What Next?

Attribution: Weird Election Season by Dave Whamond, Canada, PoliticalCartoons.com


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  1. Lurid details laid bare in trial of champion of traditional values | The Seattle Times

    …. He claims the tryst with Daniels never happened, but nobody, including his pals on Fox News (and surely his wife, Melania), has any doubt that the lothario from Queens did what he did. That’s because he did similar things so many other times and boasted about it on the famous grab-’em-by-the-you-know-what tape.
    Since almost everyone understands exactly how Trump has lived his life, hearing the details of his creepy encounter with Daniels laid bare in a courtroom will not lose him many votes and may even improve his standing among retrograde males who envy him for bedding a voluptuous woman. Clearly, there is nothing that can disqualify a Republican candidate for president these days if he has enough gall to claim he is a champion of traditional values in a holy war against godless, commie, baby-killing liberals.

  2. in re another questionable GOPer traditional values candidate who was being seriously promoted for veep slot:

    Here’s one more Kristi Noem parody because I had so much fun making the last one… It’s based on the song, “In the Jailhouse Now”, written by Jimmie Rodgers and made famous by lots of people. My dogs– the late Zane and Arran (beagles), and Noyzi, a Kosovar Street Dog, are contributing the dog barking and howling. If I recall correctly, Zane and Arran were reacting to the barking of another dog they knew named Tommy, who, like Arran, was a Tribeagle (NC beagle rescue). Noyzi didn’t know Zane or Tommy, but he was happy to join in the chorus.

  3. can they get weirder? well, here’s a sample from another one on the probable veep list:

    Michael Flynn Promotes “MAGA Realty” Giving Away AR-15s “to Make Liberals’ Heads Explode” – MeidasTouch News (meidasnews.com)

    [subtitled “the grift marches on”]

    MAGA Realty, A MAGA themed real estate company is being promoted by former Trump administration official Michael Flynn. The group promises not to use any of the money they make on “woke” causes or candidates. 
    The company states that they only hire and work with those who agree with them politically: 
    “Each member of our company is thoroughly vetted to ensure that they share our beliefs, so you can rest assured that you are working with fellow patriots who will strive to invest in and uphold a conservative America.”
    Their website, full of grammatical errors, proclaims MAGA Realty to be “the only TRUE conservative real estate company” and notes it was founded by “Patriot Broker Steve Coderre and Cliff Gephart the Creator of Conservative Grounds Coffee and the Trumparilla Boat Parades.” The company previously was named Revere Realty, a name that still appears through their webpage.
    MAGA Realty promises, as a commitment to the 2nd Amendment, that “every client gets an AR-15” in order “to make liberals heads explode.” That one sort of sounds a tad bit threatening. I’m confident no double meaning was intended here.
    The company also promises a 25 foot flagpole at the closing table because the company holds “the belief that every American home should proudly display Old Glory in their yard.” You’ll never forget what country your purchased you home in ever again!
    Good luck getting that 25 foot flagpole from the closing table back to your vehicle.
    Why is Michael Flynn involved in this venture? That becomes clear as the website reveals:
    “A portion of every sale goes to support the FIGHT LIKE A FLYNN PAC. No American in modern times has given more to America and been attacked for doing so.”
    Flynn has made quite the empire out of his name and MAGA. His ventures include a dating site where people can buy blood, breast milk. and semen. Now he adds real estate to the mix. The MAGA grift continues.

  4. His ventures include a dating site where people can buy blood, breast milk. and semen. Now he adds real estate to the mix. 


    That must be some pretty sticky real estate.  

  5. jamie, his 4Pure may be sticky but guaranteed “organic” as in the chemically polluted (the vaccinated) should not apply

  6. the hypocrisy of MAGAt-ettes

    Attribution: Differences by Dave Whamond, Canada, PoliticalCartoons.com

  7. Television is goofy….last night somehow I saw Ozzy Osbourne and son Jack in an SUV driving across South Dakota thru The Badlands on a quest to visit Mt Rushmore. Along the way they visited the nuclear missle silos, RattleSnake Randy to pan for gold, some other place where they participated in a Quick Draw and shoot a target demonstration, and then Crazy Horse mountain carving and a helicopter ride around My Rushmore.   Strange Days, indeed.  

    I didn’t follow Black Sabbath much, not my bag; but we did play “Iron Man” as background music instrumentally while Joe Savage’s assistant in a black hooded robe (as a smoke machine was churning out fog and a strobe light flashing was the only light in the room except for the two burning torches) pulled two giant snakes out of a receptacle between the two torches and draped them around Joe’s upper torso after which Joe would run around the room eliciting screams of terror from the audience. This was while I was working with the “Joe Savage, the Snake Man” show in 1972.
    Didn’t Ozzy bite the heads off chickens and such?

  8. Sturge, strange is right – that was a three season (28 episode) series of Ozzy and Jack traveling throughout the US, from Florida to New England to Alaska to Hawaii and back. Keeping with the theme of patd’s Flynn post, the 14th episode had them visit a sperm donating facility in Kentucky and Noah’s Ark just for good measure. Wiki has a good article on it.


  9. Growing up, subjected to the likes of Rick Astley and Michael Bolton, Black Sabbath was a breath of fresh air 🌸 🤘
    All i can say about the bodily fluids broker is that if everyone doesn’t keep their eye on the ball and GOTV and vote blue, that weirdo is going to get a cabinet appointment

    Ok looking forward to trailmix trial analysis, i’ll save my bullshit for the small hours and weekends 🫡 ⚖️🇺🇸

  10. Cohen now on stand. Don’t expect much surprise in Cohen’s direct exam, the pivotal stuff comes on cross. Makes sense to me for prosecutors to just have Cohen hit the marks they’ve already corroborated and turn him over to defense before the day is out. For one thing I think cross-examination is limited to what is brought up on direct (Pogo, is that correct?), so short and sweet is best.

  11. When someone’s sentenced to “25 years to life “what does that mean?  Is it 25 years or is it life?

    Haha…..MY bullshit, on the other hand, is liable to erupt at any time I might least expect it.

    Court trials would go a lot faster if they started before 10am.

  12. Eric Idle
    It was freezing. Had to fly to Toronto in January. The rats were flown in from Hollywood. After the shoot they were given to the zoo for the snakes. A perfect metaphor for Showbiz.

  13. Sadly judge is not allowing prosecutors to introduce Weisselberg separation agreement to pay him $2 million in exchange for not cooperating with law enforcement, said they would have to call him to the stand to do that. Weisselberg has been a key figure in so much of the testimony and documentation the jury is naturally going to wonder why he isn’t there, which is the problem prosecutors are wrestling with. He would likely just take the Fifth or possibly do some unexpected harm if he took the stand. I don’t know what they should do. Will be interesting to see what they decide.

  14. Reporters in room say Cohen is calm and cool, “almost boring”. Easy to fo, of course, on friendly direct. Trump keeping his eyes closed.

  15. Renee, lol‼️ 
    He looks like all shades of orange crayolas melted together. 

  16. There goes the ‘protecting Melania defense’ if jury believes Cohen: Said he raised Melania to Trump if she found out about Stormy & McDougal. Trump said, “Don’t worry. How long do you think I’ll be on the market for? Not long.”

  17. Joe Scarborough slams the media for losing their mind over one non-representative poll showing Donald Trump winning. Retweet so all Americans know that the media is slanted and that the majority of polling indicates President Biden is winning

  18. Interesting that old sleepy sfb is sleeping/dozing during Cohen testimony.  Could drugs make someone sleepy?  Considering how awake he was last Thursday and now, once again, dozing off. Load the schnoz up before court and let it seep in?

    It would not look good for a defendant to OD in court, any defendant.

  19. muscle relaxers like Xanax make one sleepy, no doubt.   That makes a lot of sense. Plus he’s probby up all night.
    Rinsing out his diapers and whatnot.

  20. Sounds like Dumpty needs some thing like a Joe Savage show to keep his attention.

    Bats, sturge – once. Supposedly Ozzy thought it was a rubber bat. Had to go through a series of rabies shots, which I understand is no walk in the park. So sayeth the Rolling Stone.
    Poobah, that Weisselberg thing – another reason Dumbass will never testify – if he signed it he could authenticate it and get to read the “don’t squeal on me” parts to the jury. That would be malpractice if the defense allowed him to testify.

  21. I have noticed an uptick on Instagram and am told this is true on ticktok and reddid.  There is
    an increase in posters who are trump supporters.  They use a variety if guises, humor, a better source 
    a better source of news and nasty false statements about Biden.    This is cheap and ez and Dems need to utilize these platforms,

  22. Joe Savage Experience after he’d managed to do it without the Snakes.  

  23. Again, in today’s polls, Biden’s vote share w/likelys is 6 pts higher than his approval rating in MI/PA/WI, 7 in AZ, 5 in GA. That shows how many voters are saying I don’t like Biden but I still won’t accept Trump. With half the country hating every president, approval ratings just don’t tell us that much anymore.

  24. Crackers – It might be bots of the Russian variety, but here’s why I wouldn’t depend on polling nor get comfy with good numbers.   There are racists out there who will vote for him but keep quiet.  I think his numbers are actually higher.
    President Biden needs to do something about food prices, because that’s what folks see every day. 
    Folks don’t think democracy can crumble, they don’t think racism can happen here, or they wrongly think that’s already our system.
    The Lincoln Project is probably preaching to the choir at this point.  The message needs to get to true undecideds. 
    ps – Was JD Vance, Eric, etc., scowling at Cohen as he entered the building and in the courtroom not witness harassment by proxy?  I hope they all go to diner together and get batch of bad oysters.  If democracy survives, Orange Adolf’s nasty, little group of devils will be associated with him forever (Eric can’t help it), and everything Donald J. tRUMP touches turns to sh/+.  (He’s actually had that said about him so many times, that he’s started saying it about POTUS Joe at his rallies.  tRUMPsky is a waste of space.) 

  25. Ah my morality question of the day: I have a backyard of weeds and nasty things. A year ago I took a small tarp and placed it over some very nasty weeds to just cut the sun.  They died, very nice grass grew on the spot. I put the tarp up and a wind blew it down last fall, covering another patch of nasty weeds. I figured it was okay to let them die. A month ago I picked up the tarp and looking at me was the cutest little, tiny, snake. It is a Smooth Earthsnake.  Maybe five or six inches long.  I put the tarp down thinking it was on its way to somewhere. Yesterday I looked and there it was. 
    Now, do I just let it live there, under the tarp? Or, try to shoo it somewhere.  It is not hurting anything, probably living well on the bugs.  Also, I do not need the spot, no pressing anything to move the tarp.  Oh, the cat has not shown interest in eating it.  Which is good.

  26. do something about food prices

    Give the folks that need them back their food stamps. Gimpy Abbott has cut them off, bet some other states have done too. 

  27. TV ad for a public school in DeSoto, TX.  Enrollment is dropping in public schools, covid funding is ending, and everything is getting cut…just as Republicans under tRUMPsky designed it.

  28. Ivy – It’s more than that.  I’ve got relatives who make six figures who notice increased prices and shrinking sizes.   They blame Biden (and me for supporting him) and the pay increases for workers, instead of blaming limited competition, stock buybacks and high CEO pay.  Financial engineering is ruining the world for most folks.  

  29. It’s the billionaires (et al) who are to blame.
      They have all the money in the world and would rather spend it to keep America fucked up than spend a penny of it to do anything to help people.  Its nuts that more people don’t see it. 
    Look how they spend money on elected officials and the Supreme Court just to get their way.  Pigs.

  30. https://apnews.com/article/china-byd-auto-seagull-auto-ev-cae20c92432b74e95c234d93ec1df400

     “A tiny, low-priced electric car called the Seagull has American automakers and politicians trembling.”

    ”Tariffs on imported Chinese vehicles probably will keep the Seagull away from America’s shores for now, and it likely would sell for more than 12 grand if imported.”

    “But the rapid emergence of low-priced EVs from China could shake up the global auto industry in ways not seen since Japanese makers exploded on the scene during the oil crises of the 1970s. BYD, which stands for “Build Your Dreams,” could be a nightmare for the U.S. auto industry.”

  31. who notice increased prices and shrinking sizes

    blue, you’re right, in fact, we all notice shrinkflation and no one likes it. 
    Six-figure folks are not facing food insecurity which the food-stamp families are. 
    It’s fallout from Plumpty’s disastrous bungling of the pandemic. I always make that point to my fox-watching family.  

  32. Billionaires hate rules and regulations except the ones they make up themselves. Stands to reason they’ll stand behind the Orange-Breaker-of-Wind-and-Rules. 

  33. It’s not so much the billionaires’ antipathy-it’s that they’re spending tons of money to undermine said rules and regulations no matter what it means to the country as a whole.  Including National Security. They are traitors to democracy.

  34. Shame on Planned Parenthood.  I’ve never used them for anything and I’ve never signed up for a newsletter, but I get requests for donations almost every week.  They’ve given me a membership number.  No!

    They will not stop sending this unsolicited mail. I will never give them a dime.  I checked the charity sites and their top five execs make a LOT of money.  It’s a grift!  

    Cease and desist! from this gorilla marketing campaign to get money for yourselves! 

    I can imagine that if some women get unsolicited mail from them, it could cause a huge problem for them if they live with someone who is violently opposed to abortion, even though they provide other services.

    Most charities spend more on trying to get donations and executive pay than doing any good.   

    It’s like Oprah committing to a multi-million dollar donation for Hawaii, but then asking everyone else to chip in. She won’t ever miss it. She could find the entire rebuild herself, but she’s a greedy one, too.

    Eat the billionaires! or force them to spend waaay down.

    Here endeth my rant.


    “Oprah Winfrey went on the defensive this week and is standing by her role in starting the People’s Fund of Maui amid a wave of eat-the-rich backlash.”

    “Winfrey and Dwayne Johnson started their initiative last month. The fund promises to give money directly to people affected by the historic wildfires on Maui. The pair seeded the program by giving a combined $10 million and asked the public to fund the rest through donations. Since then, critics questioned why the two wealthy celebrities didn’t simply fund the project on their own.”

    “A flood of voices online continued to blast Winfrey and Johnson’s invitation for donations, with some asking how they expected the public to give when many Americans “barely can pay rent, barely can put food on the table for our families.” Others demanded that the celebs instead fund the project by digging deeper into their pockets or rallying their wealthy friends in Hollywood and Washington, D.C.”

  35. Preakness post positions and morning odds.  Only nine horses running.

    1.  Mugatu 20 – 1

    2.  Uncle Heavy 20 – 1

    3.  Catching Freedom 6 – 1

    4.  Muth 8 – 5

    5.  Mystic Dan 5 – 2

    6.  Seize the Grey 15 – 1

    7.  Just Steel 15 – 1

    8.  Tuscan Gold 8 – 1

    9.  Imagination 6 – 1



  36. https://www.commondreams.org/news/congress-stock-trading-ban
    “A financial watchdog group on Tuesday released its annual report on congressional stock trading, which shows that “Congress blew the market out of the water” in 2023, fueling fresh calls for a ban targeting U.S. lawmakers and their immediate family members.”

    “While the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act of 2012 was intended to ban insider trading by members of Congress, lawmakers are still permitted to buy and sell stocks, even those of companies impacted by their work on Capitol Hill.”

    “Members of both parties have misused their influence to buy and trade stocks. This is an issue which hurts all Americans,” Buck said Tuesday. “The Bipartisan Ban on Congressional Stock Ownership Act will ensure that Congress is voting to represent their constituents instead of their wallets.”

    “Thirty-two members of Congress—evenly split among Democrats and Republicans—fared better than SPY, which was up 24.81%. Overall, Democratic lawmakers were up 31.18% last year while their GOP colleagues were up 17.99%. At the top was U.S. Rep. Brian Higgins (D-N.Y.) at 238.9%.”

    “Joining him in the top 10 were: Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.), 122.2%; Rep. Garret Graves (R-La.), 107.6%; David Rouzer (R-N.C.), 105.6%; Seth Moulton (D-Mass.), 80%; Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), 78.5%; Rep. John Rutherford (R-Fla.), 69.1%; Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), 68.1%; former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), 65.5%; and Pete Sessions (R-Texas), 63.3%.”

    “Numerous members in Congress traded war stocks before the Israel-Gaza-Palestine conflict,” Unusual Whales noted.”

    “As Common Dreams has reported, after Israel declared war in response to a Hamas-led attack on October 7, the stock of defense companies soared and weapons giants have continued to cash in on the conflict.”

    “Unusual Whales also highlighted that “the banking crisis saw numerous mergers and unusually timed transactions, both by banking executives and politicians.”

    And that is why they keep running for office! Term limits!!!

    OK, I had a little more rant in me.

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