HRC vs Trump

Hillary’s Nevada win, although narrow, put down the Sanders threat, simply because the map going forward presents no imaginable path to victory for him without a knockout tonight. Trump winning South Carolina means he only fails to win the nomination unless the GOP reverses its history of giving the nod to the winner of both NH and SC. Looks like the general election matchup is clear.


In the fall the war was still there

but we did not go to it anymore

— Hemingway, Men Without Women (1927)

By Blue Bronc, Trail Mix Contributor

Some days have a touch of fun, a splash of strange and a dash of nuts. Today is one of those days. Although the work day, I worked at home today, was long and typical, typical in that I achieved no goals which were well planned yesterday, it was the final teleconference call which set the finale. You would think that one hundred people who are on a call every day from two pm to three pm might take to heart the message “mute your phone”, you would think wrong. Today was worse.

On the daily calls is a person who is adamant about muting phones. Today was different. She held several other telephone calls while on the daily call, conversing in a language that all though common, was not English. For some reason she was not listening to the daily call. Others were doing their voice mail, and with a phone on hold music is played, we were treated to Kenny G. The daily call ended early.

After finishing my day I smashed the lid of the laptop computer closed and looked about at my room. I had placed my A/V on mute so I could be on the phone, doing so I had forgotten about it. You cannot multitask no matter how many times you were told you could. After shutting down the computer, I run a media computer for the main television, several other inputs, my mind told my legs “move quickly and hit the head”. When I was twenty, that was easy. Now it takes time, and I tend to be a little easy to distract when walking ten feet. At least I remembered my goal before any splash took place.800px-Tulips_(5527679674)

A few minutes later I was outside planting a few tulip bulbs which had hidden from me last year in a box holding diesel timing tools. It was fun, and a wonderful way to spend thirty minutes outside in the crisp February air. Little did I know, see multitasking above, the mail carrier had come by while I was on the phone. Hmm, now that I think about it, I had the noise reduction ear buds in my ears so I could not hear anything except the phone call.

On sitting down with my new book, fresh out of the mailbox, I could not be more ready for the touch of fun. Philip Greene’s To Have and Have Another. Hemingway’s drink recipes! Reading a few pages I happened to glance up and see a most disgusting image – a fat, little person, covered in body paint and wearing a loin cloth wiggling on the television to some dance music. That has been the weirdest thing I have seen since clips of the clowns on the morning show at seven this morning.

The constant beat of the Republican war drums is stupid. They need to take a trip to the war that never ends in Afghanistan. They want blood, they should go see it, feel it and smell it. They want bombs, they should go sit around in a bomb run. They want the U.S. to fight, they should clean and oil their M-16’s and lead us in. I will not say Obama is right in his policy, however, we may never have the right policy anymore. I do know the Republicans will never have a chance of the best policy because they are not capable of designing it.

One of the best movies for teens is To Kill A Mockingbird. The movie puts some thoughts into fertile brains. Less fertile brains do not understand. It was a shame that Harper Lee burned out on that one book. I will assume that all you have written something for class, perhaps for your work or volunteer activity. You may have struggled with the “write a one hundred word summary of your work” on the job. I will not assume more than a handful of you have written a ninety thousand word book. Most of us find it rather difficult. I know writers who can knock out that many words for a political book, but not a novel unless they spent a year planning it. For Harper Lee and her writings, I hold my glass high.


A Good Wine Needs No Bush

William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
(As You Like It, Epilogue /

By Blue Bronc, Trail Mix Contributor

The news that George tvi Bush, or Bush II, has been officially pulled from an undisclosed location says it all for the Bush III wannabe. Loudly we now can see how bad the campaign is going. With great ears (many cartoonists have been eagerly awaiting this adventure) sticking out from the supporting structure of the great void, he is ripe to get back on the trail he is.

Although G. tvi Bush has campaigned for his sibling before, it was without the fanfare we see going on to South Carolina. It was Colorado, and it was not to fundraise for the Colorado Dems, that I last heard the goofball went (youngsters, go look up goofball in the google book). And, outside of a few media reports that was it. I heard he has appeared elsewhere but I am not bothering to search for where. It agitates me with a profound hate just to hear, see or think of the guy.

One sentence I read concerning the “debate”, or from other reports it sounded like a free for all cage match, was that JobBush used the free advice I offered and got a stick under the Trump armor. Good. Too bad he did not use his big stick, perchance he does not have a big stick. He could have used a Rubio and sandwiched him instead. The clowns provide little entertainment for me.

This election is full of tricks, stunts and idiocy, so much so our beloved Three Stooges would have been out of business during this long, long year. The media must be changing their collective drawers every hour, or at least you would think so from how they are writing, interviewing, contemplating, guessing and outright making stuff up, just to entertain us. They are putting in overtime on the fully useless information.

I can easily envision Mark Twain sitting at his table writing. Oil lamp providing a soft light on his paper, his pen scratching words and wit, a wisp of cigar smoke providing inspiration. Too bad we do not have him with us. We do have a few gems, Alexandra Petri being one familiar to Trail Mix commentariat. Beside Trail Mix there are many blogs with concerned bloggers bloggitying the night away, well worth finding them. I have not seen the Capitol Steps lately. They are a must for those seeking insider information into politics. They do their act every Friday and Saturday at the Ronnie Reagan Building amphitheater, Federal Triangle Metro stop. Maybe when the weather is better a Trail Mix night with the Capitol Steps would be interesting.