181 thoughts on “Bernie and Hillary: NY Showdown”

  1. I hope that both candidates declare this to be the last ‘debate’ they’ll put up with. I hope they also say that when nominated they may debate the ripper swine once, maybe, but only once, because the country has heard it all before.

  2. I wish it were any other interviewer than Wolf Blitzer … Let’s see if he can keep his opinions out of the way.


  3. Still don’t understand why Hillary is doing this. Why give Bernie the air time?

  4. Once again, Hillary wins the hair debate. Not sure about the Casablanca overcoat, however.

  5. overhead shot, doesn’t appear to be anything in Wolf’s oversized CNN coffee cup

  6. Hillary’s coat looks just fine behind the podium. She really has gotten into the Barbara Bush pearls lately, hasn’t she?

  7. yeah, wtf happened to her stylist?!  Uma, why are you letting this slip by.  Well the bs is flying bs already.  my god, he is now makes me ill.  i’ve heard enough of his fantasies already.  after allowing his surrogates to call her a whore, the clintons racist- he doesn’t deserve to be on the same stage as her or any dem money spent on him.  bloody sell out hypocrite.


  8. Finishing great meal.  Be heading home to watch the debate.   Might make it home in time to catch some of it.  If not. …

  9. Hill turning super pac attack into an attack on Obama, clever but non responsive

  10. Oh and the head of a Super Pac collecting funds for Sanders was just arrested for fraud.  Still researching to find out if Sanders campaign knew it existed since he keeps saying he doesn’t have a Super Pac (well other than the nurses, Karl Rove, and the NRA).

    What Sanders doesn’t say is that a candidate can’t coordinate with a PAC so this sort of thing happens when the organization might be legal or illegal.

  11. Wow.. Bernie doesn’t need Dodd frank…. Guess he will just make it up as he goes along.

  12. Jamie,

    In another century weaver would have been a sideshow barker :

    She fights !

    She bites !!

    She wriggles on her belly like a REPtile !!!

    I can do without his baloney.

  13. HRC: “He cannot come up with any example because there is no example.” [on Senate votes favoring Wall Street] If Bernie can’t do that, what is he talking about?

  14. Give it up Dana, Hillary’s never going to let us know what she said in those megabucks Wall Street speeches

  15. RR

    Is right.  It is a new demand never made before.  Of course, there was the demand for Pres Obama’s college applications and transcripts.  I don’t think we’ve seen  them yet either.


  16. Have to wonder what she said in those speeches that she so staunchly refuses to release. Why not just get rid of that issue?

  17. go on bernie – keep deflecting the conversation, stick with the empty rhteoric , just don’t remind anyone of your  nearly 30  useless years in dc.  where’s the revolution?!   its been 227 years of white men- how dare you presume to be the revolution.

  18. My fear is an October surprise when those speeches get leaked and she faces a Romney 47 percent remark or something like that. Get it out now.

  19. At the time of the speeches, Hillary was a private citizen.  The money went to charity not to her personal bank account.


  20. CajunJoe, I hear you. I don’t understand why Hillary is engaging this man so directly, or why she is here at all. I don’t see the gain for her. Not to mention going out of her way to blow off any chance of rallying his supporters.

  21. if we did a drinking game for everytime he raised his finger and tried to interrrupt hilliary- we would all be pissed!

  22. Listening to Bernie Sanders makes me have sympathy for the NY Daily News editorial board.

  23. Oregon, if you comment is posted without registering, it posts as Anonymous. I opened tonight’s thread for unregistered comments.

  24. This debate is doing neither of them any good. Again, Clinton camp should not have agreed to this. Just providing fodder and clips for the GOP to use against her in the Fall.

  25. Craig, I agree with you – not the bathroom break part – but the questions about engaging Bernie directly, no upside for her being there at all, stuff like that.


    Why is Bernie shouting?



  26. We don’t need more debates.  We already know their answers.  It is time to go after the GOP candidates!

  27. he is a piece of shit.  he voted for that bill. he knows damn well that bill’s intent was to protect innocent citizens from the unprecedented lack of respect for life by criminals emerging during that  time.


  28. Bernie shouts whenever he doesn’t have an answer or talking point he hasn’t memorized.

    Agree that Hillary shouldn’t have done this.  Just taken the heat and refused.

  29. I am deeply concerned about Hillary’s campaign team, don’t think they are serving her well at all, putting her in situations that should be avoided, unnecessarily obsessed with Bernie, too inclined to trade insults with Trump, gradually eroding the presidential stature she came into this with.

  30. There are approximately 4 billion too many people on the planet without real work totally exhausting the resources necessary for life and dumping a flood of garbage and pollutants as well as becoming the principle source of terrorism due to poverty.

    I have an idea, let’s kill them.  …. maybe I better opt for cooperative action and  incrementalism instead and hope it gets solved before we run out of time.


  31. That’s it.  I’m voting for tez crud.

    What a waste of my time, and I haven’t much of that left. This campaign is beginning to grow mold all over me.


    Get to the foghing convention, and get it over with, for craps ache !!!

  32. Hillary throws Obama under the bus for intervention in Libya, amazing. Her primary role advocating it so well documented this is going to haunt her. White Housers must be pissed.

  33. I’m switching to Clinton, despite the fact that her campaign has failed her repeatedly. And, repeatedly.

    She needs to display effectiveness, dignity, confidence in a bright future, openness, and cordiality. These ‘debates’ are just dangerous bullshit.

    Bernie is desperate, and his negativity has killed him.

  34. Jamie, me too, calling it quits. Disappointed in both of them tonight. Like a bad episode of Glee, watching the kids dump slushies each other.

  35. Watched a little bit of the debate, terrible.. I can’t see this changes anything.  Bernie is so angry definitely didn’t help himself.. I also agree, what is Hillary doing there? I’ve heard enough…






  36. I dozed. Miss anything ? Free tuition, take mj off the list of illegal drugs, free health care.   Hmmm, who will this appeal to?

  37. “if i may say huge” repeated again from his speeches and then the kids roar.  don’t get it.  is that supposed to imply that he has a huge dick?

  38. omg, 4 more minutes…  he grew up in brooklyn and left at 18.  his biggest tie to brooklyn is his affected accent. hill and bill chose ny, over  all the places they could afford to live.

  39. I grew up in Bernie’s Brooklyn. Holiday times we’d ask “Is that schmuck (Uncle Bernie) coming this year? Bluster, interruptions, talking over us  & condesecending finger wags. Maybe the America should experience the abuse.

  40. Bernie did well in assessing HRC’s speech to AIPAC 2016.   I know, when a candidate agrees to speak to THE pro-Israel lobby group, the candidate is sure to ladle out pro-Netanyahu praise, and ignore the troubles of the Palestinians.

    Bernie is right;  the USA should never blindly support everything Netanyahu does.  No one cares less about just treatment of Palestinians than Netanyahu.

    I agree with Craig…by now it just seems sure that HRC must have a Romney-esque quote in her high-dollar cozy-up talks to the vultures and weasels of Lower Manhattan.   Let’s see those transcripts.  It’s been weeks since she said she would, “in time”, release them.

    Frankly, the hatred and repulsiveness of Bernie Sanders on this blog surprises me greatly.  Apparently no one here appreciates the Sanders candidacy or any of his points at all.  All I see is he is  some sort of promise maker with no chance to make any of them happen if he were to be elected.

    I cannot forget HRC was just a mouthpiece for Bush43’s war for years.  Bernie voted against that, or those, wars.

    It’s time to vote against the status quo, and Bernie Sanders is the man.

  41. Dexter

    It isn’t hatred, it’s a lack of respect.  Don Quixote tilting at the dragon windmills may be somewhat morally superior in his delusion, but that’s all.  Sanders has spent 25 years at taxpayer expense talking about ideas while accomplishing little.  The ideas are important.  People should hear them.  At some point, someone needs to take the practical actions to get from point A to point B

    Bernie is slaying dragons.  Hillary is fixing the windmill.

  42. Frankly, the hatred and repulsiveness of Bernie Sanders on this blog surprises me greatly.  Apparently no one here appreciates the Sanders candidacy or any of his points at all.  All I see is he is  some sort of promise maker with no chance to make any of them happen if he were to be elected.


    It’s not about hating Sanders. I used to like him and his ideas, now frankly i can’t get past his negative condescension.. The sexist nasty remarks from his campaign manager Weaver and Tad Devine haven’t helped either.. I’m glad he’s run against Hillary as it’s been good for her.. Last nights debate showcased “the new and  unimproved” Bernie Sanders and yes complete with no plan “Hope and Change” to get what he proposes done..

  43. Good morning….loved the comments.  It appears that  Hillary obtained the wardrobe of Hamid Karzai as SOS.   The debate?  I go to hubby’s assessment.  He found Bernie to be cocky…and not really answering any questions.  I look forward to Jane’s handy tax work and the revelation of how a social democrat deals with taxes.  He must pay more than he owes.  To me?  Bernie is not as smart as Hillary.  I know she is not a Rhodes Scholar, but she was smart enough to marry one.  HRC has a really crappy staff, but in spite of them?  She will and should be President.


  44. Dexter,

    Great post, points well made & adds much to the conversation. I’m reading up on how to cast a write-in vote in my state. Wouldn’t be surprised if many others choose this route also. The proverbial “Third Candidate” come Election Day could be born at the end of a black tip marker.

  45. good morning, bw.  after popping in on the debate as bernie who had just finished a lonnng harangue was interrupting hillary in the usual quintessential manly way of butting in loudly, I escaped to a good read in the new Yorker and went to bed early hiding under the covers and despairing for our nation.

  46. As for the youth vote?  I read that Sanders managed to get 14,000 registered young voters in NY state.  If they all go to the polls?  Won’t make much of a difference.  His campaign is not focusing on that, but getting the young crowd to chant for the comic book hero, Sanders.  For me?  HRC hit on all of the points of the whining Bernie.  He was in the pocket of the NRA for past elections…in fact, he uses his foils to pay for his campaigns.  Look at Crossroads running ads for him.  Dishonest?  He is like Trump and wants it both ways.   I thought her response on whether Bernie would share his money with the Dems now that he is raking it in was spot on.  I doubt the youth understood that remark.  They do not understand how important it is to support the entire dem party all the way to the state level.  The youth may be naive, uninformed, but they are loud and filled with hormones.    If Sanders has any control or desire to actually use the youth vote, the dems could really use the votes, not the slurs.  But, I think Bernie loves the money…it is mostly what he talks about!

  47. ny times:

    Directly following his Thursday evening debate with Hillary Clinton, Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders traveled from New York City to Rome on an overnight flight to attend a Vatican-hosted conference on the urgency of building a “moral economy.”

    The Vermont senator was joined by all four of his children and four grandchildren, as well as his wife Jane. A small group of staff, Secret Service detail, and members of the press were also accompanying him for the trip on a chartered plane.

    “moral economy” includes taxpayer paid secret service detail?  nice little supporter paid vacation for the whole fam, hey bern?


  48. Having to unexpectedly view clips of the shouting match, it looks like I predicted, except HRC seems to have found a bit more in her vocal range.  During the shouting matches she came through very well.

    The old guy thing is showing too well in the Bernie.  He looks like he is going to blow a vein if she does not deliver the newspaper on his porch and keep the dog off his lawn.

  49. Patd…I watched the Pope in Juarez in February….I doubt he knows that Sander’s wife met with Arpaio  and voted for the Minutemen Border brigades.  During his Mexican visit, the Pope looked to El Paso and prayed for all of the immigrants whose lives were disrupted by the hands of the imperialist United States.  This one stinks like Kim Davis and is a disconnect to me here on the border.

  50. Oh…that Kim Davis smell!  Rancid humans who should really keep to themselves.

    It appears the Pope, like HRC, has a crappy staff. Vigano?

  51. Dex….  I don’t hate Bernie.  As I’ve said numerous times here, if he becomes the Democratic nominee, I’ll gladly vote for him.  But I do think he hasn’t a clue how the real world works.

    I got sick and tired of the Hillary vs Bernie thing weeks ago.  The only reason I watched last night was because there wasn’t a Boston ballgame on.  I decided to join the live blogging to make it more palpable to watch.  At this point I just want the general election to start.  Well….  except the Republican convention should be a major popcorn event…  🙂

  52. Quite honestly many of the younger voters are more informed on subjects than the usual-suspects lever pullers. Also have noticed a good number of people supporting Senator Sanders in my area are middle aged/senior. This enthusiasm is a gift to democracy & should be encouraged, cultivated. Fuels the engine of Progress.

  53. Dex, my disappointment in Bernie is that he couldn’t get beyond being a protest candidate. It seems like that’s all he knows how to be. But I’m glad he’s there, saying what others won’t (or can’t).

  54. Dexter – I still appreciate Bernie. About the hateful comments toward him here last night, the line between hate and fear is razor thin.  

    The October surprise will be a November surprise, when their is a protest vote against HRC & the DNC.

    As I have said before, if she or a Repug wins in November, it will make no real difference and she will not be rewarded with our votes.

  55. BW

    This is a low level conference partially sponsored by but not connected to The Vatican.  Apparently someone on the Sanders team contacted a stateside prelate to wangle an invite with a page 4 late addition credit on the program. Then the Devine/Weaver machine dropped all sorts of hints that there would be a Papal audience that has since been pooh poohed with emphasis on the Poo.   They may still pull this one off, but Papa Frank’s office not happy.


  56. Mortonie, went back and looked at that Obama interview you referred to, didn’t know he had fessed up to the Libya mistake to that extent. So yes, think I had it backwards. It’s more like he threw her under the bus in a way, because he is saying one of the biggest goofs of his presidency was something she drove, regime change without a follow-up plan.

  57. are indulgences still acknowledged by the vatican?  and are they equivalent to political donors buying access to the higher office?

  58. The Vatican should be focusing on the Zika virus and be there for the Mothers of the world.   Their biggest worry in Brazil?  Too many evangelicals.  How about focusing on the other virus instead!   Hard choices about birth control and abortion need to be discussed by caring humans.

  59. dexter, I do not hate Bernie (tho’ I find him lacking in many ways) and like renee I will vote for him if he is the dem nominee; however, in the meantime I wholeheartedly support Hillary and hope to hell she is the nominee and becomes the president.   she’s qualified, she’s compassionate, she’s trustworthy to do the job better than any of her opponents and in addition it’s about time for the other half of the nation to have a president like them…. the true revolution.

  60. Craig and Mortonie…HRC also mentioned Susan Rice last night during her answer about Obama’s remarks.  Susan Rice wears the Benghazi albatross.  She drew the straw and took the media hit for the massacre.  She owed Clinton as she was relentlessly nagging and whining about HRC during the 2008 election.  Then HRC became SOS, not Rice.  I do believe they are all loyal dems, unlike Sanders.

  61. If Hillary were to unilaterally release ‘the transcripts’ without the blessing of the organizations that paid for the speeches, she would never be trusted to deliver another presentation on a topic chosen by a major firm with competitors in their line of business. My surmise is that the presentations will reveal how many holes there are in the basic, most fundamental knowledge of corporate America in foreign policy as it applies to their particular lines of business. No privileged information involved. Just corporations not wanting other corporations becoming aware of their core weaknesses.

  62. Excellent point, Flatus.  Why can’t her staff figure a great way to state just that!

    I believe the saying is ‘there is a fine line between love and hate’.  I do not hate Bernie Sanders as he reminds me of Larry David whom I like and enjoy.  I just do not love Bernie.   I do not love HRC, either.   I find her smarter and more realistic than Sanders.  I do hate their campaign tactics and I will love a dem getting elected.

    BTW, it has been a beautiful morning glory here~

  63. Here’s the post debate Petri.

    Blitzer: All right. Closing statements?
    Sanders: Listen. I’m here in New York State, which I am going to win. But I did not go to Wall Street. I despise that awful street. I spat in its direction and I sent the birds, who owe me homage, to pelt Wall Street with a great pestilence! Vote for me and we shall see the dawn of revolution!
    Clinton: New York City, if I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere, in this city that doesn’t sleep, where 9/11 first responders live and there is a subway and we have the best pizza and furthermore bagels, uh, the Mets, and Lincoln Center. Please vote for the real New Yorker, the New York candidate from the Empire state, Lady Liberty, as they call me, Secretary Clinton.
    Blitzer: And now I remember why we stopped having these.


  64. Flatus,

    I have wondered why she hasn’t said that she doesn’t control the release of those speeches and cannot release them without the permission of the organizations who paid her to make them if that is the case.  The only indigestion I’ve had with her response is that saying she’ll release hers if everyone else does sounds as if she could release them if she wanted to.   Maybe she can – I frankly don’t know.  I view this issue in a similar light as Bernie not releasing his tax returns – and I can’t imagine that they would have in them anything he would have to explain. Hillary is right on that issue – we have come to expect pres candidates to release their tax returns.

  65. I know Renee wanted Riker, but it doesn’t look like he will get there.  Here are the top 25.  Only 20 will get in, so I will keep you posted on drop outs, jockeys etc.  In the meantime, pick a horse.
    Kentucky Derby Watch | Who’s in and who’s out? 
    1.  Gun Runner
     2.  Nyquist
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     6.  Lani – My children Lani/Chris
     7. Mor Spirit
     8.  Mohaymen
     9.  Danzing Candy
    10.  Destin
    11.  Cupid
    12.  Oscar Nominated – Jamie
    13.  Shagaf
    14Tom’s Ready
    15.  My Man Sam – Harbor Woman
    16.  Majeso
      17.  Trojan Nation
      18.  Mo Tom
      19.  Fellowship
      20.  Adventist
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    23.  Whitmore
    24.  Azar
    25.  Dazzling Gem

  66. underwhelmed by this years horse names, so many are so weird if I were a horse I’d refuse to run. Guess I’ll go with Cupid

  67. I really would like Hillary to release the transcripts, but she does have a point.

    The release of tax returns by politicians seeking a job of public service has been the standard for many years.  The release of a private speech made before a private group for a payment donated to charity is a first time request and only made of one candidate in the race.  Plus unless she had disclosed it via tax returns, no one would know what she had been paid.

    Bernie’s snarky response of he hasn’t given a paid speech is pretty disingenuous since he knows that would be illegal.

  68.  It appears that  Hillary obtained the wardrobe of Hamid Karzai as SOS. – Ms Wino

    You owe me for computer cleaning and wall washing ! I exploded eggs and salsa all over the place.

  69. Craig

    Given that you just had an anniversary, Cupid does seem appropriate.  These are their current rankings based on races already won.  Arkansas Derby is tomorrow & Cupid is one of the Derby prospects running in that one.  Odds to follow in a week or so.


  70. Destin for me. I’ve always liked that part of Florida. And who knows, perhaps a ‘y’ will be added to Destin’s name!

  71. I am deeply disappointed in Sanders’ inability (or refusal?) to discuss the means by which he can achieve the goals of his revolution, and by his failure (so far) to work on and contribute to the down-ticket races.

    We still love him, but there is no hope for his campaign. When he turned negative on Clinton, he slew his chances. People don’t want to overturn their situations and move to grumpiness. Besides, nothing he griped about HRC is new. We’ve seen it all on faux ‘news’ for 25 fauxing years.

    Wellstone, RIP, would have had the nomination in the bag by now, because people turn their faces to the sun, and Wellstone was nothing if not sunny.

  72. Hey Jamie…  then give me Brody’s Cause (it’s close enough to Brady’s Cause for me).

    I too am very disappointed in Sanders for not working or contributing to down ticket Democrats.  To me it shows his contempt for political parties.  That may be ok for a Senator from Vermont…   but running for President as a “revolutionary” candidate it is absolutely absurd, IMO.

  73. I don’t hate Bernie either, imo you have to have some respect for a person to hate them.

    I have no respect for Bernie. and it is simple as to why.

    This man has spent 25 years on capital hill supposedly championing liberal causes yet  he can’t articulate a serious plan on how he believes we should move forward, nothing, nada.

    The left wingers should be embarrassed  that  such an empty suit is their spokesman. Is that all they have?

    Fortunately I don’t have to decide if I am going to hold my nose and vote for Bernie, he is toast.

    HRC, for all her flaws is an obvious superior choice in this election.  Of course give the competition these days that ain’t sayin’ much



  74. If you are young what Bernie says is new but once you reach my age you have heard it repeated so often that you realize that his ideas are older than my parents and nobody wanted them back then either.


  75. rr – Bernie has been getting donations for   progressive,  down-ticket candidates.

  76. Bernie’s raising funds for THREE progressive candidates.  This was reported two days ago.

    Sanders’ move comes after months of scrutiny of his relationship with down-ballot Democrats. While he, like Hillary Clinton, has signed a joint fundraising agreement with the Democratic National Committee, he had not raised money for others, while Clinton raised millions for the DNC and a wide array of state Democratic parties, including $15 million so far in 2016. But given Sanders’ fundraising prowess — he has raised $109 million in 2016 alone — some Democrats have chafed at his lack of effort on behalf of other candidates.

    When pressed on his plans to raise money for other Democrats in late March by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Sanders simply said, “Well, we’ll see.”

  77. And consider that he’s raising money for their PRIMARY races.

    From the Politico article above,

    The trio of candidates — New York’s Zephyr Teachout, Nevada’s Lucy Flores, and Washington state’s Pramila Jayapal — is running in primaries that pit them against more establishment-aligned foes. Each has the backing of liberal groups like Democracy for America, and one of Flores’ opponents, for example, was endorsed by Harry Reid.

    So Bernie’s idea is to raise money so the candidates he favors can beat their Dem primary opponents.  Bernie doesn’t get what raising money for down ticket democrats is about.

  78. ap story re rome roam

    Sanders was accompanied on the trip by his wife, Jane Sanders, and 10 family members, including four grandchildren.


    who paid for all of this… not just plane tickets and other expenses for the 12 family members but for the staff and for the secret service?  was any of it paid by senate travel acct, any from campaign donations, any special interests freebies in kind?

  79. Pogo…  thanks for doing that research on Bernie’s fund raising.

    BlueinD…   if (or should I say IF) Bernie is to obtain his revolution as the winner of the Democratic nominee for President, wouldn’t it behoove him to get as many Democrats (whatever kind) elected to the Senate and Congress as possible….  For him to not realize this, IMO, is stoopid.

    Plus I don’t think anyone here is afraid of Sander’s candidacy…  I think they are afraid of a Republican becoming President though.

  80. I noticed again last night that Senator Sanders again avoided saying he is a Democrat.


    WE DUNNO! Or maybe we do but we are not saying! Or maybe different Wonkettes think different things about the candidates but we all love each other and it’s FINE because both candidates are FINE.

    But we do heartily agree with Hillary when she says that mofos need to get ready to unify behind WHOEVER the nominee is.

    Also we do not need any more Democratic debates, sweet Jesus.


  82. uk’s daily mail:
    A day after Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders claimed he ‘introduced the most comprehensive climate change legislation’ and attacked rival Hillary Clinton for her stance on fossil fuels, he chartered a Delta 767 to fly him to Rome and back for less than 24 hours.
    He stepped off the plane in Rome for the Vatican conference with his wife, ten family members, a group of campaign staff, Secret Service detail and members of the press.
    The total group of what is believed to be below 50, flew in a chartered Delta 767 for their trip, which can seat between 211 and 261 people, depending on the model. It is unclear if Sanders’ aircraft had flatbed seats. 
    Sanders’ wife, who is Catholic and ten of Sanders’ other family members joined him for the 8,870 round-trip flight, including four of his grandchildren.
    The group of campaign staff that flew with Sanders is believed to be small, as is the group of reporters.
    A press officer from the Secret Service told Daily Mail Online that he could not disclose the number of Secret Service members who were with the presidential candidate.   
    A 767 aircraft carries up to 23,980 gallons of fuel, which is ‘enough to fill 1,200 minivans’, according to Boeing. 
    A single round trip flight from New York to Europe can produce two to three tons of carbon dioxide per person, according to the New York Times.
    It is unknown how much it cost Sanders to charter the plane for the one-day trip, but according to a 2012 article from the Wall Street Journal, many sports teams charter similar aircraft and pay as much as $200,000 for one-way domestic flights.

    plus lots of photos of the happy travelers

  83. Every campaign even the biggest losers think there is going to be some kind of miracle and they will win.

    For that reason, one of the most important rules is never borrow money in the last thirty days.

    When you see he size of the Sanders rallies, you can see why he is pulling out all stops.  But there is a price to pay and if he doesn’t succeed, he will have to make a lot of new friends.

  84. since Bernie said the trip wasn’t political the accounting of expenses for it might not show up in campaign reports altho’ there were campaign staff travelling with him and any gratuities showered upon his pure-ness could be considered donations to the cause.

    am sure the receipts will be disclosed at same time he lets us see his 1040 form….   🙂

  85. Great Story:

    The Mystery of the Two Hillarys

    When my 4-year-old son relapsed with leukemia, I had to take leave from covering the State Department to be in the hospital for his long and difficult treatment. Clinton’s aides must have told her why I wasn’t on the plane, and one day a letter arrived, handwritten on a secretary of state notecard embossed with a gold eagle expressing her sadness, wishing my son well in his treatment and saying she was keeping us in her prayers. When my son was well enough, he sent a reply: a letter he dictated to me with a picture he made for her. She immediately wrote back and the two began a pen-pal relationship that culminated in an invitation to visit her at the State Department after his immune system was strong enough to go out in public. Before their meeting, she had clearly done her homework, asking aides about my son’s interests. He wanted to talk about endangered animals and protecting the environment. She delighted him with a packet of material from the department’s oceans and environment bureau, and regaled him with stories about seeing polar bears in the Arctic and her work on a climate change treaty.

  86. Now this one is funny:  I’m With Her I Guess

    That’s not particularly inspiring. Bernie is sitting there telling us that if we clap really hard, Tinkerbell will live. Hillary is like, “That bitch is dead, I shot her. It’s time to grow up.”

  87. Thanks to you who clarified your opinions on Bernie Sanders.  When I was a young man of 18, unable to vote but certain to be thrust into armed service, I pounded the bricks for Gene McCarthy, so I go back a long way with protest candidates.  I never forgot the brickbats fired at me when I knocked on doors  handing out little flyers our local Young Democrats made up, supporting McCarthy’s bid to throw out LBJ.  ( Of course RFK then jumped in and stole Gene’s thunder and party bosses later ran HHH against Nixon).

    To add, I voted for HRC over Obama in the 2008 Ohio Primaries, then Obama in the Fall.  I was still against her pro-war votes (and even more distressing were her frequent speeches in which she just parroted Bush43’s nonsense , WMD and all that crap, those lies), but still I gave her my vote as I wasn’t sure Obama was ready in 2008.  So OK, let it roll…just a few more months.

    Light-hearted report from a friend in Mexico City…Trump pinatas are being paraded and smashed regularly…The Donald is not popular in Mexico…and Ted Cruz is looked at as absolute scum there.

  88. Jamie, it was funny and  made a good point here:

    But I don’t understand liberals who hate Hillary Clinton. She is authentic; she is naturally bad at running for office and that painfully shows through at almost all points. But maybe you would be bad at campaigning too if you had been subjected to over two decades of vicious and often contradictory political attacks.


  89. A campaign spokesperson did confirm that the Rome trip will be paid for out of campaign funds.  So let’s hope the details show up on the FEC filings.  In any case, a $6,000 per hour charter plane that seats 200 in order to cart around less than 50 worshipers on pilgrimage will take a lot of $27 donations.

    If Canterbury is next on the list, I hope we get a tale or two out of it.


  90. I hope Ms Sanders took the time on the plan to do her taxes. I did mine this afternoon–took about 65-minutes. And no matter what she may want to have you, me and the IRS believe, campaign expenses and contributions aren’t deductible.

  91. Why would Bernie help anyone EXCEPT a progressive candidate? The Democratic party, as it exists for the most part, is full of folks who are part of the corporate pay-for-play problem; they have no desire to do anything for the people they are supposed to represent if it jeopardizes their meal ticket.

    There are a lot of very angry people in both parties.  Both party machines had better wake up.

  92. Has Bill lost his mind? What a stupid thing to say:

    “I think it’s fine that all these young students have been so enthusiastic for her opponent and say, ‘It’s all good, just shoot every third person on Wall Street and everything will be fine,'” Clinton told a small afternoon audience in Washington Heights.

    It is sickening to me to watch both of them behave like the junkyard dogs they had every reason to rise above.

  93. Bernie and Hillary: NY Showdown


    In my opinion the reason he should help other Democrats is because he’s supposed to be a loyal Democrat now.. A party is all for one and one for all! Now if Bernie doesn’t see the Democratic Party in a positive light then maybe he should have stayed an Independent and run for the Presidency? Bernie now reminds me of a reality TV star, me me me..

  94. Mo Tom for me.  I figure they were thinking about mo Tom Turkey on the plate……I’m sure that’s it.

  95. It’s New York Craig, Probably works.

    Besides  HRC needs all the distance she can get from the crazies in the Democratic party. One thing she can’t do is pander to them, they will demand more than she can give then stab her in the back.

    Think Dukakis  and Jesse Jackson.

    She is better off trying to woo  Republicans.

    I see where the lefties are trying to relive 1968 in DC this weekend . Maybe they need to read some history.


  96. Dexter,

    You always have great posts. Thank You.


    Noticed the mention of Zephyr Teachout earlier on various posts. I’ve mentioned my support for her before. Both she & Senator Elizabeth Warren are the only politicians I’ve donated to this year. Just as Secretary Clinton inspires many here, Ms Teachout is an inspiration to me. I hope she is elected to Congress because one more good person sent to Washington means one less bad person entrenched in the halls of power. Let the sunshine in.


  97. I think we can all agree Bill Clinton needs to go to candidate spouse school

  98. “Has Bill lost his mind?”

    Mr Crawford, President Clinton’s outbursts make me wonder if he is suffering from some type of brain disease. I mean this seriously. His outbursts seem more than arrogance on his part, it’s like something’s not right.


  99. The Clinton outbursts are because they think they were entitled to a smooth and easy path to the WH this time. It’s not a “brain disease.” It’s spoiled-entitled-person-itis.

    Tony,   HRC isn’t even a real Democrat by historical standards.  The entire party brand has been tarnished by corporate money and she is their spokesperson.

    Nobody is going to sway anyone one way or the other on the trail, but it’s still interesting to read everyone’s posts.

    Have a good weekend.

  100. SJ, not ready to go there but there is something wrong, the Clintons don’t seem to get the picture, neither of them. They are treating Sanders supporters like a foolish rebellion, sacrificing any hope of rallying them in the Fall. I just don’t understand it.

  101. LOL

    Read the article, The Big Dawg wasn’t being a pitbull, he was laughing at them.  And it was in NYC so they got the joke.


  102. Why don’t you just get real and call yourself red? and no, it isn’t all interesting- a few are entirely too predictable.

  103. Thanks President Clinton for helping Hillary have 2.4 million votes more than Senator Sanders.

    Hillary ’16!!!

  104. “Tony,   HRC isn’t even a real Democrat by historical standards.  The entire party brand has been tarnished by corporate money and she is their spokesperson.”


    Interesting times for sure.. I just disagree that the Democratic party is tarnished by corporate money. Tarnished how? This is our system of politics.. Bernie is the exception but in the general if he is the nominee he will take big money like Obama or lose.. Idealism never wins anything.. Elect Democrats in both houses of Congress and Elect a Democrat for President.. Then appoint Supreme Court justices that will aid us in overturning Citizens United etc.. I have faith that when faced with Trump or Hillary most all of Bernie’s supporters will support Hillary.. Same as 2008, the Puma’s, please…

  105. Rosie O’Donnell: Trump is like Voldemort

    By Evelyn Rupert
    “Trump and O’Donnell have exchanged harsh words in the past, and when Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly asked Trump about calling women “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, disgusting animals,” Trump interrupted her with: “Only Rosie O’Donnell.”
    In the Friday interview, O’Donnell said she was “stunned” to be used “as a punch line with impunity” and praised Kelly for asking the question.
    “The only person who had the guts to stand up to him about it was Megyn Kelly,” O’Donnell said. “Megyn Kelly was a superhero, fighter for the truth when she said that, and he revealed who he was with his answer.”
    O’Donnell compared Trump to a Mafioso and called him an “uneducated bully, serial liar and a misogynist.”
    “He is the worst representation of what the United States is or could be. He is everything we should reject as a nation,” O’Donnell said. “He’s like a bully for the mafia. Like he thinks that he can shut you up, like he’s Tony Soprano.”
    O’Donnell also criticized Trump’s GOP rival Ted Cruz.
    “He’s not worth my time to pay attention to,” she said. “He seems even, if possible, more dangerous than Donald Trump because he’s an actual politician. He’s dangerous, as well.”
    O’Donnell said she supports Hillary Clinton and sees Democratic rival Bernie Sanders as too idealistic.”
    Love Rosie, good to hear her voice again!

  106. Bill Clinton: Sanders fans would ‘shoot every third person on Wall Street’

    By Mark Hensch
    “Former President Bill Clinton on Friday joked that Bernie Sander’s supporters would open fire on Wall Street.
    “One of the few things I really haven’t enjoyed about this primary: I think it’s fine that all these young students have been so enthusiastic about [Hillary Clinton‘s] opponent and [Sanders] sounds so good: ‘Just shoot every third person on Wall Street and everything will be fine,’” Clinton said in Fort Washington, N.Y., according to CNN.

    “The inequality problem is rooted in the shareholder-first mentality and the absence of training for the jobs of tomorrow,” Clinton added.
    Clinton said after the event on Friday said that the quip illustrates Sanders’s focus on blaming the financial industry for America’s woes.
    “It’s a joke,” he told MSNBC. “It’s a total joke. It’s meant to point out that’s the unilateral explanation for everything that’s wrong with America. You know, we all need to lighten up here, have a little sense of humor.”

  107. For today’s really icky fact you wish you never knew: Sheldon Silver, of Albany’s Three Men in a Room fame, had affairs with a Lobbyist or two. This happening to a Politician = a zero on the Richter Scale, but this is Sheldon Frickin’ Silver. Ewwwwwwwww. Not nice to kick a guy when he’s down …. however this guy was a carbuncle on NYS politics forever. Good riddance, throw away the key.


  108. lol

    Like talking corn in Iowa,  Craig.

    It is what has Bernie tied up in knots for the last week, no wonder he fled to Rome for the duration.


  109. Still think a good question for upcoming debates would be to ask the Candidates to name their Representatives: Congress, Senate, State Rep, State Senator. Who’s your Mayor? What’s the name of your School Superintendent? Sort of a political fundamentals literacy test.



  110. Geez so the context is Bill was saying the financial industry unfairly blamed? Even worse.

  111. Bernie and Hillary: NY Showdown


    I have invested in the market, Wall Street since i’ve been 18 years old and i believe it’s a good tool in one’s financial sandbox. Of course during the end of the Bush term they used and abused but unlike Bernie i don’t believe them to be the cause of  most of America’s problems.. It’s too simplistic, a boogey man if you will.. Do they need safeguards put in place (Dodd Frank) yes, thank you President Obama .. I believe President Clinton’s joke was making the point that Wall Street is not solely to blame. Should he have expressed that differently, maybe but Bill is Bill..

  112. Bill says we should have a sense of humor about Wall Street greed destroying our middle class? Sure, what a knee slapper. Really rich, coming from the guy who signed repeal of Glass-Steagall unleashing the dogs in the first place.

  113. This whole campaign season is going to make one heckuva HBO/Showtime series next year. OK Trail Mix, Name your Cast!

  114. No craig just that the left is clueless as Bernie has proven the last few weeks as he stumbled around nyc.

    Bernie kinda reminded me of Dukakis telling Iowa farmers that growing Belgian endive was a solution to their problems.

    The financial services industry is so much a part of NYC that when you walk in you had better know what you are talking about cause even the most lowly dishwasher can tell when you are BSing


  115. Dan Merica ‏@danmericaCNN  1h1 hour ago

    Protester: Hillary Clinton has “cheated in every primary, in every caucus. She is a cheat, a fraud.”
    User Actions

    Dan Merica
    Protesters shut down a road near Clinton’s SF funder. “Hey hey, ho ho, Hillary Clinton has got to go,” they chant.

    Hillary and Bill must have offended this supporter (with a blow horn) :0(

  116. Jack, if Bill is trying to lead us down some sort of perverse path to believing Wall Streeters are victims of unfair attacks, count me out.

  117. whskyjack,

    The Left isn’t clueless. Neither are the Moderates or the Right. People are just sick & tired of politics as usual. I see Senator Sanders & Mr Trump as protest votes, as an FU to the Party hacks, Corporate Candidates, Usual Suspects haunting our ballots. You can’t keep voting for the same old same old & expect anything to improve or progress. Nothing ever changes unless we change. The blame begins & ends with the person in the mirror. As do the solutions.

  118. Bernie and Hillary: NY Showdown

    I see myself fine in the mirror and i’m voting for Hillary.. Have at your protest votes.. Hopefully those votes get the Supreme Court this country needs..I think i heard some of the same stuff back in 2008 with “Hope and Change” and how did that work out? Not much hope or change but at least Obama steadied the ship.. The left and the crazy wack a doodle right can cry all they want the system is what it is till its not.. A realist, you bet..

  119. Clinton Is Winning The States That Look Like The Democratic Party
    By Nate Silver
    ““Secretary Clinton cleaned our clock in the Deep South, no question about it,” Bernie Sanders said during Thursday night’s Democratic debate in Brooklyn. “That is the most conservative part of this great country,” he continued. “But you know what, we’re out of the Deep South now. And we’re moving up.”
    I have a few problems with this line of argument, which seems to imply that Democratic voters in the Deep South don’t reflect the larger Democratic electorate. (The remarks Thursday night echo previous comments made by Sanders and his campaign .) Consider Sanders’s reference to the term “Deep South,” which traditionally describes Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina: These are five of the only six states, along with Maryland, where at least a quarter of the population is black Given the United States’ history of disenfranchising black voters — not to mention the importance of black voters to Democrats in November — it’s dicey for Sanders to diminish Clinton’s wins there.”

  120. Bernie and Hillary: NY Showdown

    Well I was talking about Bernie and crew but given what is going on in  DC this weekend??????

    BTW, the left rebellion is just lefties as usual and have no connection to the dissatisfied Republicans.

    it happened in 68,72,  80 , 88 2000 and now in 2016. Just business as usual for the Democratic  left. And they always come out the loser when they do this. You would think they would learn,

    so got to disagree



    While we are on the subject, an interesting read.

    On the campaign trail, and in the Democratic debate Thursday, the conversation has often returned to an assumption that very little has changed in the nation’s banking system since the 2008 financial crisis. But Citigroup’s financial results were one of many reminders this week of just how much success the government has already had in pushing banks to become simpler and safer, if not always smaller.
    Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase, in their own earnings announcements this week, emphasized how much more of a financial cushion they had built up to protect themselves in a crisis, and how many risky businesses they had jettisoned.
    The bank presentations this week also indicated that even if Senator Bernie Sanders, Democrat of Vermont, does not win the White House — and is thwarted in his wish to break up the big banks — the companies will still face intense pressure from their regulators and their shareholders to shed more employees and business lines.
    On Thursday, Bank of America talked about the likelihood of further reductions, while Goldman Sachs is said to be embarking on its biggest cost-cutting campaign in years.
    All of these moves are a testament to the power of the tools that the regulators have already used, and appear intent to continue using, to change the profile of the biggest American banks.

  122. Just curious if I’m the only non-affiliated voter around these parts.  It will be interesting to see next year how many voters (nationally) stay with a Party affiliation & if the Party hierarchies are smart enough to respect these voters. Ball’s in their court.

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