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  1. Color me surprised. Is that $250,000 tax free, too?    Is this the same thing the ex-half gov did (buying work clothes) when she ran with McCain that caused everyone here to have a cow?

    WAPO is propping up Clinton by running derogatory stories (or stories with misleading headlines) about Bernie.

  2. It depends on where those Rubio and Kasich votes go, or, if their supporters find Trump and Cruz both to be so awful that they can not support either one.    I hope they have the sense to vote against Cruz, for whomever they cast their ballots.

  3. Craig,

    That was an embarrassment, Not for HRC but for you and the author of the post. lol

    Somebody doesn’t know how to read a report.

    But when ya just gotta believe…….

    any old dog will do.


  4. The Trump voters don’t seem to care how much of an ass he is, they’re going to vote for him anyway.

    The republican party is in very deep trouble if they are looking to Cruz to be their savior. Should he prove to be that savior the price for republican fealty will be very steep indeed. I really don’t think they want to go there.

  5. So Bernie is proud he didn’t vote for TARP, I guess he would have rather plunged this nation into a real depression.

    Maybe everybody has forgotten what happened in 2008 and just how close it came. The financial system had frozen up. We had  one day when “safe” money market funds dropped below 1. (that means they did not have the ability to pay off the money recorded on their books)  A full fledged panic was about to happen.

    A number of people on both sides of the isle put aside their political ideological baggage and worked to save this nation. (It was one of the few responsible things GWB did during his 8 years. ) But not Bernie he vote his principles, his country be damned.

    What a despicable piece of trash. He not only doesn’t deserve to be President He shouldn’t even be in the Senate.
    In reality Bernie is no different than Ted Cruz.

    Rant over



  6. So which page would we find that $250k on under which category? I’m admittedly thick when it comes to numbers.   Just ask Mrs P.  She’ll confirm that in spades.

  7. So, once again Hillary does something legal but not really ethical.  Something folks scream about if someone else does it. But you can’t make a peep about it because she’s Hands-Off-Hillary. She’s HRC, Her Royal Clinton.

    And what’s this, Hillary set up Clinton Executive Services which oversaw her email server while she was SOS?

    The rich have their own rules.  Rules put in place by the financial engineers who own Congress.  Of course, they apply to anyone who can get themselves the cash and legal tax advice.


  8. Let me get this straight. the Koch brothers and others of their ilk are spending millions to buy this election, and we’re talking about 250 k? Two wrongs, if there are indeed two wrongs don’t make a right. But seriously can we not at least be outraged  in proportion to the malfeasance?

  9. The best thing on the Republican side would be for Kasich to pull the rug out from under everyone else, because Cruz won’t get the nom if they have to fight it out the convention.  They may just push Ryan if they come to grips with what what dud they have in Rubio. Nikki Hayley will be veep nom, no doubt…but it looks like it’s Trump’s night, so far.

  10. Rube has to be worried.   He & Carson are swapping last place in MS…at 1 & 2 percent.  It’s gotta be hard to be effectively tied with a narcoleptic candidate who is no longer in the race. Time to pack it marco. Last and below last in 2 states. Sayonara.

  11. True.  The problem with corporate influence in politics is systemic.  Still, that $25ok is just one example, and, it’s indicative of her character.

  12. Come on Craig … Prevarications? I’m about to rename you Brian except he’s voting for Hillary.

    The article itself says “In Kind”.  You know things like hairdresser, makeup blah blah blah.  I didn’t even need to clip a fingernail for all the possibilities that a woman on the campaign trail might require that would have to be reported.


  13. Page 1551 of HRC report is an example of several payments to her from campaign funds labeled “payroll and benefits” (not in-kind or hairdresser expenses): $74,042 on April 13, 2015. Perhaps mislabeled, but needs to be explained.

  14. Trump has a red carpet for VIP guests to take pictures with the Asshole In Chief prior to the News Conference with Trump Steaks, Trump Water, Trump Wine

    Can you say Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    Just for clarification:  Not all NPDs are Sociopaths but all Sociopath are NPDs

    Next up for the category:  The God Addicted (or pretending to be) Ted Cruz

    One might worry about a nation who actually consider either of the above to sit behind the Resolute Desk


  15. Craig

    Why does it need to be “Explained”.  Are you going to go over all the other campaign reports with a fine tooth comb to make sure no sins  of which you don’t approve have been committed by all the other candidates.  You are being remarkably biased on anything to do with the Clintons before more bashing takes place.  I may have to take a vacation.


  16. “Those are in-kind donations from Hillary Clinton, not payments to her. Sorry for the slow response,” said campaign spokesman Josh Schwerin.
    The campaign said the FEC requires in-kind contributions to be posted under expenditures and contributions even though no money is being disbursed from the campaign.

  17. They were labeled in the report as “payroll and benefits” directly to Hillary. Press releases after the fact calling it something else are irrelevant and legally insignificant unless they amend the report.

  18. Nice to see Kasich beat Cruz for second in Michigan. Big night for Trump, wins MI and Mississippi.

  19. Looks like Hillary’s specious claim that Bernie voted against the auto bailout didnt take with Michigan voters.



    this is a new low, $75000  not even the whole salary for one staff member.

    Given the way campaign reporting is  if Clinton had had one of her personal paid staff do something that was later determined to be campaign related the cost of that would have had to be transferred to the campaign and Clinton would have been personally compensated at which point she could have then  donated it back. All a bookkeeping process.  Which was basically what the campaign pointed out. Given all those different things that happen and the chicken feed level of the amount,


    get real



  21. 75k on one day, whsky, many other payments reported directly to her in “payroll and benefits.” That same day btw, April 13 2015, another $29, 165 was paid to “Hillary Rodham Strategic Consulting” whatever that is. Assumptions that this was something other than what the report says are fine, but they are only assumptions unless the report is amended.

  22. Jamie,

    The campaign said the FEC requires in-kind contributions to be posted under expenditures and contributions even though no money is being disbursed from the campaign.

    Missed this, exactly just as I said above. Of course using the Daily Caller as a source is always dangerous.



  23. Craig I’m sure there are a l0t of things like that.

    There is in every endeavor from big corporate businesses to my tiny nonprofit. About half the world operates on someone else’s credit card.  Which reminds me I need to remind Mrs. Jack to turn in her expense report our card picked up the $3000 costs for the hotel meeting space  for the latest project she has been working on..


  24. RFLMAO.  The Rube is holding a press conference or town hall or something like that tomorrow night with Chuck Todd moderating. I bet we could submit some pretty good first questions for little Marco.

  25. In-kind is reported as contributions, period, not a campaign expenditure. What the clinton campaign is saying about this makes no sense. Either they paid her these monies to her or they didnt. If not, their report should be amended.

  26. i find it hard to believe that the  hour long diatribe of dribble actually happened, without interruption from the networks.  smhwtfa


  27. Jack, the simple fact is the FEC report shows Hillary put herself on the payroll, don’t need Daily Caller to see that. Spokespeople smoke screens cant change that unless the report is amended.

  28. But automatic assumption of criminality belongs on FAux Spews.  I’m out of here.


  29. What ever you want to believe Craig.

    They are not going to list her as on the pay roll. I’m reasonably certain that is illegal and their accountant is not that stupid.

    Their explanation fit the facts and is very plausible


  30. 1. Clinton doesn’t make out her own reports. She has a management team to do this work.

    2. There should be an asterisk with a short explanation of the expenditure. If it isn’t payroll, but rather payments to outside support, the report should make that clear. The campaign knows full well that the Candidate is painted by the republicans as an avaricious sneak and liar. Therefore, every document and statement her campaign makes must be absolutely perfect, to avoid this kind of hassle.

    3. Someone has screwed up, and I doubt that it was Clinton herself. Therefore, someone on the staff should do the honorable thing – the public admission. That may seem a hard, even merciless, opinion, but when the candidate is bitten like this, everyone who supports her bleeds.


  31. Xrepub, excellent analysis. Sums up all I am trying to say. Clinton campaign has apparently created a mess here and had better get it cleaned up right away, and not with hasty press release spin that might make matters worse for them. If she really has been collecting a personal paycheck from her much hyped small donors, or if foes can make it appear as such, there will be hell to pay.

  32. Xrep, there is no place in the line item for any of that. Just looked at the report. not a lot of room for detail.

    One interesting thing all other individuals the line just says “payroll” as you would expect the line item for benefits would be to an insurance company/government.

    Hers say “payroll and benefits” as if it was compensation for campaign expenses she incurred for an employee.

    Just another case of holding HRC to a different standard, and making up stuff when you don’t understand it.

    In other words situation normal.


  33. Nice try Jack, but if they were reimbursing her for payments to unidentified third parties it just gets worse for them. Nothing short of a full of accounting for these payments and who got them is going to make this go away.

  34. No craig, it doesn’t. It is the way the form works and reporting rules work.  I’m reasonable certain they didn’t buy a computer from paypal either.



    It is times like this I realize how much the “doesn’t play well with others” has cost me in life.
    Break time, see ya later

  35. Ok Jack, let’s let time tell, but I think this is a time bomb if team Clinton doesn’t get on top it with more than emailed diversions.




  36. Bernie’s problem is quite simple. When you are 30 points down, trading baskets avails you nothing.

  37. As if Hillary, after decades of dealing with double standards, smears, outright assaults  is going to take money inappropriately from her campaign.   That she is accused of such is to be expected from some sources, pathetic from others. Stop being haters.

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