The Deciders

Any day now we’ll hear from them whether or not no man is above the law, the Constitution doesn’t mean what it says, and seditious insurrection is merely exercising the right to free speech and peaceful protest.


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  1. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito blames his wife for the insurrectionist flag that flew in front of their home after January 6, 2020, Donald Trump wants President Biden to take a drug test before they debate, and Arizona prosecutors served Rudy Giuliani indictment papers at his 80th birthday party.

  2. runner up ‘toon for today’s thread

    Attribution: Alito’s Flag by John Darkow, Columbia Missourian

  3. meanwhile, jon on another issue last night

    Jon Stewart dives into Harrison Butker’s controversial speech, the subsequent Fox News outrage that he’s being canceled, and how the real purveyor of cancel culture is Donald Trump and the MAGA movement, who censor and silence any Republican who dare criticize their boy King.

  4. back to stephen, click here for the Late Show sketch of the trial.

    Cameras are not allowed in the courtroom during Donald Trump’s hush money trial, so The Late Show’s animation team recreated all the action exactly the way it happened in court.

  5. blueINdallassays:
    May 20, 2024 at 10:22 pm Trump’s social media account shares a campaign video with a headline about a ‘unified Reich’

    What in the uber alles?

    “The headline appears among messages flashing across the screen such as “Trump wins!!” and “Economy booms!” Other headlines appear to be references to World War I.”

    “It was posted and shared on the former president’s Truth Social account while he was on a lunch break from his Manhattan hush money trial.”

    “This was not a campaign video, it was created by a random account online and reposted by a staffer who clearly did not see the word, while the President was in court,” Karoline Leavitt, the campaign press secretary, said in a statement.”

    “At least one of the headlines flashing in the video appears to be text that is copied verbatim from a Wikipedia entry on World War I: “German industrial strength and production had significantly increased after 1871, driven by the creation of a unified Reich.”

    “In one image, the headlines “Border Is Closed” and “15 Million Illegal Aliens Deported” appear above smaller text with the start and end dates of World War I.”

    ~Yeah, it was “reposted by a staffer who clearly did not see the word.”~ They saw the rest of the hateful gibberish that sounded like Orange Adolf…and “reich” got right in.

    “Donald Trump wants everyone to know that he did not, in fact, freeze for more than 30 seconds during his speech at the National Rifle Association convention in Dallas on Saturday.”
    “Unfortunately for Trump, the alleged freezing was caught on video, and the former president appears to awkwardly stop, and then resume while the music is still playing.”

    I saw a clip of him awkwardly drinking from a water bottle, too. He’s definitely glitching.

  6. James Comey on Trump trial:

    “Prosecution case has gone much better than I expected, built brick by brick in a way that’s not cross-examinable with documents and texts and the defendant’s own voice. There is a very high likelihood of conviction, a small likelihood of a hung jury, very little likelihood of an acquittal, close to zero”. (MSNBC)

  7. Anthony Shriver was on TV promoting Best Buddies/Special Olympics.  He was asked about RFKJ and asked if he wasn’t just a spoiler, to which he replied “if Donald Trump can win, anyone can win.”    Unlike the rest of his family, Anthony Shriver is in the bag for RFKJ.   Why did the interviewer need to bring that up when he was there for another reason?   Like it or not, RFKJ just got a PR shot in the arm. 

  8. The Religion of Whiteness:  Hoe Racism Distorts Christian Faith
    Thd polling numbers at the end explain the MAGAt/evangelical hive mind.

  9. I wonder if the “reich” repost originated with Russia, if you track it back far enough?
    I think someone needs to feed Orange Adolf a piece of false intel and see how long it takes for Russia to pick it up.   

  10. It is graduation week at the Naval Academy.  One of the treats is the Blue Angels perform on Wednesday.  But, before that they do a screaming fly over on Monday.  Tuesday is practice.  Today is Tuesday. The practice starts at 1100.  The first flyover of my house, yes overhead, was at 1105.  They will be shooting over every now and then for an hour.  Directly over is when they are lining up the Naval Academy stadium, that is my street they use.  it is fun, for a while. There are parties on docks, on bridges, and on boats.  A new dog in the area is now barking, it is its first time under fire.
    My cat is outside now watching and cheering the team on.  She likes the noise.

  11. I’m sure that Blanche has written to Trump what we in our office refer to as our “Dear Dumb Dumb” letter. From the account of Costello’s testimony in the Times, he didn’t do the defense any favors.

  12. My cat woke up from her nap early a few minutes ago, wanting to go outside.  Ignoring her I was more interested in catching a cat nap myself.  I made it five minutes of her scratching and clawing me, ringing the bells on the door, until I heard the first light roar of jet engines.  Yes folks, it is 1305 and the Blue Angles are back for the afternoon practice session. This morning I was wrong about timing, they did a two hour practice.  I am now going to crawl into the sack and try for a few minutes of happy time.  I was in the Air Force, I spent years listening to jets of all kinds, so no problem with my plan.

  13. George Conwau
    Indeed. By then Costello, through his appalling conduct yesterday and his thuggish emails he was cross-examined on today, had left a poor enough impression that Susan Hoffinger could just let her final questions hang in the air. Costello’s answers didn’t matter. She did a pitch-perfect job.

  14. I learned years ago not to prejudge  juries, they will surprise you.  I know how it would go if I was one of them – at least I know how it would go with me.  GUILTY.  Whether the 12 folks who just spent 4 weeks listening to 20 witnesses testify about Dumbass cooking documents to conceal the payments and 2 defense witnesses (who were just incredibly awful) trying to cast doubt upon the credibility of ONE of the 20 witnesses called by the prosecution, a witness who was savaged by the defense attorneys will view the case like I did is anyone’s guess.

  15. 😁 WaPo reports:

    Fani Willis and presiding judge in Trump Georgia case win elections‼️

  16. Possible GOP campaign slogan:

    “Vote Convicted Criminal/We Don’t Even Know Yet 2024”
    Y’all can have that one



    Texas Lt. Turd, Dan Patrick, made a pilgrimage to NY to kiss the butt.  I wonder who paid for the trip?

    “KXAN reached out Tuesday morning to Patrick’s office for comment about why he wanted to travel to New York and go to the court proceedings. A spokesperson shared a tweet Patrick posted on X, where he claimed there is “no crime.” 
    “The Biden Administration is trying to shut down President Trump because they know Biden can’t beat him in November. The entire country knows it,” Patrick wrote on X.

  18. Vance too smart, Lake’s a loser, Noem’s a psycho, Ramaswamy is incoherent…
    which unlikeable weirdo will he pick?? 🤔 

    Oh no. i think i just figured out who, and boy howdy is she unlikeable…

    (no, not the one trying too hard)

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