Big Decision for Little “d” Voters

Attribution: Double Haters by John Darkow, Columbia Missourian

Will they double down for democracy or dictator demi-god?


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  1. kimmel on the news

    The high profile trial of Hunter Biden ended badly for him as he was found guilty on all three counts, the Biden’s hosted a party at the White House in honor of Juneteenth, Donald Trump had a virtual meeting with the New York City Department of Probation, the Fox News crowd is upset that Jimmy is hosting an interview with Presidents Biden and Obama during a fundraiser here in LA, Dr. Phil interviewed Trump and mentioned a very familiar name, Fiberace was in Vegas this weekend where he said many incomprehensible things, including a diatribe about sharks, which made us think why not give the little ones a treat with an all Trump rendition of “Baby Shark.”


    click here for colbert’s

    President Biden pledged to respect the judicial process after his son Hunter was convicted, the former president made creepy remarks about Taylor Swift’s appearance, and the wife of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has a thing for flags.

  2. Rescued Israeli Hostages Endured Punishments, Fear and Isolation: First details emerge about captivity of three men, held in a dark room and told no one would come for them. For six months, the three men lived in a single dark room, sleeping on small mattresses on the ground. Their sole contact with the outside world came from the guards who brought them food and at times abused them. They could hear the Gazan family that lived downstairs, including children, but never met them. One day, when the family went out, they were allowed downstairs to use the kitchen. Their captors doled out punishments if the captives didn’t follow their strict rules, including locking them in the bathroom and piling blankets on them during the hot summer. They repeatedly threatened to kill them. The hostages played cards, studied Arabic, taught each other Hebrew or Russian and kept time in journals. The three became close friends, and it was that bond that helped them through the ordeal. (Wall Street Journal)

  3. Politico: “The president has not yet done a formal debate prep session. That could begin at Camp David, where Biden is considering holing up for days later this month, according to two of the officials, though they cautioned that plans were not finalized.”
    “Aides to the president are of the mindset that Trump could use the debate to badger Biden as an inadequate father. And privately, there is a faction of advisers who feel the president would be wise to let out his famous temper in response — the logic being that an authentic, forceful rejoinder to an attack on a son who suffered from addiction would resonate with voters.”

  4. The Hunter convictions won’t affect the election; after all, only because Hunter is a Biden is why the trial happened.  Mike Barnicle had a rant today, saying Joe should tear into Trump in the debate if Trump starts in on the “international Biden crime family”, which is a ridiculous accusation, when it’s Trump who has had a cabal of felons, and is the king of felons himself, 34 convictions.  The assumption that small d voters who hate both candidates is will vote for Biden may be false.  I have heard voters say they want a dictator. People think Biden caused massive inflation, when inflation is now under control, leveling.  Maybe Joe’s releasing of 1,000,000 barrels of oil from the stores was a stunt, as we use 20,000,000 barrels a day, but Joe filled up the depleted stores of oil at a good price so we have it available anyway.  
    People have let the battery-sharks story die on the vine already, while the WSJ and Sinclair have conspired to flood LOCAL news outlets with phony reports about Joe Biden’s mental acuity.  So Trump raves about sharks and electric boat batteries while those riding his long ties are promoting him so they can have favors and no-tax-paid lives. Meanwhile, Joe marches on, yesterday proclaiming his goal to ban all assault weapons from civilians.  Trump promised the NRA a wide open no-restrictions policy on guns.  Trump wants to end democracy and emulate Un and his idol Putin.

  5. Dex, the battery-sharks-trucks story. Don’t leave the trucks out. It puts the dissociative cherry on the delusional nonsequitor hypothetical conundrum.

  6. Ivy – it is one of those that if you are on one side it just hurts to think of what happened.
    Looks like the summer doldrums already around here. I have been busy for a while on twit helping Ukraine.  It can be exciting, and it can be sad. But, I cannot let Ukraine fight alone.
    Also, the last two months plus have been watching the removal of the old Key Bridge after the ship hit it, and the move of the ship from under the remains of the bridge over to a dock. At the dock the salvage crews removed a four lane highway section that was on the ship’s bow. Now they are removing they pylons the bridge was built on. Very difficult and hazardous work.  It is a bridge I drive drove over to go to north Baltimore. Now it is through the tunnels. I like the view from the bridge better.

  7. Seeing that Alito woman answers a LOT of questions about Mr Judgie-Wudgie. 

    Here we have a Supreme Court justice who either A. Can’t explain to his wife why the flag of a Supreme Court justice should not be flown upside down or B. Thinks it’s ok.

    I think it’s A.

  8. Sturg – I think it’s B, based on the recording of a woman who got Mr.  & Mrs. Alito and John Roberts on tape.  Roberts isn’t a Christian nationalist/aka white supremacist, but the Alitos sure gave every indication that they are exactly that. 

  9. yay finding joy in nature 🪳 

    The more people i meet, the more i want to weed my garden

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