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  1. spoiler alert

    Super Bowl Commercials 2024 Teasers All Trailers of Ads Review. You can watch all teasers of Super Bowl 2024 commercials. We aired all teasers of Super Bowl 2024 commercials and you can watch and see which brands will air their commercials during Super Bowl 2024.

  2. Handler Lane Soendker and a Clydesdale named Olaf join “GMA” to celebrate the return of the beloved horses to a Super Bowl commercial.

  3. Great American Rescue Bowl 2024: Watch Puppies, Kittens – Parade

    How to Watch the Great American Rescue Bowl in 2024
    The popular alternative programming to the Super Bowl is filled with more cats and dogs than ever.
    “Tail”-gating has never looked cuter! Great American Family brings back its popular Great American Rescue Bowl for 2024! Teaming up with North Shore Animal League America, the world’s largest no-kill rescue and adoption organization, Great American Family will bring viewers a pet-filled alternative to the Super Bowl.
    Formerly known as The Kitten Bowl and previously airing on Hallmark Channel, Great American Family snapped up the purr-fect program when Hallmark dropped the annual show during a content realignment. The network aired its first ever Rescue Bowl in 2023 and viewers can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2024.
    Great American Rescue Bowl premieres Sunday, Feb. 11 at 12 p.m. ET on Great American Family.
    Who are the players in Great American Rescue Bowl?
    There are two teams vying for top prize this year—The Adorables and The Cuddlers. The pets come from New York, Louisiana, South Carolina and even Hawaii!

  4. and if you’re not into cute and cuddly or want to see clever commercials, here’s bill

    America has big problems, but it doesn’t need quitters; it needs people who’ll stay and fix it.


  5. Oh thanks, I usually forget about the Puppy Bowl, and love it. From your link: Sunday at 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT on Animal Planet, Discovery, TBS, TruTV, Discovery+ and Max.

  6. The Vice President did a bang-up job defending him yesterday. She is the best fix for Biden’s age issue if more voters are confident she can step in if necessary.

  7. The MAFAts keep tapping about the Swift/Kelse psy-op, but it sure sounds like tRUMPsky is a Poo-tin psy-op.   Or, you know, he’s just straight up nuts.   

    Sadly, stupid folks will believe the garbage that spews from his mouth.  The poor and racist, and the well-off and racist alike.  The oligarchs are his true fans, and they are the only few of whom he actually thinks bigly.

  8. New York Times editorial:

    This is a dark moment for Mr. Biden’s presidency, when many voters are relying on him to provide the country with a compelling alternative to the unique danger of Mr. Trump. On the most important questions — of integrity, record of accomplishment and the character required to be fit for the presidency — there is no comparison between them. In the most challenging moments of his presidency, in supporting our allies when they are threatened and in steering the U.S. economy away from recession, Mr. Biden has been a wise and steady presence. He needs to do more to show the public that he is fully capable of holding office until age 86.

    — free link

  9. If there is still time I really hope Biden reconsiders turning down the traditional Super Bowl interview. Right now is when 60 million people need to see he’s more fit to be president than in a nursing home.

  10. https://www.colorado.edu/ecenter/2022/03/15/it-may-be-uncomfortable-we-need-talk-about-it-animal-agriculture-industry-and-zero-waste

    Animal agriculture produces 65% of the world’s nitrous oxide emissions which has a global warming impact 296 times greater than carbon dioxide.

    Raising livestock for human consumption generates nearly 15% of total global greenhouse gas emissions, which is greater than all the transportation emissions combined.

    It also uses nearly 70% of agricultural land, contributing to deforestation, biodiversity loss and water pollution. 

    The Russian/MAGAts newest tactic is to try to turn folks against Taylor Swift for her use of a private plane.   It won’t work.  In fact, some Swifties are probably already vegan or vegetarian, and I can see others boycotting animal products for awhile, to offset her private plane’s emissions. 
    I’m guessing ALL of the MAGAts have meat-clogged arteries, much like their Burger King. 

  11. Well, Whaddya expect from people who run a business which is about to become as extinct as the tricerotops   
    Dear New York Times:   Adios ya buncha sphincters.

  12. Craig – The report yesterday was that he was skipping the Super Bowl interview.    If that has changed, I think he needs to have Jill there, and maybe the daughter and grandkids and dogs in the background.  Make it quick, friendly, and family. 

  13. https://www.azcentral.com/story/entertainment/media/2024/02/09/joe-biden-skips-super-bowl-interview/72492982007/

    “President Joe Biden has declined a pre-Super Bowl interview for the second year in a row.”

    “It isn’t clear who would have interviewed the president, but my money would have been on Norah O’Donnell, the anchor of “CBS Evening News.” She’s no pushover, but it’s unlikely that an hour or two before the Super Bowl she would go all Marjorie Taylor Greene and go off about Hunter Biden or something.”

    “When your presumptive opponent is flitting back and forth from one courtroom to the next, facing various indictments, you have the chance to answer possibly challenging, but by no means gotcha, questions. And you pass? In an election year?”

    He could still do it and surprise the MAGAts.

  14. If Biden chooses to do or not do something I’d wager that it’s probably a good idea.  I’m sure he’s talked it over with some of those canny folks he’s got hanging around up there with him.  I mean, he ain’t sitting around by himself all day stuffing his face wit shitty cheeseburgers.

  15. POTUS Joe could also use some throat spray, like performers use (sometimes in a nebulizer) to strengthen his voice.  That, and some blueberries, and he’s good to go.
    Organic blueberries were $2.99 for 18oz. yesterday, which is cheaper than frozen.  Pancakes for Lunar New Year.  
    Happy year of the dragon!

  16. darcy on some interesting history that needs sharing with SCOTUS

    Trump ballot case hearing: Darcy cartoon – cleveland.com

    14th Amendment Father

    CLEVELAND, Ohio — During the 2-hour Trump-Colorado ballot case hearing before the U.S. Supreme Court, the Justices would have been better off hearing from U.S. Rep. John Bingham of Cadiz, Ohio, principle author of the 14th Amendment; former Confederate President Jefferson Davis, who the Amendment was written in part to keep off the ballot; and President U.S. Grant who signed the 1872 Amnesty Act that waived parts of the 14th Amendment for some pardoned secessionists.
    Bingham certainly would have made the case for upholding Colorado’s disqualifying Trump from that state’s and all other state’s ballots better than Colorado’s attorney Jason Murray did in oral arguments.
    Murray had once been a clerk for Supreme Court Justices Kagan and Gorsuch, but this was the first time he had made oral arguments before the Supreme Court and it showed. While he did face some tough questioning with limited time to respond between them, he was also tossed some softballs that he just didn’t whiff, he didn’t even swing at.
    Among the important points he failed to note is that Abraham Lincoln himself had been kept off some states ballots and that even in modern day elections routinely candidates are kept off different states ballots, especially third party candidates. There has never been uniformity in qualifying for state and city ballots, that’s states rights and democracy in this nation.
    Justice Clarence Thomas had incorrectly asked and suggested that no candidates seemed to be kept off the ballot under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment after it was enacted. At least 50 historians filed briefs arguing otherwise, including referencing documentation showing Jefferson Davis knew full well he and other top Confederate leaders were the target of the 14th Amendment Sec. 3.

  17. Every person out there who doesn’t wish to elect an orange fool (or a jack-assette from South Carolina) needs to grab a damned oar and start rowing.

    And quit carping at Joe

    I know—that’s THREE cents. But it’s Saturday so I get an extra penny.

  18. perhaps one of the dem pac ads could run an RSVP from him saying something about “sorry, can’t be there enjoying the game with you but at the moment lives are at risk and I’m working on ceasefires and climate catastrophes to help save them.”

  19. It kinda got lost in the news shuffle yesterday but Trump’s pandering NRA speech was sickening…

    I can see the ad:
    More of our kids die from guns than anything else. More mass shootings than ever. 
    What did President Trump do about it?
    “We Did Nothing”
    Trump praised himself for championing a right to self-defense — seemingly at any cost — saying, “You’ve always had that right, and during my four years, nothing happened, and there was great pressure on me having to do with guns. We did nothing. 


  20. I agree Sturg. Is what it is and we gotta roll with it. I didn’t want him to run because asking to be president until your 86 years old seemed crazy to me, especially facing the horrible danger of a Trump comeback. But I’ll grab an oar.

  21. From my earliest history books (as a geeky child), I never understood why Jefferson Davis wasn’t tried and hung for treason. 

    Union cavalrymen arrested former Confederate president Jefferson Davisnear Irwinville, Georgia, on May 10, 1865. Davis was taken into custody as a suspect in the assassination of United States president Abraham Lincoln, but his arrest and two-year imprisonment atFort Monroe in Virginia raised significant questions about the political course of Reconstruction (1865–1877). Debate over Davis’s fate tended to divide between those who favored a severe punishment of the former Confederate political leaders and those who favored a more conciliatory approach. When investigators failed to establish a link between Davis and the Lincoln assassins, the U.S. government charged him instead with treason. U.S. president Andrew Johnson’s impeachment hearings delayed the trial, however, and in the end the government granted Davis amnesty.


  22. 60 years ago The Beatles came on Sullivan.  I was 16 and I was in a band.  Paradigm shift on aisle 14.      

    And we weren’t playing “sock-hops” and Teen dances—we were playing dirty dives, strip joints, and gay bars. We were ready for it.

  23. The horse is out of the barn and I’m happy riding with POTUS Joe.

    First of all, Dems need to be better at self-promoting all of the great things accomplished during the first Biden administration.

    Secondly, we are lucky to have someone with Biden’s political wisdom, experience, character, and demeanor to lead while the world is still a dumpster fire.

    Finally, I can’t imagine going through a five-hour interview at any age.

    ps – Hur is a MAGAt.

    If tRUMPsky weren’t running, POTUS Joe wouldn’t be running for a second term. (However, because of Project 2025, I don’t think democracy is any safer if any Republican ever wins, again.)

    There is one person who could step in and win, were he to decide otherwise. Michelle Obama.

  24. a CNN listener poll?

    Yes, “listener” and self-participatory polls are total bullshit, you’re right about that

  25. I’ll grab an oar.

    that means not shitting on Biden and not amplifying right-wing disinformation the next nine months, good Sir 🫡 

    ok putting 2 bucks in the jar

  26. Once again, and i won’t belabor the point, Hur just stated the obvious.  Biden is actively governing, the other guy is an unhinged mendacious madman, how can that not be the most salient issue? 

    Anybody with eyes sees that Biden is old, chill out Dems

  27. Mr. Biden has been a wise and steady presence. He needs to do more to show the public that he is fully capable of holding office until age 86.


    …or what?  The NYT will endorse the nazi?  Gimme a break, “he needs”…
    The GOP “needs” to not nominate a nazi

  28. Biden is an old man….  well…. duh.  Old men (and women) have memory lapses…  well…. double duh.
    Methinks Biden hasn’t done a Super Bowl spot because he doesn’t want to politicize the game…  unfortunately…  too late!
    We are going to a Super Bowl party at Rick’s brother’s house…  we will not say one word about politics.  For us… it’s all about the football game baby!… and about the great snacks.
    ps… big Celtics game before SB….  no puppy bowl for us…

  29. Bink – That opinion is not something for a professional report of this nature.  
    Hur was unable to come up with an indictment, and he had to do something to appease Orange Adolf and the MAGAt mob, so he did this.  

    Notice that the orange monster isn’t peeping about this, because his ego is sensitive to what is actually true of orange-itis.

  30. Hur delivered that line as rhetorical compensation because he knew he was unable to deliver the legal goods. Didn’t want to come out looking what-the-feck? – like John Durham. 

  31. he had to do something to appease

    if that’s the best they got, i’d worry less
    i still think these ———- want to secede, mentally-unfit-guy needs to be on the GOP ballot for that plan to work, though

    They want it all, but they’ll settle for half

  32. Hey, remember when the GOP tried a sham witch-hunt impeachment of a Dem official and failed even though they control the House?

    Oh, that was last week


    ok pardon me ✌️

  33. “…failed even though they control the House?”

    “…an inexperienced white man raised his hand for a job he wasn’t ready for.”
    – Symone Sanders, The Weekend 

  34. Excellent essay on X by former Republican Stuart Stevens:

    The most underrated quality in politics (like investing) is patience. Politics in America in 2024 is a multi-billion dollar business open for three weeks. Most political commentary, amateur and professional, is done by those who rush to sell stocks when the market drops.  

    Politics isn’t a day traders game. Do you want to be a frantic non-serious Jim Cramer or Warren Buffet? The Biden campaign understands this, and patience guided them to become the first campaign to defeat a sitting president not in the federal funding system (which greatly leveled the playing field) since Herbert Hoover. 

    Biden is running against a rapist with a party that decided the way to fix their problem with women was attacking Taylor Swift. The economy will be stronger on Election Day than anytime in modern history. There’s a reason GOP politicians are running ads bragging about results of infrastructure funding they voted against. 

    Trump got 46.2% in 2016, 46.9% in 2020. You can’t blow him north of 47% with dynamite. His coalition was 85% white in a 59% white country. His best group was older voters and a lot of those customers are no longer in the market. 

    How many Biden 2020 voters are now Trump 2024 voters? Trump lost by over 7 million. He needs new customers. 

    Only one failed presidential candidate has been nominated again by a party four years later and won. Americans are reluctant to pass the torch backwards. 

    The nightly question you ask yourself in a campaign is would I rather be my campaign or the other campaign? Biden is winning that today and will keep winning.

    Go ahead, day traders, dump your Biden stock. But remember that in this stock exchange, there are only two stocks. Mortgage your house to the max and buy Trump stock but I’d have a good plan for where you will be renting come January.

  35. All Hur really accomplished was to create space for Joe to talk more about Beau. Where previously it may have seemed gratuitous, now thanks to Hur’s smear job, it is purposeful. 
    People assume it’s too hard for parents to talk about their deceased child. It isn’t. We hold ourselves in check because our child is the person we most want to talk about. 

  36. Watched all two hours of Trump’s South Carolina speech just now. Many headlines but this one should top the list:

    Trump says he would encourage Russia to attack NATO allies: “I said I would not protect our NATO allies. In fact, I would encourage Russia to do whatever the hell they want”

  37. Trump on Haley: “Where’s her husband? Oh, he’s away. He’s away! What happened to her husband? What happened to her husband. Where is he? He’s gone.”

    Her husband is deployed overseas in the military, but of course to Trump that makes him a loser.

  38. What’s so amazing about him mocking the absence of Haley’s deployed soldier husband is his own wife has never appeared at a single event in this entire campaign

  39. Wow, tRUMPsky says he would encourage Rusher to attack NATO allies.  
    He is Poo-tin’s meat puppet.
    He wants to see WWIII.
    He sews chaos because he thrives in it.

  40. Someone needs to hold up a Free Melania sign, just for kicks & giggles.

    Just backed out of a dinner where I knew there would be Republicans. Not tonight, Satan.

  41. Biden camp’s Dark Brandon account responds on TikTok to Trump greenlighting Putin invasion of Europe:

    “Let’s be really clear here, Jack.

    F*ck Putin.

    I’ll stand with our allies every damn time.”

  42. Haley weighs in: “Michael is deployed serving our country, something you know nothing about. Someone who continually disrespects the sacrifices of military families has no business being commander in chief.”

  43. Haley alludes to it there but she ought to spell it out: He called dead soldiers “losers”, refused to go to a D-Day ceremony because it was too windy for his hair, ordered aides to keep handicapped veterans out of his photo ops (“too depressing”), and told a widow her husband “knew what he was getting into”

  44. Craig – the former r covers a lot of territory, but I think is missing something important, that Joe was not the chosen candidate, he was the last standing and did not have full blessing of all Dems. 
    He was not my first, second or third choice.  But, he is a Dem (with big bold D) and I would vote for him no matter what.  He turned out to be the perfect president for the moment.  The question is “are we still in that moment”?  I think so, as what we are seeing is the continuing recovery of Post WWII rebuild on Europe.  And, for some deep divers, Post WWI. The conflicts of the entire region continue on, and even with the power of the most powerful military’s intruding, not much has changed.  Is he too cautious about arming Ukraine for me? Damned yes.  He should have ships traversing with loads of weapons ammunition and aircraft to Ukraine, every day.
    Is Joe showing signs of aging?  Yes is the simple answer.  But, science has shown we all do not age the same. For some reason politicians last a lot longer than your usual human being.  Is the stress of the job doing him in?  No, and that is a solid no.  Compared to other presidents in my lifetime, starting with Truman, Joe is doing quite well in the job. And, just doing something I say do not do too often is to compare him to the fat old slob of a well documented low intelligence rapist and abuser. First, brain to brain, I give Joe the win.  Health to health, I give Joe the win.  Everything else, I give the win to Joe.
    Give me Joe, or Harris, or DEM and I will vote for them every second of every day of every week, of every month, of every year!

  45. Europe didn’t hear him if they were listening to ABC news.  They mentioned the report, took digs at Biden, and mentioned tRUMPsky questioning the whereabouts of Nikki’s hubby.   But encouraging Russia to attack NATO allies? Crickets.   
    Radio silence by the MSM on Project 2025, too.

  46. “I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience.

    maybe joe can revive ronnie’s quip or at least come up with something similar.

    When his age became an issue in the second 1984 presidential debate against a younger Walter Mondale, Ronald Reagan found a way to use it to his advantage.


    and don’t forget reagan was already showing signs of old-timer’s disease, but he got the vote big time in spite of it.

  47. Tonight’s Svengoolie:
    ”The Monster That Challenged the World”
    Begins with a description of The Salton Sea in California.

  48. How the increasingly-bonkers shit that guy has been saying since the 2nd Carroll verdict isn’t the lead-story every night is baffling 🤷‍♂️ 
    i see the quotes from our senile former president that Mr. C posts all the time (the Lord’s work), there’s just no way to refute addled ramblings

    oh well here’s a song, little bit of Regina Spektor, little bit of Roger Waters

    pretend you’re in your 20s and crank this one

    pretend you like good old fashioned female-led poetic indie rock

    …with a spacey crescendo ❤️

  49. Hur meant to sew seeds of doubt, but what I see happening is folks coming together to support POTUS Joe.
    Meanwhile, Hur has kneecapped himself by trying to help Orange Adolf, because everyone he’s involved with is eventually destroyed.  

    Craig – Isn’t it interesting how Chris Christie has been questioning President Biden’s mental capacity, but the book he’s been promoting is about Reagan.

  50. I wonder if any of those attending the rally actually registered the fact that the orange fuckstick actually said he would offer the Russian carte blanche in Europe.   Like they ain’t never heard shit about the Cold War. 

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