seahag,

    Maybe they would sell here on the trail. Maybe selling them on eBay and Amazon would make more $$$ that chocolate does. 

    Or buy $ lbs chocolates, & get one bumper sticker free. 

    When will you have The Yard Signs available ?

    HRC bobblehead holding the pink sign ? Dashboard Jesus size ? Pink Hilary Cakes for Hilary fund-raiser parties ?

    Better secure the copyright right today.


  22. jamie- good idea.  next batch will be red, white and blue. barb would like some to appeal to the men.

    next chocolate project will be making the heart molds, around 2″ diameter and foil wrap them for fundraisers.  then on to the chocolate bar!

    truly laughing out loud x , thanks for the enthusiasm.  they are for sale on amazon- but given freely to trailmixers!  sales have been slower last 2 weeks, barb says that women supporters have been hiding.  this should improve once we are on to general election.  it is very satisfying to know that hill has one and really liked it too.

  23. All Trailmixers

    I highly recommend the candies of OSH.  My bumper stickers arrived with chocolate covered cranberries.  Unfortunately, I am now addicted to chocolate covered raspberries.



  24. Sea — Barbara Lee of congress? We have the same book agent, lovely woman. BTW have been meaning to ask for best link to your chocolate store, for posting in blogroll

  25. Jamie,

    I hope those raspberries are seedless. Otherwise the seeds get stuck in the needle.

  26. Thanks Craig- sorry for the confusion-  This Barbara Lee is too a marvelous person, who has a foundation to promote women in politics.  She has helped to elect every woman senator and was i believe the top fund raiser for Hillary in 2008. She has a partisan site- and non partisan too!

    is a nonpartisan project of the Center for American Women and Politics and the Barbara Lee Family Foundation to track, analyze, and illuminate gender dynamics in the 2016 presidential election. Presidential Gender Watch 2016 draws upon the research and expertise of both partner organizations, as well as other experts, to further public understanding of how gender influences candidate strategy, voter engagement and expectations, media coverage, and electoral outcomes in the race for the nation’s highest executive office. Our goal is to lend expert analysis to the dialogue around gender throughout the election season.


    The Barbara Lee Family Foundation advances women’s equality and representation in American politics and in the field of contemporary art through nonpartisan political research, strategic partnerships, and grantmaking. Our work in both areas is guided by our core belief that women’s voices strengthen our democracy and enrich our culture.

  28. Jamie- thanks so much for your support

    Craig- not sure where to direct you- my website needs serious updating- was supposed to do this winter…..  but I have some chocolates and the bumper sticker on amazon. I also have an etsy, but no bumper sticker.  I will be adding the future Hillary items to amazon.

    Trump on Hillary- fox news- watters world

    I sure hope the young women start to actually hear the mysogny soon, it is beyond the pale.

    “Hillary is a woman , not liked by women”

    “the worst possible representative a woman can have”

  29. I’m trying to remember a black and white movie……about a murder and trial in a small mountain town…….I had the impression that it was in the Adirondacks but it could have also been upstate Michigan……

  30. The book, Anatomy of a Murder, caused quite a stir when we were young. Our parents’ and grandparents’ generations were scandalized.  The movie brought the scandal to larger audience, causing a second wave of upset. My parents always kept literature in the bathroom to help the constipated family members while away the hours. Anatomy of a Murder kept even the non-constipated family members riveted to the commode.


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