What Bernie Needs Tonight

Two things happened in the debate before the recent Michigan primary that Bernie Sanders surprisingly won: His attacks on Hillary Clinton’s trade record worked and her specious attacks on his auto bailout voting record did not work. Ergo, he needs to do more of the same and she needs to do something different. Join our chat thread now for tonight’s debate (CNN 9pm ET) in Florida, where Clinton is far ahead, but he will be aiming at Ohio, where he has the best chance at replicating his Michigan success. (And don’t forget Illinois & Missouri, also voting March 15.)

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34 thoughts on “What Bernie Needs Tonight”

  1. Okay, I wanna see a clean fight. No gouging, kicking, butting, or low blows.

    Now, shake hands and come out yakking.

  2. Okay, boss. I’ll allow ear biting, horseshoes in the gloves, and ben gay on the gloves.

  3. HRC: “You don’t make America great by getting rid of everything that made America great,”

    Good one

  4. She seems more fixated on Bernie, smacking his voting record at every turn. Clearly they dont think they’ve yet put him down

  5. Oh, the “HisPandering” thing happened a long time ago. She put out an ad about being like your abuela.   I mean, she and her team are really ham-handed when they pander to different groups.  So obvious.

  6. Nothing like senators debating the bizzare internal logic of their votes to make America’s eyes glaze over

  7. Like the saying goes, don’t debate with an idiot because folks won’t be able to tell the difference.

    If they didn’t tack so much garbage onto bills, they could have a clean vote that they wouldn’t have to explain.  Another systemic problem.

  8. HRC: “We have done a good job securing the border.”

    GOP ad makers already uploading that clip.

  9. Yep. We had a drug cartel hit at an upscale shopping area here last year.  It is not just folks coming over for jobs.   El Chappo got into California twice to see his daughter while he was on the lam.

    People walk across in droves on TX.  They have moved “minors” (most looked to be at least 17 or 18, and, there were some adults with little kids but all were catagorized as minors) into long-term housing until they can find out if they have a relative in the states who can take them in, or, at least find out what country they are from in order to send them home.  All of that was playing out on local TV here, while the Syrian refugee crises was coming to a head on the national news.

    The GOP has an easy job of this one.

  10. It just makes me crazy when the candidates are truly debating one another, and the moderators try to stop them so they can ask their scripted questions. Good for Bernie and Hillary ignoring them.

  11. Bernie smart to shift Benghazi discussion to Hillary’s disastrous advocacy of intervention in Libya but couldn’t finish before the Viking Cruise commercial.

  12. Always wanted to take a Viking river cruise.  It seems like an odd ad for a Dem debate, though.

  13. Sanders makes an interesting point. Years ago a high school degree was enough for a job and career, and that education is free. These days a college degree is needed for a decent working life, so why shouldn’t it be free?

  14. Bernie to Hillary: “You may not think the American people are ready to stand up to drug companies and insurance companies, but I think they are.”

  15. We really need to fix our schools, too.  Kids are graduating from HS with few, if any, transferable skills.

    I believe that 16-year olds in Western Europe and Scandanian countries are far ahead of HS graduates here.

  16. Hillary jab at Bernie for criticizing Obama more than Bush handed him a huge opening to talk about his opposition to the Iraq invasion and bring up her support for it. Who on her staff gave her that dumb idea?

  17. Bernie, any day you are praising Cuba is a bad day for you in a Florida primary. Hillary went in for the kill on that one, won that moment.

  18. No game changer here. They have become like painfully repetitive divorcees arguing over custody of the family dog.

  19. Well, I didn’t watch the debate. I know who I’m going to vote for and while it would have been interesting I guess, it wasn’t going to change my mind so I watched stupid shows on TV instead – like news reports of the West Virginia legislature drinking raw milk and getting sick. I’m guessing they were going to consider a bill to end the requirement that milk be pasteurized. It’ll probably pass anyway.

  20. denver post on debate:

    Fighting for Florida and beyond, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders tangled in an intense debate Wednesday night over who’s the true friend of American Latino, trading accusations over guest-worker programs “akin to slavery” and the embracing of “vigilantes” against immigrants.

  21. about the debate from the economist:
    IF ANY moderate Republicans appalled by Donald Trump tuned in to the Democratic presidential debate held in Miami on March 9th, what they heard cannot have made it easier for them to consider lending their vote—for one election at least—to Hillary Clinton. From the start Mrs Clinton was under pressure to tack to the left and woo her party’s core supporters in this, her last scheduled TV debate with her populist rival, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. On some big questions, and especially on immigration, she gave in to that pressure and staked out radical positions which she can expect to see played in Republican attack ads again and again, once the general election is under way.
    Some of the pressure on Mrs Clinton was exerted by recent events. Just 24 hours earlier she had suffered a surprise defeat in Michigan’s presidential primary election, with Mr Sanders notably buoyed by support from voters who told exit polls that they think free trade costs America jobs. Though the former first lady, senator and secretary of state is still on course to be her party’s nominee, her underwhelming performance in a big, Midwestern rustbelt state underlines her weakness among the trade-union members and working-class white voters who have been drifting away from the Democrats for years.
    Some of the pressure came from the debate’s main host, Univision. A Spanish-language television network which regularly pulls in more viewers than some of the main American networks, Univision is unashamed to call itself a guide and an advocate for its Hispanic audience. Its star anchor, Jorge Ramos, takes pride in the idea that no politician can win the White House today without Latino voters—and openly seeks to extract a price for that support. Mr Ramos has called President Barack Obama a “deporter-in-chief” because of his government’s expulsion of millions of undocumented immigrants and illegal border-crossers.

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