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  1. Oh yeah….  well it’s even better looking out the window and waving to the plow guy while drinking our coffee now that we have a garage and don’t have to move the cars.

    Oh wait…    we didn’t get so much as a flake…      never mind….


    good choice, Craig…   🙂

  2. Thinking about what tomato seeds I’ll be starting indoors a couple months from now. A favorite is Tappy’s Heritage. Sunshine, bees, fresh vegetables 🙂

  3. FYI: I have restored contributor status for those who wrote main page posts in the past, will be sending an email reminding you how to do that.

  4. a certain james webb making the news today, but not fearless leader’s fearless leader:

    This week, NASA is set to reach a milestone on one of its most ambitious projects. If all goes to plan, workers will finish assembling the huge mirror of the James Webb Space Telescope — an $8 billion successor to the famous Hubble telescope. [….]

    The Webb telescope will be one of the most expensive things NASA has ever built. Its segmented mirror is so big that, once it’s in space, it will have to unfold like an elaborate piece of origami. And to make observations, it will need to be a million miles from Earth, so far that no astronauts could fix it if it breaks.                  

    But the Webb will be able to do things no other telescope can. It is designed to capture light from the first stars and galaxies, which has been traveling billions of years across the universe to reach our solar system. It will probe the atmospheres of potentially habitable planets outside the solar system.

  5. Apologies to those, especially Tony, I offended regarding Hillary. I have been in a dark place lately. Hence today’s headline, Digging Out.

  6. Craig…

    losing a parent is very hard.  But I promise you that one day you will be able to think of her and the memories will bring a smile to your face instead of a stab to your heart.  It just takes time.

  7. Craig, thanks for sharing.  The grief spiral is always with me…I just move in and out of it during certain periods of my life.  When my Mom passed away and I talked with several humans about it, I found many men were taken to tears when they talked about their Mom’s passing.  It is such a difficult feeling.  Be glad you know where your Mom was when she passed, how she lived, etc.  There are so many humans who never know about their Mom and they cannot take solace in a long life and life well-lived.  Besides, I am sure Toby would always say that YOU are the best thing she and your Dad ‘made.’   I am so glad she had a long life.



  8. Craig,

    We have all been in that dark place. Digging out is seldom easy or quick.

    Take care of yourself.

  9. SJ, Blonde, Jace, so glad to see you and so many others here. It’ll be fun rebuilding together. Feels like an old fashioned barn raising.

  10. Mr. Crawford, I am the neighborhood cat who comes, goes … and returns because this is a welcoming place. We might lose our tempers but never our humanity. All Trails lead home 🙂

  11. We had such a nice day together before she fell asleep for the last time. Took this picture right after trimming her hair, just two or three hours before she was gone.

  12. The Cavendish banana is going extinct along with several tasty fish…the elephants, the lions, the tigers and polar bears are dying off fast, too   The animals and foods of my childhood…going, going…gone.  Now my grief spiral is showing!!

  13. Now you have me crying, Craig.  What a beautiful photo and memory.  She has such great cheek bones!

  14. And once again, the Hawk spirit messenger who perched at our porch door waiting to carry her away

  15. No digging out in Knobite Corner. Sunny and mid-50s.

    Incidentally, the pic was taken on Christmas Day. BIG flood

  16. Digging out. I came confused….just saw about your Mom.

    My friend, it’s been just three years for me. I’m finally smiling more than crying. Especially when my heart aches because I can’t call for comfort anymore.

    I’m so sorry you’re in pain Craig, but in time you’ll get where I am.

    Its COLD down here in Florida and yes, Y’ALL, I’m a flordia Whimp!!


  17. Going on four since Mom left us. The ache is still there, but doesn’t go all the way to the bone anymore. It takes time.

  18. Oh wow, have i had a lot of good reading to catch up on! I enjoyed all opinions on the election but I’m a Hillary fan  gay boy :0)


    Thanks no apologies necessary.. I’m sorry for your loss.. I’ve been there with my Mom and seeing Toby with oxygen reminds me of my Mom’s last days. 61 she was when she passed and i was angry at the world.. My Dad 62 and my and only sister at 40.. As Renee said it will get better..    Oh your snow, now that’s a reminder of my Michigan days.. Lol, you know Florida, mild so far but yesterday 50 and today 65 with 70’s coming..

    BW you’re a delight, glad your back… Kathleen and Sjwyn glad to see you as well..

    Thanks for all the shouts out..

  19. Thanks Buddy. I’ve missed you too much!  Glad to be hanging out around the cow pokes campfire. Lol

  20. Previous Obama on Hillary, 2008, and Bernie — Sanders Campaign Fires Back By Taylor Marsh

    LISTENING TO OR READING the exclusive interview by Glenn Thrush for Politico with President Obama I couldn’t help feeling gratified that what he said broadly confirmed the details of what I wrote in my book The Hillary Effect about the 2008 campaign. That it came from President Obama is something I never expected.

    At the time the book was published, let’s just say no one wanted to go through a recounting of the sexism, the media bias, and what the Obama campaign did to win. Naming names, utilizing verbatim quotes, as well as outlining the tactics of David Plouffe and David Axelrod and their crew. It did remind of the panicked reactions the book got behind closed doors. Just one example is a very prominent MSNBC host asked for two copies to be rushed to his studio. My publicist (at the time) and I knew we’d never hear back because seeing his sexism and vitriol in print had to be a shock.

    So sometimes as a writer, you have to wait for it.
    But what makes President Obama’s words today jump off the page is the reflective, walls down candor, and the obvious affection he has for Clinton, whom he clearly hopes prevails.
    The Sanders campaign didn’t take his comments well which is understandable given that much of what the President said equates to what Bernie is doing. If you haven’t seen this video of Sanders in Iowa from today, you must. It also presented a moment for the campaign which they didn’t waste.

    “And I would say to him, with all due respect, Mr. President, the same kind of change that you had hoped to work for, Bernie is trying to continue on that path, not go back to the 1990s of President Clinton.” – Larry Cohen, senior campaign adviser, and former labor leader, told CNN.

    Glenn Thrush’s podcast is remarkable.

    President Obama’s words have been 8 long years in coming.

  21. Glad I didn’t run you off Tony. Would never knowingly do that.

    LadyeFaire, thanks for your kind words, as those from others.

    Here she is in her prime (OK, I can hear her saying, that’s enough Craig, get over it.)

  22. Lol, nope I’m here.. Exciting time elections..

    Nice pic of your Mom and you must allow yourself whatever time it takes for grieving.. No timetables..

  23. Hello all!

    Craig, I’m so sorry for your loss.  May she rest in peace and may light perpetual shine upon her.

    Losing a parent is really difficult, even when we’re up there in our adult years, because we’re always someone’s kid, and then suddenly we’re not.  As RR mentioned, there does come a time when remembering is a comfort and  brings a smile.  A hug to both of you, thanks for the snow pic, and thank David for making me laugh on Facebook. I’ve been a little down myself lately and David always makes me smile.

  24. Craig -I’m glad you had a good visit  with her that day.  She is a treasure now and forever.

    sjny – (you auto-correct to shiny) – The seed catalogs that Grandma & I poured over in the winter…thanks for the memory.

    Tony – So glad to see you back.  We can all probably unite over our disdain for Cruz.

    David – Take care with that heavy snow.  I hope it melts soon.


  25. The comments on this thread are what make this place so special. You folks rock!

    Many thanks to Craig for getting us all back together.

  26. Jace, you are so right (correct). I needed some time in the wilderness, but happy to be home again.

  27. Hillary Clinton Cannot Be Stopped By T.A.Frank

    “She can try campaigning harder on “judgment,” but Iraq will always undercut that message. She can say that competence and experience count for more than soaring rhetoric and grand visions—and she believes it—but that would mean insulting a sitting president whom Democratic voters still deeply admire. She can hope to keep her opponents out of the spotlight with debates scheduled at inconvenient times, except that the Democratic National Committee did just that for her and it backfired. That’s why we’re seeing a “town hall” on Monday. She could try deploying charm, but that’s like Bernie Sanders deploying a thick head of hair.”

  28. Hi Blue

    Yes, on Cruz we agree.. Really we agree on much more than we disagree.. Always love your comments and they def make me think…

  29. “The comments on this thread are what make this place so special. You folks rock!

    Many thanks to Craig for getting us all back together.”

    Hi Jace, exactly…

  30. Thanks to BlueInDallas for this pic. Mom was hugely thrilled to meet Dennis that night, remember her saying he is “so cute and honest too”

  31. Tony,


    You are back and not a moment too soon. Don’t run off again. We were missing you.



  32. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2014

    We were in Ruidoso for 3 weeks and it rained the whole time. We unloaded equipment in the rain, got stuck in the mud in the rain, I set up the camper in the rain, and anywhere we went was in the rain. It was a September, I think…….. In Brooklyn once, the day after a 3 day blizzard of staggering proportions, I decided to get the shovel out of the basement in my daughter’s bldg and shovel the sidewalk like a good New Yorker….it’s harder than it looks……down the street, Ho May, the Chinese restaurateur on the corner was also out…..I call him Ho May because that was the name of his restaurant, Ho May’s Chinese Restaurant, on Frost St, williamsburg…..I watched him for a bit and slowly got the hang of it……there’s a specific technique for shoveling snow of which I’d been hitherto unaware……we shoveled and shoveled, snow was like waist deep, and finally began to get closer as we shoveled our pathways towards one another……..at one point we were close and both leaned on the shovels for a spot of respite……finally Ho May says, “Weather HORRIBLE!” I laughed and agreed and we went back to shoveling. Well, if there’s one thing to say about that September in Ruidoso, it’s, “Weather HORRIBLE!”


  33. Jace,

    Yes and exciting time for us all.. Political nerd that I am, its like chocolate for me.. Your a great guy and I always love reading you too.. :0)

  34. I’m sorry for your loss, Craig.  I think of my parents every day. Something will happen and I’ll think that I should call Mom. Or, I’ll have a question for Dad.  These thoughts pop up daily. I have come to think of them as moments when of affection and trust bubbles to the surface of my brain. Affection and trust are good.

    Take good care of David. Make sure he’s taking an aspirin or blood thinner before you send him out to shovel snow. Don’t let him eat a carb-heavy meal before shoveling. Advise him to take it easy, ‘cuz he’s not a boy anymore. Loved ones are fragile.

    Hugs for both of you.

  35. Ho May had his restaurant on one corner of a “5-points” intersection there in Williamsburg a few blocks from Amerigo Vespucci Blvd……Ho May shoveled down the sidewalk to me and then shoveled across the street and down the far sidewalk to the next street and shoveled across that and on Dow and another street and then back towards where he started…….then for good measure, did a diagonal or two…….it took him quite a bit of time……I pitched in to help here and there after seeing what he was up to…..

    He did some brisk business there for quite a while……I even wound up with a break on some egg drop soup and a moo goo gai pan…..

  36. He had to have been the damn Grizzly Adams of Mosquitos to be out here this time of night……..

  37. X

    Your so right, I think of my parents everyday.. I dream about them like their alive often.. Kind of jarring at first but now I just wake up with a sense of peace..

  38. This is so nice, seeing some of the rare names back on the Trail.  We shall all slog through this election season together with a minimum of fisticuffs.

    Craig,  The pictures of Toby are lovely.  She was a truly beautiful woman and you were blessed to have her for a mother.

    Keep David healthy as there is supposed to be another storm on the way.

  39. The last time I was able to scoop snow by myself down here, I used an old cookie sheet.  Ha!  It’ll  be pushing 80 degrees here on Sunday.

    David – Just eat stay inside, eat soup, and wait for the snow to melt, if you can.

  40. Just push Cruz on why he held on to his Canadian citizenship until about a year and a half ago.

  41. Big hugs, Craig. Sending you my deepest sympathies for the loss of your mother. I’m glad that you have observed “signs” of her spirit around you. These have been a great comfort to me as I cope with the loss of my loved ones. It’s been very reassuring to see totems like geese in flight, a herd of deer in an unlikely place, red cardinals in winter, rainbows in spring and summer. Death doesn’t end a relationship, it only changes how it’s carried on. Toby is your mother forever, and you are forever her son. She will give you nice dreams and happy memories to break the gloom of mourning. May you have the blessing of sweet laughter through tears.

  42. damn it all- just lost a post was working on for an hour- here goes will try again-

    Dear Craig, New Englanders do come in handy sometimes, especially during a blizzard!  Anyways, its been 1 year and 3 months plus since Dad died.  The first 6 months were simply hell for me- more like groundhog day movie and my first waking thought was “aw shit, he’s really gone…”  I went through each day with the pain as my companion. Then sometime around 6 months the time between opening my eyes and remembering Da grew, not by a lot, but it did and the pain become less piercing.  The 1 year anniversary was tough and I wasn’t expecting it to be- but it was and am glad that i am over that hurdle. Then one day it happened.  The Macy’s Day parade announcer mentioned the upcoming appearance of the Radio City Rockets.  I giggled.  I thought of Dad and giggled. I hope that moment when you can smile at the thought of her without the tears comes quicker to you than it did for me.

    Your mother was delightful and I always looked forward to her appearances on Imus.

    I know the following is corny, but it resonated with me none the less.  I hope it is of some help for you.  xox, old sea


  43. I too was such a big fan of Dennis Kucinich.  Now I would love to see The Bern at 1600 Penna Avenue but can’t allow myself to believe “they” will allow that to happen.  I’ve been following elections since Adlai vs. Ike and there have been results that surprised me…JFK (kept hearing he would be ruled by Rome {Vatican} and Americans would reject him), Jimmy Carter, because as Georgia’s guv he never made a national splash…who had heard of him?…before that a great man, George McGovern got obliterated by the crookedest of them all in 1972.  Watching Mike Dukakis’ acceptace speech at the convention, summer, 1988…I had a warm feeling I was listening to the next President…ha!  After my jadedness set in, I was shocked when Bill Clinton won, eight years later crushed when Al Gore did but didn’t.    So I have no predictions this year.  My God, can you imagine a summer of a campaign of Trump and Bernie?  We have never seen anything like it.

    For me, Dad passed first, age 86, in 2001.  When he died, the Twin Towers of Lower Manhattan were standing…seems like a history book ago.  Mom was two weeks short of 83 in 2004 when she left us.  Both, tough losing them.  The day of Mom’s funeral, I woke up in a panic…I had this horrible feeling I just could not make it through that funeral, could not do it.  But I did.  So it goes, so it went.  Now my old co-workers, my sister-in-law ad two brothers-in-law, my generation, have passed in the past three years.   Tempus fugit.  It surely does…carpe diem my friends.


  44. divalicias says it best for me and it deserves repeating like a mantra:

    I’m glad that you have observed “signs” of her spirit around you. These have been a great comfort to me as I cope with the loss of my loved ones. It’s been very reassuring to see totems like geese in flight, a herd of deer in an unlikely place, red cardinals in winter, rainbows in spring and summer. Death doesn’t end a relationship, it only changes how it’s carried on. Toby is your mother forever, and you are forever her son. She will give you nice dreams and happy memories to break the gloom of mourning

  45. as to that spirit hawk, craig, perhaps he did not  carry her away from you but gave her wings, freeing her to be everywhere….  especially with you wherever you are

  46. kgc, earlier you were concerned about supporting hillary altho’ she doesn’t support bernie’s med-for-all plan. imo she answered your worries with:

    “We share the same goal, universal health care for every single American,” Mrs. Clinton said of her rival Mr. Sanders. “But we have a real difference about how to get there.”

    more in nyt article

    past experience taught her in spades that old lesson from the Buddha “ A thousand mile journey begins with one step.”

  47. My wife is of the same opinion as you Craig, but she says it’s nice to be married to a Bama man who knows how to handle snow. Like last night when I had to get her car out of the ditch. We too had 22 inches, and she has this stubborn notion that she can take the road by the river after it has snowed. I’m hoping the last little incident has disabused hrr of that notion.

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